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  1. Warwick BC80 1x12 80-Watt Bass Combo for sale. In very good used condition, hardly used. Everything works except the power light, which is how it came out of the box new. Great sounding combo, reason for sale is I moved onto an tube/valve amp. Collection only please.
  2. My nut is perfect, so there must be slight variance at factory. The stock strings are Ernie Ball 2849 105-45. I generally thought my jack socket was fine, I actually thought it looks good. I will check my P4 jack socket when I practice tomorrow. Hopefully the shop will sort the nut for you. The only thing I will be doing is a setup to my preferences. Straighter neck, lower action, check intonation, and I think the strings sit a bit high in the nut, so I might order some nut files and sort that.
  3. I haven't compared them at full volume. The CTM30 does get loud enough that I've used it to rehearse in a loud thrash metal band setting. I'd think it would be good enough for a small gig depending on what type of music you play. CTM30 does have a DI out, so that it could be used with front of house gear at a venue. If you have a PA it could be used with that as well.
  4. Supreme Unbeing newest album Enduring Physicality. Very good album.
  5. Well here's a picture of my stack. Ashdown CTM 100 with Ashdown ABM115 Compact.
  6. Positive Grid model Ashdown Ampheads in there Bias Amp 2 software. There is even a Ashdown cab sim software which you can purchase from a company called Two Notes.
  7. Great news, its a brilliant bass, your enjoy it.
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