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  1. DarkHeart

    Jazz bass with P pickup in the traditional place

    What about a Blacktop Jazz?
  2. DarkHeart

    More Wood!

    Looks like someones gutted a church!
  3. DarkHeart

    Alpher Instruments

    I`m still waiting for my new Cobia, I understand the boys have been very busy!
  4. DarkHeart

    What floats your boat?

    Rock, metal, bit of classical.
  5. DarkHeart

    New Fenderbird Project Planned

    Yellow and black is a winner in my book, my RD gets loads of compliments.
  6. I have indeed already liked your F/B page, yeah Magnum and UFO on the same bill would be cool.
  7. If you join the Magnum F/B group Al Barrow is a very active contributor and I`ve had quite a few interactions with him on there, seems a really decent bloke, if you ever played the north east I`d come watch you, I`m a fan!! As an aside, i`ve just joined the UFO/Schenker tribute band Obsession and we are also in the rehearsal stage of things but we`ve several gigs lined up including the Rockers Reunited fest in Southport in November and we`ve our first gig coming up at Fibbers in York on the 27th April with Van Hailen.
  8. DarkHeart

    NBD: My SR range continues

    Ive just treated myself to one of these, quite impressed with it so far.
  9. DarkHeart

    N (un) ‘effed BD - Squire P - Black Beauty!!!

    If your`re on a tighter budget then Warman do a hot covered pole pup for about £15, I`ve just got one to try in my newly acquired VM P.
  10. DarkHeart

    SOLD Squier VM Precision

    Im interested if you could post, Im in no hurry though.
  11. DarkHeart

    Traben anyone?

    I had one of the garish bridge versions in for a repair not so long back, can`t remember the model name but its sound was very meh! Did nothing for me, hopefully yours will be to your taste.
  12. DarkHeart

    Cheap Fan Fret

    I had the Harley Benton single cut FF for a while, it does make a difference to the B string and it is remarkable easy to get used to, unfortunately a single cut didn`t cut it with the image of the rock band so it got replaced by a Tbird.
  13. DarkHeart

    Fantasy Budget Bitsa Bass!

    I put this together a few years ago on the cheap, there was a thread on here about the build, it's changed a bit since then but it still works out a cheap bass. Body was off ebay I got for £30, flamed maple jazz neck was £75 off ebay, tuners were £20 off here, Wizard 84's £50 off here, East J-retro £110, Hipshot bridge was £27 off ebay. It's my longest serving bass and plays and sounds superb, I've got 2 keepers, this and my Alpher.
  14. DarkHeart

    Feedback for Tommorichards

    Bought a neck from Tom, arrived in good time and well packed, cheers Jeff
  15. DarkHeart

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    I got an Alpher for my 50th, Chris even did the serial number as my date of birth, pretty cool, got another coming very shortly as well.