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  1. Speakers - Displacement

    Now that's what I call displacement...
  2. Speakers - Displacement

  3. How was your gig last night?

    Great stage stance you have there sir.
  4. Trace Elliot 1/4" Jack Sockets

    Yeah these are standard quarter inch jack sockets. Any suitably sized retaining nut will fit, they have a standard diameter and thread for those jacks.
  5. Enclosure/ case for TE GP7 head

    There are narrow combos which have a standard 19inch rack width head, and wider combos (typically the 4x10 versions) which have a wider head, around 23 inches.
  6. Who invited the stuttering parrot? 😎 PS Go on, how much was it then? P-p-p-pieces o-o-of E-e-e-ight?
  7. Trace Elliott

    Do let us know how you get on 😀
  8. Trace Elliott

    And Lord Percy discovered Green. The original Trace Elliot design team.
  9. Trace Elliott

    My guitarist once commented that my playing was very workman like. I took that as a compliment, as I was connected to my Series 6 at the time.
  10. Trace Elliott

    Mmmmmmmmm 😀 Ok, I'm done for now....
  11. Trace Elliott

    They are and they do. Would love some pics here if at all possible. Pretty please 😎
  12. Trace Elliott

    Oh. Bad decision. NOT! Enjoy 😎🎸
  13. Trace Elliott

    Monster goodness 😀 Interesting graphic settings... 😎
  14. Are Markbass cabs now considered a bit rubbish?

    Odd really. A few years ago MB were the bastions of high quality, low weight amplification. You couldn't move without bumping into some of their gear. Times have moved on. Now we want high quality low weight amps. Oh hold on a minute... Maybe it's a tonal thing. In other words, I have no idea about their cabs though. Lol.
  15. If you do decide to whip the head out and use it with a different cab, just watch out for the head width before ordering a 2u case. Those 4x10 combos had wider amps than the normal 19inch jobbies. Something like 23 inch iirc to match the width of a typical 4x10 setup.