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  1. I own an Atelier Z M245 and previously had a Jino 4 as well. Very underrated high quality basses. If they are good for Jerry Barnes of Chic.... GLWTS
  2. Apothem


    Nick bought my 1989 Stingray. Easy transaction and a very pleasant guy to deal with, prompt replies and all. Thank you so much Nick. Claudio
  3. I have given the buyer a few days for personal reasons, I will update the situation in a week's time.
  4. NEW PRICE Playing zero nowadays, hence FOR SALE ONLY, thinning the herd here. Beautiful vintage Music Man STINGRAY, April 1989, black / maple, original hardshell case (with keys). Unmistakable 2-band, classic Stingray sound, from smooth fingerstyle to snappy slap. One from the golden era of EBMM, still with the finished neck, bullet trussrod and skunk stripe on the back of the neck. Some birdseye on fingerboard and neck. Chrome battery cover. Already featuring the screws-through-saddles design bridge, allowing lower action. Currently set with very little relief and low action. Strung with 45-105 Daddario ProSteels with only a few hours of bedroom playing on. A little patina on the control plate and pegs, small dings on the body and some buckle rash on the back, the kind of signs to be expected on a 31 year old instrument, but neck and fingerboard are absolutely fine. To be completely honest upfront, I am not sure about the originality of the pickguard, although I may be wrong. Weight is 4.3 Kg. NEW PRICE £1250 + shipping, payment through bank transfer only, please. IF YOU BOUGHT IT FROM A VINTAGE INSTRUMENTS DEALER IT WOULD COST YOU WAAAY MORE, SO DO YOUR MATHS.... Trade proposals will not be considered. Established, reputable BCers from the EU can contact me with their address for a shipping quote. Thanks for looking.
  5. This is the design of pre-EB bridges and bridges in general until 1988, then in 1989 the screws-through-saddles bridge has been introduced where the action can be set real low. And that's still the current design for normal Stingrays. That's why I have owned 2 pre-EB and 3 or 4 Classic Stingrays (hoping some of them allowed for lower action thanks to a shallower heel pocket or thicker neck heel) and I had to pass all of them on. I understand your dilemma, as I loved their sound. Now I have 2 1989 'Rays and the strings can be virtually sitting on the frets, although they are more aggressive and scooped in terms of sound (likely the strings-through-body design brings some mids out).
  6. Blimey!! I didn't expect to find any XXX content here... LOL 😂😂 On a more serious note, another example of tremendous Japanese excellence, really versatile J. GLWTS
  7. Great example of Japanese quality, GLWTS
  8. I would add: different preamp (AZ EQ-M vs Bart XTCT) and pickups placement, '70s on JB and '60s in general for all other AZ basses. Having said that, they can still sound very Marcus.
  9. Wow wow..... I've got the same in shiny black (although with the earlier version of the preamp) and I vouch every word, stunning quality. GLWTS
  10. Bought a Jazz from Andy. Nice comms (replied with pics and info), packed well and fast shipping. The whole experience has been a pleasure and trouble-free. Thanks Andy.
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