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    Here we have my Flea bass in immaculate condition, i'm the second owner the first being a friend. Athritis has got the better of my left hand so struggle with a larger neck...i picked up a CIJ Geddy last week and some difference neck wise easier for me so it is...anyway i'm firm on the price & UK only please. Plenty info online about these & the specs..saves me typing it all..lazy i know. Willing to meet up half way anywhere in the UK or if you organise a courier thats fine by me..cheers for having a nose
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    Ahhhh - I’ve been so unsure about this, however since purchasing a few months ago, all of my musical ventures have collapsed and it’s a luxury I can’t really justify keeping. I’m sure if you’re considering one of these you will know all about them and will have heard how very awesome they are. There are some great videos posted on YouTube from WoT of this forum. It’s not left the house, not been gigged (obviously), so it’s all mint apart from some scuffs on one of the securing clips for the lid which were actually present when I received the amp. I have all the original boxing and packaging so it can be sent safely. Price includes UK delivery or collect in Cardiff and I’ll knock off £15.
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    Body lacquer finished. I did a couple of tinted coats to get to a suitable amber colour. Same for neck. My buddy didn’t want the flames super accentuated, else I would have stained dark and sanded back.
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    Not really much on the forum about these. Tried a Decision PJ model out yesterday - wow. For £800 you get a lot of bass. If you want something that looks a bit different and has a very solid range of tones I would definitely check them out. It's also really light, considering the body looks quite large it balanced nicely. I tried a seafoam green that has all roasted maple neck and this burgundy one that has roasted maple neck with Pau Ferro, both were really good, super smooth and easy to play. Didn't notice too much tonal different between the two. Tone wise it's pretty bright, can't get a lot of clank going, I found having the tone control just over 50% going through a Fender Rumble was about right. The shop does have bare concrete floors and not much else so probably contributed to it as well. Would love to try the Mercalli and the Triad to see how they differ and which I prefer.
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    Round here? Throw a stick!
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    The other thing I've been building: https://www.scavengermusic.co.uk/
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    In hindsight I think their decision to put a gold musicman logo on it is poor form
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    OK I have set a limit of one image, 468x60. Two links and three lines of text. I'm not sure if it applies retrospectively but let me know - otherwise it'll be new members only...
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    welcome to Basschat, your bass knowledge may grow, and the contents of your wallet may shrink!
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    +1 No tuner, check the bass every 3/6 months, never needs doing.
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    When people say that the bass sold for $384,000 it’s not really quite correct. The vintage 1969 Fender Mustang bass sold for $1,000. A thin layer of Bill Wyman’s sweat and dead skin cells sold for $383,000!
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    Well here we go, didn't think I will see this one go....This is TTE500, made in Italy, one of the most valve-like of all hybrid heads.. They used t go for 750-800£...Absolutely like new condition, couldn't even find a scratch on it, well taken care of, I even have the original Markbass packaging it came in, so ready to be shipped. Would like to sell ...or trade for money ...but if you have a small, light but powerful cab for trade (e.g Barefaced Midget, One 10..) I might be tempted.. 399£!!!
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    PRICE REDUCED TO £1,800! The bass cull continues with this genuine 'one of a kind' Status originally made & customised for TM Stevens around 26 years ago. For whatever reason he didn't end up with it & it was then owned by Ashdown for about 20 years and used for testing new kit. I bought it direct from them and it's been played at a couple of rehearsals and one gig since then. Apart from one small surface scratch down the bridge, and some small buckle rash on the rear, it's pretty much perfect - certainly doesn't look 26 years old! The surface marks should be visible in the pictures below - The volume control 'sometimes' has a little scratch sound right at the end of it's travel towards off position but you have to listen very closely to hear this. It may well go with a continued bout of twisting. Some screws and bridge hardware are showing some age but I felt this just added a bit of character It has no serial number and there has been some debate between various Status experts (all of them far more knowledgeable than I) about whether it's an S2 Classic or an Empathy. Rob Green thinks it's an S2 so that's probably a safe bet. Here's what Ashdown said about it: "This S2-Classic is the ultimate combination of traditional and modern guitar design. Made in the 80's built for TM Stevens and painted by a top German artist. TM Stevens never actually ended up with the bass instead it found its way into our possession around 20 years ago and has been one of our go to test basses. Woven carbon graphite and selected exotic woods are combined to create a bass which sounds even better than it looks. It has a wide, even frequency response with huge dynamics and sustain." Note that the artist signature appears to be Andi Graphic Art 94 - this would suggest it's a bit newer than the Ashdown estimate but that 94 may not be the date it was made and/or have nothing to do with that at all. Could just be the 94th piece of custom artwork etc. It has the classic Status electronics with the sweepable mid boost/cut switch and sounds just like a Status should - great cut through that sits in a live mix really nicely. Happy to post anywhere in the UK / EU at cost - probably £25 UK & £40 EU (both with insurance).
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    Wonderfully underrated TS overdrive imo,that can give a nice grit. works excellent with other effects. There is a Little scuff on the front corner but all in all its great condition. Photos up later. 65 quid to your door. https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitar-pedals/ibanez-ts9b-bass-tube-screamer-pedal
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    This just popped up on my YT feed.
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    Gorgeous bass. I have one in [Cliff Burton/Metallica stylee] black gloss (which I have discovered is a birds eye maple refin!). Might help if you add the weight as these vary somewhat. GLWTS, its lovely! Edit: aah, I see you added a pic. c4kg. Nice! GLWTS
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    I can just see the argument in some classrooms.... "Miss, I'm not playin that POS, I want an old smoothie and I want it now"......
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    I know Burak for a long time. I have bought/sold/traded basses with him a lot. He is a top notch guy. Nothing can go wrong with him! And has a very good selection of boutique basses. I had the chance to play this one as well. Hell of a bass! And very cheap as too. As far as I remember he custom ordered this one. Glwts.
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    I hear The Vaccines have canned their Christmas Album too....
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    I've had success using a powered USB hub between my ipad and a couple of different bus powered devices which draw more power than the ipad can supply. Here is a link I found very helpful http://auriaapp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11150
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    I have the H4n Pro which works a charm and sound quality is very good.
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    It took me decades to get the sound I wanted by going direct into amplification, it was never quite what I was after. I didn't want to start using pedals until I was happy with my core tone before I applied any trickery. Now I have found the perfect amplification set up for me, one I'm perfectly happy to use with nothing in the signal chain (bass > FRFR speaker) I have started using a HX Stomp, but as I use acoustic basses the Stomp is for really subtle tweaks. I think you need to be really happy with that uncoloured sound first.
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    I got this Fender Malibu Player to maybe use in a gig . It reminds me of surfing and now I need to learn surfing as well as a single act. Surfing might be more reasonable though !
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    That Merchant City Music in Glasgow by any chance, looks like their display and I know they have a stock of these. Been meaning to stop by and try them out myself, like the look of some of their models, a bit different.
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    Yep, and I bought it straight from the guy you sold it to . Sadly, it didn't get to travel the world much and now it might return home
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    Some people might think you've done this before. Mighty impressive.
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    Well I’ve had a 4 string set for over a year before getting the 5 string set recently. I love them! The tone is, to me, the perfect companion for a P bass. They definitely “mature” over time so don’t judge them based on what they sound like when new. I’d forgotten what they sound like fresh out of the packet before fitting the 5er set yesterday. Still a nice tone but not quite the delights you end up with after some solid playing hours. Feel-wise I think they’re great. Kind of comparable to roundwounds in terms of elasticity and flex, and this is what puts some people off. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of playing stiff suspension bridge cables! Also, they develop a very smooth almost glassy texture which again I enjoy. Different brands of flats do vary a bit in this regard.
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    Love mine...I have 5 TE's from an Elf to an AH500. You'll be hard pushed to find a better amp for the money. GLWTS
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    Another forum I use which has the same software limits the number of lines and images in signatures and limits links to one. It's effective in stopping people using their signature for what should be in their profile.
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    It seems like you took your own advice based on reception of Amps you designed/engineered I would go for one; if it has a Tube stuck in the middle and not a Digital Chip😀
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    Update: the TI Flat B string is great. No further questions, your honour
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    I think this went over the heads of many readers...
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    From what I gather this effectively is an OC2W
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    I had a PK-5 before and they're marvellous. Best feature is they'll run on batteries.
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    Relic Art in France recently did a black thunderbird
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    I built one.... Genuine Flea Roadworn Body Lakland Skyline Neck Tonerider Pickups (have tried a few different pups in but these work well) Kiogon S1Loom
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    +1! There are a zillion variants on neck shapes but the chart below is a useful guide for the most common traditional shapes. Assymetrical neck shapes are also available and can look similar to your drawing.
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    Just stop and consider the PA systems you find in A-list gigs these days, in theatres/arenas/stadia/festivals - pretty much all of them (D&B Audiotechnik, L'Acoustics, Clair Bros and so on) are powered by Class D amps. And I don't think you can ever claim they lack grunt...
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    In a world with Davie504 I think Scott Devine is quite palatable..
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    Good Lord, really? My first decent covers band, the lead guitarist made exactly that suggestion before our first gig. We were a 5-piece, and four of us owned some or all of a PA system. I vetoed the idea flat. The very idea of relying on three other people to bring vital components and all associated leads etc., plus the grim reality of someone having to take responsibility for plugging everything together into a functional system, was more than I could accept. As a direct result, I (and for the last seven years @Silvia Bluejay and I) have brought the entire PA to every gig. We own every single piece, we know exactly how everything works, and NOBODY touches the PA at a gig except the two of us. Not everyone's idea of having a good time, but it works for us. And as a beautiful side-effect, Silvie is now a very competent sound engineer ...
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    Exactly! I have to admit I at the time was not a fan. But the fact he made a video to explain why/how especially for us and the way he conducted himself made me change my mind. You do not become that successful online without playing the online marketing game I now understand and Scott showed himself to be a true gent. He has my blessing (not that he needs it).
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    No neck dive on any of my HBs. One or two quite heavy , others not heavy at all. The best of them hold their heads up in Squier company. The last one I bought, a £100 P-Bass is extraordinarily good. I prefer it to my Mexican Fender PJ. Now, what some people consider a serious problem, others do not count at all. So my, or anyone else's opinion is really hard for you to measure. I sold a bass once and the buyer returned it unhappy with a couple of things I hadn't mentioned. He wasn't picky and I wasn't a scammer, I just didn't think of them as issues or worth mentioning, for him they were a big deal. It's like the HB preamps. For me they are absolutely perfect. The only active basses I've ever liked other than a Sandberg. There's a gentle subtlety to them which is just what I want from tone controls. Others have said they're rubbish, don't do anything, need replacing immediately. It's what you like, how it looks, feels and sounds to you. All I can say is Thomann are great to deal with.
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    Hearing of a bat, timing of a broken clock.
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    1995 Ken Smith BT5, plays and sounds great. Does have some wear shown in the pics from being played last 25 years. Here are the specs Maple body Maple 5 piece neck Murado fretboard 9 volt Smith preamp 34” scale 18mm string spacing Weight 9.1lbs Smith teardrop hardshell case Ships from US
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    Years ago I had a similar white one and I sold it..Within a couple of hours I had around five people who wanted to buy it (I wasn't asking much, around 600 euros if I recall correctly). At the end of the day I got a reaction from a young bassplayer from Holland who said this was his dream bass but he couldn't afford it.. He said that he was going to work during the holidays picking fruit from trees to earn this bass but this would mean that I had to wait another six months and he didn't expect me to keep this for him.. I kept the bass, he worked hard for his bass picking fruit from trees and afterwards he came to see me (his father drove the car and told me that he wanted his son to work for what he desired) and he left with the white Miller bass.. I'm always glad to see one, reminds me of the young boy from Northern Holland...(sorry for the off topic)
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    Don't spend it - it's not over yet. Under chargeback rules the bank have 45 days to do a "clawback" if the other party makes a counter-claim.
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    It's a no brainer for the price. I am only a part time postie these days so cash is not readily available but 115 quid to have a bash on a 5 string......take my money please. My days, if I hate it I can donate it to one of our cash strapped schools. Apparently my boys school had to strip the PTA's funds dry coz the government refused to pay for the broken down boilers to be replaced😳.

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