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  1. Not sure I can help with the sound issue, but I would love to see the stool used to play the tall keys in the far right corner of the first pic.
  2. I like this and boy does it make my fingers feel slow at times!
  3. If you can get to play one before buying I would strongly suggest that. I had a USA Stingray HH V and it was one of the quickest "move on"s I have done to date. I never could get a tone that suited me out of it but also the G string was so close to the edge of the fret board it was very tough to play without it rolling off the edge (perhaps poor technique on my part too). I cannot remember what age it was, however.
  4. For build quality but perhaps a little reserved in tone; my now sold Glockenklang Blue Rock was unbelievably good. For a more lively sound that more suits where I am now, my current Bergantino Forte HP.
  5. When Alicia came on that was wonderful to a) hear her emotional story but also b) hear the reaction of the musicians. Rob Trujillo came on later, which surprised me, but I had to leave before he had a chance to say anything.
  6. Not a bad group of musicians paying tribute to Rocco:
  7. Just look on the Dingwall website. It has plans of the various controls and what they do.
  8. I know some people but Michael Cera, Norman Reedus, Ronn Moss? Never heard of them.
  9. I did feel very ignorant when I watched this as I knew very few of the "celebs" too.
  10. Bobthedog


    Send it back. I think you have been sold a pachinko set without the ball bearings!
  11. I must confess I had not heard of him until a couple of years ago when I came across this on YT. Love this cover:
  12. Perhaps not your genre but this is another example of just how good she is:
  13. Notifications followed by a selective pass through unread since last visit.
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