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  1. I'm also the bass player and in control of the sound and all the problems that came with it ,old school with mixer on stage ,sound checks a night mare and when every thing went wrong with the PA or monitors all eyes turn to you. I came across at the time the Mackie DL1608 mixer using an iPad control surface using Mackie master fader app and it solved all the problems I was having at the time , you can down load the app for free and try it to get use to it once connected to the DL1608 works great Have moved to the Mackie DL32R now and its even better ,think they stopped making the 1608 and would highly recommend going down this route ,it saves space ,easy to use ,easy to read , can use it on stage or out in the floor space to sound check , built in everything from graphics to effects parametric EQs compression and gates … hope it helps
  2. Using a bass on stage Lakland 55-02 with DI box into PA and using 4 x10 cabs on stage with amp...is it better to have guitar volume up to max or say leave it at half way with some in reserve The guitar player in the band uses a fender strat says you must play with volume up to max on the guitar to get best out of the pickups
  3. I have an Ampeg 2 Pro and not used for some time and decided to try it out...not sure of the age but looks like one of the newer type … anyway switched the power on all ok left it for a while to warm up and switched off standby and went into red light flashing at the front. Looks like its needing some TLC but I live on the eat coast no repair shops about here so asking if any one knows were to send something like this to be looked at .I would like to get it up and running to use ,even if it weights a ton any ideas thanks Stewart
  4. I have a 2015 Ampeg Heritage that's come up with a red flashing fault light when turned on...Its been mine from new, looked after and flight cased. If I turn down one of the bias screws on the back you can power on the amp as normal and it works but hums a lot and the light above the bias control is red if you turn the screw adjustment to try to balance ...to matching green as is the other bias light the amp shuts down fault light comes on. no idea were to take it as I live in Lincolnshire, any help on this would be appreciatd
  5. Have a Lakland 55-94 with i belive USA pick ups look like LH-3 type the music man type with the toggle switch works fine but nothing on the neck jazz pickup either in passive or active ,have looked inside the compartment on the back all seems wired up ok no lose wires any one have any ideas thanks Stewart
  6. I have been in bands since I was 20 and now 63 started on guitar then moved to bass , a move I should have made years ago as the most enjoyable time I ever had. The bands I have been in have all been long term bands one lasting 20 years and the one I'm in just over 10. Other members in the band some older than me have been talking of calling it a day this year. Now I feel I would like to carry on maybe join others I believe I still have a few years , so the issue is and this might come to others ,you still have the drive wanting to play to people but the pool of music friends seems to be getting smaller... adverts all seen to want younger people and most of my music friends have either given up way back and moved on to other things. So I'm just start to look about ...but not easy... Stewart
  7. I have had this amp from new now just over two years old ,just before christmas at a gig on stage for 3 songs then no sound out of the amp with flashing green / red fault light on Got through the night and today checked it out to find at the back of the amp a red bias light on all of the time on the left side, turn it down a bit power on the amp it works but a hum there all the time alter the bias up a bit and amp shuts down to red /green fault any one at ideas thanks Stewart
  8. As new no marks just as new Ampeg SVT Heritage CL 300watt amp spent its short life as you can see in purpose flightcase all foam lined and on castors. This is the USA version amp bought as a back up but only used no more than 10 times . I have done one photo as in a rush but can do more if required ...please note as with most valve Ampegs it can take a 4 or 2 ohm speaker load. Any thing missed out please ask and do my best to answer thanks[attachment=227546:IMG_1972.JPG]
  9. I'm interested in this bass if you could email me [email protected] of details and price
  10. Have been using a Ampeg PR 4 X10 HF cab for some time with the hf part set to about mid position ...using a Ampeg SVT 2 Pro have just changed the amp to a Ampeg Heritage CL and have always wanted to go with the Ampeg 8 X 10 ....now a see this cab does not use a HF driver ......Question is on live situations what would be the points for and against sound wise ....never used a 8 X 10 THANKS
  11. Ok have a Ampeg SVT 2 Pro using one 4 x 10 Ampeg cab at 4 ohms and one 15 inch Orange at 8 ....on the back of the amp switch there for 2 or 4 ohms so left it on 2 so I guess the speaker load is somewhere about 3 ohms.....is this a problem for this amp thanks any info
  12. Have never seen one or heard one does any one use one or can tell me what they think of this amp any info thanks
  13. Thanks to all who answered this the Lakland is i believe a 35 inch scale a friend of mine has a Iceni Zoot Funkmeister 5 ...he to got the same stings and has them through the body with the same result of being only slightly short on E and B so looks like the short answer is re string from the back and not through the body
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