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  1. Just finished this one, it's my first attempt at a multi angel shoot and I'll be honest I think I've over edited and in hindsight I reckon I should of included a "down the neck" shot too, god knows I'm totally overthinking it at this point. Please though, give me your feedback and link us to examples of you would. Much love. Xx
  2. @Al Krow here are the pics I promised, just shows off its functionality a bit better. Xx
  3. Here's a set from about a year ago, its not this signal chain and the sound's not great but its the only video I have of a full performance, oh and just a warning, I do use profanity, so if you're easily offended you've been warned; I'll still do some better pics for you shortly too. Sounds like he's a handsome fellow. 😜 Xx
  4. All three really, I use it for home practice, I produced/compose with it and I perform as a solo bassist/vocalist. I'll get some pics tomorrow to show the box properly but basically my entire rig collapses into the box, mic stand and all. Here's a gig pic showing the front of the box so you can kinda get the idea. 😎 Xx
  5. I've had a rewire, two firmware updates and a spring clean spurred on by the acquisition of two new pedals. The MS-60B and the Tape Echo are the newbies. I've tried to explain to my house mate how life changing this is and how happy I am with my beautiful new signal chain but for some reason his eyes are glazing over... However I feel basschaters being the most cultured of all individuals will understand my giddiness. 😁 Xx
  6. Just ordered my tickets for both days, guna make a weekend of it. (Is it wrong that I'm more excited for this than Christmas?) 😁 Xx
  7. I guess it depends on the control layout. My main has individual volume pots per pick-up and no blend, so I use those but admittedly rarely use the master volume on a bass with a single pot. X
  8. Got to consider the meta of your life if you want the grind to be sustainable, 😉 but I totally hold my hands up to being an anal retentive. 🤣 Xx
  9. Sleep right the night before, eat right throughout the day but leave it a good 40mins without food before you're set, exercise in the day time before hand, something like 40 mins cardio/20 mins free weights and if you've got to sing no smoking beforehand and run your full set at home prior on the day of the gig. That's my typical routine, oh and a I have 500ml energy drinks one for the drive there and one to get me home. Oh and bring a book if its an early sound check, or a pillow if you're the kinda person happy to catch a few winks while your waiting. Xx
  10. Just read this on the web site, came here to post it but damn Sir, pipped to the post. 🤣 X
  11. Played in Didsbury at The Railway last night, a great bunch of bands and with really good promoters running the night (Deco Records, well worth hitting up for gigs). Anyway one of the bands were called Shallow Waters and they were amazing, imagine Led Zep meet Queen's of The Stone Age. Check em out; X
  12. Jesus, out of my budget then. 😅 X
  13. Very nice, do we have an idea on price? X
  14. Alright folks! I've already posed this in the "gigs" section of the forum but I'm super proud of it so I've got to be a cheeky bugger and post it here too. It's a full set, all my own material, from a gig I did last month at the 3 Minute Theater in Manchester. I'd love to hear what you all reckon. X
  15. I'm working on this cover of my friends song, here's the original; and here's how mine's sound thus far; https://www.dropbox.com/s/74qo7qml0l3exet/Boundaries Of Sensation - rough clip 4.mp3?dl=0 this is all just drafting it out, so the playing and vocals are fair rough and I need to tweak how the harmonies in the chorus work, I'll post an update when it's properly finished. X
  16. Just got this footage back from a gig I did last month, I'm chuffed to bit's with it and I'd love to here what you all reckon. X
  17. Cheers @SpondonBassed I'm glad you enjoyed it! 😊 X
  18. Been listening to this recently and I'm totally in love, the full album is insane! X
  19. 🙌🙇🙌🙇🙌🙇🙌🙇🙏 👏👏👏
  20. Brilliant this month folks, well impressed! And @lurksalot man as always well impressed, tidy riff, I listened to it a few times through. 🙌
  21. This all makes sense, so I guess what I'm asking is; at what point does "competence" your ability to execute said tasks (Fretting accuracy, intonation, rhythm and timing, etc.), ascend into something we'd call "technicality"? Is it simply a question of averages? If a piece takes a higher level of competence than a bassist with an equivalent facility to the mode average could achieve, then does that piece meet the requirements to be deemed technical? "Technicality" defined as an above average "competence"... I think... haha, 🤣 like... Imagine a spectrum of ability that (for sake of discussion) goes; crap, decent, competent, technical, virtuosic.
  22. Well that's it really, just been mulling it over in my mind... I mean obviously there are graded pieces; so we know certain academic boards have figured out a system of measurement, but I honestly don't know what parameters are assessed and it's easy to make the assertion; "the nuances that set the threshold for technicality are subjective." but I'm not so sure... What do you reckon? Is there an objective threshold for technicality or what can be called a technical piece of music?
  23. @Kevsy71 cheers man, you've just made my day! 🙌 🙏
  24. Akio Dāku


    Yo, I'll do the 3 for £75 if you're interested, no pressure if not. Links to my album are in my signature, it's all my engineering/mastering. I'm by no means a pro mastering engineer but thought I'd extend the offer, as I say though; no pressure either way.
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