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    I feel I just have to share, the excitement is growíng So, after 20 long months of waiting my Wal MK1 is finished and soon to be on the way. Update photo from Paul.
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    I normally don’t post these but today is a bit different. Oh yes, Moog phatness! @CameronJ, @Al Krow, @GisserD, @lee650, @Bo0tsy, @tonyxtiger
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    Sold sold sold! 1998 Warwick Thumb bolt on 6 string bass Basslines pickups fitted in factory Built in Germany Active/passive push pull volume knob Pickup blend knob Stacked bass/treble knob Warwick strap locks recently replaced - they’re very secure Weight: approx 6 kg Comes with Warwick hard case Neck: wenge Fretboard: wenge Body: ovangkol Frets: 24 brass Nut: Just-A-Nut II Condition: great. There are a few dings but nothing major. I tried to show them in pictures as much as possible. Location: Brighton I would prefer collection only, but we can arrange something if you’re far away. UK only. £1150! I’ve decided to go through the painful decision of parting ways with my lovely ‘98 6 string Warwick Thumb BO. The only reason why I’m letting this go is to help fund a new Vigier, and I simply can’t justify hanging onto too many basses nowadays. I’ve owned it since 2007 and it’s served me very well in that time. It’s only been gigged a few times, so most playing has been at home - in a smoke free house. It's just had a set up, clean and new set of strings, the frets are now super shiny. I used a few different Music Nomad products on it, it's come up really nicely. Tone on this beastie is great, it’s got that classic Warwick sound that I love, with a nice broad range of dynamics. For tappers and such, the action is nice and low making it a nice and easy to play. It’s not too low to cause any buzz, and it still allows you to really dig in when playing finger style - I’m quite an aggressive player so really appreciate being able to really get some good attack on the strings without any farting or buzzing. There are a couple of dings but nothing major, I’ve tried to highlight them as much as possible in the pictures. I can give you my strap if you want it, it’s an old leather one. If not, that’s all good!
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    I have both and they’re both well worth the money. Get The Meters one too, thank me later.
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    Attended audition, passed audition. Didn't mention it in case I didnt get it! Very chuffed to get this one!
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    My band has been struggling to break into local venues and we played two gigs last year. By chance we got ourselves an agent (our guitard met her when seeing a band she represented at a local pub). We played a gig last week (arranged by her) where she saw us for the first time, and we now have eight gigs lined up so far this year. Although she is taking a small cut, she is arranging a fee that incudes her payment so there is no downside for us at all. Result!
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    Great and versatile tone, amazing playability, super-low action and remarkable look. No case, sorry. Specs: - Seven strings - Custom-made Bartolini Bill Dickens pickups - Custom electronics including a three-position parametric preset rotary switch and mid-frequency selector - Maple and purpleheart thru-body neck - Swamp ash wings topped with curly maple Spared condition, just a few aesthetic problems: - the 'Bill Dickens' signatures have come off from the pickups - replaced tuner at A-string (see the image) - a tiny dent on the top of the lower horn (see the image) Shipping is available, but not included in the price above.
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    Yes, I know. Here we go again. There is, however, a point to this. I have been trying to work on getting a wider musical perspective recently as I am finding that my composing is suffering from a significant lack of useful and effective knowledge of harmony. I also play a lot nowadays with people who are a lot better than me and I am trying to 'catch up' as it were. I know the basics but I was finding that most of my tunes were following a very narrow pattern in terms of harmony and I wanted to find some other places to go. I also find my solos on gigs are clumsy and full of clinkers. In an effort to address these shortcomings, and knowing that there is no such thing as a quick fix, I have spent a lot more time playing guitar recently and, more to the point of the thread, learning to read treble clef so that I can look at music which is fully formed instead of just bass lines. I have been at this for a few months now, using a few 'how to read guitar music' books and, intermittently, dipping into transcriptions by people like Pat Metheny, Al DiMeola and Ralph Towner (books of transcriptions that are, for me, quite challenging). As a result of this, I am seeing a considerable improvement in my guitar playing, my knowledge of the fretboard and the ways in which these master musicians put their tunes together. This concerted study has resulted in improvements in playing and understanding that I have not seen since I was able to practice more consistently when I was a kid (I am 54). I cannot sight read treble clef yet and my reading is still slow but I am beginning to find that I can find my way around pieces much more quickly than I used to without the hassle of playing things back and forth on a transcribe software interface. My technique is improving as well which is entirely a peripheral and unlooked for benefit. I have said this before on here; for me, reading the dots is not about sight-reading on gigs. I need that occasionally but not often. For me, it is about being able to access vast quantities of study material quickly and effectively and learning to be a better more rounded musician.
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    And on Amazon, slightly cheaper.
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    Buy it and 'flip' it on the Bay. I can't use eBay, it makes me cry.
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    Definitely a Rickenbacker of some description... Is it a 4004 C II?
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    Italian made 102p with RoqSolid Cover. I’m I’m the Isle of Wight but can post at cost. Pics to follow tomorrow.
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    Try to catch the documentary on the making of Steely Dan's album Aja. There's some good stuff on there from Chuck Rainey, particularly when he told Walter Becker he wanted to put a slap riff in Peg. Becker told him not to but he did it anyway and they loved it.
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    Aaah, the subject of a lot of speculation over the years. Highfox, the answer, from the very man himself.... 'Tony Swain'.....Not sure from what article it came from (my son found it recently - He was transcribing the track). "There has been much speculation about this subject but as I also played and recorded the bass lines it is time to put the record straight! The Bass was played using an early Roland SH1000 made in the late 70's This was originally designed to sit on top of a Hammond organ so it looked like one! This was a monophonic synth but would play two octaves at once so using a combination of square and sine waves an octave apart combined with a lot of wrestling with a portamento switch to get the slides this is how the bass lines were done. No sequencer was used at all on the bass lines just a lot of sweat and keeping time which was helped by me also being a drummer! The synth was recorded through a Boss chorus guitar pedal (blue type) and then compressed a lot through a studio DBX160 a really great vintage compressor.The bass was very high in the mix but cut through because of the compression and the split octaves.Just an illusion bass was the best of two different lines recorded over two days on Analogue 24tk before digital came in. I hope this finally answers the question. All the Best Tony"
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    New Year - New Clear Out: Warwick Thumb - 5 String - 1995 £850 - Plus Shipment at cost if required, No Trades. Condition is pretty good indeed for a 22 year old bass. A few scuffs and scrapes as shown in the pics. The E string saddle has rubbed off the black coating back to the brass a little. All is good, honest wear and doesn't affect playability. This really is a great Warwick Thumb Bass. Frets are good, neck is fine. Truss rod works fine. Note this is one of the early ones that has the user replaceable truss rod. Recessed straplocks removed, holes dowelled and replaced with traditional straplocks- the recessed ones I've removed weren't quite securing correctly. I'm in Chorley - Lancashire - any trial or inspection is welcome.
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    Looks really nice!!! Great job!!
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    I am not going to denigrate either of the experts on this but those old Boogie cabs, whether this one or the 2x15 diesel are positively awesome for bass. They may not be modern and light but they are briiliant.
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    It’s pretty cool. I’ve just ordered the Sonuus G2M V3 so will try it with my bass hopefully tomorrow. I had loads of fun last night figuring stuff out. Took a while to get my head around one of the more in-depth modulation sources. It’s a really good way to get acquainted with synthesis. What I’m finding especially instructive is being able to shape the envelopes precisely; that’s always a bit fiddly when using envelope-controlled filters on bass guitar. The only downside for me is that some features are currently only accessible via the editor software, though I have an idea of how to squeeze a few more into the shift mode and so will suggest them to Moog. It’s made me realise that I need to learn more about MIDI. If anyone has any pointers on how I can send specific MIDI CCs from my keyboard (with specified values between 0 and 127) then I’m all ears. I should probably get some kind of MIDI foot controller so I can jump to presets I’ve created. @Bo0tsy, look into getting the CP251 too so you can manipulate the envelope out signal on the MF-101 and then feed it back into the cutoff jack.
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    Ha! Your wish, etc, etc.. From GIRLFRIENDS on ITV last night. If you watch it on catch up, the bass I played on the actual live recording of the song was a Ric 4003W
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    I would argue about dirt, delay etc not being subtle, of course they can be and be very useful that way
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    I see from the Public Peace website that Adrian and Wojtek are going to be on the main stage of the London Bass Guitar Show on the Saturday. Hopefully, Adrian will also be exhibiting too. Not that you'd know from the LBGS website, which is woeful with any up to date or accurate information.
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    Oooohhhffffff. That, Sir, is a humdinger!
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    I carry my leads, DI box, Wireless, mains extension leads, set lists, plasters, pain killers, business cards, etc. in a tool bag I bought from B&Q for 18 quid. Has a rigid bottom, so doesn't fold up when you lift it, and a wide opening so it's not to hard to find stuff inside it, though it helps if I've remembered to put in what I'm looking for, of course!
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    If I'm taking my Genz rig, I use a Chauvet padded bag like this ...it fits my ShuttleMax 12.2 like a dream with the movable partition & takes my footswitch, leads, Zoom B3 & smaller bits & bobs with ease. If I'm using the Rumble combo I take a laptop bag-type affair my missus picked up at a conference. It's cheap & cheerful, it's made out of some thin plastic type material so isn't going to last forever but it's got loads of compartments, has a shoulder strap & is light as hell. It does say 'Mental Health Foundation' on the front, but unfortunately, I've yet to be asked if that's what the band's called
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    When it's a bass synth...
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    Do you have any switch cleaner in an aerosol? If not, it may be worth buying a can from RS or similar. A quick blast in the socket (smirk) may restore the resistance value of the connection to what's expected by the device. That or you've got an excuse to buy an entirely new rig. I find it takes very little surface muck to affect certain plug-in connections. I think the point was already made above about hyper-sensitivity to current loss with solid state devices. Very interested now to hear how you get on when you've done all of the trouble shooting.
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    I've only seen it once, a good DJ is hard to beat. They can play anything and any genre from any time period. And they sound just like the original recordings everytime.😁 Blue
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    I like them. That 70s Jazz, natural with pearl blocks, nitro - I don't care if it's new or not, if I was after a jazz bass I'd be all over it, it looks perfect to me. Not everyone looking for a new bass wants cutting edge innovation. If I wanted cutting edge high tech, I'd buy a new mac and a copy of NI Reaktor, not a bass guitar. In basses I prefer classic and simple, and I like that Fender keep these things going.
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    They laughed at Galileo, too.
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    It was a pretty daft idea in the first pace, keeping the 'C' scale as a reference, and ignoring the black notes. Once they became 'allowed' (by the church establishment, I believe..?), the notes should all have been given individual , non-ambiguous, names, so would span 11 notes (A-L...) instead of 7 (A-G...) presently. There are so many instruments that don't have a distinction (guitars, basses, slide trombones, chromatic accordions and harmonicas, plus all the violin family and more besides...). One would need to keep keys as such, for harmonic reasons, but not use sharps, flats or naturals any more, just the unambiguous note name. Too late now, I realise, but it was a daft idea, and a missed trick, I say.
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    What would happen is it would confuse the musicians who are expecting each bar (of, for example, 4/4) to contain 4x crotchets, instead of 6. And also what would you put into the next bar? Just two crotchets? The way it would be done properly, so it could be understood, is to have one bar of 6/4 then one bar of 2/4. But its an inelegant way to do it, requires more thinking time, and looks messier. At the end of the day the standard notation is merely a tool for communicating the music to the people expected to play it. And if sight reading, or reading/playing it after not too much practice (which often happens in commercial and recording situations), you want the sheet music to be laid out according to the standardised rules, as easy to follow as possible, and not cause or introduce any issues of its own.
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    You get a jam doughnut for the oldest thread exhumation in the histpry of BC
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    Hmm... i thought the link was the same as the video. Still a hideous crime i know. Do i need a lawyer ?
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    More generally, would anyone claim learning to read language "stifled their creativity"? It's the same with music. A lot of defensiveness around the topic in my experience.
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    IMPORTANT: I implied that there may have been a problem with one of OBBMs cables, but I'd like to make it quite clear that there was NOTHING wrong with it and Dave's reputation remains intact! https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/318164-using-te-combo-with-effects-problem/
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    I can't believe this is still here. I'm super tempted but I have no idea what it will sound like. If you were around the corner, I pop over and give this a try. I just can't take the risk of buying it, having it sent and not being satisfied with it. I wish you the very best of luck with the sale and hope it goes soon. Have a BUMP on me.......
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    @Les Hoping you are well. Missing the Kebablog. I'm making do but it's not nearly as satisfying reading about quinoa flatbread butties served with avocado fries as it is hearing of the apres gig foodie scene in the North Midlands. Please come back?
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    This has been posted before, but, hey, if we're talking Rainey?
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    Yay! The angled saddles arrived from Webbteca. They look great.
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    See this is why I like your style. To have the black and gold the other way 'round would just be vulgar. (Retires to flame proof bunker in advance of the Bling Bling Brigade's response)
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    Sorted the bridge and ferrule drill holes (it's thru-body stringing) and, after trying both in a mock-up, settled on black pickup rings with gold screws rather than the other way round. I'm doing all of the jobs that might dint the soft finish before a final flattening and the last couple of gloss coats on the body. This is how it's starting to look. Pretty sure, by the way, that the slightly skew look of the pickups is the wide angle lens and not the actual fitting - although, with me, anything is possible :
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    I just bought an old Sei Original from Simisker. Clear, friendly communication. Patient and helpful while I was over at his place trying out the bass. Provided biscuits including jammy dodgers and caramel chocolate digestives. Would trade again.
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    2016 Fender American standard "PJ" Limited Edition bass. Never been gigged, unmarked and as new, as far as I know only in production in 2016, custom shop pick-ups, comes with Fender delux fitted hard case. A good investment opportunity for someone, ( unfortunately I need the money for other projects ). I'm based in Cornwall but will travel within reason or post at buyers expense.
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    Setting up a PA desk is different. The last thing you want is to have clipping at the input stage, so that procedure would be more or less correct, at least as far as the individual channels is concerned. However, a good desk would not have the 0dB setting the max, either on the individual channels or any of the outputs. 0dB would typically be at least 10dB below maximum. Also, you wouldn't start with both the desk outputs and the power amp attenuators at 0dB. Doing so might result in the input gains being too low for acceptable signal to noise ratio. A knowledgeable engineer uses the input LED readout to be sure that the applied gain puts the signal strength in the Goldilocks zone.

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