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  1. DarkHeart

    Thomann selling Harley Benton basses as 'Decoration only'

    Go on then 🙂. I actually prefer the neck on it to the G&L 2005 Tribute i used to own, its far less baseball batty!
  2. DarkHeart

    Thomann selling Harley Benton basses as 'Decoration only'

    Well the deko Stingray alike has arrived and well i`ve managed to find the reason for being a deko, a badly cut nut, ive set it up, played it and its perfectly fine even the B string is ok, quite happy for £43
  3. DarkHeart

    Stolen - Scott Devine’s Moollon P

    This is the very reason I went for a limo tint on my car windows, you cannot see whats on the back seat at all.
  4. DarkHeart

    Thomann selling Harley Benton basses as 'Decoration only'

    I think I might have just fell lucky for a change, just bought the 5 string Stingray copy for £51 delivered! We shall see what its like when it arrives, fingers crossed.
  5. Looks like something a `certain gentleman` has bodged up.
  6. DarkHeart

    Favourite song you play?

    I think mine in the current band would be the live Dio version of Heaven and Hell, simple to play but I love the song and that particular arrangement.
  7. DarkHeart

    Direct Sunlight

    I had a Hohner Jack go the other way, an hours drive to a gig in the summer sent the action to -2mm! unplayable, good job I took a spare.
  8. As per title, would prefer a gig bag. Cheers Jeff
  9. DarkHeart

    Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    A USA Fender Jazz, action you could drive a bus under and a neck joint you could keep 1mm picks in! And it was brand new in a shop.
  10. DarkHeart

    How far do you travel to practice?

    44 miles there and back
  11. DarkHeart

    Pickup Winders Newcastle area

    Ghost Pickups in Whitley Bay, Wilf Vissenga is his name
  12. DarkHeart

    On stage personal monitoring.

    Cheers for that heads up bertbass, bought one, used it twice now and I`m impressed, does exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks.
  13. DarkHeart

    Identify these strings please

    Picato half rounds?
  14. DarkHeart

    Alpher Instruments

    So thats yours is it, very nice indeed, my next one hasn`t been started yet, hopefully get it by christmas.
  15. DarkHeart

    Steinberger Porn Thread

    Just bought this last week for the ridiculous price of £130! its immaculate, not a single mark on it