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  1. Ah, my much loved Preamp, only a year old, is no longer needed by me and there is so much I can do with the money that I must pass it on... This is a wonderful professional tool for the acoustic musician, just an absolute game changer! You can blend a microphone with a pickup, get true +48v phantom, eq, fight feedback once and for all, add optical compression, include fantastic analog reverbs and delays, programme effects, have USB connectivity, send signals to front of house and amp simultaneously, as well as headphones. There are surely many other functions that I have not listed here I have used it very successfully on double bass for only 6-7 theatre gigs so it’s completely mint. Please message if you wish to discuss.
  2. Unbelievable quality double bass mic. The best out there now. Practically new: used twice in studio. This is the red version, for studio use and live use, but not in a noisy band. i start this at a very low price, so there is not much room for manoeuvre here. RRP 748 euros!
  3. PS - I have a red version available too: the 5400 (non LB which means live bass). Both are equally minty and spare, but I realise I don’t need them, so both up for sale. I may do a separate listing for the red version as soon as I can.
  4. Thank you very much; make me an offer if you feel like it. It’s a great piece of kit, as you know.
  5. I got GAS for something I’ve seen... would be a good time to make me an offer I’d say. Have a lovely day anyway.
  6. Indeed so sorry to hear you have been unwell but so glad you are back swinging! + 1 for the realist lifeline, like Tom says above (or if you are feeling flush I’m selling a Remic 5400db)
  7. Great mic for studio or live at a very interesting price. 2 Hours Use, practically as new.
  8. £400 or near offer This REMIC 5400lb (lb stands for Live bass) is quite simply the best microphone available for live applications. As such, it costs €748! (Including VAT). i have used mine on a bunch of theatre or small clubs gigs. Very civilised gigs so it’s reallynloke new. It has performed wonderfully well in them all. currently I’m blending the normal Remic microphone 5400 and a pickup so this one is sitting unused. Feedback suppression is really really good with this. I have done a gig with a loud acoustic band in a club with zero problems and a great tone. According to REMIC, the 5400lb is even suited to extreme live applications, but I’ve never tried that. requires +48v phantom
  9. Hey, wow a year! Yes I am indeed still pleased. This year it's been in various places and performed equally well. it has done old village halls, pubs, a couple of theatres (old and new), a couple of festival tents and a mini tour in Canada where I had to remember to switch voltage! All with the remic 5400LB and all very much troublefree. Frankly I didn’t have to mess much with the dials in hardly any of the venues. I am starting now to play a bit with the inbuilt effects and I’m liking them. I have not blended the signal with the channel for piezo Pickups, but again I’m starting to toy with that idea if I’m going to be using more effects, in order to get even more feedback rejection tools. Great bit of kit though! Thank you for reminding me about this. Any question let me know and I’ll try to help.
  10. PS - I looked back at the emails from the guy I bought them from and it seems the set was one year old, but only used for a couple of weeks on his bass. So, if that is true, these strings are 1year and 3 months old and they had around 4 months of use in that time.
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