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  1. I can imagine TOP without bass and I would assume it would work fine...as most music would without a bass player.
  2. Mike Patton: a big Stump fan apparently.
  3. John Lennon, Kevin Coyne and Chris Squire.
  4. Interesting post. This is very familiar to me: I also have trouble sleeping after rehearsals and gigs. Must be my guilty conscience.
  5. PS. Trevor will know about the controls
  6. I didn't notice this thread till now. It made a great read. Great story and congratulations to Andy for a superb job. Ewan, you must be chuffed. PS. Get a shave, young man.
  7. I'm always talking about him. A great innovator. He basically combined a very guitary approach (chords and bluesy solos) with trad bass playing...in one go.
  8. I use the -27s (bought via the £40 MU scheme). Good at killing higher frequencies but they still let a lot of boomy stuff through.
  9. Tempting. Any chance of a video or sound file?
  10. https://youtu.be/kuATlRNAyXs When I first started playing bass in the late 70's and early 80's loads of people had a very similar sound to this. Nice and clean, played with a pick. Maybe I'm getting old and nostalgic but I tend to prefer it it to the soft, finger-style sound you're more likely to hear these days.
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