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  1. That wouldn't be for a band called Endea would it?
  2. There are some absolute cracking songs on the new album. I will have to listens loads before I can make my mind up with is best.
  3. Unfortunately these are the times we are living in. It must of taken two months or more to get a drummer, he was worth the wait. The rhythm guitarist says he can sing, I hope so, as you've found out, it takes ages to find anyone decent or at all.
  4. My metal rig, Rickenbacker 4003S5, Positive Grid Bias Amp Head, Albion BLS410×2.
  5. Hi guys, I'm talking to a band about potentially becoming there bassist. When I asked what tuning they play in. The answer I got back is D standard with drop C. So D standard is D, G, C, F. I take it D standard with drop C would mean C, G, C, F ? Anybody heard of this before?
  6. I personally think they are fantastic. The Pro Bias amp two software is very good. Your able to design your own sound and then save it to the head. Or download one of the presets Positive Grid has made, then you have tone cloud. Tone cloud could be somebody has uploaded there sound or amp/rig match a favourite of theres. Some people even amp match famous musicians like Steve Harris. I've had no latency issues which some people seem to worry about. There is a lot of adjustability. You can get matching pedals which you can get positive grid fx 2 software for, which has any number of effects you can think of. Everybody in the band was well impressed with it tonight at band practice. Similar to Kempers but slightly more affordable. Similar sort of level.
  7. I use different heads and cabs. Brilliant sound. I use a Positive Grid Bias Amp head with Albion BLS410 cabs.
  8. The software for the pedals and effects is on a laptop/pc, the finger tips comment was deliberate. When you have a effect you like I suspect you can save it to the Positive Grid pedal.
  9. I'm another straight to amp player. Haven't used a pedal yet. I really like my sound. Although I should explain I have a Positive Grid Bias Amp Head. I have spent quite awhile designing my own unique sound through the software. If I go down pedal route I will buy the FX 2 software from Positive Grid, and one of there pedals. Then I have any pedal at my finger tips.
  10. Sorry guys, but I'm new to using two cabs, I had planned to connect cab to cab, which I can't do. With the NL4 splitter. Is it splitting the signal and because of the split it still registers as 8 Ohm load? Or is it like connecting two cabs together and turns into an 4 Ohm load?
  11. Ha I have recently become a member of a new band, a heavy metal band. We are finding it hard to get a drummer. Not sure if we could afford to be picky right now! Be nice if drummers responded to messages and didn't keep dropping out.
  12. They are both 8 ohm cabs. Thanks @jrixn1, that should do the trick. Nice cheap solution. Life saver.
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