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  1. Bump for incredible value. I had a US SUB, sold it, missed it so bad I bought one again last year for a reasonable chunk more than this. GLWTS.
  2. I have two versions of the Deluxe Active P-Bass, one is the 9V preamp version which I bought as my first Fender back in 04/05. I also got the newer 18v preamp version more recently (2015 I think) Both are excellent, the newer model has a more modern flatter neck profile and an active/passive switch. Both great basses. The newest version of these (Player Plus series) has had a bit of a price hike so I would definitely scout the used market. I do also own more than one shirt. Promise.
  3. I played a Squier when it was an in-life model years ago and literally every line of your post here resonated with me. I still remember how underwhelming it was. By comparison, the RW Fender model is to this day one of the nicest basses I’ve ever played. If I had room on my rack I think I would be picking one up in a heartbeat - my one in, one out policy has me beat though because I don’t know which bass would go to make room.
  4. Here’s my latest. A cover of one of my favourite tracks by The Wonder Years where I do everything but the drums.
  5. Perfectly succinct advice. Thanks!
  6. Evening. Does anyone have any experience with swapping out a “regular” Mexican Fender P-bass neck with a neck from a ‘51 style Precision? I have an old faithful Mexican Precision which while I love (and would never sell) it has a Jazz style neck which can at times be a little cramped for me. The NICEST Fender neck I have ever played was on the Mike Dirnt P-bass which has a ‘51 style body. A seemingly legit US seller is selling these necks, but the listing is light on spec so I have no clue whether it would slot right into my P-bass, or end up an alarmingly expensive doorstop. If anyone has experience with a similar hack, it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Black/Black/Maple to be precise 😂 Kudos to you Lozz for knowing what works for you and sticking to it.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Looks amazing. I’ve been intrigued by these but put off by the prospect of a very wide neck so 41mm-ish is interesting. How is the neck profile front to back? Standard P?
  10. Welcome! I’ve found the best way to stretch my playing is to listen to songs I love and find basslines that are slightly intimidating for me to learn. Nothing impossible, just enough to push my limit. It takes perseverance, but I’ve found with age (and kids) I have a bit more of that than I did when I was first learning to play as a teenager. I then record and post the outcomes on YT/FB/IG which keeps me honest (if I’m not playing it well enough to put out in the world, have I really learnt it?) Might not work for everyone, but I’ve found this to be a great way to keep challenging myself.
  11. Welcome! I can definitely relate to your hiatus, as I’ve had a couple over the years. I hope your return brings you happiness (and gear)
  12. A shade over 30, white, male and married…so I’m not really doing anything for the averages.
  13. True there’s a lot of variability through the eras. I know if I were buying used today I wouldn’t spend market rate on any Fender from around the era I was “growing up” playing (mid 00’s) without playing it first. And I would still then question the relative value vs something more current because my experience of playing later models (especially Mexican) is comparably better than the raft that I played from back then. There’s also the matter of the overlapping ranges - how do you objectively evaluate a premium Mexican model against a paired back American model which is delivering the prestige of an American made instrument while solving for a price? Other than getting your hands on them of course!
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