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  1. Planet Rock..same old hat

    PR does have a decent blues programme at a decent time on a Sunday. 12.00hrs to 13.00hrs rather than 02.00hrs in the morning like some earlier shows.
  2. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Very very fortunate indeed, but not luck. I did give myself a heart attack at 40 to get here.
  3. Bass related oxymorons

    My forever bass. Mature musician. Sexy bass player (one from the audience)
  4. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Because I like shiny new things? Thank Heavens gold rings are not a hobby of mine. For me it is due to chasing an ever elusive thing / things that will leave me with the "best" (as defined by me at the time) I can realistically get. My life mantra is the same; never satisfied. I also push myself into hobbies with a complete obsession that lasts approx 5 years. When I get involved with any hobby (which bass playing is for me) I buy so much kit so I only have myself to blame if I cannot get good at it. After five years I sell it all / give it away for a tremendous loss (or in bank speak; I mentally write off the capex right away or amortise it to zero in a five year plan!) and move onto the next hobby and do the same again. Thankfully this has not happened with wives. No kids, no mortgage, a self funding wife, no debt, an income and only the dogs to leave anything to also helps.
  5. Oooer - not for me

    If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,, I will not be holding that! Euch! But each to their own I guess.
  6. Play along backing tracks

    iReal Pro works for me.
  7. London bass guitar show 2018

    I went today and thoroughly enjoyed Jah Wobble and Mo Foster, both on the main stage. The Guy Prat masterclass was very entertaining, albeit not much masterclass but still a great discussion with some very funny anecdotes. Also went to the bass set up with Rob Elrick, he seemed to be replacing Mike Tobias - perhaps a little basic for some but for me, certainly interesting, he popped a couple of myths and elevated my opinion of luthiers and the knowledge involved to create a decent bass. I popped into Yolanda Charles' masterclass which sounded great but left to go to the Rich Brown workshop which was so packed I did not make the effort to find a seat. I think that room did very well attendance wise today. I liked the room division idea. On a more negative note, I was left only feeling whelmed by the exhibitors. Some new luthier names, to me, which was good but overall it felt a bit limited. I found nothing that inspired any GAS, even remotely (I even brought my own headphones and a fully loaded bank card!) - see caveat below. Like others I was not impressed by the volume from the Eich stand. I felt sorry too for the Wobble / Foster performances, the auditorium was less than half full for both bands. Perhaps the weather was still causing issues for potential attendees. In the past I have managed to be entertained for both days or at least for one total day. Today was tough, I originally wanted to stay for Peter Hook but after four hours attendance, I was done and could not muster up the enthusiasm to hang around for another two hours and so left. Perhaps I was not in the right frame of mind, but even so, I did leave feeling just whelmed. My only purchase? A £1 Basschat lanyard!
  8. Hello From The Bass Gallery!

    Whilst I agree with a separate area for the sold kit (a la Bassdirect), it did take me 9 pages of searching the 5 string basses before the sold ones came up, not really a big issues for me. On the other hand I did no sort and just paged through.
  9. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...

    From my perspective, I was just looking for an alternative to the Rush stuff, and I like Cream. Also, irrespective of the performance being adequate or otherwise, the fact she can sing and play at the same time puts her ahead of many players, irrespective of gender.
  10. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...

    and then she did this:
  11. Which Audio Interface?

    I have the Scarlett 2i4 v2 which is a big improvement on the lag of the v1. Very happy with it.
  12. Free ticket for London Bass Guitar Shoenext weekend

    Does it look like this? https://goo.gl/images/q6VkpC Apolgies for the spam.
  13. Hello From The Bass Gallery!

    My bass tutor raves about this place. I will get down there one day, hopefully a day when my wallet is full! Love the stock on the site.
  14. London bass guitar show 2018

    I have a full weekend ticket but will now only be there on the Sunday. Looking forward to it.
  15. Beginners' songs.

    Pixies - Where is my mind: Cream - Sunshine of my Love Moloko - The Time is Now Twenty-One Pilots - Heathens and/or Stressed Out to name but a few