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  1. 5. My lowest in 20 years. I was establishing a new band which is a trio so plenty to work out with the drumming singing most of the songs. I did 3 acoustic gigs I think, and no dep gigs for the first time in ages. I'd be happy with 10-15 gigs per year due to family life, needing to look after my health etc.
  2. Agree! I learned a few lessons when my band played Knowing Me Knowing You.
  3. Truth is I didn't want to find anyone else. We play pop songs in a punk/r'n'r style (a bit like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes), also the singer plays keys parts on about half the songs, and they are all heavily re-arranged from the originals, so not easy for deps to step in. Plus we haven't gigged yet since getting a new drummer and guitarist.
  4. Nothing, not so much as a string or pick. My main band is on hiatus due to our singer's illness, so I've only had about 10 acoustic gigs this year. I did buy a stand for my stage lights.
  5. I'm glad to hear it fella!
  6. About 4 times in 19 years of fairly regular gigging on bass. I used to carry a Crate Powerblock to all electric gigs as a spare, until that got nicked, now it's an Ashdown Superfly. I don't bother for acoustic gigs as the PA and monitors could carry my bass.
  7. At least partly, that's very much the sound we're conditioned to hearing. I'm sure others can comment with greater authority on how the narrow(ish) frequency range sits nicely between an old kick drum and other sounds.
  8. I'm using a TC Electronics K212 2x12 cab. Fairly light, fairly cheap, goes loud enough for pub gigs. Sounds slightly different to all my other cabs but probably a mellow sound overall even with tweeter.
  9. Interesting that most of these are overdriven or distorted. Growing up I hated that muddy indistinct P-bass sound that a lot of people used, although I liked the fizzy/growly sound that some people got.
  10. I think at 20 I'd just started to grow up. At 18-19 I was only interested in having a good time, and pretty much nothing else.
  11. As a Peavey fan I'd say that they are a very solid usable bass but that one is worth very little to be honest, so not a good trade.
  12. I was in a band on Casket Music (part of Copro mentioned in an earlier post). It was a real slog, and I've had far more "fame and fortune" in covers bands, or bands playing mainly covers.
  13. Tube watts are now worth 50 times more than solid state watts apparently...

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      I'd already owe BC a couple of kW if it could hear me muttering after a few of the discussions with my bank just lately.

    3. SpondonBassed


      Anyway... Valve Watts vs Solid State Watts?  50:1 or 10:1?

    4. itsmedunc


      On the Richter Scale?

  14. I thought lemon oil cleans but dries out fretboards as it is mainly solvents?
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