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  1. One of the reasons I let my SR700 go was the civilised nature of the Barts. I've since tried one of the newer SR series with exposed pole pieces, now that was much more to my liking. Not sure what brand pups they are, but sounded good to me. Less civilised perhaps 😈
  2. Plus one there. Definitely wins Quote Of The Week award lol 🎷😎
  3. These should be available on prescription from the National Elf Service 😎🎸
  4. Yes. Little known fact that FOH originally stood for Full Of Heft.
  5. So is THRUST the new HEFT? Or just a Danish translation? 😎
  6. The one cab solution is the BF Compact. Light, powerful and tonally delightful.
  7. Does this apply equally to right and left handed instruments?
  8. Saw Chic and Nile tonight. Very enjoyable, they know how to put on a show. Bass player wasn't bad either lol. Actually, he was top notch. I was air bass-ing it tonight, sadly enough. I slap so much better without a bass.
  9. That's a pretty bit of tort, there. And does indeed work well with black and maple. Like discreet said, i think most modern torts don't seem to have that 'thing" going on like yours does.
  10. I don't think so. A headphone output is a hundred milliwatts or so, which is 0.1 watt. The lower impedance of the cab won't help. Also, I assume the headphone out is dual mono and needs a stereo plug. Inserting a mono quarter inch jack, or however big the socket is, is likely to short out one of the channels and could cause probs.
  11. I'm glad you are here. More power to your elbow.
  12. Curious indeed. I thought there was only one owner, unless things have changed in the past few years. Very odd marketing indeed.
  13. When I saw the email saying rainbow, I thought of a single cab in rainbow tolex or whatever. Now that would be funky.
  14. Tug bar? Sounds like some places I've been in Brighton 😎
  15. Looks ace, seriously chic. Me likey much.
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