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  1. Smitten Kitten...

    I don't know what a Lull bass would cost (I'm guessing a lot) but hearing that the spec. sheet came back wrong gave me a twinge of fear and it's not even my bass! I remember the heartbreak when my cheapo Dano '63 came direct from the factory with a little ding in the paint (courier's fault), so can't imagine how it would be after such a long wait. Glad to hear that you have a contact there who was able to keep you updated and reassured throughout! Can't wait to see it!
  2. SIte security- https

    Good effort getting an SSL certificate sorted so quickly!
  3. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    I know that headstock cover is waffer-theen and probably weighs 'naff all, but as it's at the end of the (admittedly short) neck will it give it a bit more dive? I'm sure you've thought about that! It's really cool to see the reversible mod side of this, as well as building the body!
  4. Any Way Of Removing the Right Hand Column?

    If you make your browser window a little narrower (less than 980 pixels wide) it drops the sidebar down to the bottom of the page, making the main content area full-width. Perhaps not quite what you were after, but I think that's as close as you'll get with the new theme!
  5. Waste of space

    Personally I think that spacing things out a bit to make things more readable is a very fair trade. The other example is cramped and messy - much harder to find interesting content. The new-look Basschat may show a little less on the screen at once, but I can find things of interest very easily. The new theme looks great, good job Ped & co!
  6. Welcome Iain! The Green Day tribute sounds awesome, Mike Dirnt is one of my biggest bass influences and one of the reasons I went for four fat strings instead of 6 skinny ones! Hope you're enjoying the forum.
  7. £50 bargain Hurricane by Morris

    Not heard of these but love that shade of blue with the maple board. Matching headstock too, very nice!
  8. Please tell me about Schecter basses

    I've always liked Schecter, though I don't know much about them (history, where they're built, etc). My mate has a Schecter guitar of some sort and the fit and finish is superb. Don't know anything about the electronics, tuner quality, etc but it sounded fantastic, was really playable and incredible value for money (I think it was around the £500 mark). Pretty versatile too, he uses it for everything from metal, rock and blues to pop and funk. I think I've played one of their basses in PMT and it was lovely, really well put together. I'd gone in specifically for a particular Jazz though, which is what I walked out with! I bet if you spoke to someone at a place like PMT or Dawsons then they'd bring one in from one of their other stores for you, if they have one.
  9. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1509903075' post='3402485'] I don't think Mrs Andyjr will be happy if you take a guitar shaped chunk out of her dining room table..... [/quote] Maybe Andy could do a very limited run of basses called 'The Missus', made from her table. Limited because she might get hold of Andy before he runs out of timber!
  10. Should I refinish my '68 jazz??

    Gorgeous bass but not a fan of that green. As it's already had a refinish another one won't hurt so if you're already thinking about it I'd go for it! What original colour are you leaning toward? No point doing the sunburst for the sake of it unless it's your top choice. I'd ask about light relicing to get it "back up to speed", just to a similar state it's in now!
  11. NFBD (New Frankenstein Bass Day).

    Lovely piece of kit, how does it look under the pickguard? Was it easy to chisel out the space for the split coil? I'd also love to see that thunder-Jazz!
  12. Restoring a Schecter Japan Jazz Bass

    This looks great, nice to see an old Schecter getting some love! That body looks extra-offset, is it slightly more pronounced than a Fender-style J? Love the colour, I'd never have thought to put it with gold but it looks awesome!
  13. Met a guitarist years ago while forming a band with some friends. The guy was really talented and worked as a session-musician by day and even had similar taste to us. We were just a bunch of student dorks who wanted to have a bit of fun covering some of our favourite songs. We made it clear we just wanted to play together, not perform for anyone - guitarist was cool with this. Once we got into a rehearsal room, guitarist starts going on about potential gigs, acting like a big-shot and doing the whole rock star act. He would play over us while we tried to talk and work things out. All of this on our very first meeting with him. We headed to the nearest pub afterward - a rubbish Wetherspoons - where he starts offering cocaine around and proceeded to get incredibly drunk. So drunk that he didn't understand when we told him he wouldn't be a good fit. He continued to hound us for weeks for another shot, but we never saw him again thankfully.
  14. Join My Band

    [quote name='The59Sound' timestamp='1508833418' post='3394640'] Is there a similar site where you can actually meet good musicians? [/quote] Given your username, I'd join your band I take it you're a fan of Gaslight Anthem? Good luck finding / forming something, I know from experience it can be tough to find folks with similar tastes and goals! Too many twerps out there thinking they're the next big thing.
  15. Desktop site preview

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1508862858' post='3394970'] I'm selling Rik's basses because I dont think he can play them [/quote] Wait, what?! Back soon, just need to rush home and defend my gear from an unknown assailant! Looking forward to having a proper play with the new-look site!