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  1. Thanks for that Graz, I went for the white one with the pau ferro neck in the end, I don’t have a US one any more to Compare it with but I think I prefer it to my Ric’ which says a lot.
  2. The Player series are pretty much faultless, how do the 2 compare Graz?
  3. Is it a keeper or dya fancy a swap with a R*c’ ?
  4. That P bass is lovely Pineweasel, what year is it?
  5. This guy does a fairly good job of explaining the Something bassline
  6. He came to see our band about 25 yrs ago, somewhere in Derby if I remember.. he said ‘hello I’m Colin I play a bit of bass myself’ , it was only our singer who recognized him, he seemed to think he played or had played with Whitesnake?
  7. Does anybody know how long til world war 3....is Tom Hark this one?
  8. Hopefully there’ll be no mention of “it don’t matter how neatly I roll my jack leads up but every time I get them out at a gig they look like a plate of spaghetti”
  9. You’re bang on there mojo, then you try to twist it the other way and end up with 2 twists in it??
  10. I’ve got one of these but it’s purple
  11. I don’t get on with pub gigs which I’ve been doing for 12 yrs , previous to that I was playing proper venues, theatres etc with paying punters which was great but I also hate travelling
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