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  1. Thanks for the replies, I always get stage fright before a gig so these will help
  2. Hi all Playing a gig tomorrow, have done the necessary rehearsing and have practiced at home etc but wondering if there are any pre gig tips anyone has that they put into place the day before/ morning of the gig to make sure all goes smoothly , after any tips at all that could be helpful, there will be some bum notes in a 2 hr gig with a band that gigs probably once a month at the moment (lots more booked next month ) but would be good to give the best performance i can , thanks
  3. Gail Ann Dorsey who played for Bowie , obviously a very high profile role but underrated as hell, great player Also Dennis Dunaway of the Alice Cooper band
  4. Had a rehearsal yesterday with my band and we were playing a well known Bowie song and I came into the rehearsal with a specific idea of how i am going to play the song, and with a very melodic bass part for the song, anyway our singer/guitarist before I have even started playing the songstarts to tell me a fill that I should add in to the song at a specific point in the song. I decide to listen to his suggestion, he then starts telling me what frets I should be using to do the fill to make it easier,fair enough so I run through it to appease him as he is so determined that I need to play this fill. Anyway I quickly realise not only was my original idea better but that the fill that he wanted would clash with my idea so as soon as we start playing the song I reverted back to my original idea. I am not against other people giving input in a band situation and if they do and there idea is good then I will take it on board and use there idea and have done a number of times in my current band but I am also a big believer that sometimes you have to let band members use there own judgement and taste on what fits a song. Anyhow this prompted the question when does it stop being constructive and become just being given orders of what to do?
  5. Lol , sorry, to make things clearer. Both the bass and treble switches in the off position allows you to blend both pickups to your tastes (just like on a jazz bass or any other passive bass) for me this is the setting I use 99.9% of the time If you put the bass slider in the On position you will only get the output of the neck pickup but with a treble cut so basically as if you have only the neck pickup volume turned up but with the tone rolled off, this is the most popular setting and if you favour a dark thumpy tone you will probably really like this setting The treble slider you will never need to use in the On position because it sounds like poo Hofner did change the control panel to a more logical one a while ago but people complained for some reason so they switched it back Hope this makes things clearer
  6. Much less confusing than most people think, Bass slider in the On position switches off the bridge pickup and cuts the treble, Treble slider in the On position switches off the neck pickup, both switches in the On position switches off both pickups, both sliders in the Off position allows you to use both pickups.
  7. I had an event where I really should have taken a backup bass, my Hofner starting buzzing really loudly, after faffing around for a few minutes trying to get it to stop I found that with the bass slider in the on position it stopped, this meant I had to sacrifice my usual super bright tone but enabled me to get through the event. When I got home I could not hear the buzz through my Amplug or the crappy 10 watt amp I use sometimes to practice, I figured the issue must be a bad ground and tightened up the plate that the ground wire rests against and all seemed well next rehearsal. Anyway the point is I really should have brought a backup bass.
  8. Wow re the tubes version it's a cover that sounds like another song (sounds a lot like new rose by the damned)
  9. I saw a vid of a live song from them and the bass changed from a Hofner club to another bass mid song and then back again, audio sounded exactly the same though, I suspect all of their official live stuff is overdubbed
  10. Have never really understood the point of subs and even discouraged our rather overzealous lead singer from buying a subwoofer for our band, mainly because pretty much every gig seems to have them cranked to the hilt at the expense of pretty much any definition, my bass tone has always favoured clarity over boom and thump. Anyhow this weekend I played a gig with a decent sound engineer with 3 other bands on the bill (was a rock night at a local music venue), the setup was a peavey bass head through an Ampeg 8x10" cab, the amp head was going out to the PA with the 8x10" still active and with the usual pa speakers setup and a couple of subwoofers. Now I admit being on stage with the sound of the drums, the guitar amp and the 8x10" for the bass I have no idea how we sounded out front but every band I heard that night the bass was spot on , the 8x10" paired with the subs meant the bass could be heard clearly and distinctly but the bass sounded absolutely huge, absolutely monstrous low end, in fact hearing one of the bands I started to question why I had not got my self a 5 string bass. I think I understand now
  11. Tried them but not a fan, sounded great for about 3 days then they went a bit too dead, didn't have the midrange punch of nickel plated strings and no real growl either, like flats but without the thump and without the woody tone but still with the finger noise of rounds. The 7250 strings are much better
  12. Thanks for the replies, I took the Rotos off and gave them a 10 minute soak in boiling water with some washing up liquid added and it seems to have brought them back to life. Am thinking about trying the coated Rotos as I do like the Rotosound tone.
  13. Wow 15 months!!! I need to try the NYXL's, how are the mids? I find Daddario xl's a bit scooped. Am using Rotos at the moment, I usually change strings once a month, have used Daddario XL nickels before but they lasted about 3 weeks before going completely dead
  14. As per the title. Played a gig last night so I put on a fresh set of strings, the venue was really, really hot and I was dripping with sweat, this morning my strings are pretty dead, anyone else have this issue when they play a gig at a hot venue?
  15. Always get nerves before a gig, always have, probably always will, the key is too prepare as much as possible, if you get a moment where you forget what the next note is it's better to drop a note or two than to play a bum note
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