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  1. Seen this one on Facebook and Instagram, I'll just repeat the comment I made on that post....'stunning'!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Well as I can never leave anything alone and was looking to upgrade the pickup on the Zebrano P I went a bit overboard and got a Duncan 1/4lb and a rather fetching Wenge Warmoth neck, something in me thinks this is a bit of a keeper now. Tuners and a new bridge will be next on the hit list!
  4. Just bought a pickup off Paul, very quickly delivered, spot on! Cheers Jeff
  5. If you've ever wondered what a Zebrano P looks like, wonder no more, just built this with a Jazz neck, Duncan Designed pup and one of Johns finest looms, oiled finish only to keep it feeling organic. Fancying a better pup though.
  6. Just realized I haven't posted the pic of my latest Cobia on here, oh well here goes. Might as well put them both on for good measure.
  7. Ordered yet another loom off John, extremely quick service and great price. Cheers Jeff
  8. It`s a black and white P.......
  9. Good god no, Alphers are far better than that!
  10. Reminds me of something 😉
  11. Is the price for the 2u including postage?
  12. Cheers Chris, always good to pop down and drool, shame about the weather but hey that's Yorkshire in the summer 😂
  13. Finally picked up my new Cobia from Alpher HQ today a 4 string to go with my 5er. It's bloody lovely and sounds amazing with the Nordstrand Big Man pickup, just passive this time but with a 3 way toggle for single coil, series and parallel, I have to say its spot on and only weighs 7lb 2oz (most of that will be the pickup!) Hipshot hardware all round makes Jeff a very happy bunny!
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