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  1. DarkHeart

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    Ive got this...
  2. DarkHeart

    4U flight case

    Think I might have it, pm me your details please.
  3. DarkHeart

    4U flight case

    So by rights this should fit?
  4. DarkHeart

    4U flight case

    How deep is it? Asking for a Hartke Kilo 😉
  5. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Taking bass tart to a new level....matching strap!!
  6. DarkHeart

    Rare Basses

    A mate of mine has a very rare Overwater, it`s the explorer that broke the camels back so to speak. I`m quite sure it will be coming up for sale shortly as well. Sorry as it`s not mine there are no pics.
  7. DarkHeart

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    I got a mate of mine to do it
  8. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    I`ve got a grippy strap but i`m used to Explorers and T birds so it`s not actually too bad.
  9. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    It`s getting its, how shall I put it......horn restored and a special paint job .......... watch this space. I got it off a guy on here and I`m not kidding its one of the best sounding basses I`ve played!
  10. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    And the next project is.............................................................
  11. DarkHeart

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    My finished Pitbull RD kit build, it`s a bit yellow 😀
  12. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Go on then 😉 just got it back again for the last time after a fret dress and setup, finally got the pickups wired and screwed in properly ( i missed a connecting wire DOH!) and here it is, the finished customized Pitbull RD kit.... the finish on the headstock is all that lets it down but I can live with that ...for now 😉
  13. DarkHeart

    Pit Bull RD build

    Needs a set up and a few minor jobs doing but we're nearly there.
  14. DarkHeart

    What is this bass?????

    Scott Devine has just posted that pic on Instagram today, got a few thousand likes as well, it`s popular!