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  1. For my ears, I never found the MB "warm" but more dark and deep. As for "skronk", way above my mental capacity to describe a tone.
  2. Now goes on a search for an AER Amp One. I had the MB but sold it, I could never get there sound I wanted from it. I also tried a PJB (not sure which - one four speakers on the front, two on top?) but it could not cope with my Roscoe B string.
  3. I would join the fish puns but am too busy practicing my scales for my audition with the reformed Tommy Dorsel Orchestra
  4. I thought this thread was a new prog rock band name. PS I agree with @bertbass and @SpondonBassed
  5. Bobthedog


    Now the long suffering can see these threads, do you want me to pretend all those new bass guitars I am storing for you are mine? What about all the ahem "photos"?
  6. My car salesman did ask me if I was into fishing when I asked him to put my reg plate BA55.... put on my new car.
  7. Aha, but it is a church, in Sweden and/or Connecticut, and a magnificent piece of architecture. Perhaps not for fish to attend, to be fair, as they would have issues with sitting the pews. You are David Icke and I claim my £5.00!
  8. Adam Audio T5V are about £70 above budget for the pair but are very good for the price range. I have some and am very happy with them. If you are happy to spend the extra and genuinely want the near field studio monitor sound, I would recommend the added spend for these.
  9. That is one very small man!
  10. Do the cats mind being put in sleeves? Can they still breath? 😀 I would love to have vinyl but alas only have CD’s to play with.
  11. I have no problem remembering lyrics and can recall the lyrics to songs I have not heard from many years ago. I genuinely do not remember bass lines unless I play them regularly.
  12. This. Give it a while and it will become second nature not to lift the bass above your head. Try sliding the strap off your shoulder in a sort of saucy undressing kinda way. Works for me (the action, not the image of you doing it! )
  13. My WL-20Ls arrived last night. Only had about 20 mins with them due to cleaning up some very unwelcome floodwaters in the TV room, but so far living up to my hopes.
  14. I am thinking of getting one of these (sadly needing the XL version) and am pleased to see some reviews from real people on here. Thank you and @hiram.k.hackenbacker. I will probably go for the full leather version, however.
  15. I do, but then I also say Epee Phone! 😀 I look forward to this one as have been on the fence for some time re the HX Stomp and GT-1000 Core
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