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  1. We're very lucky these days that a lot of basses around the lower budgets are still seriously good quality and will hold tuning! The Sire will be great, but I bet any of your shortlist would be a winner. It's a good position to be in! Places like Argos and the big catalogue companies must have to try REALLY hard to source the low quality stuff they sell 😆
  2. Lovely looking bass. I know nothing about Westone (one even how to pronounce it) but they seem highly regarded 'round these parts!
  3. I've had a Squier VM Jazz 70 for the past 4 years or so and it's the best quality instrument I've ever owned. A real workhorse that would stand up to gigging and travelling, at a really great price (especially used).
  4. Tense moments replacing the volume and tone knobs on my VM 70's Jazz. No screw, so deciding whether to yank the things off was a real palm-sweater. Looks champion now.

  5. Ah bummer, no worries. Thanks for getting back to me and good luck with the sale!
  6. With these being cut for a two-a-side, would they no longer be long enough for a 4-a-side Fender-style headstock? I've never actually cut strings myself so I wasn't sure!
  7. Get this in your eBay listing if you sell it on @nick-harman! This Jedson plays as good as a Rickenbacker! 😆
  8. Even if it's not up to much, this is a great looking bass. Loads of character. Not only that, but by cleaning and fixing it up you probably learned loads which will serve you well in years to come!
  9. When I think of great bass players and great sound, it's Duff McKagen that comes to mind. I love his tone, his playing, the way he cuts through such a massive amount of noise and he's a nice guy to boot! Knowing he plays RotoSounds makes me want to check them out!
  10. Oof, that burst with the black pickguard is a great combination. Great looking bass, Squier's VM range is fantastic.
  11. Bonus points for "cutting me own throat". Great looking bass, I've always fancied a Thunderbird but I shouldn't even be looking! Good luck with the sale!
  12. It's such a small thing, but I really want to put black knobs on my VM 70's Jazz. The chromed ones are nice, but there's something about those black plastic ones!

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    2. Rikki_Sixx


      It's such a great bit of kit, I love it. Might get some different pickups in there one day but it's already so good with the stock stuff in there! 

    3. Rikki_Sixx


      New knobs arrive in the next few days 😁

    4. ForbiddenWytch


      Wire in a series/parallel switch after the two volumes, it’s such a great extra option to have and for next to nothing to do. 

  13. Properly craving a short-scale at the moment. All it took was for me to pick one up at Northern Guitars in Leeds. Didn't even properly play it!

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    2. Rikki_Sixx


      Oof that's lovely. Looks like it would enjoy some GnR or Bon Jovi - which I totally mean as a compliment! I'm not feeling the headstock so much but looks like a great bit of kit and a lot of fun! Good luck with the sale!

    3. Osiris


      I moved over to short scales last year after a damaged nerve in my wrist made playing standard scale basses increasingly uncomfortable. I've never looked back, short scales are the future! Whenever I pick up one of my 34" scale basses it just feels cumbersome now! I'm also a short ar5e so they don't look daft on me either xD

    4. bassbiscuits


      I've just posted my near-mint condition Fender Japan Mustang bass for sale should it take your fancy...


  14. I've had a similar issue with my Squier VM Jazz. I bought a tort guard which has the right screw placement but isn't quite right around the control plate. I'm putting the original black one back on my Jazz this weekend and was going to what the tort guard, happy to send you some pictures to check the colour and shape of you fancy first refusal. There's some good custom places out there but so expensive!
  15. A shame for some, and a bonus for others! I can't wait to get into Leeds and check it out, been looking forward to the move since hearing about it!
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