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  1. Pine bodied Streamer style build

    Ive got one of those necks, for the money its outstanding! I paid £28 inc postage for mine.
  2. 51 p body with jazz neck

    Sell it complete to someone who likes P basses with a jazz width neck!
  3. I`ll have a set, pm me your paypal details and i`ll sort payment. Cheers Jeff
  4. Feedback for thebrig

    Bought Brian`s Ibanez, very quickly delivered, well packaged and as described. Cheers Jeff.
  5. Merlos Custom 5

  6. SOLD!!! IBANEZ SR500 £125 Posted!!!

    I'll give this a whirl, can you pm me your PayPal details and I'll sort payment out tonight after work, cheers. Jeff
  7. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    Cracking that, I had one but couldn`t get on with the chunky neck, great value basses though.
  8. NBD: Boult Galaxy

    They`re awesome, just recently got myself an Ibanez Destroyer but really liking the colours of these!
  9. Squier Jaguar HB, where did they go?

    Thomann were knocking them out for £116, I bought one but it didn`t last long, it wasn`t the most versatile sounding bass i`ve had.
  10. Haha I seem to have a bass for every dislike apart from single cut but as I used to own one of them as well I will give you all a middle finger and say F**k you, you want boring buy boring, me I want buckeye burl roasted maple, gold hardware and a generous portion of points!
  11. Ghost Pickups

    Yeah he seemed a really genuine friendly bloke, he is bringing the bass back to me at a gig in North Shields so my first play of it will be at volume through the Hartke Kilo and i`ll be able to try it against my Quarter Pounder equipped Ibanez Destroyer. Good times!
  12. Ghost Pickups

    Today I dropped off my active T-Bird to have a set of passive Ghost Pickups `Dirty Dozen` hand built pickups installed, has anyone heard of Ghost Pickups? Theyre a one man band based in Whitley Bay up her in the good old North East, just wondering if anyone has got any feedback on them, I will update this when I get my bass back in a couple of weeks (would have been next week but we are gigging nearby in 2 weeks so it saves me a trip). His prices are pretty good as well, 2 hand wound humbuckers, 4 pots and fitting for £160 and they have a contrasting veneer top and a 10 year warranty, should be getting pics this week of the build so I will post them on here. I actually can`t wait to try these out!
  13. Alpher Instruments

    Nice, I saw this when I went to see Chris last year and to order my next one
  14. Hi, is the 460 total length or internal? I`ve a bloody awkward Hartke Kilo im looking for a house for and this might just do the job!
  15. Feedback for: Thornybank

    Bought a neck off Chris....sent it before I even paid! top man. Cheers Jeff