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  1. Taking the pickguard off my VM Jazz and was just thinking how nice it would be without one at all... then discover the big hole in the body underneath! 😆

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    2. neilp


      My fretless VM Jazz had no routing under the pickguard. Are the fretted ones different then?

    3. mcnach


      @neilp The fretless one came without a pickguard originally, so the routing for the neck pickup was clean.

    4. neilp


      That explains it...

  2. Rikki_Sixx


    That looks like a real winner, especially for that price! Never been a fan of anything Stingray-ish (purely in terms of looks, never played one), but that colour combination with the maple neck may have converted me! I think the pickguard shape usually puts me off but I’m into this one!
  3. Rikki_Sixx

    Stolen - Scott Devine’s Moollon P

    When people leave a bag on their car seat saying "well there's nothing valuable in there anyway", the local smegheads won't know that until they've launched a brick through the window! Hope he gets it back. I'm in Leeds so will be scouring the local Crap Converters and similar - there's at least 4 that I could cover on my dinner break and I'm not even in the city centre.
  4. Rikki_Sixx

    Fireman - this could be the start of something.. umm..

    What’s the red like if you layer it up? I’m thinking instead of adding black you could build up the red and hopefully it’ll be darker and richer so you could get a bit of a red-burst effect. Are you using ink?
  5. Rikki_Sixx

    Jazz - Building a retro beast

    If this thread has been dragged from the grave we need to see the old pics again, they've all disappeared! Where did you get up to? Any colour on the body?
  6. Rikki_Sixx

    Can we borrow your spare pickups please?

    Luckily I didn’t send any pickups off, but if they were going to be kept for over a year then it should probably have been mentioned up front. The initial post sounded like a quick borrow, posted back sharpish. Glad to hear that so many have been returned so far, fingers crossed for the rest of you.
  7. Rikki_Sixx

    Fireman - this could be the start of something.. umm..

    And it’s so much more satisfying when you’ve done it by hand - even if it takes longer or isn’t quite perfect!
  8. Rikki_Sixx

    Recommend to me a new bridge!

    I put a Gotoh B201-4 on my Jazz last year. The holes line up perfectly with the standard bent bit o' tin, I didn't need to shim the neck and it's got a good heft to it. Definitely recommended. Mine's 2nd hand and it feels built to last!
  9. Rikki_Sixx

    ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build finally FINISHED!!!

    Cream with the 70's style white pickguard is the winner for me! The cream looks awesome by the way, is that the erm.. finished finish? What are you using for the fretboard? If it's something dark like rosewood I'd colour match the headstock, but I'd probably leave it natural if using a maple board.
  10. Rikki_Sixx

    Fireman - this could be the start of something.. umm..

    I’m excited to see how this goes now that you’ve got wood (wahey!). Mind if I ask where you ordered from? I’m always after places to order as it seems to vary so much place to place!
  11. Rikki_Sixx

    Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    I only bought my first pedal about a year ago and still usually practise that way. I only get the pedals out when I want to do something specific!
  12. Rikki_Sixx

    Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Sheeeit, I had no idea! Glad I spotted this before ever starting my own build, but gutted that it’s undone your plans a bit! Any word from the seller?
  13. I love how Chappers put the dead notes down to Slash asking for them to be removed so he doesn't hit the wrong ones I just hope the winners realise they're getting a bit of a gag guitar, and not some slick luthier custom model! The video had me in stitches, especially Slash and Santana appearing 'by satellite' haha
  14. Well now I feel like a prize plum haha. I saw a news post about this (from today) when I woke and was too tired to realise it was a gag! I didn’t fully click until I saw the Slashocaster, I have to admit 😂
  15. Looks like Anderson’s are auctioning (or have donated) a PRS / Fender “hybrid” of sorts for charity. It’s actually pretty cool looking, already up over £1,000 though! https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Carloscaster-The-best-of-Fender-and-PRS-in-one-unique-guitar-/232713654291?_mwBanner=1 Sorry about the mobile link, hopefully it’ll redirect on desktops though.