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  1. I go for seeing these guys play or listen in to their workshops. The gear is fairly limited, especially if Bass Direct or Dingwall are not going this year (as posted above). There are some good boutique luthiers / equipment guys as as PJB who attend but for the three years I have been going none of the big multinationals such as Fender take a bass stand. Musicman were there one year (IIRC) to launch their neck through kit. Some of the attending trade have also held workshops in the past which are also worth going to.. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and can make two days of it, but that is thanks to the performances and workshops, not the gear.
  2. Based on admittedly limited experience, I can take it or leave it. To me the music is the important thing, whether I am playing in front of an audience of punters, playing alongside other musicians privately or at rehearsal or even playing along to a record or video at home. I do not need an audience to enjoy playing or even care about giving others happiness via my playing. I like playing for me because I love music.
  3. It is tomorrow today. Looking forward to some announcements.
  4. With 12 weeks to go and already discounting tickets with just two artists announced I hate to be negative but I really do not have good feeling about this years event. Come on organisers step it up and sell this to me.
  5. Mine was run by the management of The Stables in Milton Keynes. Try looking at a business called The Rock Project. They are all over the UK, mainly for kids but they do an adult version too. It was not my thread but if you can find it, it also gave names of other organisers.
  6. I signed up to a six week “get to play in a band” course: basically you are mixed in with a group of musicians to form a band with the result being a gig in front of the public at the end. I mention this because the rhythm guitarist in this “band” subsequently asked me to join his own established band. Others went on to form bands as a team and even one couple ended up getting married! I have no idea if such a thing exists locally for you but a perhaps a good way to meet other musos, especially if you are shy. You all put your own band set list together and get tips from the pros. A business like the rock project does something similar all over the UK but that tends to attract real beginners. In Milton Keynes places like The Stables, a music venue owned by Cleo Lane runs a local scheme.
  7. I was on holiday some 30 years ago with a Swedish lady and told her how well Sweden had done at the small bore shooting competition at the Olymics. Her response was “those poor little piggies”. I still smile at this.
  8. Fixed that for you.
  9. Bobthedog


    I have a pari of Adam Audio T5V and am happy with them. It took some time to get used to the sound having come from a home stereo style Bose system but am very pleased I made the change. I also looked at the Yamaha HS5s. They were definitely louder but i was not happy with the slightly more tinny sound. Both are around £240 - 260 a pair. If I had the space I would have gone to 7" but being stuck in the eves of the house, sadly no room.
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