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  1. These are FSR so get them while they’re hot. I always look at FSR stuff and decide I want one long after they leave the market (anyone with a Squier CV 70’s P in Surf Green/maple, you know where to find me 😆)
  2. Big fan of the colour. Almost iridescent.
  3. It’s a “wow” from me! You don’t see something like that every day. Congrats.
  4. The Roadworn Mike Dirnt I just bought fits a similar bill. Slimmer than a standard P at the nut, but somehow still chunky in every other dimension. It’s unlike anything else I’ve played before.
  5. I had a Squier Bass VI for a few years but could never quite figure out what to do with it. This caught my eye as being good value!
  6. Bought Keir’s Yamaha Sessioncake as a gift for a mate who just got back into playing. It was exactly as advertised, with all the original packaging and accessories. It was delivered in double quick time too. I would buy from Keir again without hesitation. Cheers Keir!
  7. The gold hardware is a nice upgrade, great work.
  8. Nice work on the Epiphone. At first glance it looked like one of the semi-recent Gibsons with the satin finish (yes, I admit, I skipped to the pictures first) I’m also loving the Micro CL. Super cool. Welcome to the party!
  9. Sold Ed my Fender Deluxe Active P Bass. He was in contact the whole way through, and kindly met me halfway for collection/drop-off. One of the good ones - you can deal with confidence, as I surely will again at some point. Enjoy the bass, Ed!
  10. Forget finding who had it and be grateful you’ve got it! Sounds like it’s a perfect fit!
  11. I have one of these. Plenty loud, and some really nice vintage tones on tap. Oh and they’re as light as a feather!
  12. A sack of springs set loose in a washing machine on “spin”
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