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  1. You can`t go wrong with switchcraft, just got to make sure it has the right amount of terminals, they look like they`re a barrel socket on the pics I`ve just looked at.
  2. Funnily enough I've just done exactly the same thing on my Vintera jazz.
  3. Unless you want the grain to show through I`d suggest grain filler by the bucket load, Paulownia will suck a lot of paint up as it`s very open pored and also very soft! I was going to suggest a neck from Northwest guitars but they`re out of stock, looks like I got mine at the right time! Good luck with the build.
  4. Bought a strap from Martyn, arrived very quickly and as advertised. Cheers Jeff.
  5. Been looking at these bridges on the `bay` are they just surface mount with no additional routing required behind so you can tune it? In other words.....more pics of the bridge please 😉
  6. Stay away from Charles Berthoud`s tribute to EVH then, his version of Eruption on bass is incredible.
  7. Haha no it`s Victoria from the WWE, the wife was into it when we met so we compromised with signed pics!
  8. Yeah, Ive got all the paperwork for it so thought why not and I`ve still got the original neck which if I ever sell it will be included free.
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