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  1. A great composer too (as above). I'm always impressed when bass players are part of a deep culture of experimentation and musical exploration.
  2. Spoombung

    ACG newborn

    Very nice. That's probably the model I'd go for if I ever ordered another bass.
  3. French Bassist, Ferdinand Richard...rarely talked about but a MASSIVE talent
  4. I've used Logic since the C-Lab days on Atari and it's great, (especially with the updated samplers). If you can afford the overpriced Mac you'll enjoy the underpriced DAW (£200)
  5. Move to Liverpool where you can hear the Fab Four here, there and everywhere.
  6. I don't like it. The guitar sounds are horrible. The stripped down version for two pianos and the version for piano roll are really good though.
  7. Mikro in action https://youtu.be/GYBngZkhqZ4
  8. Ibanez Mikro £170-ish. I love mine.
  9. Glad to be put right on this. I'm aware there is confusion about who played bass on the different eras of Serge recordings due to lack of credits. Someone should write a book on it.
  10. Worth listening to this as well. Brian Odgers....
  11. Such a great sound. Just a couple of points: firstly, you need bit of space around this sound to make it work...so no loud guitarists in the vacinity, secondly use rounds not flats to get it - when you palm or foam mute you'll need some twang from somewhere. Suits single coil pickups too, so a Jazz bass is a good choice.
  12. I'm a fan. I can't think of him without David Garibaldi though: those two were born for each other. One of the great rhythm sections.
  13. The AFRs are beautifully designed ergonomic basses. They're like works of art...but the flip side of them is the sound: I couldn't get on with the piezo pickup...a scratchy, fizzy, unnatural thing. You can dial the treble down to reduce the effect but then you tend to get a dull sound. In general I don't like Piezo pickups. They have that unpleasant quacky, fizzy rubber band sound in the upper frequencies.
  14. How do the pickup combinations work? Is it like a Strat?
  15. Erm, well I will reply: obviously not during the current restrictions.🙄
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