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  1. Whats the neck profile like on the 4 string?
  2. I got the body from Bagsieblue off here, it`s got a Maida Vale Lockdown pickup that I got off ebay, supposedly hand wound and I have to admit that it does sound really good, the bridge is just a generic hi mass affair and the neck I already had lying around, I`ve always liked black and gold together since the Lotus F1 days so just stuck it all together. I`ve got the HB MB4 SBK as well.
  3. I stuck a single ply matt black plate on my bitsa SBK it was just a copy from China fits ok but holes don`t line up but I wasn`t bothered about that.
  4. I had an E string like that, turned out it was faulty, the inner was loose in the wrap, try a different string.
  5. That Thundergun is an................acquired taste!
  6. That purple! 👍
  7. What kind of finish does it have? If it`s a natural wood, could you not get matching pickup covers made that would cover unsightly gaps?
  8. I had this Alpher Cobia made for my 50th
  9. I`ve got a bit of a one off headless bass, solid walnut, twin warman mm humbuckers and the hardware from a Westone Quantum. Seriously don`t get the sitting down playing problem, I`ve never had it.
  10. Bought a pickup from Jez, good comms and very quick to post, spot on! Cheers Jeff.
  11. No mention of fan fret 5 string yet or should I give it time? 😂😂
  12. Not everyone has a fully stocked workshop unfortunately or even the space to put one, I`m one of those that just assembles, having said that I`m a happy assembler. 😀
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