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  1. Please tell me why I should avoid Ashdown amps?

    If it is not good enough for pillows and duvets, it cannot be any good for amps. I would also not buy a duckdown or goosedown amp.
  2. Nobody notices the bass player....

    They do if you are Sam Wilkes from Scary Pockets: https://youtu.be/tcNuPheBQgU The double foot tap in Birkenstocks and socks certainly got my attention.
  3. Gig bags - worth it???

    Way over the top, but then again I see no point in a leather bag. I use a Gator G-PG Bass gig bag for my basses, including my Roscoe Signature and have no concerns re damage. The UK cost appears to be between £ 110 and £ 130 dependent on where you shop. Amazon link for reference: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gator-G-PG-BASS-Pro-Go-Bass-Guitars/dp/B00I6JGOBG
  4. Aussie Pink Floyd

    I too saw them in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago. Loved the whole event, especially Comfortably Numb as the (obvious) encore. I did not, however, enjoy girls 2 and 3 in Great Gig. Girl 1 was almost Claire Tori, but the latter two tried too hard, imho.
  5. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    Early Ibanez SR something. Just felt really cheap and I could never get a good tone out of it with my equally poor amp. Never gave it a chance with other amps. More recently a G&L M2000. People who heard me play loved it, but again not for me. Neck was slow (for me) too and finally a Stingray MM HH V. Heavy, strings right on the edge of the neck and my poor style vcould never adapt and also loathed the sound. Not an issue with my current crop of Fenders, Dingwall and Roscoe basses.
  6. Just for the record and despite what some may say; I am not the student in the OP ��
  7. Your Favourite Note- time to reveal all

    Every bass line I hear and like appears to be in A, ideally on the 5th fret on the E string. At a pinch I do enjoy an E flat on the A string
  8. Earplugs?

    ACS Pro17s for me.
  9. What do you own?

    Two fives / two fours. All fretted.
  10. Who are you seeing live next?

    Australian Pink Floyd - 8th Oct
  11. TO GO: Star For Sale

    Do you have anything with a bit more gravity, perhaps not so white and not so strange? I am surprised this has not been "lepton" (one for you physicists) Yours etc Baryon Bob of Buckingham
  12. Most Obscure Bass Claim to Fame?

    We had our carpets cleaned on Monday. After the the carpet cleaner saw my bass guitars (and asked my wife if I was well known - oh how she laughed!) he announced he used to be a long term roadie for Yes. Does that count?
  13. Engraved metal pickguard/pickplates??

    Don't do it! According to a thread on Talkbass, pickguards ruin the sound,. Imagine what these will do! The ones on the black guitars do appeal to me, though.
  14. Am I going deaf?

    I could hear no difference played at a comfortable volume. Played through a Bose Companion 3 system via a Mac. I am struggling with ear training however. Perhaps worth turning this into a Poll with people stating their audio medium
  15. looping

    Ditto X2 for me too, although I still struggle to delete old loops!