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  1. Tube watts are now worth 50 times more than solid state watts apparently...

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. SpondonBassed


      I'd already owe BC a couple of kW if it could hear me muttering after a few of the discussions with my bank just lately.

    3. SpondonBassed


      Anyway... Valve Watts vs Solid State Watts?  50:1 or 10:1?

    4. itsmedunc


      On the Richter Scale?

  2. What are your bass care tips?

    I thought lemon oil cleans but dries out fretboards as it is mainly solvents?
  3. Mike Anthony - Van Halen bassist

    Not this song but I've done Panama, Jump, Runnin With The Devil, Ain't Talkin Bout Love etc. Not my first choice of genre musically but Michael Anthony is a monster bass player, and well respected (except by VH apparently).
  4. Cheap basses with jazz-like necks

    I got a Peavey Milestone as a cheap passive backup - I've ended up playing quite a few gigs with it.
  5. Punk/Post-Punk Bassists.

    It was a good 'un though! There are quite a few old live recordings and TV appearances popping up on YouTube for post-punk bands .
  6. Where do you store your bass gear?

    Under the stairs mainly, a couple of basses in the attic, couple in a walk in cupboard upstairs.
  7. ?Anybody identify the Bass..

    You said the 'R' word
  8. New range from fender.

    Am I missing something with the prices, they seem to be many times more than similar basses from other manufacturers?
  9. How the hell do you play with a pick?

    Just for info, there are plenty of picks that aren't shiny and slippy. I play exclusively with Dunlop Ultex (the larger Taco shaped ones), which are not slippy and have a lovely springy feel.
  10. New amp and cab required

    Yes there are loads of good options. Many of us have downsized; my current rig is an Orange Terror Bass amp with TC Electronics K212 cab (2x12). Tiny and loud.
  11. How many this year?

    About 20 this year, one of my lowest since I started, however by choice for health reasons. My main band is limited to about 1 per month [~15 in total], I've also done 2 gigs with my acoustic trio, and 3 dep gigs.
  12. How old is too old to play bass?

    Just a thought... unless you've got a very good reason* there is no need to play a heavy or unergonomic bass at all, same for heavy bass rigs. * - eg tribute band, some extended range beast.
  13. Drop C tuning

    I agree with TKenrick on this. Some riffs sound a LOT better on the bass played against a pedalled low C, especially if the guitarist has written them that way.
  14. I'm not one for impulsive purchases or sales, so probably the only thing I shouldn't have sold was my 80s Squier Jazz. That neck was something else...
  15. The most musically talented musician of all time

    Some good shouts there. Devin Townsend is ferociously talented at many aspects of making and recording music. He hasn't always hit the mark but I'm convinced he's one of the most talented musicians I've seen or heard. I'd say Prince was up there also.