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  1. Down sized my Hartke rig last year to fit in the new car, now using a Warwick LWA 500 with 2x8 Warwick and a 1x12 Gallien Krueger cabs, I will be spraying the GK grill shortly. Sounds decent enough though.
  2. My Hardly Benton has had a minor overhaul, in comes black Gotoh hardware and a wenge Warmoth neck.
  3. Sold a HB MB4 to Paddy, quick payment and good comms throughout. Cheers Jeff.
  4. I got a bound and block rosewood jazz neck last year and it feels just like the one it replaced on my Vintera jazz.
  5. DarkHeart


    Oooooooh that is pretty!
  6. I took a Vintera Jazz in on a trade with a snapped rod last year, bass itself was immaculate so I guess it must have had similar issues as the op`s P but the previous owner wasn`t as gentle!
  7. I`ve got a `Lockdown` set from him on my Hardly Benton and it`s bloody fantastic!
  8. I`m 5 10 and don`t have a problem, I`m playing mine in my avi
  9. Even better pickups! I`ve had probably every Epi T/bird going and the 60`s re issue is by far the best.
  10. That body shape would really lend itself well to headless.
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