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  1. Bass Gear

    @Dad3353 - very appropriate username with those jokes!
  2. Bass Gear

    'Ello Colonel, how's it going? I've heard so many good things about those SX basses, if I'd had the chance to try one I'd have been very tempted myself! Ended up with a fantastic Squier VM Jazz, as I've wanted a Jazz for years but those seem to SX's come really recommended at that price point! Have you had yours long? Are they holding up well?
  3. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    For years I always associated tobacco sunburst with the cheap, unplayable Strat copies that many of my friends had in the late 90s and early 2000s. I couldn’t imagine ever owning a TSB guitar or bass, especially with a white pickguard. They looked cheap to me. Its only in recent years that I’ve come around to burst finishes, including tobacco. I’ve seen some fantastic examples, and with a different pickguard (or none at all) I can be a bit of a sucker for them now!
  4. Jazz bass dilemma

    I’d be very dubious of anything labelled as “luthier-made”, without giving the name of the luthier. Could just be a bloke in a bedroom buying cheap bits off eBay. I always recommend the Squier Vintage Modified range, my VM Jazz is absolutely fantastic and you’ll have plenty of cash leftover for other bits like pedals and pizza!
  5. Squier jazz bass replacement pickups recommendation

    Confession time: I'm not sure what a harness is or does! Is that like all the wiring and pots, but not the pickups?
  6. Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Once you get going with the tests give us some pictures? It’ll be useful for others who want to do similar, we can see how your grain filling & burst experiments go! Realy excited to see how the white burst goes, transparent blonde and Olympic white are two of my favourite finishes for guitars.
  7. Squier jazz bass replacement pickups recommendation

    I’ve been leaning toward their hot pickups but playing recently with headphones on the hum has been grinding my gears! Are the Aguilar hum-cancelling set much different to the Duncan Designed pickups that come as standard?
  8. Zoom B1 on. Sliced Bread for bassists.

    It seems like my little combo amp might be on it's way out, so I may have to invest in one of these! For some reason I thought they were no longer made, but they get such praise so I'll have to keep a look out!
  9. Squier jazz bass replacement pickups recommendation

    I remember watching a demo / comparison of four different types of Aguilar Jazz pickups and they sounded fantastic. It stuck in my memory ever since and I was really impressed. Personally I liked the 4J-HOT set which were a little hotter, but I bet the 4J-60 or 4J-70 (60’s or 70’s style) would be great for R&B style stuff. Heres the video!
  10. Ash or Alder

    If you're going for a natural / transparent finish I'd go for ash as it's got a nicer grain. Otherwise alder for the weight. I think both sound the same so it's all about aesthetics!
  11. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Dumb-dumb over here (me) thought you already had a body ready to go, whoops! Is that red body just a template? Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, pine can be a great wood and (mostly) pretty nice to work with - although I've only used it for tables, drawers etc!
  12. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    I do like the idea of having one at the neck and one at the bridge, but one in the centre looks lovely and simple and a bit more true to the P roots. You leaning toward just one, but toward the bridge?
  13. Supro Basses

    These look great but the only content I've really ever seen of one was Scott Devine of Scott's Bass Lessons gushing about the shortscale Supro Huntington. It looks very cool, but beyond this video I've not seen much of them - but then I've gone searching for one (yet!). Buy one and fill us in, it's for the greater good!
  14. Feedback for Rikki_Sixx

    I've bought and sold a few bits & pieces from the forums over the last year or two and always forget to ask for feedback. Time to get my act together!
  15. feedback for bassbiscuits

    I also bought a strap off Chris, shipped quickly and safely and arrived in great nick. Great communications throughout and a thoroughly nice chap to boot! Would buy from Chris again without hesitation!