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  1. I quite like my Zebrano and Wenge bitsa, very organic in looks and feel.
  2. For a cheapy they got the string path right on this one! Can't fault the shape either.
  3. I agree with the pre amp 100% but thats where the costs have been cut, finish on mine is as good as anything else i`ve owned, I can`t fault it, thing is the neck is worth the asking price on its own, it just feels right! I had the 4 string Ibanez SR800ff and yeah, 4 string fan frets are pointless.
  4. On the 7 to 6 stringer, has he really just put insulating tape across the top of the poles to turn it into a single coil?
  5. My Alpher Cobia has done every gig (apart from the UFO tribute gigs) and practice since I got it, it`s a wonderful thing.
  6. Flawless finish!
  7. Now out of stock till August, wonder how many they had and if yours is the only 6er?
  8. That's very pretty, glad you like it, I'm very happy with mine.
  9. Must say as an aside, the finish apart from the wrong colour is flawless.
  10. Couple more pics, neck joint is very snug and secure, neck feels overall nice and shallow, tuners are average at best, bridges are functional, preamp is definitely workable, Im pleased overall but only played it through headphones.
  11. It is here, when the girl on the phone said it wasn't as blue as the pics suggested she wasn't lying..... it's green! It's also quite a nice shade of green so it won't be getting sent back because of the colour. Here it is, yet to plug it in but acoustically the B string sounds good. Fingers crossed!
  12. Just had a call from g4m, apparently the colour isn't as bright as it is on the website and can be returned foc if it's not to my satisfaction. That's good to know.
  13. Woah, mines now due tomorrow!
  14. Delayed again, probably be dead via Covid 19 before this is delivered!
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