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  1. Only the tech21 dug Pinnick pedal left now...
  2. Various pedals for sale that no longer are residents on my pedalboard. All are in great condition and good working order with boxes, price includes postage in UK. Xotic Effects Custom Shop Stereo X-Blender Loop Buffer £135 [SOLD] Tech 21 dug pinnick dp3x preamp £170 Mxr bass envelope filter £80 [SOLD] Mxr bass chorus deluxe £80 [SOLD] Mxr bass octave deluxe £80 [SOLD Dunlop cry baby mini £50[SOLD]
  3. Just a general query despite extensive searching I have been unable to find a fully manufactured piezo/ghost bridge for sale anywhere... Are they still made? I wanted to mod my TRB 6....but it looks like a no go.
  4. Wow... Some pretty comprehensive explanations there many thanks 👍🏻
  5. Thanks for the information gentlemen... I guess standard impedance will suffice.
  6. Can anyone explain to me why Eich amps are offering a choice of two impedance values... Standard... and 5 megaohms... What would be the adavantage of one over the other?
  7. Had a bass lesson from Neil many moons ago... Lovely gentleman... He was still upset about not being in whitesnake anymore... Well thats the impression i got when he talked about it..
  8. Have not weighed the bass yet but seems ok to me... 👍
  9. Have ordered a treble bezel cove then i can play it where i want... Over that back pickup 👍. I would imagine Rickenbacker will offer this bridge as an alternative to grab back some business from hipshot and babicz 🤔
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