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  1. We played a green king pub and they paid us £100 over the top with invapay, I owned up and told the landlord, he said it was for our inconvenience of not getting paid on the night
  2. Spot on Frank, have you listened to the Raven?
  3. Too far for me, have a good un Nicko
  4. Scam 69, Punk/ new wave covers band not a sham 69 tribute as you’d expect with that name, I’ve actually left now, decided to take this year off as they were far too busy for me but doubt they’ll take me back
  5. We don’t use an agent but we are managed, we have to be otherwise we wouldn’t be arsed to do anything, we’ve been at it for about 25yrs so well established, .. only pub band I know that don’t have to ask for gigs, they ask us
  6. Fantastic mate, they’re good for any gig and any band, and WILL be heard over any drummer or guitarist 👍
  7. I think you both need new agents.. we’re 4-£500 here in the south east,£600 some of em 🤷‍♂️
  8. Ah... same time as my mates acoustic gig
  9. Did you play Rebellion this year Lozz? I was there but didn’t see you and not sure of your band name
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