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  1. Falling in love again

    So, just another FAD then? 😂 Coat got....
  2. WELL DONE !!!

    Ditto the above. I've finally been able to access it properly and start to nose around. The UI is light years ahead and overall very slick user experience. Investigating new features slowly, but so far everything I've found has been a worthy improvement. Well done chaps, I know these things are stressful and hard work. Nicely done. And this is my first post in the New World 😀 Cheers Geoff
  3. Yamaha BB300 MIJ

    Sounds like a good find. The original ad is no longer available, so any pics would be welcome. Cheers Geoff
  4. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    [quote name='KiOgon' timestamp='1510302998' post='3405379'] Sounds like a whole shed load of GAS just waiting to happen [/quote] Quote of the week 😀
  5. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    Ooh it's Friday, no more sleeps. Today can't go quick enough. Right, that's me done, back to reality...
  6. Amp clipping

    Make sure you use an HB. 2B's are too soft.
  7. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    I just hope it's good for metal.
  8. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    [quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1510083304' post='3403899'] First I've heard of this.... seriously, well done chaps, hope I can understand it all. Will this update change where the notes are on my Precision? [/quote] It'll all be good. No need to fret... 😎
  9. Migration Update 18/10

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1510074566' post='3403791'] I'm not really feline the love where this category of humour is concerned. I felix okay to have a little kitten around. That's furry 'nuff but I am fed up with pussy-footing around the subject and I meowst speak out against this sort of thing at long last. [/quote] Do you live in Barking....? 😎
  10. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    Great stuff, can't wait. I'm not gigging this Friday, so while my fave website is offline being upgraded I guess I will have to talk to the wife for a bit instead. Don't make it too long.... 😎 Cheers Geoff
  11. Any TE gurus on here?

    Yeah I'd go with 150w too. Nice find, looks in great condition. Perfect colour coded guitar lead too 😎 Cheers Geoff
  12. Migration Update 18/10

    [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1509735375' post='3401335'] Too late, he's [i]had [/i]his breakfast, and they were delicious. [/quote] Purrrrrfect
  13. Migration Update 18/10

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1509616494' post='3400261'] I won't forget - It's Remembrance Day. [/quote] That reminds me, need to get some poppies.
  14. Trace Elliot - talk to me

    [quote name='T-Bay' timestamp='1509291612' post='3397839'] I am wondering why he built his conservatory uphill. [/quote] It's an optical illusion caused by Trace Elliot heft.
  15. Desktop site preview

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1509144619' post='3397046'] I can’t handle the CITES paperwork [/quote] Yeah sorry my bad, as my daughters would say. I meant Paul Ferrous, or whatever his name is 😀