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  1. That Jazz and the Shergold are so nice! What a group
  2. That is a brilliant looking bass. So glad to hear the East J-Tone is easy to install, I really fancy upgrading to one at some point in the future!
  3. Surely they can't deny you time off for medical stuff? 😓 A CT scan won't even take long
  4. These look great, I know it's not the "old" CV line but I've heard great things about the quality. Very similar in build and materials to the VM line, which is absolutely worth the money.
  5. I also have RA so I can empathise to a degree, sounds like a really difficult thing to go through. Hopefully the CT scan comes around soon and you'll get some good news, keeping everything crossed for you @Bassman Sam!
  6. This has been brilliant to follow, really interesting! I love a good, in-depth build diary with tons of info and decent pictures. This is already shaping up to be a stunner, can't wait to see more
  7. This guy has done some great videos on AliExpress guitars, the condition they arrived in and the work needed to make them playable (or even great). Personally I wouldn't have the confidence in my own ability to fix any issues, but if you're remotely handy and don't mind a finish then it could be fun (and cheap). I think a lot of these Ali Express guitars come from the usual factories 'after hours', knocking out quick unbranded versions of the same gear they make during the day, but quickly and error-prone while looking over their shoulder Edit: His video title is intentionally clickbait-y, but they're worth a watch
  8. Morning Phil, welcome! That's a lovely bit of kit you have there, what is it?
  9. Welcome! What're you thinking for your next bass? I've never had my hands on a Status but heard good things. Suffolk is a lovely place, my better half is from there. Always lovely to visit her parents and head to the coast!
  10. Like you'd find on the top of a classic sponge. You can buy packs of scourers for pennies in most supermarkets, pound shops and the like, seperate from the spongy-bit.
  11. I grabbed a used Small Clone a few years ago, it's bloody brilliant. Really simple, indestructible and sounds great. Cheap as chips and that shiny purple is gorgeous (which is obviously very important).
  12. We're very lucky these days that a lot of basses around the lower budgets are still seriously good quality and will hold tuning! The Sire will be great, but I bet any of your shortlist would be a winner. It's a good position to be in! Places like Argos and the big catalogue companies must have to try REALLY hard to source the low quality stuff they sell 😆
  13. Lovely looking bass. I know nothing about Westone (one even how to pronounce it) but they seem highly regarded 'round these parts!
  14. I've had a Squier VM Jazz 70 for the past 4 years or so and it's the best quality instrument I've ever owned. A real workhorse that would stand up to gigging and travelling, at a really great price (especially used).
  15. Tense moments replacing the volume and tone knobs on my VM 70's Jazz. No screw, so deciding whether to yank the things off was a real palm-sweater. Looks champion now.

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