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  1. It`s a black and white P.......
  2. Good god no, Alphers are far better than that!
  3. Reminds me of something 😉
  4. Is the price for the 2u including postage?
  5. Cheers Chris, always good to pop down and drool, shame about the weather but hey that's Yorkshire in the summer 😂
  6. Finally picked up my new Cobia from Alpher HQ today a 4 string to go with my 5er. It's bloody lovely and sounds amazing with the Nordstrand Big Man pickup, just passive this time but with a 3 way toggle for single coil, series and parallel, I have to say its spot on and only weighs 7lb 2oz (most of that will be the pickup!) Hipshot hardware all round makes Jeff a very happy bunny!
  7. Very nice, give Chris a nudge and tell him to get mine finished 😉....mines the blue Cobia currently awaiting its pup!
  8. They're Ghost Dirty Dozen pickups, hand wound by Wilf Vessinga in Whitley Bay, they're way more powerful and articulate than the originals which was in my opinion the only real let down with the standard bass.
  9. Ordered this a few weeks ago from PMT and it finally came today, I've already got a honeyburst one but being in a UFO tribute band I wanted to get the right colour, I know the bridges are different but what the hell. These 760 humbuckers are fantastic, plenty of tone and bags of power, the neck feels to be a slightly different profile to my other one but its still slim, neck dive is negligible and the finish is flawless. Overall I'm very happy with it and tonight is it's first gig.
  10. Those are stunning 🤩
  11. 2nd gig tonight with the UFO/Schenker tribute band and went really well, probably my most enjoyable gig this year so far!
  12. It hasn`t been `modified` by `Mr Sausage Fingers` himself has it?
  13. I`ve got a Mim with a EMG GZR in it which is very good and also a bitsa with a hand wound Ghost Pickups pup in it which is also extremely good (Wilf does wind an exceptional pup) but a bit pricey, I would recommend either.
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