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  1. How Many Notes Does it Take to Make a Chord?

    Yep this it. What notes are the other goons in your band making?
  2. Lana Del Ray vs. Radiohead lawsuit

    True, it might be irrelevant as you describe but Pop Music is full of very similar (in this case very DULL) chord sequences and near-identical tunes. The more unremarkable and unimaginative the material combined with the sheer amount of material introduced to the market every year, the more you're likely to get stuff that sounds like other stuff and musicians squabbling over copyright.
  3. Lana Del Ray vs. Radiohead lawsuit

    ...and as dannybuoy says, theirs was a rip-off of the Hollies in the first place. It'd be more interesting if the material was notable in some way.
  4. Lana Del Ray vs. Radiohead lawsuit

    Who gives a damn? The original isn't much of a tune in the first place.
  5. Cliff Bordwell D-Bass CB 4

    Echoing Scoop's words they are extraordinarily well made instruments. Another bump....
  6. Really strange the way that Prince is constantly regarded as some sort of paragon of musical virtue (or musical competence) when there about a billion composers and musicians one could choose instead. I was once in a green room talking to a researcher about Dionne Warwick (because she was scheduled to appear on the show the following week) and what a great musician she was, etc. The guy immediately asked in all seriousness (without the faintest trace of a smile or hint of irony) "is she as good as Prince?". It was like a weird stock response to the idea of musicianship or something. I just looked at him like he was complete feckin idiot -which he most certainly was.
  7. If you broke a string.....

    I broke a D string mid set recently and it totally threw me. I was on fretless and had to switch to fretted. It sounded bloody awful.
  8. Name the Bassist by the Bass

    100% I'm not proud
  9. Ibanez SRF700 Portamento NOW SOLD

    [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1509527456' post='3399581'] No love for this fantastic fretless? Please help me fund a new mixer [/quote] On the contrary, lots of love for it here. I'd buy it immediately if I didn't have two lovely fretless basses already. Somebody's gonna get a beautiful instrument. Have a bump.
  10. [quote name='eude' timestamp='1509457834' post='3399054'] This bass [size=6][b]REALLY[/b][/size] is the best bass I have ever played, never mind owned. Eude [/quote] I've heard that before! Only joking, it looks fabulous
  11. Ibanez SRF700 Portamento NOW SOLD

    Crikey, that's a beauty.
  12. Whats the longest you've had a bass for?

    A Wal fretless since 1984
  13. Sax Solo : China In Your Hands

    There's about four notes in it. You don't have time?
  14. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    I generally can't get on with other bass player's basses. They're usually too big, bulky and heavy or covered in black lacquer or something.
  15. Short scale bass question

    [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1507802386' post='3388013'] For me, swapping to & from it does cause a little issue with left hand positioning / fretting - as I can overshoot / over-stretch if I'm not very careful It shouldn't really be a problem - but I am also swapping from bass guitar to DB as well.... so maybe that's part of my problem? [/quote] This is my main problem: switching from my 30" scale to the 34" during a gig is irritating because of the adjustment required.