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  1. Akio Dāku

    Drummer dilemma

    I'd just bring it up straight away at the start of the next rehearsal. Say something like; "I feel like we're constantly rushing as a band, I might be wrong but could we try rehearsing to a click for a few weeks? Just so we can lock our tempos down together." Then your not singling anyone out and the click will objectively reveal if anyone's rushing without you saying a word.
  2. Akio Dāku

    June Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    @Mornats that was sick, properly gave me Mercury Theatre/War of the Worlds vibes. 👏
  3. Akio Dāku

    Basschat merchandise

    I'd buy a standard black t-shirt with the "BassChat.co.uk" forum header screen printed on it. (You know, fairly big across the chest, band t-shirt style) I'd part with £20 for that if it included postage.
  4. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    I appreciate that's a possibility but we have to remember; that the same could be said for a shorter episode. This is all an opening gambit and it's just the pilot. Nothing's set in stone and it'll be easier to focus in on a workable format once we have this out so we can get objective feedback. Ideally I want this to be something everyone can enjoy but it's an impossible task to please everybody at once. As I've said I want this to be a representation of the forums wants/needs, so once we've put out the pilot we'll make a proper feedback thread and poll the opinions that people put forward to see where we end up. Until then everything's in a liminal zone really. I just need to make something happen for now, so sticking with this format/length is my safest bet for actually getting something coherent together. I mean everyone could turn around tell us it's terrible and the idea could languish in the bardo of unrealized potential for all we know. So lets not get ahead of ourselves.
  5. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    Anythings possible, but I'll just give you a rough idea of things; At present on @ped's recommendation we have 6 segments not including an intro/outro. That's 5 roughly 10 min segments and a 20-30 min feature segment plus a 45min to an hour interview. In half an hour there wouldn't be time to say anything meaningful about much of the content we have to work with. The majority of podcasts in the charts are 2-3hours an episode, my personal approach would be why split what the listener can pause? Podcasts are a long form media, especially if you're including some form of interview. What real insight can you get into a topic or someones' mind and body of work in a 3-5min sound bite? Which is what we'd be looking at doing a half hour cast.
  6. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast Q+A (Question Submissions)

    I appreciate everyone's comments so far but remember this is a thread to collect some questions for a Q+A style op-ed segment in the cast. This great example of what we're after;
  7. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    Haha , trust me folks we've got this. 😉 @ped we're working to format, we've got it all covered in a BC Podcast Group Message I'll send you an Invite now. As for time, it's going to be pretty long, I'd guess 1:45 - 2 hours with all the features and an interview with @Chownybass we've got planned. But fret not I think you'll all be happy with it. We can react to feedback and get more people involved once we have the pilot out. Folk can see where we're at production wise and make a more accurate critique when we've got it finished. At present though I think the most realistic format if it gets "green lit" will be a 2 to 3 hour cast released once a month. Then it's logistically reasonable and folk can listen to it in sections, this is the internet you can pause and pick up where you left off, you don't have to listen to it all in one go. 😋 Think of it as an audio monthly magazine.
  8. Akio Dāku

    June Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    This is genius! I love it! You've got my vote man, perfection on every level! 🙌🙇‍♂️🙌🙇‍♂️🙌🙇‍♂️🙏 You are a god among mere mortals. 👏
  9. As folk might be aware, we're putting together a pilot episode for a BC podcast and for one of the segments we're going to do a Q+A. Please post any questions you'd like to throw at us in this thread and we'll try our best to answer as many as we can. (Questions with the most "Likes" will get priority) Because this is the pilot episode I don't want to put any real parameters on acceptable questions other than they have to be Bass/Music related, just go wild and we'll see what happens. At the very least we should get a good giggle out of me and @SpondonBassed trying our best to act like we know things haha! 🤣
  10. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    This is an awesome idea! Thanks @Silvia Bluejay that would be amazing!
  11. Akio Dāku

    June Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    @kingofthestuntmen this is great! Love the arrangement and all the layers are awesome, very nicely done indeed. 👏
  12. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    It looks like this might be a thing folks, I'm going to try and put decent pilot together with @SpondonBassed by the end of the month, so we'll see where it goes from there. I'll PM people individually to sort out the specifics. Thanks to everyone for showing an interest in this and feel free to keep posting any ideas in the mean time, but it's not the end of the world if this thread sinks, I'll be sure to bump it once the episodes out! 😁
  13. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    Ah fair enough, I think I'm just defining slickness with a different threshold but I totally agree with that. I'm a freelance audio engineer on-top of my part-time day job, I'm not just a hobbyist, the last job I did was for the "The 8th Asian Awards" and I've done a tone of audio restoration work and production on different podcasts. Plus I'm a fairly eloquent and charismatic fellow too on the sly, 😜🤣 so i'm up for putting a pilot together if folk are cool with that? Personally I think https://appear.in/ is the way to go for the first punt, it's like Skype or google hangouts but with less delay and better audio. That's if everyone's cool with me capturing all the audio at my end to minimize fuss for this first pop at it. If we want to go for better audio after then; we could use something like http://www.pamela.biz/ and everyone capture audio at their ends and we comp it afterwords but that means we'd have to use Skype. If no one objects to me kinda taking the rains for the pilot would you @SpondonBassed be up for co-hosting? We could do a few segments and then interview @Chownybass? Providing your still up for it Chowny? Then once its all recorded I'll do a rough edit and possibly pass it to you @project_c to do a QC listen through to catch anything I've missed? Then if you'd pass it back to me I'll master the audio and bosh; post it up here and see what folk reckon, get some feedback on if we should/how to proceed with it? If it get's "green lit" then figure out who's going to run the Libsyn and the admin side of things. What do folk think? I by no means wish to dictate what should happen to everyone, I want it to be BC's podcast not mine. You just posted this after I'd typed up my previous gambit so for the record I'm up for traveling too if in-person would be a preference but it's definitely less doable if we'd like to make it regular. I'm in Manchester not sure where everyone else is?
  14. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    To be fair that's a very good point, what would be your specifications if you were hypothetically to run an add? Just out of interest, I mean really I think me might be getting ahead of our selves just a bit first we need to figure out who's willing to contribute and what roles people will fill. My be we should do a "pilot" episode to test the theory before committing to anything to grandiose. I think it could attract new members, it's like anything that has a community component, people like to be involved and I think folk underestimate the popularity of audio only podcasts. People don't really listen to podcast on FB or YouTube, you listen on RSS Apps or iTunes, that kind of thing. I just think that with the resource of people and the wealth knowledge on BC bringing that to a wider audience would be a really cool thing and a bit of a missed opportunity if it didn't happen. Honestly I can just say that it's something that I'd consume and I know there's a hole in the market because it's something I've been looking for. Really though at this point I think the main motivation should be that it's a fun communal exercise. If it's not fun to make in the first place, why do it? I'm still not 100% that it needs to be "Super-Slick", the most listened to and highest grossing podcast world wide is "The Joe Rogan Experience" and that's literally one guy speaking to a new interesting person each episode with no script, totally off the cuff with nothing edited, all awkward silences and all "Ums" and "Ers" kept in. It's real conversations with real people who are really interested in what they're discussing that's the key factor for me personally. I'm not sure on how to run this though, because... I mean; I'm happy being fairly heavily involved but I'm properly new round here and feel someone in a BC position of authority needs to make some kind of definitive call on whats to be before anything can be done really. @ped what are you thinking about all this so far?
  15. Akio Dāku

    BassChat Podcast?

    I'm only 28 and I concur. Personally I hate scripted stuff but I agree with talking points and having someone steering the ship. I agree with editing to a point but I think there's a fine line between a good edit and over editing, it still needs to be a natural conversation. Part of the charm of long form podcasts is the human aspect in my eyes and being too gung-ho with the editing just make it sound like over produced radio rather than a friendly podcast. I agree with good EQing and doing a multi track comp but I don't think you need to worry too much. Some of the most popular podcasts in the world consist of Skype interviews, where only the host has a half decent Mic and the individual being interviewed is speaking through the hands free Mic on their ear buds. I think we're coming to a consensus audio only would be the way to go. I agree intro "stings" and what not should be kept short and sweet, and credits at the end, but I'd advice having any advertising/sponsorship up front. As a regular listener of podcasts (I listen to a good 5 hours of them a day, Monday to Friday, while at my day job.) that's the standard format and personally I prefer that then I'm aware of any affiliation before going in, plus you can just give a time stamp in the show notes so people can choose to skip over it if they wish. 2 hour plus podcasts aren't for people with short attention spans from the offset, so attempting to cater for that audience will just alienate people who'd be dedicated listeners. long from podcasts are a group of "friends" you check in with once a week to have a one sided conversation with. The more polished the end product, the more formal you make the relationship between the creators and the audience and that really takes away from the charm of a podcast in my opinion.