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  1. CR is also a valid code for the same battery.
  2. I tried a PJB Flightcase (I think) and it struggled with the B string on my Roscoe as well as being extremely heavy for the size. Sad as I really liked the idea of them. The tone was great for E to G, but it just could not cope with my B.
  3. Welcome Bill. To my thinking Bill is a Yoda fan and after he had met Yoda, Yoda was heard to say "A nice fellow Bill Yellow is". When in fact , being a toucan, the correct expression is Yellow Bill.
  4. Whilst I also think the advert is extremely lazy, it will also only encourage responses from the type of person who is serious enough to make the effort to look into the offer.
  5. Magnus, I will defo come and say hello. Whilst not yet an owner, I am a great fan of the u-bass (in the right hands), mostly thanks to your C Jam Blues jam with Frank Vignola!
  6. Apologies for the hijack but Magnus playing C Jam blues with Frank Vignola is saved into my favourite videos folder on You Tube. Looking forward to meeting the man! I will have to buy one now.
  7. I have three of which I use two. The Dingwall for the more rocky type sounds and the Roscoe for the more funky type stuff. The p bass is my third and will never be sold but sadly sits in its case for months at a time.
  8. My P has the bridge cover but no pickup cover. For my playing “style” it just gets in the way. The bass still looks sort of vintage (despite being 2011) but is now, for me, playable.
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