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  1. Not even Sid Vicious' white P had such a DIY relicing... LOL
  2. I've had one in black years ago, lovely thin fast neck and very good quality for the price. GLWTS
  3. Most likely a 2000 (as per the details above) rather than a 1990 (as in the title). That bridge didn't even exist in 1990, it's been introduced years later. Very nice piece anyway. GLWTS
  4. Apothem


    I already have one, but someone says two is better than one... But only if in "almost new" condition and shipped in her original case 😂 Actually, could I come and try before I commit?? 😂 Best post in a long time Merton, put a smile on my face 👍
  5. Atelier Z are superb basses with beautiful sound and finish, very underrated. Got a black M245 (active) imported directly from Japan and it's great. GLWTS
  6. I bet it sounds warm and buttery!! Only thing is that Schaller bridge seems a bit fishy: I may be wrong, but are you sure about its originality? Anyway, nice specimen, GLWTS.
  7. LAST CHANCE before I change my mind and withdraw it... £1,375 SHIPPED within mainland UK (excl some remote postcodes) Payment by bank transfer, please.
  8. You're right Clarky. That is consistent with that bridge, non-varnished neck, no skunk stripe... Nice piece of kit anyway and good price.
  9. Absolutely beautiful! I have 2 x 1989 (of which one in a different location), and - apart from different saddles introduced in 1989 - they are the same as yours. Unusual additional strap pins there (used as a lefty?). GLWTS
  10. Two audio samples (copy and paste in your browser): slap: www.fclefbasses.com/mod-FileShare-download-file_id-25.html fingerstyle: www.fclefbasses.com/mod-FileShare-download-file_id-47.html
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