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  1. Alright folks, figured I'll start this thread to log my performance progress and what not. To start if off here's my song 13am played at a local Open-Mic and recorded on my mate's phone, let us know what your rekon;
  2. Akio Dāku

    Yikes... More Joe Dart

    Man I love Vulfpeck, great share! I have to add this to the Dart-fest because it's a masterpiece;
  3. Akio Dāku

    Backing Vocals and playing Bass...

    I'm guna be that guy I'm afraid; there are no quick fixes, you just have to practice vocals everyday like you'd practice bass. You should check out Melissa Cross and her DVD "The Zen of Screaming" if you after a good routine to practice more heavy vocal techniques. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zen-Screaming-DVD-Melissa-Cross/dp/0739046500/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536310182&sr=8-1&keywords=zen+screaming
  4. Akio Dāku

    Dave Hall has passed away

    ... I just found out about this, my VT1 popped last night and I just emailed him about it... then I noticed this thread... damn, Dave was a wonderful chap, always indulged me if I sent him music to listen to or needed help with maintenance. Much love to a properly lovely bloke. 🙏
  5. Akio Dāku

    Bassists as lead vocalists

    Ah fair does, I use hard wired in-ears with a Behringer MA400 myself and find it's no fuss at all. They're like £20, well worth it in my opinion. https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Behringer-MA400-Monitor-Headphone-Amplifier/GX7
  6. Akio Dāku

    Bassists as lead vocalists

    Why so? Personally I'd go inears when singing, I just find them better for pitching.
  7. Akio Dāku


    Voted, well done every! 👏
  8. Akio Dāku

    The BassChat Podcast - Ep #1 [FEEDBACK THREAD]

    Here it is! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-basschat-podcast/id1428552711 Oh and I forgot to mention we're on Stitcher too! https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/basschatcouk/the-basschat-podcast?refid=stpr
  9. Hi all! This episode I'm joined by the wonderful @Sibob who deserves a great thanks from us all, because he took care of all the editing/post production on this one and it sounds amazing! As requested we've gone for a totally unscripted approach and we cover a multitude of topics; making music, playing solo vs being in bands and, of course, gear! So have a listen and let us know what you think of the new format, we're all really exited to hear what you all reckon! 🙏 Now for few bits of administration gubbins; at present we're sorting out all the publication side of things, hopefully we'll be up on iTunes within a week but we're having some issues with the iTunes connect service, so as soon as it's resolved I'll post here and let everyone know. In the mean time we've got a new main page for hosting the podcast; http://basschat.libsyn.com/ and it's already live on Spotify; https://open.spotify.com/show/1AXD0U4t9RxZaFw2R29FnH It can also be found on Stitcher. Thanks to all involved behind the scenes and thanks to everyone who listened to the pilot and got this thing off the ground! Much Love and happy listening. 😊 Bo aka @Akio Dāku Edit; Issues resolved so now we're up on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-basschat-podcast/id1428552711 Oh and I forgot to mention we're on Stitcher too! https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/basschatcouk/the-basschat-podcast?refid=stpr
  10. Akio Dāku

    advice for my Youtube channel

    Man, I've got like 7 subs and the most I ever get views wise on a video is like 50. If I was in your position I'd think I was doing really well.
  11. Akio Dāku

    advice for my Youtube channel

    Your pedal reviews look like they're your most viewed content, just stick with what works.
  12. Akio Dāku

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    I'm open to that being the case if I've overlooked something but your going to have to clarify exactly what "problem" your accusing me of being part of. If you'd be willing to outline where anything I've said could be construed as oppressive I'd be really grateful, because I'd like to be afforded the opportunity to address it.
  13. Akio Dāku

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    That's very much strawmaning my stance but ok; how do you assert causation from this pattern you've uncovered? That's what I'm saying, we need freedom of speech so we know who people really are, then we can make informed choices as to how we interact with them as individuals. Just so we're all clear, I'm defending what I see as a right and one of the most important mechanisms for the evolution of culture and society; the conceptualisation of freedom of speech as seen from what I guess you'd call a "classical libertarian", I'm not advising we all get up on stage dropping N bombs. Personally I don't even like playing covers regardless of lyrical content, but I'd die to defend the right of anyone to verbally/artistically offend me. (Sorry if there's typos I'm on my phone and I've not got time to proof read)
  14. Akio Dāku

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    The free use of language doesn't oppress, controlled or compelled use of language oppresses. Please expand if I'm misunderstanding you.
  15. Akio Dāku

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    Because of the overwhelming importance of freedom of speech/expression. I'm a white bloke and I'd happily say "nigger" or any other lyric. It's important I'm clear about this so I'll try my best to expand on my position; in this sense "nigger" has the meta context of "lyric", even if it's being used as a pejorative term in the context of the song. As a performer playing a cover; I am a glorified CD player and if Kendrick Lamar's coming out of the speakers, no-one starts to impose narratives onto the CD player, no-one starts asserting the CD player has a certain set of motivations behind reproduceing the acoustic wave of a small mouth noise produced by a bipedal ape. That's a double standard in my eyes. I quote the great philosopher Bob Marley; "one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Being offended by music/language is something you have to activatly engage in, it's not something that's imposed on you, it's a stance you choose to take, thus it's on the shoulders of the offended not the offenders. And I don't want to spend my weekend defending this, that's just my take but I'm open to being wrong if someone points out a flaw in my logic. Love you all so let's keep this discussion, as a discussion and not an argument. 🙏