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  1. Started using a 5 in 1996, and remember using a 4 once since then on a gig. Picking up a 4 and playing it feels really strange now, although I wouldn't mind getting a really nice 4 string J bass to have in my collection. I watched the video the OP put up, and can honestly say that the Hipshot D Tuner wasn't for me (lasted on my old Yammy BB1100s for about a month before it got canned in favour of the original tuner). A 5 (for me) fits better, especially if I'm playing bass parts like Stevie's "I Wish". Still love the sound of a 4 in the hands of a great player though, and it still has a place in modern music.
  2. That kid can play - I'm a subscriber on her YT channel too.
  3. It was indeed the Guitar Institute - Alan Limbrick was head of G.I. Tony Muschamp ran the Bass Institute (I was there Autumn / Winter 1987), and Francis Seriau ran Drumtech. My first experience of class room education for bass 🙂
  4. 2020 was written off a few months ago in my book, and 2021 might well be the case too, but I remain hopeful. The vaccine thing is a big unknown - I read on the BBC website that even if a national vaccine immunisation is rolled out, it won't mean that everything can return to normal straight away. I know the "play for nothing thing" splits many on here, but if there's a chance that live music can happen again in pubs, I'm all for it. I'm pretty sure one of my bands will go down that route - I just want to get out and play again.
  5. Remember buying this on CD when it came out - great album. The bassline is very Francis Rocco Prestia inspired.
  6. Sad news indeed as Licorice was there at the start of Rock & Roll in the 1950's. He was part of Marty Wilde's Wildcats who backed Eddie Cochran on his ill fated 1960 tour of the UK: Licorice and Brian Bennett with Eddie at the NME Poll Winners Show February 1960:
  7. I used to have one of these, but definitely a "bass of two halves" for me. One good, one not so good. I really loved the sound of the MM p/up soloed. Downside for me was the balance - definitely neck heavy, even with lightweight tuners. The top horn being extended would have helped with that. Apart from that, it's a good bass, and you got that for a steal!
  8. Like it - I've never been able to play with a pick...
  9. Same here - learned a lot of his lines from The Jam records over the years.
  10. Met Bruce at the 2013 LBGS on the Rotosound stand. Very humble guy, definitely not a "pop star".
  11. Not for me I'm afraid, but if someone likes it that's fair enough...
  12. Agree. I wonder if the "creative juices" just get lost in the need to churn out material to either keep the bank balance going, or to satisfy the record companies...
  13. EC without a doubt, has been among one of the most influential musicians this country has produced in the last 50 odd years. The only problem is that a lot of his material post "461 Ocean Boulevard" has sounded pretty much the same. I think the only good album he did in that period was "From the Cradle", where he went back to his roots in the Blues. This is just my opinion, but his best work was with John Mayall, Cream, Blind Faith, and the Derek & the Dominoes period. And I have absolutely no idea who Phoebe Bridges is...
  14. I haven't read all the thread, but this is my take on things; when (or if) things go back to the way they were, I suspect pubs will not really have the financial freedom to pay bands on the previously agreed figures. The most likely way a band will get anything close to "a fee" will be the old passing the hat / jug around, but as people's livelihoods have also been affected, there won't be a huge amount coming out of anyone's pocket. Like others, I feel that if you provide a service, you should get paid something, but I really miss playing live and doing rehearsals at the moment, so I would feel very tempted to literally play for nothing. Judging by the way things currently are, I'm not even looking at going back until 2022 now..
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