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  1. Classic walking bass lines?

    Anything Leroy Vinnegar has ever recorded. There were/are much flashier players out there but Leroy will pin you to the ground. And then of course my favourite Milt Hinton and the unbelievable master Ray Brown. That alone is about 200 years of practice....takes time and patience. But it’s great fun. All the very very best.
  2. Radial Stage Bug SB48-UB

    That’s the photo on. I take offers too (not crazy offers please: it’s brand new)
  3. Hi guys, this is not specific for double bass but it seems just about made for us (if you use a mic that needs phantom power). Basically this is a phantom power supply DI. You input your condenser mic and out comes phantom powered and ready to amaze. There are al lot of phantom power supplies around of course but this is special BECAUSE it has both an xlr AND a 1/4 jack out. What does it mean? It means you can now use your mic with any normal bass amp, maybe for your own stage monitoring, while you can also send an xlr to front of house. I jumped on this when I saw it a couple of months ago (£157). It was perfect to use with my Remic mic, which requires 48v phantom. I was forgetting that nowadays I don’t have any fancy double bass gigs and I don’t need top gear to play down the pub... so, the Remic has gone back and this one is for sale because Radial won’t take it back (after 28 days). It is new and unused and I am selling at £57 less than it’s price, so £100 including delivery. I have a photo in the system, so I’ll post it to he thread as soon as I get on a laptop. Anyway, it’s new so any google stock photo will give you the exact idea.
  4. Magic. I may well make use of it, thanks to the awesome TJP I’m getting to try one out and see. This forum is great!
  5. Good to know. How do these things sound Rev?
  6. WITHDRAWN- Remic mic

    Not bumping as it’s already up the top, just a wee post to say that I looked at current prices so I’ve taken £50 off the Radial stage bug (RRP £150, still new mine £100). And I’ve taken £30 off the Remic For good measure too.
  7. Feedback for Al Krow

    If you are dealing with Bas, please note: he is probably the MOST HONEST person in the world. Such a nice nice nice nice person to deal with. He was about to buy an amp of mine at a very good price, but first he made sure I knew I could still return it to the shop and get a full refund, hence making me much more money and depriving himself of a great deal... Even by Basschat's awesome standards, that's pretty special!
  8. A potential buyer made a very good point indeed. As I bought this amp 19/10/17 and it is virtually unused I should still be able to return it, so I just emailed the shop and if a return is possible I will take it off sale. I shall post an update.
  9. WITHDRAWN- Remic mic

    Good point, this is the Red, meaning the one more suitable for studio and jazz/folk gigs. The alternative is the green on which dampens and darkens the sound but eliminates the chance of feedback; that is , as Remic puts it, for Metal gigs...(I never tried Metal, but maybe a loud Rockabilly band would go under the same category). Hope it helps.
  10. Basically new, 2 weeks old or so. Bought from Bass Direct. Used once on double bass, don’t need it. This is advertised in the double bass section of the classifieds where you can see photos. It is an awesome idea: a 2x5” powered speaker that can do small gigs, stage monitoring or totally boost up your existing portable rig: it’s the future! I think I’m allowed to put it here too: I read the pinned post and there’s no mention of it, but please Admin, if I made a mistake, do let me know and wipe it out. Thank you v much. PS - wee update: I’ve emailed the shop to see if I’m still within return and refund policy, if so I will take this off sale
  11. Brilliant powered speaker with 2 x 5" speakers. Ideal as a cab for small gigs or monitor and he cool thing is that you can forget the head and just plug your double bass specific preamp straight into it. It's awesome but it's not for my use. Used once; only 2 weeks old. This one is the deep red colour, bought from Bass Direct a couple of weeks ago for £385+ postage, honestly still as new!
  12. Hey guys, Selling this beautiful microphone. It's fantastic and still in practically new condition: just mounted on the bass a few times but I'm happier using a pickup live and in the studio there are good condenser mics already. It's as great as they all say, check the reviews online. £350 for the mic alone (over £600 new!!) With an extra £100 you get an essential piece of the puzzle: a Radial stage bug SB-48UB, able to give you 48v Phantom and with the fabulous advantage of a jack output so you can use the Remic not only in studio but also live with any amp. Bingo!
  13. Blast cult

    Thomas is a legend. You will be very happy with your Duke.
  14. Recommend me some strings please

    After many years and oodles of ££££ spent on guts, I had an epiphany (driven by the bank account shortages) and changed to Spiro Mitts. Yes they sound very twangy at first but once they break in they are great and they force you to learn to play dynamically I think. With guts I just dug in all the time with high action. With Spiros I’m down to the normal 9-11mm and I can play hard or soft, mute a lot more and dare I say sound almost gutt-ish at times. Of course I never bow, so if you do a lot of arco people say they are not so good (yet some philharmonic orchestras apparently use them). In a nutshell, a bit like yourself, I’ve been playing for a while and have come to the conclusion that any shortcomings in my sound are not due to the string choice, but my fingers. Hope you are well anyway and all the very best.
  15. Saggy neck help please

    Nah, it’s ebony. The bass is at the luthier just now and we are having a think about what is worthwhile doing, so I’ll post an update when it’s done. PS - there are a few great quality plys out there with excellent ebony boards on them actually. I have owned a vintage Hofner ply which was outstanding quality, and a Duke which was also superb. I have played a Kay and an American Standard on the road and again they were truly professional plys. This one unfortunately isn’t as good, but again I didn’t spend anything on it so may be worth fixing. It certainly would be nice to have for the gigs on which I don’t fancy taking my already quite battered carved bass to.