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  1. He was on a mission of self-harm fuelled by decades of substance abuse and self-lothing. He was drunkenly trying to destroy everything that defined him... everything he identified with. And the thing that was most dear to him was inherently racialised... black American music and the people who invented it. I dunno... 44 years of contrition... is that enough?
  2. Awesomely daft... I need to hear it with a flanger.
  3. Fab band too... James Gadson on drums... there is no cooler than that.
  4. Yes... basically (ignoring the quantum mechanics) glow in the dark materials absorb photons and re-emit them slowly in a very narrow bandwith. Strontium aluminate emits at 520 nm, which is green. White light is a mixture of light at all different wavelengths of the visible spectrum. You just don't get materials that will do that. It might be possible to produce a material that holds red, blue and green phosphorescent materials in such a way that the emitted light appears white, but it probably wouldn't be anywhere near as strong as the plain green variety.
  5. The whole thing is embarrassing and idiotic. I never miss it. Special mention for Australia... hitting every note (and smiling) while being swung around insanely on a 20 foot pole?
  6. Zooming in on the headstock, the patent numbers are visible: 2960900: Filed in 1958, that's for the body contours 2972923: That's for the tremolo system you find on offset Fender guitars... on a P bass????????????? LOLOLOLOL!!! 3143028: Is for the adjustable bolt on neck I reckon the decals have been pieced together from a replacement Jazzmaster decal (minus 2573254) or from a generalised decal set that were never meant to fool an expert.
  7. Haysi Fantayzee, John Wayne is Big Leggy... didn't know it was about *that* at the school disco... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wayne_Is_Big_Leggy
  8. I've watched the first half. I don't think for one minute that the allegations are made up. It was harrowing.
  9. I was about to post this as being utterly amazing... but see it's already been dissed!
  10. He has nice technique. Using rest strokes and a floating anchor. I'd also say he is using quite a light touch and letting his amp do the work. As to "sustainable"... absolutely, as long as you've built the calluses up. If, like me, you're lazy when it comes to practicing when you don't have a gig, you need to build back up to being able to play fingerstyle for any length of time.
  11. I would say "allegedly" in the same way that Jimmy Savile was allegedly a bit dodgy.
  12. Have you watched the documentary? The guy was a monster.
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