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  1. JPJ has said different things about this at different times , has said in some interviews that he used flats and then in other interviews that he used rounds , i think he used flats, the tone on good times bad times sounds so much like flats, the tone, the thump
  2. Having played bass for a number of bands I know that the bass player and the drummer generally get little recognition , guitar players and vocalists tend to get a lot more recognition. This got me thinking about how strange this situation is as drummers have to be the best at their instrument in a band, you can have a weak guitarist in a band or a weak bass player (and I could name some well known bands where this is the case)and as long as the material is not overly complex you can convey the songs reasonably well, on the other hand if you have a drummer that is weak the songs can fall apart very quickly. What this is leading to is that the band I am playing with, our drummer is leaving and it has really brought this home to me, he is a phenomenal drummer, easily the best I have played with, always on the ball, never loses tempo and we really gel as a rhythm section, he has a crazy Keith moon kind of drumming style and we both play off of each other, I was reminded very quickly of this when we played some songs at an open mic the other day without him, I played the bass parts I usually play which play off of the drum rhythm heavily and they were just not working with what the drummer we were playing with was playing and it all sounded rather clumsy. In short if you have a good drummer, look after them they are worth the effort
  3. Wow, surprising to see him using the mid priced Hofner contemporary rather than the more expensive German version
  4. Cool , will have to give this a try, my hands sweat like mad when I play a gig so will come in handy
  5. Thanks for the replies, sounds like either Warwick or Prosteels are the way to go
  6. Hi Just wondering what the brightest steel strings are in the sub £25.00 range, I like a super bright tone for my band and change my strings much more than most people so a £35 set of DR's is out of the question , I have tried Rotosounds and they are really good but wondering if there is anything else worth trying. The stainless steel Ernie balls have caught my interest but there seems to be very little info out there on them.
  7. It was a really odd gig, we setup and went into the first half of the gig and there was all of about 3 people in the pub, the 3 that were there were clearly not there for music and looked very unimpressed despite us playing really well and after each song there was dead silence, no applause at all , the atmosphere was terrible and after the first half we had a 10 minute break and we all agreed that so far it was probably the worst gig we ever did, I was not looking forward to the prospect of the 2nd half and having to play for another hour and a half. Anyway, we go back and there are now another half a dozen people there, this time the audience are fantastic, people are dancing and singing and requesting we play certain songs twice, even the few originals we threw in go down a treat, there was a lovely couple who brought all of the band a round and afterwards people are coming up to us and telling us that they really enjoyed the set. Was a complete contrast to the first half and when the gig finished I was glad that we did the gig.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I always get stage fright before a gig so these will help
  9. Hi all Playing a gig tomorrow, have done the necessary rehearsing and have practiced at home etc but wondering if there are any pre gig tips anyone has that they put into place the day before/ morning of the gig to make sure all goes smoothly , after any tips at all that could be helpful, there will be some bum notes in a 2 hr gig with a band that gigs probably once a month at the moment (lots more booked next month ) but would be good to give the best performance i can , thanks
  10. Gail Ann Dorsey who played for Bowie , obviously a very high profile role but underrated as hell, great player Also Dennis Dunaway of the Alice Cooper band
  11. Had a rehearsal yesterday with my band and we were playing a well known Bowie song and I came into the rehearsal with a specific idea of how i am going to play the song, and with a very melodic bass part for the song, anyway our singer/guitarist before I have even started playing the songstarts to tell me a fill that I should add in to the song at a specific point in the song. I decide to listen to his suggestion, he then starts telling me what frets I should be using to do the fill to make it easier,fair enough so I run through it to appease him as he is so determined that I need to play this fill. Anyway I quickly realise not only was my original idea better but that the fill that he wanted would clash with my idea so as soon as we start playing the song I reverted back to my original idea. I am not against other people giving input in a band situation and if they do and there idea is good then I will take it on board and use there idea and have done a number of times in my current band but I am also a big believer that sometimes you have to let band members use there own judgement and taste on what fits a song. Anyhow this prompted the question when does it stop being constructive and become just being given orders of what to do?
  12. Lol , sorry, to make things clearer. Both the bass and treble switches in the off position allows you to blend both pickups to your tastes (just like on a jazz bass or any other passive bass) for me this is the setting I use 99.9% of the time If you put the bass slider in the On position you will only get the output of the neck pickup but with a treble cut so basically as if you have only the neck pickup volume turned up but with the tone rolled off, this is the most popular setting and if you favour a dark thumpy tone you will probably really like this setting The treble slider you will never need to use in the On position because it sounds like poo Hofner did change the control panel to a more logical one a while ago but people complained for some reason so they switched it back Hope this makes things clearer
  13. Much less confusing than most people think, Bass slider in the On position switches off the bridge pickup and cuts the treble, Treble slider in the On position switches off the neck pickup, both switches in the On position switches off both pickups, both sliders in the Off position allows you to use both pickups.
  14. I had an event where I really should have taken a backup bass, my Hofner starting buzzing really loudly, after faffing around for a few minutes trying to get it to stop I found that with the bass slider in the on position it stopped, this meant I had to sacrifice my usual super bright tone but enabled me to get through the event. When I got home I could not hear the buzz through my Amplug or the crappy 10 watt amp I use sometimes to practice, I figured the issue must be a bad ground and tightened up the plate that the ground wire rests against and all seemed well next rehearsal. Anyway the point is I really should have brought a backup bass.
  15. Wow re the tubes version it's a cover that sounds like another song (sounds a lot like new rose by the damned)
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