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  1. Sold 1 of the new ones so only 1 new string left.
  2. Hi mate, ok here’s my impression: although technically the Stark E has more tension than the medium counterpart, when I swapped them, I didn’t feel much difference. Here’s my take on it: we tend to play the E string harder and less frequently, which is why it is common to find it “wimpy”. So, when I put the Stark E on, I just felt more volume, growl and responsiveness and no real tension difference. Great presence to hammer out a low F, F# or G and let it growl like a bear: awesome powerful feeling! Folk stand to attention (well, almost), However lately, my work is in quiet duos and trios, so I’ve been looking at going back to a softer sound on the E, still with the Spiro long life, so I put back on an ancient medium E I had lying around. The other strings remain Spiro medium A, Oliv D and Dlugolecki G at the moment. The one I used is sold, I have 2 brand new ones left. Hope this helps.
  3. The used one is now sold, so only the 2 new ones. I can’t change the price in the main listing sorry.
  4. Is your E string wimpy? These help a lot. Thomastik Spirocore need no introduction, but the “Stark” (heavy) tension version of the Spiros are rare to see. It helped my bass enormously to balance a weak sounding E string in my brief foray into steels (whilst the setup was already optimal). Now I am back to using my good old guts, a regular Spiro E is more balanced and I no longer need these heavy ones. I still have 1 x E strings brand new, £50 posted.
  5. Rabbie

    F hole bend - big deal?

    I’ve had a couple of plys in the past with the same thing. One carved Wilfer also had it. The word from the luthier at the time I asked was not to worry about it, but you may want to double check for piece of mind.
  6. Rabbie

    Double Bass String Cleaner

    I’m not sure but I use almond oil for my guts, so it’s probably the same thing (maybe). For the low steels I just let the funk grow free...🤢
  7. Location added, sorry I had forgotten.
  8. A wonderfully ready for action plywood right here! Hofner is a quality brand of course. Still, this is a modern plywood: don’t expect royal philharmonic tones, but a truly delightful, sturdy professional instrument; perfectly at home in all the pub/club/village hall/festival/tour van gigs on the planet. That is exactly how I used it anyway. If I’m correct, and please double check, Thomann sells thes for £1900. However, the neck was not so good...and it required a luthier job worth £880!!! Now, it plays perfectly well indeed. I realise the Zappa & The Fonz stickers are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they come off; I have a special remover which leaves no mark on the varnish. at the price, I shall leave the bow quiver on. If you want I will throw in a beginner’s bow. I will also be happy to discuss a special price for the padded bag (worth £180), a fairly new set of Spirocore strings (currently £135) and a Realist copperhead pickup (around £170). This bass has been played and it has been played with some really great and well known musicians. Granted they were not double bass connoisseurs, but every time they and the audience have commented on the deep warm sound of this bass. I’m not trying to fool you into thinking this is a top class bass: I’m just saying it’s a damn fine sounding gigging plywood, which you can take out and enjoy without worrying about putting a scratch mark on it. I'm in Scotland. Not far from the Gla/Edi line, so I can meet you there if easier.
  9. Autumn here in Perthshire is amazing. Bit breezy but amazing... if you come here, drop some dosh off the price and buy a spare student plywood off me, it’s a deal!
  10. Scotland...stay away Satan...I got nae money!
  11. Thankfully for my bank balance you live so far away... Great players’ bass I bet!
  12. Rabbie

    Adjustable Bridges

    I would definitely go to your local luthier. He will insert the adjusters in the existing bridge and meanwhile adjust the action to your requirements by shaving off the deep notches at the top. That is providing he/she feels you’ll be left with a reasonable-enough amount of wood above the heart. All the best.
  13. someone pointed out to me that Thomann smells Spiros for £135(+postage from Deutschland)!!! Whaaaaat?! i used to pay mega bucks for these! anyhoo, in the spirit of fairness, I’m selling them brand new for £120, but please be kind and don’t offer me less. I mean, they have not even been out of the packet!