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  1. TC Unitune for me at home and it is as accurate as my Peterson Strobo Stomp HD (my favourite tuner ever - until the next bass show at least!). I also have the TC Polytune too.
  2. i have the BF Big Twin II with a metal grill and use a Roqsolid cover and am very happy with it. It
  3. Listening through a pair of Adam Audio monitors via a Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen and sadly the sound for me is dreadful. It appears to drift left and right and as if you are talking / playing somewhere far away from a mike. Bizarre as others are hearing it well.
  4. I have a late 2012 mac which started to slow down - eventually grinding to a halt. It was purely the hard drive wearing out. A replacement fitted by Apple (not an SSD) was £ 160 and the whole thing works like a dream now. I already had 32gb of RAM.
  5. Si, Many thanks for this. I will go back to the simplest solution of going direct from bass to 2i4.
  6. I will do and again thank you for the help. Part of what I am also trying to achieve is a “hotter” signal. I am struggling with volume using my passive Dingwall, especially when trying to blend with an imported backing track. i was hoping that @Sibob would also read this.
  7. Adam, many thanks and, if at all, may go with the DI route using an XLR; using an amp simulator to sort the sound out within Logic Pro X. I did read the manual but was unable to see anything other than using a mic or instrument and was very easily confused. The DI comment was given by a couple of you tube videos and a pro bass player friend of mine.
  8. Previously I have messed around with home recording by plugging my bass directly into my Scarlett 2i4 (2nd gen) (to Mac / Logic Pro X). I now doing more home recording and recently was advised to put my MXR Bass DI box between the two. Rather than using the DI out connection I am connecting bass into input; output to 2i4 just to get a processed signal into the Mac. Should I switch the 2i4 to line or instrument input?
  9. Same issue here re condensed mode. iPad via Safari. Was all good until late last night.
  10. Happy to deliver to Swindon. Re software, it came with Ableton lite, but think it was a download via a code. I will have to check, I don’t recall a disc version.
  11. What about fingers of fudge? Other than giving yourself a treat, do they sound the same? For that matter what about fishfingers?
  12. I have been given something called a Skoog Music "Skwitch" No idea what it does yet but it is music connected and therefore should be fun.
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