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  1. Rikki_Sixx

    Trying to ID Epiphone Guitar

    Whatever it is, it looks very cool! I've never seen one of these before.
  2. Rikki_Sixx

    I've only gone and dun it...

    That's beautiful! Love the burst colour, and the red tort pickguard goes really well with it! Plus you can't beat block inlays on a J-style bass!
  3. Rikki_Sixx

    John East J Preamp - who is using one?

    I'm glad I saw this, I'd been considering one for a while and I have a VM Jazz myself. Considering the extra routing and the cost, I think I'll definitely go for something on the pedalboard instead!
  4. Rikki_Sixx

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    Almost certainly an Alpher for me too, hopefully with enough change left for a weekend away!
  5. Rikki_Sixx

    Ay up, from Leeds

    I still haven't been in to the "new" Northern Guitars, it looks amazing! I'll have to try and pop in. Jam sessions sound cool, I wondered if there were any around.
  6. Rikki_Sixx

    Old Fenders - Why the $$$?

    At the end of the day, as things get older and rarer they become collectible. It's no different from someone buying Detective Comics #1 for silly money, or a '60s Triumph. Obviously it's not for everyone, those that want them clearly want them enough to get their wallets out - especially when it's an object of good quality or craftsmanship!
  7. Rikki_Sixx

    Ay up, from Leeds

    Welcome and ey up right back, I'm also from Leeds! Your Staggberger sounds interesting, for some reason I always fancied having a go on a Stagg. I remember eyeballing them when I was 16 and they were tantalizingly almost affordable, plus they remind me of the ads for Stagg chilli on TV years ago! Anyway, welcome again! Rik
  8. It's not really answering the question but I got a used metallic red Pacifica last year that had a chip knocked out of the thick polyurethane paint layers. The previous (otherwise very careful) owner had covered it with red nail polish. I still toy with the idea of sanding that chipped patch back so that it's smooth (the paint layers are thick). Its a cheap beater so nothing to lose, but it does feel a bit like"fake mojo"
  9. Rikki_Sixx

    "New" Gibsons...

    What're they playing at with that pickguard on the LPJ? The whole body and pickguard are rounded and then there's that flattened bottom part of the control area. The rest of it looks cool but that bit looks like a mistake from a design intern that got missed.
  10. Rikki_Sixx

    Headphones with a long lead.?

    I got a pair of Sennheiser over-ear headphones about 7 years ago that have been fantastic. The cable is maybe 3m, great audio quality and cost me under £20. I don’t remember the model name but I need a new pair (I broke them, they were still going strong but I’m clumsy), and I’d happily buy the same again. Great for bass practice.
  11. Rikki_Sixx

    Crackling amp pots. Repairable?

    Thanks both of you! As you both suggested that pretty much simultaneously it’ll be the first thing I’ll try. Would I need to open the amp up to get to the electrics, or just take off the knobs and spray on from the front?
  12. My little 30 watt Laney combo has seriously crackly pots at the moment. I’ve encountered this before after long periods where it’s gone unused and got a bit dusty. Twiddling the knobs (ey up) cleared it up last time, but I noticed this week that all the knobs are crackling and popping. There are 6 pots and it affects them all. Sometimes turning any of them causes the volume to dip, or the sound to warble a bit. Is this something that I could repair at home? If I needed to take this to be service, cleaned or repaired would it likely be expensive? I’m hoping I won’t have to open her up and do any soldering, and if it’s an expensive fix I might have to look at getting a cheap replacement! 10+ years of service, she’s done well!
  13. Rikki_Sixx

    N (un) ‘effed BD - Squire P - Black Beauty!!!

    Proper priorities!
  14. Rikki_Sixx

    My new Pointies- 80’s/early 90’s Japanese Porn

    Yes! More dogs with gear
  15. Rikki_Sixx

    My new Pointies- 80’s/early 90’s Japanese Porn

    That black sparkle is noice