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  1. I am going to give it a go but agree entirely, I cannot see the frets so may end up going the route per your Lakland.
  2. I have just watched a couple of videos on this and there are two different views. Scott said the finger must be on the line and the other said behind. I guess I am going to just play and see what happens.
  3. Looks like I lied to you all. Just ordered a bass online. This lockdown GAS is playing havoc with my reasoning.
  4. Thanks for this. Having done some more research, it seems that the Sire has side dots but they appear to be as if for a fretted guitar. That could be interesting especially as my daily player at the moment is a fan fret. This is going to fun, if nothing else whilst learning on this.
  5. I am looking forward to it, however, it will be a long term plan. I am in no rush for now.
  6. Except I would also have to train my right hand as a fretting hand which will take some time. Okay, so have pressed the button on the Sire V7 mk2 5 Fretless Alder body with free gig bag. Hopefully will ahve it for Thursday.
  7. I would love to go upright but have a weird mental block with it. I am left handed but play right handed bass and a few sports too, however, I can for some reason only play upright as a left hander.
  8. Having played Hey You, Pink Floyd not very flatteringly on a fretted bass, I now have severe gas for a fretless and am looking at a Sire V7 Fretless 5 - Alder / Maple. No side dots but lined. I love the fretless Roscoe on here, but also do not want to throw a lot of coin at what may be a short lived whim Never having picked up a fretless, how difficult is it to get it right and realistically how often does anyone here play fretless? I am sort of trying to talk my way out of it but GAS is burning right now. I did search but all I found was fretless basses for sale
  9. This and works off phantom power. I have one and very happy with it.
  10. Always try them out and buy from a shop - so far. I am down to three bass guitars but have tried many over the last few years. Set up and strings can be easily changed - neck shape, balance, playability / feel and connection are to me too important to risk online purchasing. Basically I am too lazy to want bother with a return. Far too much hassle. Physical looks are very different to any pictures too. There have been many real disappointments following a tryout and which stick in my mind including Spector NS5; Ken Smith 5 (cannot remember the model) - both of those just did not work for me in terms of playability - I had decided on the Spector before I went into BD, but walked out with my Roscoe Century. As soon as I picked it up, it just felt right. The Sandberg California TT5 Masterpiece felt very light and cheap and the Mayones Jabba 5 Hadrien Feraud felt like it was a toy lump. I would love the MTD in matt blue that is for sale on here, but am not going to even consider it due to the chance of it not being right for me. The bass is a tool, but as a hobby player, I just want to enjoy playing it and want to look forward to picking the guitar up. Going forward, when I do have a custom made, it will be online, albeit it will be based on a combination of all I have played and made note of that is what I want. All subjective, but my choice.
  11. That is the beauty of music, something for everyone somewhere.
  12. Wagner is not really my thing, so not, however, I was invited to the whole Ring cycle a couple of years ago at Longborough (an English country opera house). Anything Italian and I am there. Plus most other stuff. I spend a lot of my summers at The Royal Opera House in London and Garsington and Glyndbourne (both other English country opera houses). Sadly all off due to the lockdown this season. I was supposed to see Tosca with Anna Netrebko a couple of weeks ago, but that was cancelled but also Mitridate re di Ponto (one of Mozart's first operas) at Garsington in a couple of weeks, also cancelled. I am a Friend (member) of the Royal Opera House and have been for years but not with seats. Have done some European opera houses too in the lasts few years and also the Met in NY (last time was Marriage of Figaro)
  13. Some of you may know that when I am not playing bass I am an opera nut. Currently listening to these stunning duets. Give them a listen. Stunning simply stunning voices:
  14. Nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned. I do wonder if at times people are guilty of concentrating too much on the technical angle (like pixel peeping photographers) and not focusing on the bigger picture. But then I am only a sub average player.
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