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  1. £650 now. That price reduction could ease shipping costs I suppose. I will ship if you arrange courier. It would need insured too.
  2. Thanks, Gav. I'm really needing this shifted folks, although it pains me to do so especially now it's sounding so good. However, needs must. Get in touch if you're interested and we'll see what we can do!
  3. Amp is in getting sorted. Will therefore be shortly selling as a fully working and reliable beast!
  4. Tested out today with a Tecamp 212 courtesy of our friend krispn. A very pleasant surprise that after blowing the cobwebs off it produced a very solid sound indeed. At first there was an issue with what sounded like something not having grounding/something loose i.e input jack. However, that stopped after 'playing about with it', however there is a definite rattle from what sounds like one of the pieces of metal that surrounds/retains the valve (my ignorance shows). I'm not going to increase the price, as this still clearly needs a going over but it's certainly in serviceable condition and still capable of doing what people love these amps to do! The video actually accentuates the rattle from the valves. Worth noting that it only rattles at low frequencies hence it's definitely a vibration issue rather than something more sinister. Oh and please ignore my child. She seems to think the speakon should be plugged into her shoe. IMG_3415.MOV
  5. Not much to say here. It's an MS-60B, few years old. Very good condition. Lightly used and enjoyed but don't really need it. £40 posted.
  6. And best. You forgot to say "lightest and best"
  7. I'd say nearer 20kg... but every lb is worth it
  8. I'm going to give this a test run with Gav (he's supplying the cab... ) and i'll make a recording to show you good people exactly what the script is with this.
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