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  1. Theres one on ebay from the Warman shop, last one though.
  2. £20 eh? I`ll have it, I`m looking for a new headless project.
  3. Wrap the plate like I did, costs a fiver and is reversible, try a Warman pup in it, I love mine with one in.
  4. And reversible, wrapped my tort one on the matt black HB
  5. Could be tempted to sell my 70`s Vintera at some point, can`t see it ever getting used to be fair!
  6. Nice that, I would leave the bridge though it would match the Hipshot tuners
  7. I have to say, having played mine almost exclusively since putting the Warman pup in, my bitsa P with the Warmoth neck (that cost over twice as much as the HB on its own) will be going up for sale, possibly parting it out. They are that damn good!
  8. Quite a bit, much more aggressive sounding which is more to my taste but not everyone's and they've good balance across the strings.
  9. Stew, what is the neck like on the P Bass compared to the MM chunk wise?
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