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    This really isn't about "just letting people die" any more than it's about "no person left behind". The disease isn't a government policy that can be changed, or a dangerous behaviour that can be outlawed ... it's a thing that exists and that we now have to deal with, like cancer. We currently have no cure. We currently have no evidence that a cure will ever be available. We currently do not know whether herd immunity exists or whether you can get hit by this twice. We don't know how many different but related strains of Covid-19 exist or whether there can be cross-immunity between them. In fact, there's a staggeringly long list of things we don't know. What we DO know is that our entire approach to civilisation has had to be modified, and not everyone is entirely happy with that. We also know that our current approach to that modification involves spending unbelievably massive amounts of money that we don't have, which then impacts on every other aspect of life for decades to come. I've spent my entire life so far aware of the risk of dying from a very long list of potential causes. As far as I'm concerned, I've now added Covid-19 to that list and I want to get back to living my life. Many others feel the same way, but of course there are plenty who disagree. I'm not saying that I'm right at this precise moment, but I do know that eventually we WILL have to get back to living our lives. All we're doing is bickering about the timing. Will people die? Yes, of course they will, just as they always have.
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    Had one 14 years ago. Now again.
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    Some more Manu Dibango, one of my favourite tunes ever
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    Instead of a simple drum screen we'll need full band-screens! Or maybe now's the time to do a Spinal Tap tribute?
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    ......and here we are. Inspired me to get it out of the garage. It needs some love!
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    Okay so the challenge was how to record something high quality that does not take up all BC's space and gives an indication of the overall spectrum of tones of the bass. Unprocessed 20 sec clip with some slides, harmonics etc. Man I need to work on my intonation again.... Straightus Clip.wav
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    Post deleted (duplicated - almost!!)
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    I suppose I understand the governments theory. As well as reopening everything they are also trying to work out the things that cause the spread too at the same time. So, let the pubs go back - seated and distanced. If that works well, let people stand. If that works well allow live music. Kind of keep just pushing the boundaries and see what works. If they all work then great. If one item causes a spike you know to isolate that. It's a much more sensible approach to letting everything go straight back to normal. If they did that and there was a spike, theyve no real way of knowing what caused the issue and how to deal with it. Small steps, but we'll get there.
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    Funny... I sold the Mesa amp as the Hexa Valve sounds much better. Still have the Henry though, it is one hell of a cab.
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    Congrats! Great to see some pics.. sound clips... video... lend me the bass for a month...
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    It'll be quite a while before gigging returns for most I'd say. A few pubs that put on music in my area were in trouble before CV19. The post Christmas trade and footfall was becoming a real concern for them. May as well stay home, learn new songs, learn theory, to read music...???????
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    Lots of people play with French bows. Lots of people play with German bows. People play 124, people play 1234. People sit down to play, people stand up to play. People use really sticky rosin. People use violin rosin. People use gut strings. People use Spiro Weichs. The Double Bass is quite young in terms of pedagogy compared to Vln/Vla/cello. Do what works for you.
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    Try seeking Golf Travel Case .
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    Sabre Dance from Love Sculpture (Dave Edmunds on guitar) from I think 1967, this was heavy rock at the time and was a hit.
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    This guy will be even busier!
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    Re figures - the 5% is probably not far off overall - antibody testing in my hospital has it slightly higher for staff, but as you would expect their risk of exposure is greater. We still need to keep vigilant though
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    Nice - very similar to my old VM5! I approve, sir.
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    I’ve got it’s four string brother with rosewood board. Also heavily modified Nordstrand bigman. East pre amp series/single/ parallel switch custom pickguard and control plate and battery box has been removed in favour of a snap and plate (off a classic SR) all original parts are safely stashed up but it’s definitely a keeper though
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    I’ve Just ordered a copy of this
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    Equally I work in a place with 80 staff and 200 ‘customers’. We have not had a single case (thankfully as we have some very vulnerable people). When looking at anything in epidemiology and individuals experience is just that - the individual experience. Some will be in groups and areas that are very badly affected, others will know no one affected. That is why we need the bigger studies. They are not based on asking everyone but on using sampling techniques and extrapolation to get an idea on how badly affected any given area is. It isn’t perfect but the expertise and experience of those doing it improves all the time and is also based on experience from previous epidemics of all sorts of diseases.
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    60% of 66 million is just under 40 million - given the current number of known infections is around 300,000 (I know that figure is only those tested and lots more will have had it) and 43,000 have died so far it, at that rate it suggests to reach herd immunity will require millions to die - that is very scary indeed - and the lack of people and 'productivity' even if that is simply buying stuff, would make the economy bomb also. The very phrase 'Herd Immunity' sounds like something a head political adviser might dream up.
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    Loving the title ......👣
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    That should empty the dance floor more quickly than you can say 'Jessica'.
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    My understanding is that live performances are still not allowed. I guess the herd immunity comment is aimed at me? We have 3 options. Apparently 60% is the number to achieve herd immunity and if the current killer strain doesn't mutate that's what we have to reach, from our current level of 5%. So that's somewhere in the region of another 40 million cases. Not a happy prospect. If this virus does mutate then it can become like the common cold and be an annoyance. If it mutates the other way, like the 1918 pandemic, it could come back more dangerous. The scientists don't know enough about the behaviour of Covid-19 yet so all possibilities are still on the table.
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    Interesting to hear this was a surprise - on recent travels there seems to be at least one or two in every town doing these kerbside pints. Assumed these were commonplace across the country
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    Good call. Whilst not being a massive fan of The Shadows stuff, Wonderful Land is (for me anyway) their best tune. Great chord progression and at just a tad over 2 mins long a perfect pop single of the time.
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    Definitely not!! I killed a man playing that.
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    Beautiful song. Without wishing to bring things down, this will be on my funeral tunes list ☠️
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    For reference - Tanglewood or similar age.
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    Funny, I was just browsing the Gardiner Houlgate auction (https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/catalogue-preview-10th-11th-june-2020/), which is tomorrow morning, and they have one in there, lot 85:
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    I'm going to be in the market for a 'tweaked' plate soon. I may well end up going with gig.ink but I can't help thinking that I'll kick myself for not going for somewhere with a wider range of material options and a bevelled edge.
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    My late mother-in-law knew him when they worked together at Radio Bremen. He was still known as Hansi Last then.
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    Sylvia by Focus. One of my favourite tracks and probably my favourite riff ever. I suppose technically there is singing of sorts...
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    Scarbee’s VSTs are wonderful. I know he does a funk guitarist one.
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    Focus: "Sylvia" (with a "y" this one time, never on the rest of BassChat unless it's not about Silvia). Oh, and Waldo de los Rios: "Mozart Symphony no 40". 🤣🤣🤣 (don't check this out if you wanna live your protected life some more).
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    I still have the VHS but unsure what the quality is now, I remember wearing out a Sony 90 mins tape. LAD was recorded from the LP
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    I do love the 1980s. I have been known to dep for an 80s rock band on occasion, in fact 3 years ago today we were in the south of France at the Montalivet Showbike festival closing the Friday night shenanigans. Great fun, the act on immediately before us was a number of striptease acts. Both male and female. Bonkers.
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    +1 Generally cited as the first "speed metal" song I think, before Motorhead and their ilk...
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    I like King Sunny Ade and his African beats. Juju music is one good record. Island had many interesting artists in the 80's. And the labels were day and night. I heard Fatoumata Diawara few years ago, and liked the band.
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    Ezra Collective are great, both live and on record. Saw them cover a Fela tune and they put their own spin on it, a real sense of joy from them. Nomo is Elliot Bergman, who makes high-end electric kalimbas. A guy I play for has done records with him, that's my claim to fame haha 🤣
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    What I’ve found an acoustic useful for is just having around the house. Propped up in the corner of the living room I’ll pick it up and play a few minutes surprisingly often.
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    With Tom's African Bass Mk2 getting pretty close, it's time to start thinking about the next full build. And I'm a bit excited about this one. But first, the sack-cloth and ashes stuff. "I solemnly swear that I will try to concentrate on the true and original instrument, that is called Bass (hallowed be its name), and I confess that I am a weak and miserable sinner to even contemplate drifting to the dark side but... "...but, heck! This is going to be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!" Does anyone remember this SG-influenced neck-through build I did a few years back for one of our band members, Pete? : And those with REALLY long memories, anyone remember this own-design I built for myself in Yew? Well, both guitars are still in use. Pete & I are still playing (or were until the recent lockdown!) - him lead and me vocals & sax. And at one of the places we regularly play, another player - Matt - has started making pickups. And for his first attempt at humbuckers I offered the Yew guitar above as the test bed. So Matt has been playing it for the past few weeks. Matt has drooled over Pete's SG for some time. But he was also a bit bowled over by how good Yew can look once it's been carved and varnished. So the new project is an SG-style guitar made for Matt....made with a Yew top. And I just happen to have a book-matched set that has been languishing in my shed for years : And I'm excited because - although you have to be very careful routing and sanding Yew because it is pretty poisonous - I found it a nice wood to work with...and this is going to look FABULOUS And, let's face it, it's not like I'm going anywhere else over the next few weeks...

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