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    May their next turd be a hedgehog.
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    Finish pretty much done - it'll take maybe a week to fully harden before it can be micro-webbed, but I can finish the fret-levelling, hatch magnets and shielding / electrics installation while I'm doing that. Although I've had issues with the gloss version, the satin version of the Osmo Polyx is really straightforward to apply and gives a nice looking and tough finish.
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    Certainly working for them currently, but I think as a long term option it is a bad move. They are iconic because the were the instruments played by the youths in groups of iconic groups. Those groups when they start don't have a great deal of money, if you put your instruments into the Gibson custom shop / stockbroker and retired banker toy, you make money now, you don't get seen by the people who are going to be buying things to emulate their icons. When I was growing up, a lot of my bass heros played them, so I still love the look, if not the instruments themselves. They were something I wanted. When I watched top of the pops, at least one in 3 groups would have one. Now? doesn't seem to be the case any more.
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    To be honest, part of my excitement is the idea of a different tonal platform for a bass I'm familiar with. We have a lot of basses out there that proscribe to a specific formula: Split P pickup on P body 2x Jazz Singles on a J body 1xMM Humbucker on a MM body And so the list goes on. Now, I did a PJ partscaster last year and I have to say, I found the combination of the two to offer some tonal difference, but for me, it wasn't huge. I'm interested in the idea of a bass with something out of the ordinary. Ric pickups use ceramic bar magnets and oversize slugs with 44awg wire in a specific wind shape - it does make them different to a Jazz or a 51P single coil. I really like the idea of getting that different formula and sticking it in a 51P body made of swamp ash or the hollow variant I have just done to see what it sounds like. Will it sound exactly like a Ric? Don't care frankly. For me the experiment is "how different will it sound to a normal 51P single coil?" Ultimately, it will sound like me playing that bass - but I hope to do a compare and contrast for the interested amongst you
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    The dead one of course. The other one has just been copying him and faking it all these years.
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    PHOTO OF THE MONTH! That photo has made me concupiscent. I'll just sit here with a cushion in my lap for the next hour or so. If we're picking favourites, mine's the one at the end of the photo. When you've finished, have it washed and sent to my room.
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    I'm quite fussy. We sort where the PA is going first, then POWER! Got fed up of everyone acting as individuals, everything being in place and nowhere to plug in. Now we operate a factory line approach. The singer and I sort the PA and power, the drummer puts his mat in place, lights/amps/ monitors go in. Cases are not allowed in the performance space, drives me nuts moving everything three times because the stage is cluttered. I've trained the drummer to assemble his kit off stage, we run the mic cables to him and the bass/guitar mics with the kit out of the way. He then slots his stuff into place whilst we do the last of the lights and we're ready. It's an 8 piece band and too many people helping actually slows us down. If I'm playing with another band that's got pro level players I always astonished at how quiet and fuss free the process is.
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    I think that distinction requires that you're in on the joke. I've never heard of Steel Panther, I doubt many people have. It's not obvious that it's a joke.
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    A list... Three words currently being woefully misused... a) Iconic b) Literally c) Decimated I also abhor High Rising Terminal, obviously. One more thing that really grinds my gears is the current trend of beginning an answer to a question with a drawn out “So...” or, particularly prevalent at the moment amongst politicians (I think I remember Tony Blair starting this) starting the answer to a question with “Look...”, a confrontational beginning to an answer that invariably avoids the initial question.
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    I have a full set of plans and instructions to build an Eagle 1 hovercraft from ply and fibreglass. Engine options include a lot of single cylinder ones and even a 2 cv. I made one myself about 15 years back and they comfortably take 2 but are more fun with one. Easy build for anyone with decent DIY skills. Free to collect or cover post and they are yours.
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    Opinions fall into two camps - Wonderfully unique and quirky, or stuck in the past and pointless. I like them. I wouldn't drop £2k+ on one, and I really would like an early 70's 4001... but not at current prices. A 74 4001 would cost me a lot more than I paid for my 74 Precision..
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    Incredible walnut.. Faces I see in that top wood. !!
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    That were me if I recall correctly, Rich, and yes, very decent strings indeed.
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    It’s built. Sorting out the details to get it to me Who’s interested in what it sounds like?
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    I like your user name. Can I have it? 😂
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    The overdrive on these is quite sensitive to various combinations of the gain, drive and level knobs and I have to adjust all three to get the right sound when I change guitars.
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    I was lucky enough to score one of the 60's Fiesta Red ones locally. Slapped some Thomastiks on it and you're in Jamerson heaven!
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    I'm also in for this one, got a lovely LTD Fretless. Picked it up locally for £150 with a case.
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    That reminds me of Rory Bremner's impression of Blair, which always began with the nervous blink-and-grin, followed by "Look..."! It seems to have been replaced with the increasingly popular "Let me be clear...", which, as we all know, means, "Let me be evasive and obfuscatory..."
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    Let me look when I get home from work. I have one or two of which one has adjusters.
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    If you wind the chuck down a bit you should normally see another drift slot to allow the removal of the extension piece.
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    Had it clarified by his engineer of ten years, Macca writes with his left. This thread has also had me trying to play left handed, ironically the right hand job is pretty straightforward but I can't make my left do what I want! (I'm a southpaw that plays right)
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    I am seriously going to steal that phrase, I now have everybody in the office looking at me wondering why I just laughed to loud they can hear me in the next building!
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    They're an obscure comedy band and within their sphere of influence the joke is probably hilarious. Present it to the wider public without any indication of context and there will be people who either don't realise it's a joke or who just don't find it funny.
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    Lots of cool projects on the go...I like them all.
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    We're generally playing multi-band gigs so as the drummer it generally depends on what the soundman/promoter are forcing me to use, and how long it takes the previous guy to get off. If we're on our own I try to set up my kit while the front man clambers over me trying to put the backdrop up
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    The important stuff first, of course, so... The drum rug. Then (if it's not provided...) the mains cables and speaker runs for backline, lights and PA along back of stage. Our Youngest (the bassist...) and the singster take the drums out of their cases whilst I prepare the pedals and stands; the kit is quickly put in place (the stands and booms are preset...), so the cases are stashed, then the cabs rolled in and amps perched. I'll install cymbals, singer lays out mic stands and cables, PA stands and foldback installed (if not already there...), guitars and bass prepare their quarters with stands, pedal boards, leads and stuff and we're ready for a sound check. Typically drums, then bass, then drum'n'bass, guitar 2 then 1, mics, a short 'all together now, please' and relax. Tear-down is roughly the reverse order, not forgetting the drum rug at the end. Once all is safely back in the truck, a mandatory look-around to spot whatever has been left behind (my drumming shoes, the E-Bow, a set list or two...). There's always something...
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    I didn't say that she knew how much I spend on gear!
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    Less than 30 seconds with Google will enlighten you. The first search result is their Wikipedia entry which starts: There is absolutely zero excuse for being uninformed these days.
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    Hate is a strong word but in this case it applies... 😁
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    Cello fingering is not so different in terms of positions; just that 'cellists have names for them. It's still a matter of placing first finger on a semi tone note; so on the D string: 1/2 =fingers on Eflat, E, F, F#. 1st = fingers on E, F, F#, G, 2nd = fingers on F, F# G, G# 3rd = fingers on G, G#, A, Bflat etc. just like the bass on the same string. But the scale being shorter, you can extend each position, ie by reaching back with one finger from 1st position you can get E flat. by putting finger 2 on F# instead of F, you can then reach G# with your 4th finger. In fact you CAN do the same on a bass, even a double bass, by using "pivoting" (thumb stays in same place, hand rotates back or forth around it) .. though traditionalists don't think it "proper". I think the thing that makes scales and blocks different on a 'cello is the short neck - you can only finger normally up to first finger on G (on the bottom C string) after which you have to bring your thumb round onto the finger board. This combined with avoiding or deliberately using open strings raises a load of avoidance strategies in which fingering a scale from the same pattern gets non-optimal above about F major whereas on the Electric bass you can go on forever. That end to the neck does make one thing MUCH easier though. you can always find "4th" position "blind" as it happens when your thumb hits the heel of the neck, then first finger down = automatic G, D, A, or E. you can play almost any tune in first (with forward and back extensions) and fourth position; 2nd and 3rd are niceties that avoid moving your hand around too much. On the Electric Bass, it is VERY easy to get lost without looking at your fingers now and then! Anyway. Easier? No. Different? Yes. Playing one string instrument won't crack the other but it will give you a leg up. As a classical grade 8 ish 'cellist I bought a double bass and was immediately about grade 5 (took another 20 years to reach 8 ish).
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    I think part of the issue that is that some people find it difficult to see the subtle but important difference between 'P*ssy Power' & 'P*ssy Melter', therein lies an issue of a wider understanding of gender issues. It's worth highlighting that it's almost certainly not the word 'P*ssy' that is 'offensive' to people, it's the aggressive nature of the full name (backed up by the tone prints description). Now, of course, Steel Panther are a complete parody, they very much subscribe to the South Park/Team America ethos of 'as long as you take the pee out of everyone equally, you're fine', which actually I'm fine with.....they're fully aware that they come across as sad, washed up old rockers with outdated views on women....that's the point, it's a commentary on the 80's & 90's rock scene......just so happens they can shred too. Without knowing any numbers, I suspect SP have as many female fans as they do male fans, because everyone understands the parody, and they like the comedic music. If there is a lack of understanding as to what the band is exactly, again, that's a damning indictment of a wider lack of education around gender issues. Again, it's important to re-iterate that SP are characters, when Satchell responded about the TC thing, that was Satchell typing from his account, not Russ Parrish, the married 47yr old dad who plays the character. However, take Steel Panther's approach out of context, take it away from the show and the fans and the bands self-effacing ridiculousness, and it starts to hit a little bit close to home for a lot of women's everyday experiences. Parody is a fine line, and it requires a fair amount of set-up and context in order to work, which is why I suspect TC took it down......should someone at TC have figured this out before they posted it like 2 years ago? Probably, how many females are working in their marketing department I wonder, let alone their engineering team?! (Women in engineering is a whole other discussion). But as this, and the few other examples of mildly misogynistic names highlights, the gear industry has had some catching up to do. Fortunately, the prevalence of things like 'booth girls' at NAMM and other such shows being something that has (thankfully) decreased as manufacturers realise that they are simply alienating potential customers (Fender cite that 50% of their new customers are female: https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercarbonara/2018/03/28/for-fender-guitars-the-future-is-digital-and-female/#1f1f3d7e4a37). Names of products I feel are simply on the company, if they want to alienate and exclude certain potential customers, fine, if they wish to attract the wrong type of male customer who misunderstand the 'joke', let them, it's their livelihood. Again, I suspect that's why TC took it down, not because they felt the need to censor after a petition forced their hand, but because they feel they made a mistake about something and would prefer not to lose customers over it. As to why people have picked up on this as opposed to focussing on sexism in rap music? I suspect it's because for female guitarist who's onto rock music, this is in their back-yard and one that has been difficult enough to get accepted by as it is. If they have no interest in rap, they're probably not going to jump in on issues within a world they don't understand, especially if they're white. However, if something becomes important to them within the world that they reside (the guitar gear world), they're going to jump on it as something they're directly involved with. It's a massive discussion, and clearly goes much further than just women who play guitar, but with this forum being overwhelmingly made up of what I suspect is to be white men, it's worth us checking our understanding and approach before crying 'the worlds gone mad' (not aimed at anyone, just a general statement). Si
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    🙂 ive never had an issue with not using one, but i also like what i hear when i do. Im pretty sure a lot of others feel this way, but are too 'cool' so say it lol.
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    I just wanted to encourage those who had posted in this thread before the forum software change to repost your Laklands!! We're obviously missing a bunch of lovely photos from before the software change happened, so would be great to get the visuals happening again in this thread Whilst mine survive above, here they are again 😍: Custom US 44-94 (passive P/J) & Skyline 55-01 (upgraded US Bart dual coils & NTMB pre). Si
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    I personally, wouldn't get within 5 miles of a compressor pedal! I've recently taken issue with our monitor engineer, who, in spite of my occasional protestations, insists on adding "Just a little bit" of compression, which is mostly fed to the drummer and keys player. Dynamics in the band is very important, I need to be in total control. Using a compressor, even "Just a little bit", takes away just a little bit of control.
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    The neck code on my 72 Jazz is pretty much non existent, however the name “krausfeldt” is clearly stamped on it. I did a google search and found the below information on him which ties in nicely with my neck being from 72. I wondered whether there is a database anywhere of these old fender guitar makers and neck finishers, I’ve seen a few lists which have been started but nothing that I think has captured everything. “I am that Ken Krausfeldt, and I worked at Fender from 1964 to 1974. For the first several years I shaped and final-sanded guitar necks and some bodies. Because all work was inspected before finish or paint each shaper had to identify his work. In my case, and at different times, rubber name stamps or simply a number was used (for me, #8). And rarely, simple printing was used. Because we were paid "piece-work" rates for each completed item the fastest way of identification was the order of the day. During my tenure there, and after I returned from Viet-Nam ('67-'69) I supervised virtually every production line in the factory, except painting: Guitars, Amplifiers, Rogers Drums, and Fender-Rhodes Pianos. I wound up as supervisor of quality control. I left to join BIC-Venturi Stereo Speaker Company as Quality Control Manager.”
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    Real Electronics in Sheffield are the approved repair company for MarkBass. From comments by people who have used them they are pretty quick and reasonable. http://www.realelectronics.co.uk/Markbass-Amplifier-Repairs
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    You need to know what you need the compressor for. Is it for home playing, live playing or post recording processing? Each situation would require different settings and if ten of us from basschat used a compressor in the aforementioned situations you would have 30 didfferent settings exception would be @Dad3353 who is a drumner (the louder the better 😊). We all hear sound differently so your ears are the best tool the find the answer. Also , remember that there are other aspects that have impact on how you set up the compressor. If you do a little search on basschat , there is a thread or more about compressors in general. I own TC spectracomp which is extremely versatile. Currently sits in the box but I was never dissapointed with it's performance. Horses for Corses.
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    I did exactly the same thing as a module on a leadership course I had to do. Same song choice too. It’s a simple enough riff until you have to teach someone who has never held a stringed instrument in their life. Lessons learnt all round.
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    I can't make up my mind with compression. I have been using a Spectracomp for a while and thought all was good. I didn't use it at the last band practice and now can't work out why I thought I needed it.. Typical!
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    If you haven't got the pedal because you thought you needed it, I really wouldn't bother with it. Compression can really mess your sound up if you don't really know what you're doing. I'd avoid using it until you personally think that's the exact effect you need.
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    Venue booked us for a Saturday night show. We're a slightly-harder-than-average pub rock band, think Queen and Greenday through to RATM, Sabbath, ACDC, that kind of thing. We show up and it's clearly a proper night club in a very wannabe geordie shore area. The 4 bouncers on the door are very courteous and nice, until I hear them telling a couple at the door that "it's ok until 9pm, then the bands are always stinky poo, but come back for 11:30 and it's always great". As we're setting up it's pop and chart music, everyone's dancing. We play the first set to silence and ambivalence, then the set break DJ has everyone up dancing again, followed by a second set of us being actively heckled, followed by the DJ and a dancefloor so full of people we have trouble loading the cars. The bar owner said we were great, paid us £20 extra and tried to book us again. Miraculously, we couldn't agree and future dates. A mate of mine who works the doors around here says that apparently the owner is just insistent that he'll have the bands HE wants to hear regardless of the clientele.
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    Melodic and groovy too.
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    Andy Fraser’s solo on Mr Big from the Free Live album; not technically difficult, but superb build and note choice.
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    Volume changes after setting the gain on a mic'd up cab!!!
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    Not this so much, but the guitarist in my old band ran a 20 year old Les Paul into a 30 year old Peavey; soundwise he'd be on the money, but not before spending an age knob-tweaking to actually get there. I could never understand how he would sound brilliant on a Friday gig and so utterly shite 24 hours later. And yes, tweaking happened between songs.

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