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  1. JustaBass

    Spector mm 4 (bass now sold)

    For sale price includes delivery in uk only, is my spector mm 4 which i bought new about 1 and a half years ago..its in immaculate condition and comes with a tgi gig bag. I have changed the pickup to an aguilar mm..the preamp is now an aguilar obp 1 with active passive option..and the tuners are ultralights with a d tuner.. Whats not to like, it sounds and plays great very punchy sound. I still have the tonepump and original pickup. It has new strings and just been set up at the Gallery...looking for sale only no trades please..rest of the spec as follows: Blue oil finish •Original Spector NS curved body style •Graphite Reinforced 3pc Bolt-on Body, USA Rock Maple Neck •Body Wings: Alder back •Top Wood USA Quilted maple top •24 Fret MapleFingerboard •Black Spector inlays •34" scale. No idea why pics are sideways..but there you go.
  2. JustaBass

    Geddy Lee Jazz (SOLD)

    Bump please...
  3. JustaBass

    Geddy Lee Jazz (SOLD)

    Right up for sale only please no trades is my 2015 geddy jazz bass. I have modded it but kept all the original parts which i will send to the buyer.. Mods are..dimarzio pickups..threaded old style bridge(i prefer the sound and adjustability)..new ultralight hipshot tuners(fender style) with d-tuner...pots are now 500k instead of 250. She plays and sounds fantastic i have just had it set up by martin sims with a set of elites 45 to 105 strings put on...plays more er...butch than i prefer cause i use light strings but thought id get it done standard. You wont be dissapointed they really are great to play and sound fantastic.. I am gathering parts to make a jazz of my own choice, so sale will go towards that.. Price includes delivery uk only please....bass will be inside a fender gig bag and boxed.. Pics are side on for some reason..
  4. Thanks for clearing that up...makes sense..now i will have to get access to a computer...dont use one anymore...do it all on my phone...lol
  5. I must be a bit dense...or im just having a boys look...cause i still can't see it sorry.
  6. Thanks for your help mcnach....but i dont see "full editor"...anywhere. I see edit... But thats all?
  7. Cant change price in title for some reason??
  8. This has got to be the best wah pedal for bass, it has a pressure activated relay-based true bypass system.This means it can be instantly switched in and out without the delay and tone suck you get from other pedals. I am only selling as I've recently bought an envelope filter for my pedal board. Price of £75...includes delivery within the uk only.
  9. JustaBass

    Help with Glockenlang Blue Rock

    Your absolutely right....the core sound is great...what has impressed me about the eq...is its subtlety, you really can fine tune the sound without a massive leap or shift like some other amps do.👍
  10. JustaBass

    Help with Glockenlang Blue Rock

    One last thing...just have to say its a fantastic amp...the eq is the best ive ever used...
  11. JustaBass

    Help with Glockenlang Blue Rock

    Thanks Roland for your help...i took another pic you are right the switches are in the up position towards the ON...they could have made this a bit simpler with a switch on the back but hey ho.
  12. JustaBass

    Help with Glockenlang Blue Rock

    Thanks for replies i have looked at the manual but i may be being a bit dense...but does the ON position mean when its showing or do you move the switches up so the ON doesnt show like mine is...if its supposed to be as the talkbass picture then i bought it set up with the lower impedance setting which doesnt make sense. I want to make absolutely sure because i may get 3 8ohm cabs...the glock can run at 2.7 ohms so i think i can run those but dont want to fry my amp.
  13. JustaBass

    Help with Glockenlang Blue Rock

    I have a question regarding this amp which i bought a while back. There are two dip switches underneath to change impedance...are there any blue rock owners that can tell me which position they should be in for full power...i.e 1000 watts @4ohms. I have enclosed a pic from talkbass the owner of that amp has his with the ON...showing...mine has the numbers 1 and 2 showing... I have a 4ohm 410 cab..and want to run it at its full potential.