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  1. Well all I can say is my Sterling Stingray Sub 4HH I got last year is great. Satin neck with 38mm nut is nice and fast. One of the reasons I got it was because of the sheer amount of tones I could get out of it.
  2. Just finished learning Judas Priest Electric Eye. But only playing at 90% of song tempo. Another 10 % to go and I'll be there ! Just started to learn Ram Jam Black Betty.
  3. Currently learning Judas Priest Breaking the Law.
  4. Yep, which won't prevent damage if rough handled.
  5. That is a bit of an eye opener. Doesn't surprise me though. As somebody that has worked as a courier, I always treated musical instruments with kids gloves. Made sure when I loaded the van in the morning, that I loaded the van so no damage would come to an instrument. That isn't as easy as it sounds, depending on how many items there are on the route that day. What gets me is, retailers use couriers, and they will send the guitars out in the original cardboard boxes.
  6. Well I'm finalising learning Black Sabbath Paranoid. Started learning Saxon Power and the Glory.
  7. Would just like to thank everybody for the replies here. I have implemented some of them, even though I am away from home, and have traveled with my EB-3L. I get no pain in my right shoulder at all at the moment. The main difference I've made is the fact both my feet/legs are now place symmetrical on the ground whilst I play, I no longer cross my legs as before. Can't wait to try this with my Stingray Sub 4 HH when I get home.
  8. If I had an itch for a valve amp, I'd definitely look to Ashdown, the CTM 300 must be awesome if my CTM 30 Stubby is anything to go by. If I ever get the chance to gig in a band, it will by a CTM 100 or CTM 300 I'd use.
  9. When I saw all the foot prints over your box I was whizzed off, I'm just glad the bass turned out ok, and that it was protected by an old school wooden case. Enjoy her she's a beaut.
  10. Listening to Ellefson - No Covers album. Which was released on the 20th of Nov. Featuring guests from many bands.
  11. Have to say I had a look at Kytary earlier. There's a bass on there that has caught my eye. Which seems to be out of stock or discontinued else where. When they say they have something in stock, is that generally the truth?
  12. I've been using my Vox Amplug 2 Bass for about 2 plus months now. I'm very happy with it. Using the right headphones is recommended though, I have quite a few headphone. My preferred headphones is my Beyerdynamic. These Vox Amplugs are quite fragile and snap off if you are not careful. I got around this by using a short extension jack wire.
  13. That's kind of what I am hoping. But when I play my EB3 I can play for a long time , with little to no pain. The EB3 being alot thinner body and different shape of course. I really hope a different posture may help. As the 38mm nut on the Stirling Sub4 is alot easier for me to play well.
  14. Thanks @Aidan63 . I will try what you have suggested. At least for now I have my Westfield EB3, I can play, which causes little pain after a long time of playing. But I don't want to be limited to one type of bass for the rest of my life!
  15. Right guys, I want to pick the brains of bass chatters. Awhile back I bought a new Musicman Stirling Sub 4 HH. I love the tones it produces, and the selector switch function. But I've hardly played it. However when I play sitting down, I get bad pain in my right shoulder. The pain will become so bad that I will stop playing. Has anybody had similar issues with any bass guitar? Where your right shoulder became so painful that you couldn't play? Did you find a solution? Or was it a case of finding a bass guitar that doesn't cause this pain? I'm guessing different bass guitars, with different body designs is the answer? David
  16. For anybody that is interested in how these basses sound Anderton's has compared them. Here's the link . I quite like the Saint model and The Arc model. Very tempting indeed!
  17. Well I'm still very new to bass, I'm learning a hybrid of Iron Maidens Wicker Man, using root notes for some parts and Steve Harris version for others. Most of the time at the moment I'm not including the chords, although on the outro I am trying to include them. When I'm still green and not playing fluently I play at about 50% speed so about 100bpm. When it's nailed I then will go upto 80% speed about 160 bpm.
  18. A friend of mine has seen them live, and reckons there shows are amazing. When I mentioned the price of a ticket to goto a Rammstein concert. He said if I were to go, I'd see where the money goes, he recons they use a lot of pyrotechnics. He said I love it! Bring back live music.
  19. Cheers, for the heads up! I just so happen to have Amazon Prime, so will have to give that a watch! Listening to Rammstein through Rammstein headphones, which are very good for Metal.
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