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  1. I`ve always found with JBXN`s that you have to screw them down further into the body than you would with a normal pickup otherwise they just distort and fart a lot.
  2. I`ve just scratched a big itch of mine as regards transport, unfortunately it doesn`t have the room for the 2x10 plus 1x15, plus heads room my old car had (joys of topless motoring) what would people recommend that might fit on the front seat of a Saab 9-3 convertible?
  3. Just knocked this up recently.
  4. DarkHeart


    Bought a set of strings from Mark, delivered very quickly and were as described. Spot on....Jeff
  5. Mine would have to be my 50th birthday present to myself Alpher Cobia.
  6. I would second that, had my digital one years.
  7. Ghost Pickups are here in the UK in sunny Whitley Bay, Wilf is a good bloke and will wind you anything you like.
  8. I`ve just actually seen a right handed version of one of these on ebay and went to the review on youtube, the guy reviewing it was impressed but I don`t know if he was being paid by them to say that. check out the review
  9. I`ve used the `Overlord` bridge...but, I googled about it and the main criticism was the thumbwheels mashed into the body of the bridge so I`ve taken the washers off some normal tuners I had lying about, now I have steel/nylon/steel between the thumbwheels and the bridge body, time will tell if its a fix but I can`t see why not.
  10. Crimson guitars stunning stains green and lots of oil....maybe too much oil 😂 a better wood would have been even better, might try ash next time Paulonia is a bit MEH!
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