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  1. Backache - I may need something lighter

    Peavey Cirrus.
  2. Yes, as above, you need a good sound source. My home hifi is a basic Cambridge amp with Gale gold mini-monitors that I've had for 20 years. The bass sounds super accurate through that fairly basic system with no sub.
  3. Intonation 1 note flat after neck change

    It sounds like thje new neck has a similar scale length but is sat too far away from the bridge due to extra high frets. You may have to move the bridge towards the neck to compensate but then the pups, pickguard etc would be all nearer the bridge.
  4. Which cab for Orange Terror Bass 500?

    I recently got a TC Electronics K212 to use with mine (downsized from a Warwick 4x10 & Hartke HA3500 rig). It's done one gig, and all good and loud so far, with another gig this weekend. At the end of September I'm playing a big room at a sports and social club with decent PA support. I'm sure the 2x12 will be enough.
  5. Do you take good gear to rough venues?

    I don’t own any equipment or instruments worth more than ~300 quid used. To me they are tools to do a job, and as such I never panic at potential damage. Plus, you can never pick which venues damge coud occur – at one of the nicest venues I’ve played a drunken punter fell into my gear destroying a stand and putting a few dings in my bass. She was having a great time dancing and singing, and it was just an accident, however predicatable. [size=2]If I collected instruments, or had something expensive to record with for instance it might be different. If I did, I doubt the music I was making would sound much different or better ;-)[/size]
  6. Cancellation dilemma

    Can you glue or strap any bits of your hand that need it? Painkillers? Sit on a stool to take some weight of your fretting hand? Get help loading in/out?
  7. Good call Les. There are other symbls you could use, Lone Stars, NOLA fleur-de-lys (although used by Down and Crowbar) for example.
  8. Any love here for Hartke amps and speakers?

    I had a HA3500 for years, played gigs from 2-2000 people and loved it. I only changed to a smaller & lighter amp recently to match my downsizing of main gigging cab (4x10 > 2x12).
  9. Gigging/how do you start a set?

    For this kind of music I'm a big fan of singing feedback buidling tension for 20 seconds or so, and then all in together loud. Might not work for everyone though. I've also done a variation on this with a drone note on the bass kept going by flange/chorus etc.
  10. So...why haven't you got a Trace Elliot then..

    ...because I now have an Orange/TC Electronics rig that is much smaller, lighter, and as loud as an equivalent affordable TE rig. TE gear I've borrowed before has been good, and a little TE Boxer 30 combo is my preferred backline for my acoustic gigs.
  11. Can't play with a pick

    I started off fingers only and it took a few years to be decent with a pick. It's a good weapon to have in your armoury but not absolutely essential if it just isn't working for you.
  12. Ah, fair enough. I actually did a similar thing once when playing a sleepy sunday afternoon wmc gig with small vocal PA. I used one cab as backline/monitoring (in the normal front-facing position), and the other cab right at the front of the stage. Even with the 'quieter' cab at the front of the stage and a sensible level from my amp, it was still too much bass guitar for the blue rinsers ;-)
  13. You are basically running your own PA sub at the front of the stage. Why not use a single cab pointed at the band, at a reasonable volume level, and let the sound man do the front of house.
  14. need a new bass quick

    Lots to think about - including that a long upper horn on a 34" scale bass can make the stretch to reach the first fret quite easy. Light, ergonomic basses can be had in various scale lengths.
  15. Amp covers

    I've gone with Hot Covers for mine.