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  1. Patrice Vigier suggests going for Glockenklang. I did that with an Arpege and it worked very well.
  2. Depends on your soldering skills. But I doubt there's any chance to purchase this quirky 20 years old electronics. I simply don't understand the value of "original", if "original" did not stand the test of time. It was something that Vigier did for some time and then abandoned it for a reason. But, hey, each one to his likes.
  3. a) I really disliked the quirky mid sweep electronics. Unusable on stage as specific sounds are hardly reproducible on stage, sound differences and impact on volume could be horrible when accidentially moving some knobs. Furthermore it compresses dynamics, even with18V. There's a reason, why Vigier switched to normal electronics. I sold the board to a collector. b) you're correct. This manual belongs to another bass I sold recently. Well, I think it doesn't hurt.
  4. Tonewise I would keep it. But I'm a sixstring man and each time I go for 4, I realize again and again, that it does not work for me.
  5. Warwick AL Bootsy Collins Spacebass Made in China Neck: Maple/Rosewood Body: Mahagony Electronics: vol, pan, active/passive, +/- bass/treble super sturdy flightcase (custom, ordered by pre-owner) according shoulder strap frets professionally reworked strap pin relocatd really lightweight instrument, easy to play, sits very well in totally different band contexts, changed the I think about mahagony body instruments punchy and well defined currently strung with Warwick Red Label new: 1229€ pick up price: 1100€ incl. case (net after currency conversion and banking fees) shipping cost depends on destination no trades location: Aachen, Germany
  6. Cort Curbow 6 (Bass, Sechssaiter) Luthite body curved Bartolini pickup Active electronics 3-band-EQ "deep" switch lightweight (4,2kg) location: Aachen, Germany price: 450€ (net, after currency conversion and banking fees) shipping cost depends on destination no trades
  7. Vigier Passion III 6 (Bass, sixstring) Specs Type Passion Strings 6 Serial Number 011 Date 15. March 1991 Neck Wood 10/90 Carbon/Maple Fingerboard Phenowood Fingerboard™ Frets 21 Nut zero fret Neck construction neck trough Body Maple Weight 4,5kg Surface orange Pickups 2 Benedetti singlecoil pickups Electronic passive, panorama, push/pull for on/off Hardware Kahler fixed bridge Tuners Schaller Sounds: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y3p9dgfsus27u1p/AAB59I_QpzTOmti7dhSTKaXQa?dl=0 new saddle (clear width spacing) lack of original active electronics including case including original manual including 2 additional original knobs several repaired lacquer damages (Vigier's finish was not that great in the 90s) Location: Aachen, Germany Price: 1800€ (what I want to receice no regards to conversion rates or banking fees) Shipping cost depends on destination No trades.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I don't recognize any significant tonal differences between bridge(Humbucker), bridge(Single), bridge+neck. For everything funky or pop this seems to be great bass, Fusion too.
  10. marcblum

    Vigier Porn!

    Not long ago the Vigier Arpege 6 bass was mine. I bought it from a guy in Spain. Played it for two years and replaced the Vigier electronics by a Glockenklang 2-band-eq. Btw I'm located in Germany. Then decided to reduce my weaponary and to stay with my other Arpege 6. This one moved to Romania and apparently very quick to ...where?
  11. Come on guys, last opportunity to catch this real cool bass before GB undocks the continent to vanish in the Atlantic ocean.
  12. now 2200 EUR / 1900 GBP (depends on daily exchange rates)
  13. Rainger Dr. Freakenstein DrFB
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