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  1. I`ve got a Mim with a EMG GZR in it which is very good and also a bitsa with a hand wound Ghost Pickups pup in it which is also extremely good (Wilf does wind an exceptional pup) but a bit pricey, I would recommend either.
  2. I`m a cnc setter/operator/programmer/dogsbody! Mainly on lathes though.
  3. I had an Ibanez posted to me in just a hard case, no tape or wrap, when it got to me there was one catch holding it closed!
  4. I`ve actually just got my first Fender P a mint `06 mim with a Geezer pup and Gotoh bridge, it`s growing on me but still early days.
  5. Double ball strings, made this part of it myself as it had been removed when I bought it.
  6. It is a genuine Westone bridge, minus the screw on cover, the front bridge with the saddles is a no name affair off ebay that I needed when I bought the wreck of a Quantum, it was missing a LOT of bits.
  7. Right, this isn`t so much of a build diary as an already built-ish diary, to cut a long story short, I had a Westone Quantum that had a very tired body that had been painted and various pups routed in and out. I decided to re-home the neck and electrics in a new v shaped body which is where bassdoc comes in, Howard sourced the wood and cut out the main body but due to health issues was unable to finish the routing so he passed it to a joiner friend of his, anyway, I now have a one off solid walnut headless flying v that looks and plays quite outstanding imho there are build pics and built up pics but no finished pics.....yet! I`ve already gigged it in its unfinished state and loved it, it`s about 6-8 inches shorter than a normal bass so fits in those bijou and compact spaces we call stages! It`s currently in its finishing oil stage so will be rebuilt later this week.
  8. I`m not too far from Sunderland if for any reason walshy couldn`t make it.
  9. DarkHeart

    Adee's feedback

    Bought a lead from Ade, it was as described and delivered promptly, would have no problems buying from again. Cheers Jeff
  10. Safe to say the version I play of this in the covers band is remarkably nothing like it 🤣..................................................and I don`t care 😉
  11. If you like a nice slim neck theres also the Ibanez Sr range to consider, I know theyre active but 2nd hand ones are excellent value for money.
  12. I`ve got 12 ish, still waiting for my next Alpher and donated one to the guy who painted my RD to practice on so that would be 14 I suppose.
  13. I`ll have this, pm me your paypal details please. Jeff
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