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  1. Thank you! - it is a rather lovely bass. Maybe look forward to a visitor from Glasgow...
  2. PLEASE NOTE - The last four pics were taken last weekend (the rain finally stopped for a bit...) - as you can see, excellent condition, mellowing nicely. For sale is my New Standard Cleveland double bass. I had this bass built for me in 2008 in the USA, and imported it to the UK. I asked Wil DeSola & Arnold Schnitzer to shade the bass lighter than standard, & to fit a Fishman Full Circle pickup & mixed guts & steels. This is an amazing bass, absolutely THE bass for bluegrass, jazz, old-time…indeed any style that is plucked. Unfortunately for me, rheumatoid arthritis has robbed me of finger strength, & so after 12 years I find myself having to part with it. The bass is currently strung with Spirocores (E & A) and Gut-a-Like deluxe synthetics (D & G - which I prefer over plain guts). Supplied with soft case, and many strings in good order (full plain Lenzner guts, various steels & synthetics). If wanted, I’ll include K&K fingerboard pickup and pre-amp - no extra. I’ve attached 5 pics taken when I first got the bass - the bass has been well cared for, and looks essentially the same, bar some patina on the tuners, and a few small edge marks. Overall, this bass is in excellent condition. I’ve also attached a couple of links - one is a thread I started in Talkbass just after receiving the bass, and the other a link to the New Standard site. Below is the text from my 1st TB post. Reading these will give a good perspective on this bass - this is a bass held in very high regard in the States (there are many pages of posts on the NS Cleveland) - you won’t find many in the UK, as it is a lengthy & costly process to have made and imported. Today, including shipping, import/customs charges and vat, you’d be looking at just over £6K. At £3,500 this bass is a little over half price, without all the aggravation! All questions welcome. This bass will not be freighted, so collection only, or can meet half-way, depending on distance. Thank you for viewing this advert. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/new-standard-cleveland.476241/ https://newstandardbass.com/cleveland.htm Hi all, I posted a while back on Bluegrass Bass Place asking for advice on just what sort of New Standard I should get (ply/hybrid/carved/cleveland/la scala). Based partly (but probably mostly) on their good advice I ordered a ply Cleveland. The crate arrived in the UK early August - being October now, I guess I'm qualified to pass comment - I LOVE THIS BASS (and I'm English, so I don't say this sort of thing lightly). Where do I start...just over a year ago I imported a Upton Bass/Swingmaster ('cos I couldn't find a decent DB at a reasonable price in the UK). This was my first encounter with a 'real' Double Bass (Brief player history - bass guitar: 37 years / EUB:1 year / Double Bass:1 year). When I opened the (Upton Bass/Swingmaster) crate, I thought "this plays fine, but it doesn't sound much like a musical instrument"...I was not aware of how much the tone of a double bass is affected by just playing it - one year on, and the Englehardt had developed a nice round tone. I've owned many new electric basses, but the effect of playing-in has been nowhere so pronounced - quite an eye opener. Don't get me wrong - the Swingmaster was (eventually) a good bass - but by way of comparison, straight out of the crate, the New Standard was just wonderful - I'd heard all these tales on the boards & they were all true - what a fine instrument this is! I had the bass strung with Pirastro Evah's on the bottom, and Lenzner plain guts on the top - this seems to be a good combination (for me anyway) - warm & balanced. So. how can I describe the sound of the Cleveland? - big, warm, sweet, mellow, tight, crisp - every adjective I'd use to describe the best bass I've heard in my 38 years of playing experience. I can't recommend this bass highly enough - the same goes for the guys that make these wonderful instruments - thank you Wil & Arnold - you will not deal with better people. I'm attempting to post some pics of this beautiful bass (I said to Wil "make it look like a piece of washed-up driftwood" - and he did). All in all, a fine, fine bass.
  3. I had an NV115 a couple of years back - most musical tone / tightest response of any cab I've owned (& I've owned / played a lot...) - a delight (only sold cos I've a broken back, and am not getting any younger, unfortunately). Buy this cab - you will LOVE it.
  4. For sale - Mesa Boogie D-800. A hugely capable amp, amazing tone & light as a feather. I gigged one of these for over 4 years before getting this one...however, plans change... Supplied (new) direct to me from Westside Distribution on 22nd January 2019, 5 year transferable warranty. Around 4 hours use, so absolutely as-new. Supplied with Mesa bag / cord / manual, in original box. £620 (save £225 on cheapest new price) including delivery by courier within UK. Any questions welcome, & thanks for looking.
  5. Cool - Mr. De Gier is a great builder of very fine & balanced basses...
  6. Just out of curiosity, what were you looking to trade?
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