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  1. Sorry, it was me mentioning the Pope preamp. My 4 had a Pope 2-band plus tone control, I should have noticed Thomas mentioned a 3-band. Regarding the body, mine was definitely a full-size, not a Sadowsky-style reduced one, so I think the 5er even more so. And the fingerboard curvature is definitely flatter than a traditional Fender on this '70s-style model. Having said that, I believe it's really up there with the very best around, ridiculously low action achievable if needed. GLWTS
  2. I've had the 4-string version of this, same woods, same look (in black), same Seymour Duncan 70s vintage pickups, same Mike Pope preamp, and I can vouch for every word, probably the only bass I've ever regretted selling. GLWTS
  3. Correct. Maple Standard MS (without pickguard) as opposed to Maple Vintage MV (with).
  4. I've had one in sunburst, it's been my only bass for years: a real workhorse and built like a tank. GLWTS
  5. Beautiful!! I used to had an identical one from 1990, but 3-eq. GLWTS
  6. Bought a Stingray Classic from Tom. Quick replies to messages, fast decision, easy transaction and fast shipping, what more would you want? Thanks Tom. Claz
  7. R for "Rosewood" and V for "Vintage", which is the configuration with a pickguard (S for "Standard" without one, it would have been an RS5). Ab fab, GLWTS
  8. I own an Atelier Z M245 and previously had a Jino 4 as well. Very underrated high quality basses. If they are good for Jerry Barnes of Chic.... GLWTS
  9. Apothem


    Nick bought my 1989 Stingray. Easy transaction and a very pleasant guy to deal with, prompt replies and all. Thank you so much Nick. Claudio
  10. I have given the buyer a few days for personal reasons, I will update the situation in a week's time.
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