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  1. And Lodekka knows about basses, he is a wonderful player, professional and man, so please consider his comment as very true indeed. I do not unfortunately possess a spare £3,5 grand, but otherwise I’d be seriously thinking about it. Roberto.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Dictum bass wheel 10mm shaft, brand new. I’ve had it in the house since before lockdown but I have never used it for obvious reasons... then I tried it today and discovered it doesn’t fit my bass. It costs £42 plus international postage from Thomann, so I think £40 posted to the U.K. is fair.
  4. Price reduced to £150 posted to bring it down lower to what they fetch on eBay used.
  5. Oh, In fact, I do have a 9v power supply I can add if you need it. Also, postage (uk) is included.
  6. £150 U.K. posted Used with the upmost care hence in wonderful condition. Does not have a 9v power adapter but you can get one of those for cheap on eBay, or you probably already have one...
  7. £40? if you play Spiros, just buy the A and E and get these practically new which means big savings... or you can use them as excellent spares... All the best
  8. I use Spirocore E and A and plain guts on D and G. currently the plain guts are Gamuts: wonderful. but I am also a big fan of Dlugolecki and I like Chordas too. The slaps were for my spare bass, but I don’t strictly need them anymore.
  9. Oh sorry I just noticed you asked for a comparison with the Carlos Henriquez Chorda, in which case I do not know: I have only played regular Chordas.
  10. Chordas are slightly higher tension and slightly bigger in diameter. The slaps stay in tune a bit better.
  11. Thomastik Spirocore G and D practically new. These come from a full set of Spiro S42 that I tried to sell with no luck, so I only installed them for 10 minutes to do a comparison sound, then I kept only the E and A. £50 for both G&D posted to the U.K.
  12. I’ll split the set if someone fancies A & E as a pair for £70 and D & G as a pair for £160
  13. NOTE: I can split the set as follows: - A and E for £70 - SOLD - D and G for £160 Only a couple of weeks on my bass as per proof in the photos. I was experiment with sounds for a new work coming up and this sound was not suited to it. Other than that, wonderful strings: good quality guts, very low tension, yet good acoustic volume. Super easy to play, A and E very well balanced to the gut G and D. postage included. Price of theses trig S is £280 so save yourself £50 for basically new strings! thank you
  14. Lots of people have been asking for sound and video: here’s both
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