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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. @hooky_lowdown I can see why you thought it was about a chocolate bar! 😄
  2. So I have only ever owned one bass guitar. I've read about neck profile, neck finish, radiused fret boards, read loads of manufacturer specifications. But having only really had my hand on one bass, it was hard for me to translate what this meant in the real world, so to speak. So this morning, I went to have my bass guitar lesson. Asked my tutor some questions. Afterward I thought to try some of the local music shops to get my hands on so that I could learn. So today I have tried Fender Precision ( Mexican ), Fender Jass ( Mexican ), Vintage Musicman copy, Musicman by Sterling StingRay Ray34, Music Man by Sterling StingRay Ray4 HH. To try all these basses out I had to travel to two shops. Out of the Fenders, I preferred the precision, because of the satin neck, and the pickups are definitely higher output than a Jazz bass. I nearly bought that in the first shop. I showed some restraint, and thought no I'll wait and contemplate over the potential purchase. So then I went to the second shop. Where I tried the Sterling's. So I spent some time comparing the Ray34 and Ray4 HH. I actually preferred the tones of the Ray4 HH because I could hear more tone choices from the Ray4 HH. I huess more tone of the Ray4 HH is probably down to having two humbuckers. What I really liked about the Ray4 HH and Fender Precision, was the satin necks. Wow they play a lot faster than a painted neck or high gloss neck. The Sterling Ray4 HH, sounded more powerful, and sounded like it had more variation in tone over the Fender to me. And you know when you get that "feeling", you know its the one, that real happy fuzzy feeling, yep thats what the Ray4 HH gave, so I knew I had to take it! I've already been playing my Ray4 HH. Very happy indeed. Photo, sorry for the poor quality the weather and lighting is rubbish hear today! The colour looks way cooler!
  3. Thanks for the graphs, I guess if an audio taper pot is logarithmic, is 65:35, the bend/curve in the line isn't severe, so not to far off from linear? I guess a 50:50 pot if it exist is for all intent and purposes linear? Or have I missed the point? Trying to learn, so I make an informed choice.
  4. Hi guys, I'm putting together a plan to upgrade my bass guitar. I have a Westfield EB3. I read an article on Premier Guitar, about modding passive electric guitars, for better tone adjustability. Pretty much the article states that modern pots, have a 80/20 taper? That old pots from the 50's and 60's had tapers of 70:30, 60:40, and 65:35. Unfortunately Hamer that made the audio taper pots with 65:35 are out of business. Centralab pots from the 50's or 60's had a taper of 70:30 or 60:30. I have found a modern reproductions of the old Centralabs from the 50's and 60's. My question is, does anybody know where I might still find Hamer audio taper 65:35 pots? Also does anybody know of an article for figuring out if my Westfield is wired parallel or series?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. The primary reason I came up with the idea is to replicate the original Gibson set-up but with less pots. That was my reason for asking to see if it is possible?
  7. Hi guys, I'm probably going to get my EB3 modified. I'm looking for general advice from Westfield, Epiphone, and Gibson EB-3(L) owners. Has anyone replaced there pots on a Westfield EB3 with two push pull pots, and then put a 4 way selector? I was thinking with two push pull pots and a 4 way selector, it would be possible to replicate the original Gibson Eb3 set up and sound on my Westfield? My idea is to use two push pull pots to control the volume and tone for each humbucker? So only using two pots instead of Gibson's 4. Is this possible? How would it need to be wired? David
  8. Old thread revival, So I'm thinking to go view a Vintage V96 Pro-shop? Do people think that a Pro-shop Vintage is worth it? As the cost goes from being £300 to £800+. The Pro-shop V96 has a Wilkinson WJM pickup, Graphtech Black Tusq precision cut nut. The Pro-shop comes with pro set up aswell which includes :- Fret-level, crown and polish. Fingerboard dress and comfort treatment. Truss rod adjustment and set. Action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment. Nut slot regulation. Or do you think for around £800 I'm better to look else where?
  9. Interesting topic, as someone relatively new to learning bass, I have read and watch video's where sustain is mentioned, it does seem to get a lot of attention from players right from amateur through to pro. David Ellefson for example with his signature basses, states that he has a Jackson high mass bridge fitted to add more sustain.
  10. Have you considered the Jackson Kelly Bird ( Thunderbird ) ? https://m.thomann.de/gb/jackson_js3_q_kelly_bird_trb.htm Just to throw a spanner in the works?
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