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  1. PS - I looked back at the emails from the guy I bought them from and it seems the set was one year old, but only used for a couple of weeks on his bass. So, if that is true, these strings are 1year and 3 months old and they had around 4 months of use in that time.
  2. I bought this set used and I don’t have the E string because it arrived already unwound! I used the G-D-A strings on my “pub-gig” bass with a Spiro E and they did well for 3 months. I have changed them now because the bass stays at the gig to be used both my me and other bass players so I reverted it to a set of Spiros and a lower action. As you know, all Velvet strings are quite expensive (I think €260 for a new set). They do have their characteristic sound I guess, but they are also undeniably more fragile than every other double bass strings on the market. These 3 strings, for the little use they had, already show signs of weakening windings: the G is totally fine, the D and the A have weakened windings at the pegbox. Now, this may well be totally normal with Velvet, but it does not happen with Spiros, so I have no idea how long they will last for, to be honest. So I put them on sale at a ridiculous £50 for all 3 strings. I think this will suit the Velvet Garbo user who wants some spares in the gig bag, or the curious string enthusiast who wants to give them a try without breaking the bank. Postage is included.
  3. Hi, if you want a new D gut string in the unexplainable colour red, a true piece of American bass string history from nineteen-oatcakes...this is it... never fitted, never played, unvarnished real gut. A special and specialist string for sure.
  4. In fact, I’ll close this thread and open one just for the Artone red, which is easier.
  5. These are the Gerold Genssler Sonores boutique strings from I think 2016 (?). As you may know, a set of Gensslers is around €600, but that is for the wrapped gut version, whilst these are the synthetic wrapped. I bought them on this forum, apparently they were only on the original owner’s bass for a week and then changed because the owner had a C extension added to his bass. I have had them on my bass for a week (5 days of which I was actually abroad!!), so they are still brand new. I bought them for £180. Sound wise they have their own vibe: more responsive than gut and less sustaining than steel, with lower tension and the ability to make the bass sing with its own voice. Personally, after switching back from guts to steel, I wanted to try such a renowned string at a much lower price (I think even these were around €350 from the manufacturer). They sound amazing but for someone who never bows, I may as well stick to Spiro, which are easy to replace. There is no damage to the strings apart from slight fraying around the top silks (see Photos). any question please ask.
  6. All sold apart from the Artone red gut: nobody fancying a little piece of history? Make me an offer...
  7. Yes you can, pm me and it’s done. Thank you very much
  8. Gamut’s, Dlugolecki and Oliv are now SOLD PENDING PAYMENT. The brand new Chordas and the Artone red are still available, as are the Spiros
  9. Ok, I finally succumbed to my ethical dilemma in using gut strings and I am putting my collection for sale. so here goes Damian Dlugolecki G varnished - 4 months use - £50 (it’s the pure gut without the packet in the photos below) SOLD Gamut Lyon G - brand new - £80 SOLD Pirastro Chorda G - brand new - £70 SOLD Pirastro Oliv D - 4 months use - £50 (it’s the steel wrapped gut without packet in the photos below) SOLD Gamut Pistoy D - apparently days of use only (but never on my bass) - £60 SOLD Pirastro Chorda D - brand new - £80 SOLD Artone Red Gut D - this one is new-old-stock - unused but very old and a rarity indeed - a pure gut treated to be red (don’t ask me why) - £50
  10. Rabbie

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    Years ago I toured all over the U.K. with my bass in a Fiat Panda. All that close proximity and intimacy, with her neck resting on my shoulder whilst negotiating motorways and B roads made me develop a certain intimacy with my instrument. I’m not sure it resulted in me being a better player though, so I blamed her for it, said things I wish I didn’t say on a journey back from a remote Festival...so we split up after that, and I sold her.... get a bigger car, both you and your bass deserve some space!
  11. Rabbie

    Guts oh guts

    Hi Pete, I’ve always had guts, the Spiros were a short phase, but yes you very much would have to widen nut and bridge grooves and probably raise the action. It’s just a little bit of a bass and technique adjustment but if that’s your tone, I reckon it’s worth it. Very very subjective though. Some try guts and find them too dark/floppy/undefined/troublesome, etc... I see their point entirely, but they do it for me.
  12. Great bass from a superb player and wonderful man. Buy with absolute confidence here.