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  1. This is a bit of history, I just don’t know how old... Top quality wound GUT core E string made by Pirastro. I bought it as new and unused old stock and it has been on my bass for a 2 hours practice session. It is a gorgeous string, stays in tune already, deep, dark, stunning sounding along with my Chordas D and G and my Oliv A, BUT...I’m an awkward sort and I missed the steel growl on the E string that sometimes I like as a mean of herding the sheep on a chord change... so, here it goes for sale. As an idea of how old it is, it says it was made in West Germany!...The windings are all intact but I took a photo of it mounted on my bass to show a slight difference in colour in the metal on a tiny area, if you magnify it you may spot it. As you will see by comparing the winding with my Oliv A string, there is no gaping though. I have had a wound gut winding open up on me in the past and it just separated without prior discolouration, so I guess this is just a metal thing through the years, goodness knows. As for the price, a new Oliv E would cost £228 so I guess £70 is fair for an old string of top quality only used for 2 hours? please feel free to ask any question
  2. Great price for a wonderful bass. I have had 2 Bryant Lott models: I very foolishly sold the first one so I had to save up for a second, which I adore. The Lott suits me as I’m a big guy, but the Soloist size and playability would really suit everyone, big or small I think. Paul’s basses are magic. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Hi Andy, if it’s adhesive residue we are talking about, try rubbing some almond oil gently into it. There are some citrus based adhesive removers available too, and I have used them very successfully to remove stickers from a a Gibson guitar I had just for sale. That was a les paul junior with a fairly thin finish if I remember well, but I suspect any double bass, ply included, would have a much thinner varnish, so I would proceed with caution and try the natural oils. if it’s not a problem of adhesive residue but rather of varnish having been ripped away, I don’t know. There is a double bass luthier forum on Facebook which is a worldwide group with some great people on it you could try. To my limited knowledge people are quite respectful on it. I hope you get it sorted.
  4. Thank you very much guys. I should probably have given more info in the top post, but I didn’t want to make it too long. I originally wanted the mic to stay on a “cheaper” bass I keep at a local hall for regular gigs there, and I also use for other small work etc... Those gigs could have any number of people on stage so it’s tricky to guess just how loud, but always chiefly acoustic and drums with brushes. I wanted something that could stay on the bass, because when I can’t make the gig, someone else may use it. Alas, I since decided to sell that bass (it’s the Stingl by Hofner in the classifieds), so it’s no longer a requirement. For my main bass and gigs, I found that the only brilliant development in the double bass mic category in the last few years is the REMIC 5400 series. I am partial to this as I’m an endorsing artist (but I don’t get them for free of course). In the past year and a half I gigged the 5400LB everywhere and loved it.
  5. I met the Ear Trumpet Team while one tour in Canada, they had a stall at an event in Montreal this year. They seemed very nice people and their mics look really nice. Expensive yes but all quality is I guess.
  6. Oh, let me add, The intended use is for theatre-type gigs and acoustic jazz gigs. For louder “Dep” gigs I shall continue to stomach my pickup sound or possibly blend a little bit.
  7. Hi, what’s your experience? Over the years I tried many: dpa, dpa clones, “pickupy” things like Schertler and Ehrlund, Remic. All of them had pros and cons but I ended up selling most of them to make cash for something else. Every now and then I like to see what people use... thank you very much
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I’d say a good price for lightly used Spiros here. 3/4 set, medium tension. Bumpety bump.
  10. I think you may have put an extra zero in the price beastie. It’s a great ply but 13k may be a little on the steep side...😉
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