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    Close harmonies live always give me shivers too. Alison Krauss and the Union Station do it really well. Also the Sheepdogs, a Canadian "retro-rock" band who deserve to be better known. (good topic, sorry for going ot again!)
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    Not sure that he was ever quite up to singing 'Reach For The Stars'...
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    Time for a big old pedal sale! I have quite a few items here so have taken an initial shortcut of just whacking the lot up with prices, but photos and descriptions for each item are coming! All prices include UK postage, not interested in any trades as it goes against the concept of a clear out! Darkglass B3K v2 (£160) Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ctNOgh4LjDznHG6q1 Bought to A/B with my old one - played it for a few minutes then boxed it back up, then left it too long to return. Effectively brand new! Lucid Audio Fuzz-o-potamus (£75) Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jpdoUEygCr9bMMoA2 Tweaked Fuzz Face for bass with EQ and clean blend. Massive range from light overdrive to full on buzz with a lot of sub bass! Boss ODB-3 (£45) Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WRllF0xiKZouTONt2 A few signs of wear but otherwise good! Joyo Orange Juice (£35) Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/L1u7XBdoVhQB7Dy33 5 minutes use from new. Still has plastic protective wrap on the knob shield! Screaming Baby Magic Thunder Bass Fuzz (£55) Way Huge Green Rhino (£85) Cave Passive Pedals CB-Drive (£70) Providence Anadime Bass Chorus (£110) TC Corona Mini Chorus (£60) EHX Mini Q-Tron (£60) EHX Q-Tron (£80) Digitech Whammy V (£80) Digitech Whammy Ricochet (£75) Gigrig Quartermaster 4-way True Bypass Switcher (£80) TapTempo Switch (1590A size) (£10) Monte Allums Boss ODB-3 Mod Kit (£25) Moog EP-2 Expression Pedal (£20) Cog Mini 66 (£100) 4ms Nocto Loco Kit (£50) SOLD Malekko Wolftone Unity (£80) SOLD Bearfoot Blueberry (£120) SOLD Darkglass Alpha Omicron (£180) SOLD SolidgoldFX Beta (£100) SOLD Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass (£190) SOLD Tech 21 VT Bass v1 (£90) SOLD Two Notes Le Bass (£160) SOLD IdiotBox Blower Box (£100) SOLD Creation Audio Grizzy (£130) SOLD Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard (£120) SOLD Mojo Hand Wonder Filter (£160) SOLD Eden Californiwah (£70) Source Audio MIDI Hub (£50) SOLD Fairfield Accountant (£100) SOLD
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    I thought quite the opposite; a high level of virtuosity, coupled with a fine sense of timing and an original enlargement of the tonal range of the solo instrument. Full-on admiration of the work accomplished and a very enjoyable listen. Thanks for posting; it goes some small way towards reconciling my ears to the horrors of the original post.
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    Good Stuff. ^^ Let's hope it gets included in the voting poll, it deserves to have as much chance as any of the others.
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    After all the deliberations and colour changes there’s something about it that I don’t like whether it’s the pickguard shape/colour I’m not sure, but I’m going to be putting a new pickguard on it and make it into a P/J instead I’m thinking Orange will look good
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    Simply amazed this is still here - this is a high-end, through-neck MIJ bass from the early 80s, excellent hardware, build quality on a par with any Aria Pro SB or Ibanez Musician and a ridiculously rare model of what is an uncommon bass to start with. It has a few cosmetic & electonics details (I hesitate to call them "issues") that barely qualify it as a project. The only reason I'm not all over this myself is that I already have a version of the same bass, and I'd sooner see someone get a crazy bargain than buy it myself, tidy it up & flip it for 3 times what Ash is asking. But bloody hell, I'm tempted.
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    Thought I'd share this experience in case someone else has the same problem - it might save you some hassle/cash. A while back my MXR M87 died. The level meter was still functioning but there was absolutely no sound coming from the pedal output. I did all the usual quick fixes (contact cleaner on jacks, replaced footswitch etc) but to no avail. After a bit of digging I discovered that the output op-amp in this pedal (TLC2262 in case you were wondering) has a maximum voltage of 16V. Obviously this would normally be OK in a pedal that runs at 9V, except that MXRs "Constant Headroom Technology" feature is essentially a charge pump circuit that doubles the pedal's internal voltage to 18V. It shouldn't take a genius to work out what therefore ensues if, like me, you're unlucky. I replaced the TLC2262 with an AD822 (which has a supply voltage of 18V) and my pedal now lives and breathes again. I believe MXR will fix pedals under warranty for a flat fee of £75, whereas replacing the blown chip cost me less than a tenner and a few minutes fiddling with a soldering iron (the TLC2262 and AD822 chips are both surface mount - soldering these can be tricky unless you're experienced in doing so). It appears that mine is not an isolated issue as a quick Google uncovers many such failures, so I figured I'd pass this info on in case any other BC members' M87s suffer the same fate. Please use or disregard this information as you see fit!
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    Dual-Coil 51 Precision Pickup Ordered one of these from Jess Loureiro. I really like the big bottom end and full-range, fast-attack sound you get from a good 51-style P pickup, but there are times when I'd prefer the enhanced low-mid push and high-mid snap you get from the 57-type split P pickup. I don't want to carry two basses, so I'm hoping the new pickup will give me those enhanced mids, BUT with the fast attack you get from having one pole piece per string. Suh-weet! My plan is to install a toggle switch on the control plate so I can switch between series and parallel, i.e. 57-type and 51-type sounds. Has anyone done this, and what was the outcome..?
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    Price: 3600€ or £3200 + shipping The main price for bass is in the Euro. The UK pound price is of informative character and varies from the daily exchange rate. Sadowsky Modern 5, Bora blue. 24/5 Serial #5786, year 2011. Sadowsky preamp with VTC, Sadowsky PU-s Birds eye maple fingerboard, quilted maple top on ash. chambered body, weight: 3,6 kg Trade: Alleva Coppolo LM 5, Fender USA Deluxe 5 or Elite 5 + cash... Thank you for watching!
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    Probably in my top 10 favourite Jazz Funk record's. Jimmy's bass playing is just way out there groove. Ferrante's keys are just fantastic...Bobby Lyle on Piano. I had never heard groove like this before until I heard this and mezzoforte
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    This'll teach your noisy neighbour to wake you up early on Sunday....go get 'im https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/117907543/trace-elliot-bass-stack.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3Dbass%26sectionId%3D2175%26page%3D7
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    A fine example of a 2008 Mexican Fender Jazz. Plays really well lots of MOJO. I bought this as a backup but just isn't being used. I have made some modifications. Its fitted with Aguilar 70's pups, A hipshot X tender, Schaller strap locks and Elixir strings. The upgrades give the bass a greater range and tonal options. It is what it is folks. I have original tuner and pups. You are more than welcome to pop along and try it out. I'm in South Birmingham. weights 8.6Lb 3.9Kg Looking for £700 NO TRADES PLEASE!!!!!
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    Put two boards together today that will likely stay put for a while whilst I offload a bunch of pedals! I’ve run out of Velcro though so some are just being held by cables/gravity. Also ignore settings as they’d not been adjusted after put them together. Rock board. A bit of a squeeze and can’t quite reach all the buttons on the DP-3X, but it’s always on so no biggie. I’ve found the DP-3X to be so touch sensitive that I don’t need an extra dirt pedal, I just have to exercise more control! I do like to run a wah before it and delay/phaser at the end though, and that would pretty much just be more board if my band had not imploded. So since I’m playing mostly by myself, I’ve combined this with my faux Royal Blood style setup; ABY switch goes to the wah then the dUg on one side, and Tender/Whammy/Joyo/Delay/Phaser/Mimiq on the other. With the stereo doubler on the octave up and the bass panned central, it sounds amazing through headphones. I want to try a stereo phaser in place of the Phase 90 now! Funk board! VTDI is a very versatile pre, and there are great synth sounds to be found from running the Octabvre 100% wet into the BB Preamp and Fwonkbeta, or even both filters combined.
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    They look pretty similar to me :
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    Two questions:- Why the massive font? Where?
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    The Irish folk band im on we do a version of Gulf coast highway. It's not the bass line. it's the audience reaction when our harmonies come together both vocally and the violins. It sends shivers up my spine.
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    They'd only allow you to join if you could type with both hands at once.
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    Just got it, it was the Pownall Arms in Bramhall, every thursday evening back in the second half of the 70s. He'd always make time to talk with us and encourage our musical aspirations. So I understand exactly what you mean, and it's good to know he is still playing and hasn't changed. I'll be playing at the birthday bash for the harp player in one of my bands in a week or two, he'll be 75, and still playing (gigged with him last night).
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    Very nicely done @SH73 I've liked and followed you on SoundCloud regardless. @Skol303 any chance we can get the poll amended? Personally I think it'd be a shame not to.
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    I didn’t want to do the pickguard white, black, cream, tort etc and so there was only one colour to pick!!
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    My mint & boxed Cali is now for sale should you feel the desire to acquire both...
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    There’s a lot of love for orange round these parts 😁
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    Thank you You mean every model has a unique pattern, not every bass, right?
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    If youre feeling experimental, take a look at artec. They have some pretty decent onboard units.
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    I've had 2 spectracomp pedals. The first was noisy. The second was not. So it's worth trying one first to make sure it's a goodun.
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    OK, I'll not post anything else about it. I'm sure no-one else will either
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    I wouldn't pay more than £1,000 - £1,100 for a stripped 86... then I'd get it refinished Inca Silver.
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    The Thrill is Gone. Probably because I've played it with Victor Brox, who played it with BB KIng. In B-flat minor for Victor's trumpet, which he plays right-handed while playing keys with his left. I play a walking minor 7th line with a lot of sustain, love the sound, but also the memory it always brings back of being so close to true greatness.
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    If I’m not playing reggae I like playing hit me with your rhythm stick great Bassline
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    Don't know, it hasnt arrived yet! I have the new pickup on order along with a toggle switch and a Fender Deluxe 4 saddle bridge (the one with part-threaded saddles). It's a 3-screw mounting and has through/top stringing options so should be a drop-in. I like the look of the current 2-saddle bridge but in practise it's a pain in the bum regarding action and intonation adjustment. Going for practicality over 'authenticity'. I have a new graphtec Tusq nut which should also improve the overall playing experience... Edit: So I'll have a Herrick neo 51 Tele pup and a SQ VM two saddle through body bridge up for sale soon...
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    cheers. I'm not near my pc but will do this afternoon
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    Ever thought that new Fenders were a bit overpriced? Well you might be right. https://apple.news/A3a4EP2b-QSmirMzBh87hxg
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    A new venue for us last night , the old red lion in little Sutton , a proper music pub and well looked after , plenty of sockets , extension cables, lighting rig and a couple of electric fans for us ! we have been trying to get a gig there for quite a few years , but they book a year up and it is almost a closed shop. we took a cancellation and stormed it , we set up at 6.30 which meant they could put the match on, as the big screen is on the stage area, ok, the match result didn't go as hoped but the place stayed very busy , we will be asked to fill in more this year and will be on the booking roster next year , result a 15 minute drive home , with the sky lighting up in the distance it was quite surreal
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    Welcome! I also started late - yes play with tracks to get started, but play with other musicians as much as you can! It's scary at first, but bass is all about being the backbone of a band. Plenty of support here, thank you for joining us :-)
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    Pre Basschat I had 1 bass, 1 amp and a minimal selection of effects for years. Now I have 4 basses, 6 amps and God only knows how many effects pedals and sundry other stuff. I'm not looking for an elusive sound or tone or anything else - I just enjoy mucking about with stuff and usually losing money in the process. No harm done except to my bank balance but life's too short.
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    I'm not sure how much he actually paid for it but I heard he was going to party like it was £19.99
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    For those tempted to go in this direction, Electromarket have a 10% off voucher (REWARD10) running at the moment - they stock a lot of RCF stuff.... No affiliation, just passing on the info!
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    Just got back from a great gig in Peterborough, a proper live music pub with a really appreciative audience. Several local musicians in there watching us, as it was the first time we had played there, a couple of bass players came up at the end and complimented me on my bass tone, it was nice to hear.
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    If you keep adding dye eventually you get to the point where you obscure the grain of the wood more and more, without necessarily getting any darker. You reach full saturation of colour. It's almost like applying more and more coars of paint - the colour doesn't change. Darker, beyond a small range, can only be achieved using a different blend of pigments.
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    If someone said to you "I bet you're a bit of a c*nt.. No offence" you'd probably be offended
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    Well, shirley an envelope filter would be .....The Sorting Office? I'll get my coat.
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    You sure it isn't one of those superinposed joke vocals over a video thing? Like
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    Octave, filter, bitcrusher all in one pedal, anyone?
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    My Alembic Essence can get really DUB with turning down the filter. Super Clean and extrem low end
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    Yup, it was me ! I'm making a few whilst I sort something out with Chris @ Smoothound - if you'd like to send me a message, I can sort one out for you. Cheers, Nick
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    If you want real clarity, attack and a super clean sound, you need a lot of headroom/power. You want whatever you use to be working well within itself and not straining in any way - that's when dirt/compression starts to make its presence felt. I'd be looking at a high quality pre' with a serious PA power amp (think something like Lab Gruppen) driving Barefaced, Greenboy or similar cabs. Not cheap, but will do the job properly.
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    Beaut! I'd love it but would need to part exchange GLWTS!
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