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  1. Cool, thanks @lownote12. That makes sense. I thought that might be the case!
  2. Belated welcome! How are you finding the Bronco? They look like a lot of fun!
  3. With a combo of 100W or less (like the Fender Rumble or an Orange Crush), would you be able to use a head with it to get some extra grunt?
  4. I can't really offer help on your main question but I will say don't be nervous about asking questions! I've asked some real no-brainers in my time here and always get helpful responses (usually with some shenanigans mixed in)
  5. I've only had one pop-up / content covering ad on my mobile and it had a nice big 'close' button so hasn't bothered me. Maybe they're A/B testing different methods on different users.
  6. This sounds like me! If someone's going to hear me I'd rather they hear after I nail a song, not while I'm repeatedly messing it up! What do you use @ped?
  7. Oof, that colour tort on that sunburst is so nice. If only the owner wasn't called ukkinkyboy 🤢
  8. Given the rave reviews from the rest of the BC family over the last few years, I'd absolutely buy a Harley Benton if I wanted another sub-£200 bass or guitar. I've rarely heard a bad thing said about their gear or customer service. They're also cheap enough that you can start to tinker if the urge overcomes you. You might find this @Andyjr1515 build thread interesting, where he works wonders on @Harryburke14's HB Jazz. Gave me all sorts of ideas that I'm not talented enough to pull off
  9. This is already looking good Mick, it's such a great shape. Plus using an old door is coooool.
  10. I like this idea, but it would restrict access a bit to the skinny frets. But then who plays up there anyway? 😆
  11. I did wonder about inputs with these. I have to admit I don't fully understand how they work, and YouTube didn't help! Would I need a pre-amp / DI? £39 sounds too good to be true, and if I had to have a £200 pre-amp then it would rule them out really.
  12. How did you find the Blackstar Fly 3 Teebs? My mate's brother is a guitar teacher (he kept that quiet) who recommends them to his students. Quite tempted to try some, but from a shop with a good returns policy just in case they're crap! That said, my little bluetooth speaker has great sound quality and it's a very similar size.
  13. I hadn't thought about this kind of thing! Do they just connect to a computer? I'll have a look into it, they look really affordable and I've got really good PC speakers so could be an option
  14. There looks to be plenty of choice even under £60 on eBay, including a 20W Stagg right around the corner from me. For some reason always had a soft spot for Stagg (never owned one, but liked the [unrelated] Stagg chilli ads). I forgot about Facebook Marketplace, might be worth re-activating my account for a few weeks to browse!
  15. My trusty 30W Laney Hardcore practice amp sounds to be sadly on it's way out. I've had it for probably 10+ years now but it went mostly untouched for a year or two after I moved in with my other half. There's always a quiet hum and it crackles when you so much as look at the pots. I think it's time to bite the bullet and replace it. I only really play at home, so I'm still looking for something small - I could even get away with downsizing a bit as I never turned the volume on my Laney up past 4 or 5. In fact I almost exclusively play with headphones these days where I can crank it without irritating (or embarassing) anyone with my noodling. I was going to ask for recommendations for a small home practise amp, but with that in mind does it really matter what I replace it with? I know I don't want a tinny 1W pocket piece, but there seem to be plenty of entry-level home combos. Loads of older used gear too. Should I be avoiding that kind of thing? I've never really immersed myself in amps and that kind of stuff. Edit: Budgeting probably around £100 - for now!
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