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  1. For those who don't know about Magnus Krempel. He's one of a handful of top notch luthiers in Germany, on par with Lefay (Dobbratz brothers), Siggi Jäger (Human Base) and few others. The one who built the Löwenherz basses. And the craftsman behind several premium bass guitar brands.
  2. I had one of those for a while. Sadly it didn't grow any 5th or 6th string ;-( A real rock machine, P on testosteron. If you do not slap, go for it.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. That's a phantastic value for the price. The GWB35 is one one of the best fretless I ever played. Taken into account it's low street price, this deal is a no brainer. The upgrades add further value and if I weren't devoted to 6ers only, I'd buy it.
  5. If it were 6, I couldn't resist.
  6. Guys, come on. Brexit is looming around the corner. Come 1st January, the UK will detach from the continent and sail away into the Atlantic.
  7. If I hadn't my beloved TFB-750 for years, I'd immediately jump on this one.
  8. These old BB blade bridge pickups sound really killer to me.
  9. Bought a Yamaha JP2 from Jason. Great communications. Fast and easy to find solutions with. Seamless shipping from UK to Germany. Bass was protected by a (free of charge!) used but sturdy Thomann case. Wrapped in bubble foil any movement or bouncing was avoided. Bass in top condition despite the occasional small scratch. When buying from someone who playes bass for a living, you do not expect that. :-)) Great deal, great guy, that was fun! Marc
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