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Duke 3/4 . Withdrawn now @@@@@

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A lovely example of a Duke bass, Strung with Silver slaps comes with a Hercules stand and a quality soft case. Lovely grain on the back, Sounds great with plenty of projection volume wise. 

Might consider a trade for a electric 4 string of similar or lesser value (No Fenders and like graphite necks, Rics 4003s, ) or a sealed 8x10 cab plus cash .

Im 20 miles north of Manchester for collection and try out.31923E85-3932-4795-AB3C-4E6B56291866.thumb.jpeg.443f23f75e029048a2742fc5ce5a3db0.jpeg31923E85-3932-4795-AB3C-4E6B56291866.thumb.jpeg.443f23f75e029048a2742fc5ce5a3db0.jpeg8B615DEE-81EA-479C-9EC1-5D15194C4DDC.thumb.jpeg.77cdcccec25e26c9e3c5662927375078.jpeg4B7366D7-9D08-4BEF-B547-2BCFC6876C10.thumb.jpeg.ccb27ff2c6909d039e148164d73c9be6.jpegAEBB151A-A825-484D-8D2C-1A1D6ABCF804.thumb.jpeg.e327b6afff59e526be688eef7519acd2.jpegAEBB151A-A825-484D-8D2C-1A1D6ABCF804.thumb.jpeg.e327b6afff59e526be688eef7519acd2.jpegC15F471D-DE88-4361-BC14-A3397E247F46.thumb.jpeg.26e5191edb7c10a5575b9bb78dbad651.jpegA3451F65-5E1B-49A3-B4A4-F82FB562A45F.thumb.jpeg.7f632a5c3976ec5f8e6729739bbd9398.jpegBB31CF20-E12D-4DC9-82E8-5CA0817DE276.thumb.jpeg.ee8080647abdc9789762e3c01e4f34df.jpegBB9F6D6A-850C-4902-AF9F-BDD45F919B86.thumb.jpeg.d1b141d316359f7db5d44250227f729b.jpeg





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Thanks Marc, I have no idea of its age. Not seen many stripped down Duke’s around so presume it was a custom order.

Got a nice gentlemen calling round in the next week to have a look.


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