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  1. I think it would sell - I see loads of that sort of thing on eBay. Valuing it could be difficult, unless you went the auction route. Maybe stick a number (that you'd be happy with) on it as 'Buy It Now' and see if it sells - if it doesn't then you're destined to keep it forever!
  2. I have to admit it does lose a little bit of the lows, as @danbowskillsaid. I was lucky enough to try mine with a cheap bass EQ pedal borrowed from a friend which really helped boost the lows back up, so that's my next purchase!
  3. I picked up a Biyang RV-10 Tri-Reverb last year and it's fantastic. It has Hall, Spring and Room options with an A / B option for each; A is generally more intense and bright, while B is a bit "darker" (can't think of a better word!). Chinese made in an aluminium body - not plastic - and really affordable.
  4. I got this daisy chain cable with 5 connectors from eBay in the end, there's absolutely zero noticable hiss or noise compared which is great! I'm sure one day I'll encounter a pedal which adds in some hiss, but for home practise this is great.
  5. I just picked up a Mosky Overdrive a few weeks back. It's brilliant, a copy of the Fulltone OCD in a teeny tiny box. There's a "peak" switch (High Peak / Low Peak) to go from a nice clean boost to a more brash and sustain-y distortion. Worth a punt at easily under £20!
  6. I had a Caline fuzz pedal (the Fuzzy Bear) until recently, they do really great stuff and so affordable! They look great too, and solid build quality.
  7. This is stellar, love that transparent burst with the tort guard. I haven't seen many PJ combos in a Jazz body, I much prefer that body shape! On the subject of techs around West Yorkshire and getting a set-up, I went to Gordon White at Single Coil in Leeds. He's based at Blueberry Hill Studios on Kirkstall Road in Leeds, really easy to get to from the motorway if you're not super local (although I'd avoid rush-hour). He's worked on a few of my mates guitars too and always does good work, lovely bloke too. Bucket-loads of experience.
  8. Good eye, mine is indeed sporting a Gotoh! Purchased from someone on BC, but I forget who (sorry, if you're out there!). The sustain is a fair bit better, it's pretty meaty! Those black strings you have do look great. Is that purely aesthetic or do they last a bit longer? I'm tempted by some black knobs (ey up) for mine.
  9. What pickups are you thinking @pintspiller? Am I right in thinking that the later VM basses don't have the same pick-ups as the ones that were in the 2015-ish models?
  10. l got one the same model and colour in 2015 (I think) and it's hands-down the best instrument I've ever owned. I changed the bridge out of curiosity but it certainly didn't need doing as I loved it fresh out of the showroom. I did swap the black pickguard for a tort one, but the fit isn't as nice as I'm planning on going back to black!
  11. Thanks @EBS_freak! When you say isolated supply, you mean it's own direct plug into the mains? Rather than a power brick?
  12. Is there a benefit to using a power supply brick for multiple pedals, rather than a single 9V mains plug with one of those daisy chain kits? Would daisy chaining cause excess noise? I only use 4 pedals, and this is for home practice at low volumes rather than stage or studio time.
  13. There was a Yorkshire Bass Bash?! I had no idea!
  14. I love Dunlop Tortex picks, they seem to have a coating on that makes them a bit less slippy than some I've tried. I use the green .88 ones on bass (lighter ones on guitar, when i can find them in my bag).
  15. For a brief moment I thought this was a build for £0.54 - now that would be impressive! Looking forward to seeing this progress, I'd like to do a build like this myself.
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