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    I just wanted to make a mention of the courteous way we deal with each other. The feedback section is excellent and shows how pleasant it is to buy and sell on this forum. However, not all communications end with a sale but these exchanges don’t get into feedback. Courtesy and friendliness is still observed so I thought I would just post up to say how much I appreciate this community. I have been a member since the Bassworld days and have thoroughly enjoyed my membership. It’s a good place to be.👍
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    Speaking as somebody living in continental Europe, I can only say a big thank you to the BC forum and to the great folks who run it ..........and all of those who contribute. It does feel like a family!! Different opinions are often aired, and the reactions are generally courteous. My dealings in the marketplace section have been overwhelmingly positive, which makes a change from some other online auctions or salerooms!!! Thanks!!!!
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    Too early to report on how good it is, but it sure as **** ain't bad!
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    Some very very good people here, and yes, not all the good stuff gets into feedback. Couple of members have shown real kindness recently, and it’s much appreciated. I won’t mention their names as it would probably embarrass them, but thanks guys. Chris
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    Pushing the boundaries, then, are we..? A bloomin' artist then, are we..? ...
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    For sale only - no trades and I'm not prepared to ship this outside the UK at this time This bass is in beautiful condition. I've been over it very carefully and apart from some swirling on the pick guard and some very light play wear on the frets, you would be hard pushed arguing that it hadn't just left the factory. The body is made from mahogany and the colour is Trans-Crimson with a high gloss finish. The neck is figured maple and also has a poly finish. The fretboard is rosewood and there is a 30th Anniversary logo on the headstock. The bridge is the string through body variety with no option to string through the back of the bridge. Pre-amp is the MM 3-band with a single 9v battery compartment at the rear. The pick guard is black and white five ply and the white has started to go a lovely cream colour. I believe only 783 of these were made and they were all single H configuration apart from a couple of special orders with HH configuration - good luck if you have one of them! They have a reputation for being excellent examples of the Stingray and are quite sought after. Some of them are also know to be quite heavy due to the mahogany body, but I'm happy to say this is one of the lighter one at 9.96lbs. I have owned quite a few Stingrays over the years and this is one of the best I've had. It comes with its original burgundy hard case with black lining and 30th Anniversary badge within, as well as strap connector buttons. My preference would be to hand this over in person. It's too good to wave good bye to in the hands of a Mickey Mouse courier. I'm happy to assist in driving to a mutually agreed mid-point within reason. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    Beats talking to furniture and expecting it to talk back.
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    Me? Sqidgy Black 'n Fluffy Leb...
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    https://www.theregister.com/2021/03/19/audacity_3/ Worth a read for changes and limitations.
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    That’s why I bought mine. It’s was the lightest 5 string jazz available. Didn’t really care about much else as I could no longer play 4 or 5 nights a week with a 10lb’er on my shoulder. Wasn’t really bothered about tone or anything else. I’d had a Sandberg before, so knew there was little to worry about. As it happens, it’s my favourite sounding jazz bass I’ve owned.
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    So UPS manage to get it to me today. Yay. Well, I spent 4-5 hours noodling, trying presets, setting up a signal chain I have wanted since I realised I shouldn’t have sold my Carbine M6. Captured the DG HB. Etc. Noise gate - DG Harmonic Booster - B3K - Carbine M6 - DG 212 cab There is quite a lot of user interface to get used to, but most of it intuitive. I had to look up how to rename a preset (slide the preset to left and menu items appear). The power is amazing. Hoocked it up to my Mac and Logic and started using it to record something. Very easy. I think I am going to love this thing. I ended up just playing quite a lot, because it just sounded good. My previous experience was an HX Stomp. I didn’t like the form factor, to much stuff crammed into to few buttons and a screen that was too small. (A standard Helix or LT was way to big, never an option) I never really liked the bass presets or amps. Maybe my expectations have changed, but I like the QC a lot better already. Spent some time noodling on guitar with high gain presets. I never need anything else for guitar again, ever. I think it is a winner.
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    Hi everyone, I'm a bass player from France and have been playing this instrument for nearly 30 years (wow, that's scary). I'm involved in different bands / projects, mostly in the Rock style acceptance, from French romantic style, rock-folk to metal prog. If I had to mention bass players that have most inspired me along the way I'd probably name Justin Chancellor, Tim Commerford, Les Claypool, Mr Pastorius... Nothing really unusual such inspiring players. Like many bassists, I've been seeking my sound for a long time and have been the owner of many different basses and amps over the years. My GAS syndrome is currently under control (for how long ? Only God knows...) thanks to my two stacks : Ampeg V4B + Ampeg 410 HE u.s / Ampeg B25B + 2 x Barefaced 210, and my two basses : Wal 5 strings MK2 and MM Stingray 79. I will probably let some of that gear go in the next few weeks... I'm joining your group today to broaden my horizon about what I believe to be the most interesting as well as the most underconsidered instrument. So I hope you guys do accept froggies in your gentlemen's circle and look forward to basschating with you ! B.
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    Thats good to hear, thank's. 😉
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    The irresisible rise of Wal prices continues... GLWTS!
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    I wondered if the pearl would look better if the photo wasnt so dark ... so I tweaked the photo ... erm, not really. And generally I like pearl pickguards. Perhaps only against a darker colour. Perhaps not Stingray ones.
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    I’ve saw him a few times at Ronnie Scott’s, once on two consecutive nights in duo with guitarist Joe Pass. The interplay was incredible, which was why I went back a second night. His intonation, timing and subtlety was superb. Indeed, one of the greatest double bass players.
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    Screen wipe please ...fine, fine workmanship there
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    For sale 2019 Sandberg California Superlight TM4. Under 7 lb in weight. This is the earlier version with cedar body. Bought new last May. Excellent condition, one small mark to side of body was there from new. Comes with Sandberg gigbag. Can supply generic abs moulded hard case for shipping. Currently strung with elixirs. I have changed the scratchplate to a genuine Sandberg tort version More photos to follow
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    Ongoing clear-out means this lovely thing is also on its way. Heavily reliced, routed for P/J, battery compartment in the back, but man, it's lovely. Loaded with Jason Lollar P/J set, Kiogon harness (with micro switch for PUP switching), and a Gotoh VTB-4 bridge. Neck is NOT included. Please ask if you need photos of any specifics Cheers Chris
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    As EZ says, Genuine Vintage instruments are a nice thing to have IF you have the time, buy a nice new instrument (take your pick!) and let it mature in your possession. Then it's your vintage bass.
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    The magic in vintage instruments is the worn in feel, it can be mimiced but never as good as the genuine article. Plus years and years of wear, smoke and beer. Old wood has its own tonal qualities which just can't be mimiced.
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    Very good points there. For some reason I just can’t not play US Fenders, yet my Squier VM77 Jazz is easily good enough to gig with. Are my US Fenders better, well yes, but I wouldn’t say they’re 4 times better.
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    OK fine tuned the setup, fixed intonation and pickup height according to the new string action. So before ordering this bass of course I had been reading up on owner experiences. Not a lot to be found sadly except for some rather bad experiences with the cheapest "metro express" series which are made in China. Mine however is the "Metro Line" which are built in Germany, where also the highest stock tier NYC or custom shop models (forgot the naming scheme for it) are being produced. Plus Roger Sadowsky is still hand building the toppest top tier instruments in the US. I did hear someone mention interference noises and humming problems but mine is absolutely silent in between playing. Here's the competition the Sadowsky has in my rack o' bassness: Zon Sonus 5, EBMM Stingray 5 NeckThru, Fodera NYC Empire 5 deluxe in the fretted five string pool. Both the Zon and Fodera are souped up Jazz Basses. The Stingray is a HS and can be switched into two single coils as well. So the one thing I was missing is a Precision and a Precision++ is what I bought. Active tone control in the Sadowsky is stacked bass+treb, boost only. There's also a vintage tone control for rolling off unwanted treble and make it sound oldskool, which can be pulled to disable the active electronics. The other two knobs are the regular volume and balance. With the pickups in 50/50 the tone it produces has tons of spank, really clear but with tight bottom end and very responsive. In pure P mode it sounds close enough to a regular P, but having active tone controls on top is really really nice. I can tweak it very precisely with the available controls on the bass. Lovely! Soloing the bridge pup gets you into Jaco territory with harmonics jumping right off the fretboard when you even just think about them. Warwick added a couple of nifty things to the Metro Line series like the invisible fret tech, the adjustable nut etc. The pickups I have heard are still the Sadowsky ones that are also on the USA models, but I have not been able to confirm this. Either way the pickups on this bass sound very good indeed. Tuners are good, bridge seems very solid. Nothing to complain about and an overall great quality, great sounding instrument. Well done, Warwick!
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    Good news for us at present then, and long may it last.
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    Definitely another option. 👍 Hmmm, I think I may be in danger of ending up with a selection of alternate scratchplates for the Ray4. Still, it might feel like I have a new bass every so often and could help to alleviate any further GAS (...or not! )
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    As a Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fan myself, I'd certainly recommend this. But also as a songwriter, it gives a good insight into a very talented but sadly messed-up musician and composer. Plus, I'll also add "God Only Knows" as another one of the greatest songs ever written!
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    All done - I meant to include the point about the tuner and had a (very) senior moment!
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    If you want to see how little there is in the way of new speaker technology read 'Elements of Acoustical Engineering' by Harry Olson, 1957. http://cyrille.pinton.free.fr/electroac/lectures_utiles/son/Olson.pdf The only major item missing is the use of Thiele/Small parameters, which came along eight years later. Most of what's contained in the 1957 printing was contained in the 1940 first edition. The math (or maths, if you prefer) hasn't changed. What has changed is the hardware, which has allowed significant reductions in enclosure size and increases in output, although much of the alteration in driver technology is tied to amplifier technology. When 20 watts was the largest amp available speaker power handling mattered little, while speaker sensitivity mattered a lot.
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    Just not pearl, ugh... white is good, black better, no pickguard is nice too, but pearl? pass me the bucket please, I need to vomit. Almost as bad as gold hardware.
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    Hello there, I am a newish bass player coming to it from the direction of having played guitar for several centuries. The kinds of music I like are rock/indie/punk/alternative/metal etc. and I use a mixture of playing with a pick and a bizarre finger picking style. I am sure that this is not the done thing but I am trying to improve my right hand technique. Recently, I have really got into working out bass lines to my songs, and recording them on my home studio. Hopefully, I can post clips when I get something sounding good. I have assembled a bass rig from second hand besides the amp. It's a four string Ibanez BTB 550 with Bartolini pickups, going through a Little Mark 250 head into two Ashdown cabs; an ABM 115 Compact II and ABM 210T Compact. Looking forward to all things bass.
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    Ah didn’t know it was short scale 👍
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    Sounds like your combo was from the V2 Rumble series. The V3 range ( including the 800 ) are IMHO a massive improvement on the earlier stuff, and lighter too. They are also loud for their ratings, so you may find a 500 will do the job adequately. Cheers, and welcome to the forum.
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    I think I posted the halfway stage of this conversion before, but I’ve finally got the pickups on my main (or one of two anyway) bass sorted. It’s a Maruszczyk Jake, and maybe I caught them before they got big but it’s just right, no quality issues and from messing with it all the hardware is good. Unfortunately, when I ordered it I took a bit of a chance on the pickups and got a pair of Delanos, a PMVC 5 FE/M2 (split coil P) and a MC 5 FE/M2 (humbucker). I know now that Delanos are a bit Marmite, and I also know why. I love Marmite but it turns out I don’t love Delanos, for this bass at least. One of the problems was that the two pups were actually really similar in sound - a very well behaved neck position P and deeper twin coil at the bridge ended up being only subtly different in character and not far apart for the end result tone. Fitting a series / single / parallel switch for the bridge humbucker helped, and made me realise why a P/J works so well, but i still felt like everything sounded too similar. I could try and explain how I ended up thinking of a Nordstrand as a replacement but there’s no real logic to it. it just sounded like it would sound different to the Delano and nearer what I wanted. So, I went for it and stuck a Nordstrand NP5 in there, with the Delano MC 5 at the bridge. That’s when things started getting a bit weird. I could not get the NP5 to work properly with the Delano, and after what I would call a bit of a learning experience I know that this is because they really don’t work together. Delano, for some probably good reason (being kind), have a load of split coil pickups that don’t work like what I would call a “standard” split coil. What I’d expect on a bass is half a coil magnetised one way, half the other, with the coils wrapped in opposite directions as well. That’s pretty much how a humbucker works, but across the strings instead of in the neck/bridge direction, if you see what I mean. It turns out that Delano have some pickups that are split coil, magnetised the same way but with opposite coils, so they’re hum cancelling but the two halves of the pickup are out of phase with each other. This obviously does not play well with “normal” pickups. You can’t even rewire the pups to work together (as I found out), because if you change the direction of one of the coils on either pup you sort the phase issue but lose the hum cancelling. Delano even have triangles and square symbols next to pickups that work in each of the different ways so you can match them - maybe everyone knows this but I didn’t! My solution to the problem, after some mostly helpful but also sometimes confusing comms with Nordstrand was to go for an NP5 at the neck end and a Nordstrand BigSplitMan at the bridge. The latter is a monster of a pickup which is basically two Nordy big singles squashed together into a humbucker. I’ve already got the series / single / parallel switch in there so this gives a big single, or two big singles in parallel, or two big singles in series... yes, I needed to hear what that sounded like On top of that each half is split coil so every combination is hum free. This really works for me. I’ve got it all fitted and tested and I like it so much better than the Delano setup. I think with this bass I want to be able to stick it straight into a DI or desk, which maybe means having the character in the pickups is a good thing. That seems to be what the Nordstrands give me. The NP5 is different enough from the BigSplitMan as well, so switching (well, blending) between the two makes a nice difference. Switching between the different options on the BigSplitMan gives even more range. I’ve set it up so the volume is the same between the NP5 and a single half (like a single Big SIngle), which also means the parallel configuration is about the same volume but with a nicely different tone, and then the series monster gives a volume boost and another fatter tone. At this point it’s time to get a bit less factual and just say that this all sounds amazing. Deep P style sounds from the NP5 that can be blended with a nice clear Big Single at the bridge, or two of them! End result: what I should have ordered in the first place! And a big plus for me is that both pickups are custom pole spacing to suit the bass (17.5mm string spacing), so my OCD is fine with the strings running nicely across the (pairs of) poles. I did think about posting sound clips, but it’s so subjective, especially when it’s not a “known quantity” bass. It’s a Maruszczyk with ultralights, mono rail bridge and an ebony board with Thomastik flats. All a sound clip will tell you is what that exact bass will sound like with these pups. I can tell you that, it sounds fantastic
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    I’m in Hasting but do travel to London or Margate occasionally.
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    It’s not just 1990 I can’t remember. 😂😂
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    Spooky, I actually typed this up a few hours ago and forgot to 'submit reply'. Anyway it must be true then
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    Thanks Gareth. I will think about it as I have £550 to buy a bass now . I will have to wait another month to get more cash. Maybe after lockdown then can drive up to you if still available. Appreciate the quick reply Stu
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    His influence on Jaco was massive. I love this track. Two incredible players and how it resolves at the end is beautiful.
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    Based on an old post here, an internal slot port can be spotted by looking through the external round port. So maybe not a passive radiator.
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    Just scored a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder (SPB3) which I will test out for the bridge. Now that I have the new loom with 500k pots, I will also go back and test out the DiMarzio P again at the bridge position too. (After I had lived with the DiMarzios for a while, I felt that they had a lot of high mids but lost treble up top. I wonder if the 4x 250k pot loading bled off too much high end, looking back. Ah well, nothing to do but try it out again with the new setup!) I might try spray painting the black pickup surround as well, found some Halfords paint which is the same colour as the bass (I think) and I have some primer kicking about as well. All good fun...
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    https://www.ninetribe.uk/products/gator-cases-retro-series-vintage-amp-rack-case-2u-black-grretrorack2bk That price can't be serious, can it...? And decent cab maker would do you one for cheaper - with the option to customise. For example - https://www.zillacabs.com/head-shells - scroll down to rack
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    This. Without a picture it's hard to tell, but if the saddles are as far back as they go, and you still can't obtain intonation, then the bridge needs to go back further. Saddles should be 34inch from nut, that is if it's 34 scale?
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    Fit it a bit further back on the body?
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    Sarcasm is the new (old) anti woke woke.
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    Don't wind the strings round the peg by hand... That induces a twist along the length.
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    My great Sandberg Series 1 6 string 1993: 100% original, 100% greatness from the time that Sandberg was focusing on hi quality luthery basses with different designs. (However: consider selling it.)
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    Agreed, that's what's so wonderful about music. Well, one of the things. It talks to us on a personal level, and it says something different to each of us.
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