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    USA Ernie Ball Musicman SUB Stingray bass - original USA made series, this is not the cheaper and inferior quality 'sterling' SUB model. Fantastic USA made Musicman SUB stingray bass with active humbucker and 2 band EQ. This is from the original USA made Musicman SUB range, NOT the current Sterling SUB range. It’s a full fat, USA Musicman bass, just with a few differences to the main Stingray range: - 2 band EQ (bass and treble) instead of the 3 band on the main Stingray range - No body contours - Matt finished bodies with aluminium diamond plate pickguard - Satin black finished neck and headstock It’s in excellent condition and it plays and sounds fantastic. Includes a gig bag. Serial Number X03753 and made in the USA on 12th September 2003 Weighs 9lb10ozs using digital scales on a solid flat floor Shipping at buyers cost and risk For sale only
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    I’m guessing you all know what this is if you’re looking. Some big BF purchases mean I’m feeling I ought to make some cash back elsewhere and I have another pedal which does similar stuff to this (plus the new Ultrawave coming soon). In excellent condition (note a couple of light oxidation patches at the top centre of the faceplate. Comes in the original box. @AinsleyWalker
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    Hi. I know you advertised your bass 2 years ago :) but I'll ask anyway: did you sell it?
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    Just ordered from Amazon. Had it on my wish list and totally forgot it was there until now and after reading the reviews i'm really looking forward to it. Dave
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    Nice! I don't own one but here at Pirate Studios they have a few and I always liked them, but in dim light with the mirror panel... yeah, not great. Last thing I want when trying to read which knob does what is seeing a guy that looks a lot like me staring right back.
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    So good, so funny and oh so true, absolutely loving it... great stocking filler. RECOVERS: Life as a bassist in covers bands, how to survive it, stay sane and maybe even learn some stuff eBook: NOAKES, ALFIE: Amazon.co.uk
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    Then why did you bother asking this question if you already knew the answer you wanted to believe? There’s a lot to learn from the answers and comments that were made my members here and on TB, it appears you have missed the essence of this information.
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    I didn't save the data so this is from memory, which may of course be faulty. I agree with you about the potential 'better' performance from the red speaker. That's certainly a cleaner curve and showing 'better' damping of the hi-fi driver. Resonant frequency is lower as you would expect with a slightly heavier cone and a less stiff suspension. The sensitivity was very similar if I remember correctly, at the expense of lower excursion limits. I've met PeaTurgh and he says in this thread some of this stuff goes beyond him so I made the assumption what he wanted was a practical solution and a fun project rather than an extensive breakdown of options. I was concerned about the excessive excursion below 50Hz but wanted to show him the frequency plots so he could see the gains the hi-fi drive potentially offered for himself and ask about that if he wanted to and all of this is there in what I've said. I must admit I had reservations about recommending a £12 speaker with potential reliability issues against a speaker I had actually in a similar cab in my room in front of me. I pm'd him with a recording of my bass through the cab to see if he was happy with the sound I was getting. I'd deliberately tailored the response of my own cab and it wouldn't necessarily suit him. So yes, this was a recommendation based upon practicality. I quite like my little practice amp. the lack of bass means it doesn't annoy my neighbours, the 2db hump at 120hz gives it a gentle suggestion of bass and it sounds OK just plugged and played. Above that it's nice and clean, revealing enough to show up my every mistake which is what I need for practice. Unlike the cheap beginners amp it started out as it now sounds like a bass. The Monacor speaker would probably have sounded great with noticeable extra bass and probably survived quiet practice but i couldn't really recommend something that I thought might not be reliable long term.
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    Been a while since I saw one for sale. Looks clean - currently well priced but expect late action. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaydee-Bass/114543059896?hash=item1aab4c63b8:g:fqgAAOSwk4tfwAzF
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    Internet radio is the future, apparently. So who knows where it may lead.
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    there's a thread about it, that's how I found out anyway
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    I use the Boss WL-20. Does what it says on the tin and perfect for casual/home use. I’d prefer something more robust and feature rich for proper live playing but at home and for little casual jams these little things are perfect.
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    I'll probably be crucified by existing watchers for posting this but with the amount of builds going on I'm pretty sure somebody here would want this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-ABM-Chrome-Headless-Bass-Single-Bridges-3901c-with-4-String-Headpiece/224251142895?hash=item343668e2ef:g:vzYAAOSw7MZfv6Pk
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    Hi guys. After a long time away from it, I'm looking to get back into recording. My previous studio was a purpose-designed and pretty well-equipped project studio. In my current situation that kind of facility isn't feasible logistically and way outside my proposed budget financially. I'm going to keep it simple this time: I'm just planning to use my MacBook Pro with a suitable interface plus a few bits & bobs. What I could use is some advice as to what folks recommend I should be looking at. I have Audacity installed on the Mac, which looks like it'll be all I'll need for recording, and I have guitars, basses and amps aplenty. My shopping list looks like this: Basic audio interface with USB thunderbolt compatibility (I don't need a lot of channels or effects so a basic 2- or 4-input jobbie should be plenty). Decent but inexpensive studio mic for recording electric guitars through the Fender Blues Junior IV. (Acoustic and bass amps have D.I. outs and I have an L.R. Baggs D.I. box so that side of things is taken care of.) I don't sing so I don't need megabucks. As long as it can record the BJ faithfully (with the option of recording the acoustic guitars once in a while) I'll be happy. I'm told Rode are good value for money, but I've been out of the loop for around 10 years I'm happy to consider other options. If funds allow, it would be nice to have a compressor for recording the acoustics (I used to have a small collection of the Joemeek optical compressors, which were f*cking brilliant) but not a given at this stage as Audacity has one built-in (which I haven't used yet but which I assume will be fairly basic). Half decent rhythm generator or drum machine. I used to have an SR16 and a DR770, so anything in that general ballpark should do the job I need. This is all for my own enjoyment; I have no plans to inflict anything I do on anybody else. That said, at one time I was accustomed to working with high quality gear so I do have certain expectations... I have a soft budget in my head of around £500. I'm expecting to need to buy new where necessary but will also be keeping an eye on pre-owned as long as it's in good working order. Any advice as to what I should be looking at, particularly the I/F and the mic, will be gratefully received. I humbly submit myself to the collective wisdom of the Basschat Collective.
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    I think they're all going to be there or thereabouts Warren, I was unlucky for sure, but that's what manufacturing QC is for. I shouldn't pay £1,149 for a cab that stops me playing bass You can see in the photo os the second post where I rounded off the corner after the cut occurred. The corner beforehand was more like that at the bottom of the port (2nd photo first post) which was more a sharp square, but also sticking out several mm, hence the issue. OK, as per Japan Axe's comment, perhaps it would have been sensible to check, but should I have needed to with an £1,100 cab?
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    Maybe a rename to Masochist would be another great idea to consider too?
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    Red with cream plastics would be amazing. No idea why they’ve opted for white!
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    That things a work of art! Unbelievable for a budget instrument. Harley Benton have moved the goalposts so far, most manufacturers aren't even in the stadium any more.
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    Hi, Alder standard Fender P250. I can give you exact dimensions if required. No problem 2kg I hope this helps This is a pic of the actual body as I purchsed it from pcguitars on ebay a few years ago.
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    I’m using the xvives mate. Be warned though they do seem to prefer a passive bass. They work fine with my status but don’t seem to like the shuker or sadowsky, there’s a high pitched Whitney noise. Nice and easy to use and charge pretty quick. I gig with them too 👍🏻
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    "Hi Jules, Further thoughts: Those Laney Supergroup 50’s and 100’s are indeed essentially based upon the old Fender Tweed 5F6A Bassman / Tweed 5F8A High Power Twin (see also Marshall JTM45/ Marshall Super Lead/ Plexi) circuits respectively, but lovingly made in Brum with heavy industrial steel chassis and Radiospares capacitors, resistors and other parts (like most British amps of that era). The key to them sounding distinctive despite this, in my opinion, is the use of a certain strain of Partridge Transfomers (different to those Partridge types used in say, Hiwatts) that have Primary windings with impedances that bias up in such a way that there's always some evident crossover distortion regardless of idle current, though not unmusical. There's also a unbypassed shared common 10 Ohm cathode resistor between the cathodes and the chassis for reading the overall bias current as a voltage (by Ohms law: 1V = 100mA) which might just cause some tangible cross-coupling or back-biasing. In my experience anyway they've never sounded especially clean, perhaps this was somewht deliberate, as the late 60’s timeline fits the advent of then-fashionable heavy rock, who knows? ! I only had one 100 in for a service (I’ve done several 50’s) and noted that it used a big Wirewound resistor rather than a choke in the HT supply (some do, some don’t, but all the 50’s I’ve seen had chokes fitted). One amp guru I know detracts from Laney’s by saying they sound "like a Marshall with a cold” However, I still really like them for guitar (adopts Brummie accent “yeah roight….wouldn’t mind one meself, loike") as they sound very ‘electric’ and scary, in a good way and don't need cranking quite as loud as a Marshall to achieve that ‘smear' from saturation! 'Hear me Calling’ on the 'Slade Alive!’ from 1971 is testament to that Laney sound: there are Supergroups visible in the ‘live’ session photos. More obvious than Sabbath as far as i’m concerned. But I guess Geezer Butler also had quite a fruity tone when he used them. The Paranoid recording session photos from 1970 show a 100W Laney Supergroup head and cab for Geezers bass, but also a Vox AC30 with Rangemaster treble booster(s) behind Tony Iommi, which I suspect he used (as did Ritchie Blackmore similarly when in the studio e.g. on 'Machine Head’). I’ve been listening to late-era Move and early ELO today….guess I’m a ‘Brumbeat enthusiast'! Hope this helps." Reproduced from an email, with permission, from my acquaintance Dan Coggins, designer of Lovetone pedals, and more recently, Dinosaural and Thorpy FX I hope you find this useful, there was another email about amps he considers louder, but that's slightly outside the scope of this thread!
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    I sold a Pedaltrain to Dunc. It was a nightmare. Not because of anything he did but because I made the classic mistake of using Myherpes to collect and deliver. They were telling him one thing and me another, not collecting it and saying that they had, and generally making a male chicken up of the whole thing. Dunc was a total gent throughout, good humoured and understanding. If all buyers were like this life would be sweet.
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    This is a bit of info from guitar world , apparently the slab board was to give more bass because of the increased depth , @onehandclapping Has a very nice 62 slab jazz , maybe he could tell us more about them 🙂 With all Fender models, the early ’60s brought the “slab board” fretboard, as opposed to the “veneer board,” which was introduced in mid 1962. The slab board was a thick piece of rosewood that joined the neck on a flat plane; the veneer board was thinner and joined the neck on a curved plane. Clay fretboard dots were standard until the middle of 1964
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    Oh sh***ing f***berries. I want one of these in this colour, with these pickups, with that headstock and... Oh sh***ing f***berries.
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    The power rating of a speaker is thermal, literally how much power it can take before the voice coil fries. How much it can take before mechanical damage may occur is seldom more than half the thermal rating. Besides, most amps are rated for their output capability at a very low distortion figure. Most are capable of at least twice their rated power at high distortion, albeit not long term. A sufficiently high pulse can fry a voice coil in a fraction of a second. A watt is the product of voltage x current, period. The TCs have been proven incapable of delivering the requisite voltage at the requisite amperage to come even close to their advertised ratings.
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    Best wishes to your drummer, sincerely hope there's no long lasting damage. I've got a circular saw and I really don't like them to be honest. I'm massively cautious using it. If it doesn't cut with just gentle pressure applied I stop. The power tool I hate the most are those large angle grinders. Used one when we built our extension, awful things.
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    Have you looked at the comprehensive answers and information given to you over at your same thread at TB???
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    I reckon we have all been an Asshat at some point😂 Oh bass is lush as owt by the way.
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    Good stuff. It’s still the one on my avatar.
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    Love my Big Twin 2 Gen 3. Great cabs these. Top seller and good price. Get it while I'm try to justify having two of them 😎.
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    Alex you could do far worse than using your own description or some tweaked variation of it: "because you're thinking this is a fuzz pedal - you can get a Jamerson Motown sound from the overdrive section, or Roger Glover with Deep Purple, or Geezer in Sabbath, or Krist in Nirvana, etc etc. And the fuzz pedal can do all the worlds of fuzz, like the synth thing, or the Larry Graham double-tracked thing, or the Ben Folds Five thing, or Geezer again, etc etc." Nothing like making reference to the sound of real world bass players to make the potential of a piece of kit come alive!
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    Whatever I write that needs fuzz. But if you're asking that because you're thinking this is a fuzz pedal - you can get a Jamerson Motown sound from the overdrive section, or Roger Glover with Deep Purple, or Geezer in Sabbath, or Krist in Nirvana, etc etc. And the fuzz pedal can do all the worlds of fuzz, like the synth thing, or the Larry Graham double-tracked thing, or the Ben Folds Five thing, or Geezer again, etc etc. There's far more dirty bass sounds on recordings that many bassists realise.
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    Did you have any bridge problem with you jmj bass
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    You doubt the data Dave? Go visit a COVID ward, speak to doctors and nurses who do the caring and put their lives at risk every day, and explain to them that it’s Ok, you’re in a band and you need to rehearse. And go to the gym for whatever reason. But the supermarkets are at mostly at fault, cos while you need to play and exercise, people don’t need food.
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    Thank you. It’s probably best to leave it as it is, it’s more honest. I think a lot of people have a very different idea of Barefaced to what it actually is. For better or worse, I’m not really financially driven, I just want to make the best possible products in the way that I believe is right. I want to make things that people use for years and years and years, I don’t want to make things that are at all disposable. From a business perceptive I am horribly cursed by a desire to not screw up this planet any more than possible - I know making speakers (the actual drivers, especially the magnets) is not environmentally friendly so I want those speakers to be really valued items that people cherish and thar even outlast me. And I also strongly believe in trying to manufacture here, creating jobs where you get to use your hands, not just poke at a computer. So because of those decisions, everything we make costs a hell of a lot to make. Everything we design takes a really long time to design (I can’t tell you how long we’ve spent on the amp so far...) We operate from an almost comically tiny factory and no-one here, me included, makes much money. Thankfully I’m not a big spender, my wife is very frugal and you can get an awful lot of things free (hurrah for sharing/freecycle groups) or cheap secondhand, and the children don’t seem to mind (yet). Last year I bought a new car because the front wheel snapped off the 15 year old one as the suspension had rusted through - and I really like cars. Well, I say new, it’s almost five years old but that’s new to me! I need to do an official announcement updating customers etc on what Barefaced is up to, but with the massive fall in orders due to the lack of live music, I now have half as many staff as in March, and the staff who are still here are only part-time and mostly furloughed. It’s really hard. I know it’s even worse for all the pro musicians who’ve lost their entire income, the events companies, the list goes on. And of course those who’ve been seriously ill, or had close friends or relatives suffer, or even die from this. I don’t know where I’m rambling with this but I guess I’m trying to say that I’m not sitting in some ivory tower making fancy products, I’m just trying to do something I believe in and earn enough to live. And because margins are fine and right now turnover is much lower than normal, I’m spread very thin trying to wear too many hats so that I can pay the rent and my mortgage and payroll and feed my family and not have to lay off more staff.
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    Dunno why but I imagine you saying this whilst screwing a silencer onto an unmarked and untraceable pistol
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    Lockdown has meant that I've brought loads of my gear home/out of storage. It's been great! But, I've have started to realise how much has amassed over the years. So, going to start putting some bits and bobs up for sale. These are great. Low action, big tone. It's in great condition and comes with the OHSC. Had a few questions about the weight. Its 3.55kg or 7.82lbs. It's at the lighter end of this particular range of basses for sure.
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    The most pathetic comment I have EVER heard from a business. EVER. You just cost yourself Alex.
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    Surely it's better to have critical feedback than just having smoke blown up your a$$?
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    So this cheeky beast has just arrived from Belgium courtesy of a certain @Hellzero... It is quite an exceptional bass, more so than I was expecting to be honest (and I've not even plugged it in yet!) The build quality is absolutely fantastic. The highly figured, very 3D, top is a 1 inch thick slab of quilt maple with a purpleheart core layer and an Ash rear, also beautifully figured. The purpleheart fretboard and truss cover and superb and feel great under finger. The fretwork is immaculate, the fret end has been rounded off perfectly. The gloss body has an angled transition to a perfectly smooth satin neck and the treble access allows you to hit every fret seamlessly. The Bartolini pups are supported by an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp (a change from the stock passive Bartolini preamp) and the hipshot bridge and gotoh tuners take command at either end of this fine beast. This really looks like a true contender for some of the VERY best basses I have owned, and I have owned a lot!!! Porn below:
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    Very kind of the staff at BassChat HQ to deliver in person...
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    Ooooff.... Don't get better than that💪
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    No experience of the Harley Benton but I've owned a couple of T-Birds. The bridge on my Gibson wasn't an issue, it's a stupidly fiddly design but the action was fabulous no problems with intonation and once set up any fiddling was soon forgotten. The neck dive is just due to the reverse, that's why basses have a horn sticking out on the top, it's the only way to stabilise the bass with a strap. having a horn underneath makes it just a weight to induce neck dive and having the strap mount on the body and not a horn does the same. I too have found that bringing the strap round the front cures the problem but you'll get buckle rash on the front of your bass. Actually I found that the twist of the bass away from the body was more an issue than the dive. I'm wondering if they do a lefty, that would bring the pegs round to the 'correct side' and put the horn in the non-reverse position.
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    I just did one if you'd like to purchase it? 😁
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