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  1. I once had a guy come up to me slightly 'tired and emotional' at about 1am in a rock club and tell me that I was pretty much his hero - nothing to do with my playing, but rather because I'd (in his words) made our lead guitarist let me come and stand at the front of the stage and play, whereas he had to stand right at the back when their band was on stage. Said lead guitarist had just nipped to the bar and came back to join in the conversation, mercifully ending it pretty much immediately! You'd think the fact that I'm the big guy wielding the big guitar and stood at the front would make me slightly memorable, but the only other time I remember being recognised was by a guy who came up after a gig and introduced himself as the driver of the bus I didn't catch to work, but which went past the stop I was always stood at in the morning 5 minutes before the bus which I did catch. He then proceeded to tell me how good our lead guitarist is 🙂 ..I guess he had to come clattering back to normality somehow! I'm ok with not being recognised.
  2. Yeah, that was where my research got me with regards the XL vs XS thing, too - cosmetic differences only. The other compressors I use are DBX 160A (for vocal tracking), Markbass Compressore (for bass tracking away from my home setup), EBS MultiComp (on my main pedalboard) and Boss BC-1X (on my 'other' pedalboard), and the 166 doesn't disappoint up against any of them. Your friend speaketh the truth 🙂
  3. I've very definitely always been a bassist who happens to dabble on guitar, but wasn't always fully happy to admit it. A few years ago I gave myself a bit of a reality check and sold all the big amps and cabs that it was clear I'd never put to any serious use, and all but my two favourite guitars. I also kept my little 1W valve head and a handful of pedals, but they don't eat anything or take up a lot of room. During lockdown I found myself browsing guitars again, telling myself that I'd spend the extra time at home really giving it a go and that a new guitar would provide the push I needed. Thankfully I called myself out on my own bull in time and instead just bought a HX Stomp since it would give me some new sounds to play with on bass as well, and a different pickup to put in one of my existing guitars. Totally predictably the guitar kick lasted about a fortnight and, although I enjoyed it a lot while it lasted, we're back to an occasional noodle just like before. Some things won't change no matter what you throw at them. My not being a guitarist is, sadly, one of those things and I think I'm finally OK with that - I'm just an occasional noodler! That said, in my more distant past I gave up being a grade 8 standard orchestral violinist when I stopped enjoying that, and I gave it up fully keeping nothing and never looking back, so that does happen as well, even after many years and having attained a level that a lot of people would be very happy with. Whichever way you go, move on with impunity and do what you enjoy!
  4. Both for me. Stunning generalisations being that I use a pick for heavy rock / metal and fingers for lighter styles, a pick for 4 string and fingers for 5 / 6 string, and fingers until I feel like I'm risking a blister, then switch to a pick irrespective of style - just use the thicker back edge and play softer. There are a few tunes where I'll palm the pick for a while and play softer sections with fingers then go back to the pick when required, so I like a fairly big pick that isn't going to slip through my fingers and hit the deck. I use 1.26mm acetal picks most of the time, but will occasionally use a 1mm red big stubby if I want a really clear attack when recording something fast.
  5. That green is nice but a bit pimp for my tastes! 🙂 It's a shame they trimmed the EII line back so much - the two models that are left really don't appeal to me at all, but some of the ones they scrapped really did. Much like the 'surveyor', I still wonder how much of the problem is the 'EII' brand name - when I got my EII ST-2 skinny guitar I paid less than half the RRP because the shop just couldn't shift it - it was the price of an ESP but didn't say ESP on the headstock, so they had to keep reducing it. They tried a couple and moved the 'reindeer blue' one for a profit fairly quickly because it was pretty, but the trans-black just sat there gathering dust until it was so cheap I couldn't resist nabbing it - they said pretty much at cost. Never saw another EII in there - just available for special order. Anyway, I digress...!
  6. Aye, I had a Surveyor 415 a few years ago, and as much as it was a well made and good sounding bass, it weighed an absolutely ridiculous amount and that was why I eventually moved it on. The 'surveyor' name doesn't bother me too much... ...but that surfaced a few bad memories! 😉 ..psyche Seriously, though, nope - never seen one out and about, but I agree the white one does look nice in the pictures! If they did the AP-5 in white with black hardware, then I'd probably be in danger of buying one of those.
  7. I had the Behringer 2200 and 2600 and they were perfectly alright for what little I paid, but one side of the 2200 just randomly stopped working and neither unit sounded wonderful. I binned the 2200 and replaced the 2600 with a DBX 166xs, which I really like. It looks much less like a seasonally decorated tree, is easier to dial in and sounds generally better to me. I recall reading that the cheaper 266 is a different circuit design and isn't as well suited to bass as the 166, but I've not got one so can't offer personal experience there.
  8. Well I never - it does look very similar doesn't it. The through-body holes are slightly radiused on this original part, but it's so close, surely they must be related. Cheers very much for that lead - it gives me at least a bit of hope that I might be able to get hold of one! I'll send WD UK an email and see whether they can have one sent over without it costing an insane amount more than just swapping the USD price into GBP - they're usually helpful. Failing that, maybe WD USA would just send me one directly and leave me to play with the post office once it gets here. Interesting that the WD USA site is giving it the code GEB201 as if it's a Gotoh.. and I also like that they cheekily market it as a 'direct replacement for a BadAss II' 🙂
  9. Hey all, I've got a cheapish 90s bass with what seems to be an odd bridge. It's got very fender-esque measurements for mounting hole and string spacing, but allows through-body stringing. I'd like to replace all the hardware with either black or shiny nickel/chrome instead of the satin stuff that's on there from stock, but having spent a bit of time browsing this afternoon, a bridge is proving hard to find. I'm not actually bothered about stringing through, so I could technically fit any 5-hole f-style replacement and just glue the ferrules in place so they don't get lost, but I'd quite like to keep it as-intended if possible so wondered whether anyone had any suggestions for one with the ability to string through? Doesn't have to be fancy, but does have to be smooth and well engineered. Price-wise, if a Babicz or Kickass were an option I'd be up for that, so around £150ish. Ta very much in advance, Ed
  10. Heh, I could stretch to a board with all homemade patch cables.. Actually my main board started out as a B&Q shelf, some rubber feet, kitchen drawer handles and a bike chain, so maybe I can salvage some DIY points there! Sounds like a perfectly reasonable compromise - I would have liked to try a DHA rack preamp but sadly availability of cash and thingy never coincided.
  11. Cool looking board - I do rather like either everything to be from one manufacturer or everything to be from totally different manufacturers, as both show a kind of commitment to.. something-or-other! I have the tube overdrive (TO800) for guitar and it's a great TubeScreamer substitute. Never bothered me that it's plastic when pressing the pedal, though I do feel like I'm about to break the little loops on the side every time I put a new battery in it.. it's just not actually happened yet and hopefully it won't! Admittedly it's not my favourite overdrive for guitar, but neither was the 'proper' TS808 which is why I sold that and kept the cheaper green box that did the same thing. I was less pleased with their Sansamp clone, as the switch felt generally iffy (although I'll give it its due - it did work) and the knobs didn't seem to do very much to the sound. Wasn't terrible by any stretch, but wasn't worth keeping as I could tell I'd literally never take it out of the box again. Come to think of it, there was another one I had years ago and gave to a bandmate on the off-chance that she could find a use for it that was eluding me. Think that was the blues overdrive (BO300) but it was nothing like a Blues Driver, which I assume is what it was going for. The one I'm surprised that you've got on your board and aren't having issues with is actually the tuner. I have one of those that I bought to keep in my backup bag, but it just doesn't pick up bass notes well - especially a low B. In fact it hardly gives any kind of reading at all if you have vibrations from external stuff like drums on stage. It's alright-ish for guitar, but even then it's jumpy. I'm glad yours works, though!
  12. When I played more guitar than I do these days my old Marshall TSL60 had a foot-switchable parallel loop with a level control on the front, so all I used to do was keep a short patch cable between the send and return and use it as a solo boost. Worked really well because the amount of boost was easy to set and stayed relatively similar wherever you were on the master. Not sure whether there are any bass heads out there that could do the same.
  13. Speaking of SRs, I think they’re great, but sadly I can only own ones with a top/veneer as I’d rather see a full-width Marshall head precariously overhanging my One10 than this... I know that it can’t be / isn’t meant to be parallel but I just can’t deal with it!
  14. Looks very nice, too! 🙂 I just accepted that given all three were the same, that was how they were. If it makes any odds, they’re all SLs from the cedar-bodied era - maybe they’re different in some way?!
  15. The only thing I don't like all that much about mine and which I'd generally alert a potential buyer to is that they both have whatever the opposite of fret-sprout is. Mine are both PF boards but one other that I no longer have was exactly the same with maple, so whilst I haven't played loads and it might not be true of the majority, I'm 3 for 3 - every fret at both ends. Running my hand down the sides of the board isn't the smooth experience I'm used to with other brands, and I'd have seriously preferred that it was. It's not massively uncomfortable or unpleasant, and I've clearly decided I can live with it, but I guess it could be a deal-breaker for some...?
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