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  1. I was just thinking earlier about how I progress with learning tracks. I have up until the band I'm trying out for, learnt exclusively by tab. Thanks to this band I have realised my ears are more developed than I thought, and I am seeing that learning a track by ear is much quicker than learning by tab. So I thought I need to change the way I learn. So like you I thought I should be able to learn the bones of the tracks by ear, and look up the tricky bits by tab.
  2. At the moment I'm listening to there 1980 demo The Devil Takes You. Really digging the bass in that song, fantastic.
  3. Yeah thankfully the guitarist gave me roughly the key changes of the song. So I was then able to work it out by ear. Worked well. Have to say I'm listening to Savage's one and only album Loose and Lethal. Decent NWOBHM, think late 70's early 80's era.
  4. Hi guys and gals. I've been asked to go for a jam with a metal band seeking a bassist. I've been asked to learn there original material which is going well. But they've also asked me to learn Cry Wolf by Savage. I've searched everywhere but can't find any tab. Whilst I could try and take the song apart by ear, it would take me a long while. So if anybody know of any tab that would be great
  5. I use Dunlop 65 Ultraglide String Cleaner and Conditioner. I currently use SIT nickel round wound strings, which are David Ellefson signature strings.
  6. That wouldn't be for a band called Endea would it?
  7. There are some absolute cracking songs on the new album. I will have to listens loads before I can make my mind up with is best.
  8. Unfortunately these are the times we are living in. It must of taken two months or more to get a drummer, he was worth the wait. The rhythm guitarist says he can sing, I hope so, as you've found out, it takes ages to find anyone decent or at all.
  9. My metal rig, Rickenbacker 4003S5, Positive Grid Bias Amp Head, Albion BLS410×2.
  10. Hi guys, I'm talking to a band about potentially becoming there bassist. When I asked what tuning they play in. The answer I got back is D standard with drop C. So D standard is D, G, C, F. I take it D standard with drop C would mean C, G, C, F ? Anybody heard of this before?
  11. I personally think they are fantastic. The Pro Bias amp two software is very good. Your able to design your own sound and then save it to the head. Or download one of the presets Positive Grid has made, then you have tone cloud. Tone cloud could be somebody has uploaded there sound or amp/rig match a favourite of theres. Some people even amp match famous musicians like Steve Harris. I've had no latency issues which some people seem to worry about. There is a lot of adjustability. You can get matching pedals which you can get positive grid fx 2 software for, which has any number of effects you can think of. Everybody in the band was well impressed with it tonight at band practice. Similar to Kempers but slightly more affordable. Similar sort of level.
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