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  1. Spiro medium is what I have played for the last few years. My action is fairly high compared to modern standards and yet I find them easy to play and they give me all the tone I wanted. I played light gauge years ago and frankly I liked them too, just not as beefy on my bass. On your big German bass the mediums should sound immense. And with you having played for years, I don’t think tension should be a bother at all. All the very best.
  2. This is one awesome piece of kit and it’s really brand new. For busking and acoustic performances it is really the very top of the range. Comes with padded bag and suddenly you are a portable drummer who sounds as good as the one with the big kit! this was imported from the US just a month ago and used once: it’s brand new basically. I just need the money! heres a link https://www.footdrums.com/product/18-stompdrum/#configuration
  3. Brand new in its box and never opened; allegedly brilliant valve Preamp: I just don’t need it. Postage included in price. heres a link
  4. Haha yes that made me very happy, but are you just buttering me up so I buy yet another set of broken in Spiros?
  5. I’m no calligraphy expert but as Clarky says, irrespective of pedigeee and age of manufacturing, you get a gently broken in of Spiros for a decent price. In terms of longevity and strength I’m pretty sure a couple of sets of Spiros would be all you need for a suspension bridge on a motorway. And the sound, well, Ray Brown: say no more. I’m tempted myself Clarky!
  6. Ah, my much loved Preamp, only a year old, is no longer needed by me and there is so much I can do with the money that I must pass it on... This is a wonderful professional tool for the acoustic musician, just an absolute game changer! You can blend a microphone with a pickup, get true +48v phantom, eq, fight feedback once and for all, add optical compression, include fantastic analog reverbs and delays, programme effects, have USB connectivity, send signals to front of house and amp simultaneously, as well as headphones. There are surely many other functions that I have not listed here I have used it very successfully on double bass for only 6-7 theatre gigs so it’s completely mint. Please message if you wish to discuss.
  7. Unbelievable quality double bass mic. The best out there now. Practically new: used twice in studio. This is the red version, for studio use and live use, but not in a noisy band. i start this at a very low price, so there is not much room for manoeuvre here. RRP 748 euros!
  8. PS - I have a red version available too: the 5400 (non LB which means live bass). Both are equally minty and spare, but I realise I don’t need them, so both up for sale. I may do a separate listing for the red version as soon as I can.
  9. Thank you very much; make me an offer if you feel like it. It’s a great piece of kit, as you know.
  10. I got GAS for something I’ve seen... would be a good time to make me an offer I’d say. Have a lovely day anyway.
  11. Indeed so sorry to hear you have been unwell but so glad you are back swinging! + 1 for the realist lifeline, like Tom says above (or if you are feeling flush I’m selling a Remic 5400db)
  12. Great mic for studio or live at a very interesting price. 2 Hours Use, practically as new.
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