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    Do you actually need a woohoo player in your band?
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    Next is fitting the rosette to the top. To avoid measuring errors, I used the original cutout as a template for the Dremel radius cutter holes: Then, with lots of double checking, replicating the cuts - remembering to allow where applicable for the width of the cutter: I checked the fit of the two outer rings and then did a further series of cuts to hog out the middle bit and cleaned up with a chisel: Then glued and clamped: When that's dry, I will scrape level and then add some purfling strips. But first, I have to meet @wwcringe at Derby station to pass back a very nice Talman he asked me to soup up and tart up a bit
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    Every bass player should be made to try one of these, at least once ! Remind themselves of what we could have been playing, before someone invented NeoDiddy speakers and class Diddy amps.
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    Hi there to all you BC members ! Yes lets hear about your favourite players famous and not so famous and I will look forward to showing you around the factory here in Sevenoaks to show you how the strings are made. I am sure you will find it interesting.... Here's a cool ad from the 1970's featuring a few more Rotosound artists ! Regards, Jason How
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    Never played more than a 4 on a function/pub gig, I'm afraid, but I've had a couple of pulled faces (from muso types) when I've used my Shukerbird for a bit of slap covering Luther Vandross' Never Too Much, and I once had a self-declared 'very experienced guitarist' just object to the bass itself at a rockier gig: he made the effort to cross the room to me during a break to declare "A Thunderbird with a Fender neck? That's just wrong...." I showed him a picture of JE playing his, which didn't help: "There you go: that's The Ox" "Who?" "Yep" "What?" "Oh look, we're going back on..." 🙂
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    That joke's so old, it writes newspaper articles complaining about 18-24 year olds and then refers to them as "milennials". S.P.
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    I always use brass saddles on Telecaster type guitar builds, but no brass nuts these days, unless someone asks for it, though I used to cut my own brass nuts when I started out building electrics, but that was back in the late 70's, and brass was a big thing then. My first few builds had brass bridges, saddles, string retainers and nuts, some even had brass knobs! (Though necks, natural finishes, DiMarzio and Bill Lawrence high output pickups and brass hardware, pure 1970/80's.) There's an opinion that once a string is fretted any possible effect produced by a brass nut is taken out of the equation, that any effect from having one will only be apparent on strings played open. That sounds logical to me, but the main reason I stopped cutting them was fashion moved on and people stopped wanting them, plus they are a fair bit of work especially if you start from scratch with brass rod. The terrible old Kodak 'Instamatic' camera pick is of the first two guitars I ever made back in 1977, All Tasmanian native timbers, Mountain Ash, Blackwood and Myrtle and plenty of brass...
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    The other issue that's been touched on above is what (if any) prep you should do to the previously bonded surfaces to maximise your chances of a decent repair. In my experience, you would normally clean the old stuff off and maybe roughen the surface of the wood before you start again. Ideally we need to know whether the old adhesive was water-based or solvent-based.
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    Probably a good idea as you have to soften the old glue soaked into the back of the tolex. I'd also peel the tolex back to get a bigger new surface to spread the glue on.
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    Wow. Picked my Super P up from @thebassgallery earlier and have just gotten a chance to give her a proper spin at home. Just spent the past hour or so joyously noodling and I can say I’m very pleased with the Tonestyler! This bass always sounded great but this has just kicked it up a notch. I’ve got the “Bass Ten” version and it just gives me everything I could want tonally. I feel like I have an active bass but with 1 knob! Love the fact they’ve included the “pickups straight to jack” setting, bypassing the circuit altogether for maximum treble content, and on the other end of the spectrum I really enjoy the “sub” setting at full counter-clockwise on the knob. Though for slightly more articulation and definition while still feeling very subby I prefer just one notch clockwise from the “sub” setting. Everything in between is really delightful and I found myself just now realising I could cop a reasonable upright sound with this thing in a way I couldn’t really do before. Must be that mid frequency hump. A fantastic bass just got fantastic-er. Anyone wondering whether to take the plunge and go for a Tonestyler. Just do it. They aren’t cheap but I’d say they’re worth it.
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    I didn't want to make it too obvious or easy! I know it has more cheese than a double cheeseburger with a side portion of cheese.
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    Very nice indeed, hkh and I like the jazz width neck 👍
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    http://www.fse-aardvark-planner.tk/other/gtbl4.mp3 CAVEAT (from what happened last time!) This is an arrangement, I think its accurate but I've not listened to the original recently, so can't be 100%. But you should be able to get it off this.
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    Maybe not for the volume, but a second cab gives you a big step forward in the tone.
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    Oh - Parts - I read that very wrong and was wondering how your rehearsals panned out...
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    'Ere, I wanna terr yew a stowry..... My grandma's favourite.
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    For sale is a hand made 5-string by Patrick Koopman (Stevie Vai's guitar tech) in the Netherlands. It weighs in at 3.9 kilos, has a 34" scale, 5-piece maple/wenge graphite reinforced neck, and a rosewood board with 'eye' markers at the 12th fret! 45mm at the nut, an ash body, Bartolini 72MV5K splitable dual coil pickup, with front coil, back coil, series and parallel settings via a rotary switch. Fitted with a Seymour Duncan STC-3M3 3-band preamp, with "slap" setting via pulling out the volume pot. Light weight Schaller carbon fibre/aluminium tuners, ABM Bridge. Spacing is currently set at about 18mm, but is adjustable. Strung with D'Addario EXL170's (45-130). It's in excellent condition, apart from a small dent in the lower bout, and filled holes where the original string retainer was, which was replaced by the previous owner. It's beautifully made, and has a huge array of sounds, but I've decided that the neck is just a little too slim for my gorilla mitts! When I first saw a picture of this bass on here a year or so ago, it wasn't for sale. I actually contacted Patrick to see what it would cost to build another with similar specs, and he quoted me 2500-2700 Euros, so what I'm asking for it (which is just what I paid for it) is an absolute bargain for a custom built bass. NOW SOLD
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    Maybe if fender made their mustang bass cases with silver tolex like the 60s ones I'd feel happier about spending £170 on one. As far as I know no one makes a shortscale bass hard case to fit a mustang bass that costs less than £170, and mustang cases never seem to be available secondhand. The first company to offer a decent hard case to fit a mustang/musicmaster/bronco bass for under £100 would get my money.
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    Wow. I think a bit of wee just came out.
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    Yes, the BB is a lot brighter than the Mojomojo. The drive is a bit fuzzier, creamier, and has more sustain. It may work well for you!
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    There was a time when my only bass was an Ibanez Prestige SR3006 and I took it to every gig. Nobody made a comment.
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    A dozen comments in, we’ve all failed to mention this epic photo I really hope that’s you at a wedding soloing over Mustang Sally
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    Hah - not you, I meant Bilbo showing off on a 7 Patitucci only needed 6!
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    I'm actually quite glad I couldn't get it! Well played sir!
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    Hello Simon, welcome. Nice video, good to see the Yamaha in action.👍
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    Hello Meddle, I would like to purchase the brown..£15 plus postage. It would look the business on my old P bass. Regards, Robbie
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    Personally I am confused by drop D because the intervals between strings change - but I did play for a while in standard D (i.e. all strings down a tone: DGCF), for me it made a lot more sense; so that might be another option.
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    Great stuff so far people - do me a favour and share the competition of FB and so on if you can?
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    I have plenty of words to describe this but most would not get past the swear filter...
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    Erm......couple of weeks back on a JMJ Mustang when I already had 2 Mustangs. I promised the boss that I'd sell one and fortunately did. As a consequence my genitalia are still largely intact, but it was a close thing.
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    This is the undisputed truth of the universe
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    1590a Bass Overdrive with relay bypass in the house....they said it couldn't be done, Schu-Tone Pedals have done it!
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    Wounded Paw blenders... I've got the V4. Just stick the fx on different loops and stomp on the loop switch as and when needed. https://www.woundedpawaudio.ca/fx/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2&zenid=c58mtefd605j4k22l4ntkv9o93
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    Why not just use a seed tray from your local garden centre?
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    Only met the guy once , but sometimes you just know
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    Muddy, thuddy, neckdiving beasts with a god-awful bridge design where the saddles fall out when you take the strings out, and rattle when the strings are in. Very limited tone-wise - the '70s pickup positioning helps a bit, and the bridge pickup adds a bit of a change, but really they're all about that thud. That may or may not be what you're looking for. If it sounds like I've got it in for them, I should point out I'm a fan - I've had two or three different ones over the years, and there's times and places where nothing else will do. If you're looking for something a bit more useable, the new Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass is worth a look at, and the Reverend Mike Watt signature gives you a much more sensible pickup but much sillier colours.
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    Yep. If you can’t dig in on a Precision, it’s the setup not the instrument itself.
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    Agreed. They are cheaper cos they pay staff peanuts and dont pay tax. As far as I am concerned its unfair competition. I would never use them.
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    That's lovely, a bit like mine (not original though) which also weirdly came from France! have a bump..
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    Thicknessed the back and sides down to just under 2mm and straightened up the back join lines before gluing and clamping: Here it is ready to be cleaned up once the glue has fully set. The shape outline, by the way, is the suppliers - mine will have straight shoulders and be just a touch wider at the lower bout: Next job is to find my side-bending mould and draw up the side shapes before cutting them to shape and starting the bending. It would be nice to be able to start bending this weekend
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    Can't seem to play your track mate. Soundcloud states, "Oops, we're lost"???

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