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  1. On this we agree. Gone far too soon. Again: gorgeous bass. I love that paint job!
  2. Beautiful bass, but I'm fairly certain Status beat you to that 8-string "beak" design many years back.
  3. My Status Graphite B-2 is getting cremated with me.
  4. How well balanced is this bass? Any real issues with neck dive? I keep seeing photos of the Thumb bass and I must say it is quite possibly my next purchase... thanks!
  5. Status Graphite B-2, ordered in June and received a couple weeks ago. Requested with the original neck fitting and pickup positions; this is a huge, heavy monster of a bass guitar but I love it :}
  6. If Ashdown and Barefaced collaborated on an amplifier, I'd probably never bother to pay attention to another bass amp company for the rest of my bass-playing days. I've owned numerous Ashdown products at various price points, loved them all, and am currently wanting a Barefaced cabinet very badly... And yes, y'all British folks (American here!) seem to do very well on the bass guitar front. Status Graphite is pretty well the only bass guitar company that will get my money at this point. What else can I say.
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