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  1. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Ive decided its going to be a bright yellow with the black plate ala Dingwall, should stand out a bit 🤣
  2. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    The scheme is for the Kent Armstrongs
  3. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    The kit is here! Cant start it till the body is routed, holes filled and painted but it seems quite good, neck joint is tight, neck isn`t a baseball bat which is a bonus. Turns out my pickups are Kent Armstrongs passive Alembic pup and theyv`e supplied me with a wiring diagram for coil tapping etc, may look into that but i`m definitely no electrical genius.
  4. DarkHeart


    The neck through Epi`s are really good, I would go for the Gibson pickup version rather than the active version and if you get a good 2nd hand one then someone else has already taken the depreciation hit before you.
  5. DarkHeart

    Self build kits. Anybody done one?

    I`m still waiting for mine to clear customs, it took less time to get from Australia to the UK than it`s taking to get from the South to the North East!
  6. DarkHeart

    British built custom bass

    I love my Alpher that much they're building me another 😁
  7. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Latest update, i`ve found a chippy who sprays and will fill the bridge holes, rout the pickup cavities and spray it! Just wish it was out of customs now.
  8. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Yup that was me 😀 As much as I`d like a pro paint job I can`t justify what Dave would charge for what is essentially a cheap kit bass, I built a Fender Blacktop Jazz a few year ago and wanted a vintage amber tint to the neck and he wanted to charge more for that than what I`d paid for the body, I know he does a first class job but it`s not practical on a £150 kit.
  9. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Co Durham
  10. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Unfortunately not
  11. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Updates........... 1, The kit is in the UK took no time at all to come from Australia, probably take 3 times as long to get it 300 miles up north! 2, I have a painter!! Mate of mine who is also a bassist has his own vehicle detailing business and has agreed to paint it for beer 🙂 3, I have just bought pickups and a bridge for a ridiculously low price. 2x Kent Armstrong humbuckers for £10 and a Gotoh bridge also for a tenner, will be paying a visit to Howard for scratchplate and routing. If anyone has any info or a clue on how to wire the pickups can you drop me a pm, previous owner is trying to get a pdf off the schematics but info is always good. Pups are these bad boys and the bridge.