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    I have refound the bass building bug and because I am so happy with how well I am getting on I have decided to do something I would not have expected in a million years. I am selling my Elrick in line with my goal to have 5 of my own builds by this time next year to replace most of my other basses. This Elrick is one of the best playing 5’s out there. Clearly I have measured everything, I want to incorporate the neck shape into my own build. It has been played a lot and does have scuffs and little scratches, hence a friendly price. I can ship in the original hardcase at documented cost, but would insist on insurance. - Elrick Gold Series 5 with water cured redwood burl top. - Build: 2015 - Neck: quarter sawn hard maple - Swamp ash body - Neck mount: bolt on - Fingerboard: birdseye maple - Inlays: Dichrolam Blocks custom - 24 medium frets + 0 fret - Nut width: 48 mm (1,89 inches) - Scale: 889 mm (35 inches) - Fingerboard radius: 304,8 mm (12 inches) - Pickups: Bartolini soapbar pickups - Electronics: Bartolini NTMBF 3-band, controls: Master Volume, PU-Blend, Treble (+/- 16 dB @ 10 kHz), Midrange (+/- 10dB), Bass (+/- 14 dB @ 30 Hz), switches: 3-way mid freq switch (250 Hz, 500 Hz, 800 Hz), active/passive - Bridge: Elrick Custom - Hardware finish: black, tuners: Hipshot Ultra-light - Original Case (please note a lock is broken, it has come off the plastic shell, but the case works just fine) - Made in Chicago USA - Weight: 8,5 lbs (3,85kg) More pics of course not a problem at all. I will gladly capture every angle in natural light. I appreciate selling outright may not be the easiest, so I am more than willing to consider part trades against 5 string fretted or fretless basses of around 1000£ in value.
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    Yeah this isn’t a thing 🤣 Stunning P, wish I could (still got my Elrick to shift), GLWTS. Si
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    Dear Friends, hope you’re all doing fine! During this difficult period, I was still working on my new Bridge. Today a picked up a new version with brass evo-cams.... You can check out the difference between the classic style bridge created in the 50’s & the evolution.... If interested for a new challenge , don’t hesitate to contact me. By the way many thanks to Alain Zenner for the manufacturing of the new EVO-4 Bass bridge !
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    Looks like I’ve found the pickups to match my sadowsky pre... I was stuck between the Aguilar 70’s and the Nordstrand 70’s. Looks like @Normski saved them for such an occasion 😉
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    No, amphetamine marketing seminar.
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    Final Pricedrop => 500Euro + shipping (this includes the Mustang; a brand new fitting Fender shortscale gigbag, the Labella faltwounds, a pro- setup and the original strings and packaging, total value of the set was +-800Euro). Selling due to feeling more at home on a medium scale bass. Everything was bought new 4 weeks ago. Just got this from Andertons last week wanting to try out a shortscale. Long story short: I love it! Makes me wonder why I never tried a Mustang and/or a shortscale before. Alas I'm now regretting not going for a medium scale bass (32inch scale) as the 30"scale is just a tad too small for me at the higher frets, but I can't trade it in anymore as this was already an exchange for some other gear I bought, hence this feeler. The bass comes equipped with a fresh set of La Bella 760FL-S Deep Talkin Bass strings (43£) as they come recomended as the best strings for this type of bass and the bass also had a full pro set-up with medium low action which makes it play like a dream. I´ve also bought a Fender shortscale gigbag with the bass (Never used, brand new!) which is a perfect fit for the Mustang and I will include this in the sale/trade deal I still have all the original packaging (Both Fender & Andertons box) and the allen keys and other goodies it came with. The bass was only tested a couple of hours in my livingroom and she's less than a week old, so it's absolutely mint! New these go for 599£, the Labella's were another 43£, the pro setup and fret dress costed me another 50quid, the gigbag was another 35£ and the Mustang PJ in this colour is currently sold out in most places, so grab yourself a bargain and get this brand new bass and all the extra´s for 278£ less.
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    Seeing as i had the Boss already seemed silly when i had a chance to get the 3rd Dimension to not do a little comparison video
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    Hi folks, just joined. Long time Talkbass member here living in the US but as a Scot who gets home a bit, thought I’d join. 30 year+ player who has been through a lot of music, learning and gear!
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    Here's some taken just now (night time with flash)
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    It was an intentional Geordie-ism. wor/yor...
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    It’s “your”... 😞 and I like the colour ....
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    I always welcome more options for short scale bass choices on the market. Though I am not personally really in the market for a vintage specked short scale P bass, even if I converted to playing almost exclusively short scales long ago and I like the tones P pickups are capable of, but when that is said I think that headstock looks awesome, would far prefer it over a traditional Fender one, which to me has always come off as a bit bulgy and clumsy looking, regardless of the fact that I really prefer 2+2 kind of headstocks in the first place. I think that headstock looks absolutely great though, but I realize that is not to much use for you since you clearly have a completely different taste in aesthetics, at least when it comes to bass headstocks, than me. To me though that there is a vast improvement over Fender's headtstock design, and as far as I am concerned it fits the rest of the bass perfectly fine as well. To each their own I guess.
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    It's funny how you grow used to something, I wouldn't dream of doing that now! Wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same thing 😂
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    for more modern funk: Phat fred (just awesome!) new mastersounds Vulfpeck deep street soul fearless flyers..
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    I've bought many times across frontiers and continents, and find Paypal to be very efficient. I wouldn't use the 'Friend or Family' option for a transaction such as this, though. I have done so, but only between friends or family, where there is no question of shenanigans.
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    **** Final reduction to £850 **** Bergantino B|Amp for sale. One year old and in fabulous condition, with manual, Bergantino bag and original box. It still has the plastic screen protector and USB port plug, and the firmware is current, I believe. No issues, a truly superb amp - check out the reviews - only I’ve fallen for something Orange and lunchbox shaped (don’t!), so this has to go. Would prefer to do a socially distanced meet, within reason (Bristol, Exeter) or further afield for a fuel contribution. Will ship, but at your cost/risk, and I’ll insist on insurance. No trades please. It’s priced fairly, and you’re saving over £300 on a new one. Check out my feedback if you want, as I’m a regular of this ‘ere parish. Here’s the official Berg bumph: The new Bergantino B|Amp (pronounced “bee‐amp”) is a game changer in the Bass Amplification industry! The Bergantino Audio Systems’ B|Amp is an incredibly flexible, state‐of-the‐art Bass Amplifier, delivering maximum performance in a compact package. The B|Amp takes a completely new approach to bass amplification by considering and including the speaker cabinet’s response as part of the amplification signal path. No other bass amplifier on the market has the ability to manage speaker and overall system performance like the B|AMP. This is accomplished through our Proprietary Profile EQ system along with many other important and useful design features including: DSP, Embedded System Controlled, Bass Amplifier •Multifunction Tone Controls •LCD Display •Multifunction Tone Controls: 4 band eq with adjustable frequency range •Bass: +/- 9db variable from 40Hz - 120Hz •Lo Mid: +/‐ 9dB Variable from 150Hz - 800Hz •Hi Mid: +/‐ 9dB Variable from 800Hz - 3KHz •Treble: +/‐ 9dB Variable from 3KHz - 8KHz •Programmable Filters •Programmable bright switch: +3db to + 12db in 1bd increments variable from 2kHz - 10kHz in 500Hz increments •Variable High Pass Filter adjustable from 30Hz - 80Hz in 2bd increments •Variable Feedback Filter: Adjustable from to -6db to -12db in 1db increments Frequency range from E1(41hz) to G3 (196Hz) in hlaf step increments off •Programmable Chromatic Tuner stable down to low B fundimental •Auxiliary input and headphone output jack for personal monitor and practise use •Studio quality DI output, software selectable pre or post eq •Software selection line output (preamp or tuner out) •Effects send and return • USB Port - Load Custom Speaker Profiles - Software Upgradable - Expandable Architecture •700-Watt RMS Power Section at 4Ω, 800w at 2.67 Ω, 800W at 2Ω •UPS Universal power supply 115VAC = 240VAV 50/60Hz •Software selectable speaker impedance matching for optimal power transfer down to 2 Ω minimum load. •Dimensions (HxWxD) - 10.5” x 8.375” x 3.75” •Weight: 6.5lb/4kg
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    That's thirty times more than I paid for either, but I paid £500 for my main bass..!
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    Wow Tony 🤦‍♂️😂
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    Yeah - would save having to source the fender black stack knobs. They’re mildly elusive.
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    Poppy rock from XTC. I don't have speakers ATM, but seem to remember this is one of their 5/4 tracks. They also had a 6/8 or something in one track, cleverly written so it sounded odd, but my brain can't remember the exact song. May come up with it later.
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    If I spent like £ 200.000 on my house, £ 30.000 on my car etc, why should I settle with a £500 bass? Just because? The guys that make and sell our gear need money to support their families. Think of the starving children!
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    Sail Noup, please delete all bass lines in every song ever played on by Peter Hook. Ta
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    All of the copies and the Ric with the whammy are my fits. RIC also have a new v2 bridge out on the 4003 which has 3D-inspired saddles; these are now standard on the 4003.
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    I find that after a while playing a good bassline on a song you don't like, you start tolerating the song a bit more. Like that Dua Lupa song that someone had said about a few weeks ago. I have been playing some steely dan songs recently. I was never a fan and their music doesn't do anything for me (I won't say they are bad, I just don't really like them) but the basslines are hugely fun to play and different to stuff I normally do which makes it interesting. I agree with the aint no doubt, posted earlier, heard it on one of the guy pratt lockdowns, never noticed the song as I couldn't get past the music, but its pretty good.
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    @EdBod great lowdown - you won’t find me arguing about Sandbergs! But like you there is a Fender decal appeal
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    Bought a Fender Custom Shop precision bass from Crawford. The bass was even better than expected , at a very very reasonable price! Crawford is in every inch a true gentleman and the seller you hope he would be. He literally went the extra mile to get the job done. The bass was delivered in 2 days from Glasgow to the Netherlands, and the packing was bulletproof ! For my next purchase on Basschat, I hope the seller will be another "Crawford". Hats off and totally recommended!
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    Hi will post some pictures ASAP ... with a short manual...
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    Cool, “saddleless” is the future in my opinion.
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    Couple of good contenders on here already - OP's Black Box, New Order, Deelite, but would have to be something from the peak disco years for me - Donna Summer, Brothers Johnson, or of course, Chic.
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    Have you any images of it on an instrument and with strings?
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    Magic. I’ll take it. 🤮
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    I think I'll keep off the streets, in that case. That clip should be in the 'Bad Jokes' section.
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    Glad you like it. I used to have an LMB-3 for years but now I use the simulation of it in my Roland VB99 which is the same but with more settings. In general I much prefer limiting to compression, it allows your dynamics to breathe but gives you that nice clear bottom line which helps your sound sit in a mix like it was lowered in by a funky chinook
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    I’d say if you’ve not bonded with it then move it on and look for a bass you truly love playing. I’ve had many basses that for whatever reason I just didn’t gel with, nothing wrong with any of them, so sold them, hopefully to people who really loved them.
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    This is absolutely true - in fact this is largely the reason for 5 string basses becoming popular - there was a time in the early 80s when bassists and especially drummers were running very scared that keyboards and drum machines were taking a lot of the work. (Producers loved drum machines as many live drummers were unable to avoid plastering fills everywhere - whilst many got replaced in semi pro bands for the same reason and the fact many social clubs got noise detectors which many drummers were incapable of not setting off, cutting off the electricity and wrecking the guitarist's expensive valves - plus one less person to share the fee with 😏) 5 strings have been ideal for that keyboard based work from the 80s and 90s and even up to date, much theatre music is written with 5 string in mind. So maybe 5 string basses helped to repell the keyboard onslaught in the 80s. It's only in the last 20-25 yrs that 4 string basses have become universally popular again, in some ways eventually regressing to where bass was in the late 60s!! Bass actually became a sexy instrument in the later 70s - Jaco/Stanley and others!! Definitely horses for courses - I'm happy to use a 5 string on any gig - they help with their 2 octaves over 5 frets ability - plus being the brass section's friend by being able to agree on playing a number of Stevie Wonder songs in the correct key (Eb), rather than the guitarist's favourite - E (which prevents proper bass voicing on a 4 string unless it's down tuned!!). I'd say it's given us a lot of flexibility where required or desired. I wouldn't be without one (or a 4 string; or a fretless....) 😄
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    Quite right. And I would extend that. What good was the modern motor car? I mean, we could get round just fine in a car from the 1960s couldn't we? I mean they don't do any more than they used to? And the colour television set, the programs aren't any better these days are they? But to be fair, the 4 string bass made a drastic decline in music quality. I mean there haven't been many beethovens and Tchaikovskys since we had the electric bass have there? No, its all 'she loves me, yeh, yeh yeh' and boom boom boom. And hey you kids, get off my lawn!! ah.. bring back national service, that will learn them!
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    It's 24bit with a sampling rate of up to 96kHz. What extra features from a more modern interface would you want? Until I got rid of all my studio equipment a couple of years ago I was still running 2408 Mk1 interface into a 424 PCI card and it was doing everything I needed.
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    Not as decorative as some of the others on here, but it's mine.
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    I've never had a floor stand fall off the wall. 😁 A lot of this can depend on how good your walls are. Mine are useless for holding anything. Even curtain rails in my house are screwed to wood battens held to the wall by No-Nails. So, it's "horses for courses". Neither is a bad idea. Both are better than leaving the bass in a precarious place where it can get damaged.
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    Located in the Netherlands, shipping is possible. Wonderful Warwcik Streamer Stage 1 built in 1990. It rocks MEC pick-ups and a MEC pre-amp. The bass is fully original and the frets and trussrod are still perfect. Basically a really good 30 year old Warwick for a fair price.
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    Playing bass in a band will get you girls.
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    I have fond memories of Sid, my 70RI CIJ Precision from my first punk band Kismetik, a decade or so back. Nice narrow, almost J-like nut width and neck, and my fave style of Fender P logo. So when I spotted this pretty rare, late 1990s surf green edition online I dived in. Also I have been under pressure from Mrs C (who ranks basses purely based on colour) to replace 'Minty', my now-sold 62RI surf green Jazz ... oh and @Happy Jackwouldnt sell me his surf green 54P Lull. Well thats my list of excuses ...
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    Lovely looking bass. I like that your wife is an "enabler" I was very tempted by your AVRI and surprised it took a while to find a buyer.
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    [quote name='LeftyP' timestamp='1498835545' post='3327475'] I've just had a good look at the attached list from the OP. I didn't realise just how many variations on a theme there were! I must confess to being gutted to learn that my Tanglewood is made of plywood. It plays fine as I learn to get back up to speed but if I ever play in public I think a genuine model may be in order - well that's my excuse! [/quote] Dont sweat it too much,plywood is standard on most violin basses in that price range , the most important thing is how it sounds
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    So we're ~60 years into the electric bass as a four-string and as of the '80s we acquired five and six strings. Subsequently we got sevens and further extended range basses. Do we have a commensurate jump in musical quality or bass playing as a result? I'm struggling to manifest many examples: Anthony Jackson and John Patitucci spring to mind. Gary Willis and Hadrien Feraud rock a five but their output is hardly mainstream. My prog' heroes are four-stringers by and large with Squire dipping into fives and sixes for his less inspirational 90s and 00s output. Just sayin'. Views and counter-examples welcome but I'm calling it: more strings does not make better music! (Sorry if I'm late to this party.)

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