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  1. So you are both men of exquisite wealth and taste. It trully is a Delightful bass thank you C 👍
  2. The bass is a sliver over 8.5 lbs, my scales aren’t perfectly calibrated but you get the jist. Very evenly distributed and comfortable to wear. many thanks
  3. Absolutely stunning 2010 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Classic Bass. A very high quality reissue of the first Stingrays issued in 1976 by Musicman when Leo Fender opened the company. This bass has superb low end punch with excellent control of the mids and highs with its 2 band active eq, through body stringing and 6 bolt neck join. This powerful bass can be tamed with its built in string dampers making it a superb all round instrument. Built with an Ash body with beautifully darkened birdseye Maple neck and fingerboard. Painted in a striking Coral Red ( which changes in different light settings ) and furnished with an off white central pickguard and Humbucker cover. All in perfect condition with original branded hard case with un opened tool kit and case candy. This bass could easily be sold as brand new as it is unmarked and truly beautiful. Thes are highly sought after and rightly so. Not looking for trades. Willing to prepare bass in it hard case and stuffed box for buyers courier to collect or make available for collection within Covid-19 rules.
  4. CPBass

    MB1 Feedback

    Sold / Traded a Status Buzzard II to Martin. He went out of his way to enable the deal and everything went as promised. A top guy, very friendly and knowledgable. Thanks Martin, I hope you really enjoy the bass. Trade with 100% confidence.
  5. CPBass

    MB1 Feedback

    Sold my Status Graphite Buzzard and it was a great transaction. MB1 went out of his way to enable the switch and all went perfectly. A very friendly chap and would be more than happy to trade again. Thanks Martin, hope you really enjoy the bass. Cheers Col (cpbass)
  6. CPBass


    Sold pending completion.
  7. Ha ha, no problem mate. Ive been in the very same predicament many times. I so wish I had the cash to just buy yours as iyour Dolphin is sublime. ive had a couple pass through my hands and each one was a dream instrument. A five string is not one Ive been lucky enough to own so I thought Id just give you a knock just to see. Good luck with your sale Col
  8. How about an exchange for my Status Graphite Buzzard 2?. its one of the very few basses Id trade for. I think we may have discussed this or something else on the Warwick forum. Cheers Col
  9. CPBass


    Pics of rear added on request. Its hard to photograph in artificial light as its black & shiny. Veryclean indeed, no marking and the beautiful carbon weave on the neck/headstock is breathtaking. Three 9v batteries in total. Two required to feed the 18v Preamp and one for the switchable LEDs.
  10. CPBass


    Naked and wet she is 9.5 lbs. As for the aluminium flight case I havent weighed her as its in storage. cheers Col👍
  11. what kind of 4 string interests you?
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