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  1. I have 2 E strings and 2 A strings, all of them 3 to 4 months use at the very very maximum and no gigs (I was experimenting on both basses).
  2. The holy grail of the G!! many, many, oh so many paragraphs of praise have been written about it. Everyone who plays awesomely plays one, from Patitucci to Grenadier… I can see why, it’s fantastic…but I’m fine with Spiros just now. Less than a week on my bass (Saturday to Wednesday- today). UK postage included.
  3. Evah Pirazzi Weich (light tension) A and E only. I have 2 x E and 2 x A 3-4 months of use, needless to say, not gigged (sadly, thanks Covid). they retail at £60 for the A and £70 for the E so I think £85 for both or £150 for all 4 strings (2 Es and 2 As) is a good bargain, postage included. Thank you very much
  4. Here’s a wonderful pair of gut strings very rare to find on our shores. Made in Italy by Toro strings, a family business in the Abruzzo region, which has been making quality strings for a very long time: here’s the site link http://www.torostrings.it/english/index.html I managed to import these just before Brexit and I have had them on one of my basses for about 6 months. They are made of mutton serosa and have the kind of tension that would equal a Gamut Medium (I.e. very easy on the hands yet excellent tone and sustain). I am moving away from gut for a little while, hence the sale. They are in wonderful condition because, for reasons I won’t have to explain, they haven’t had the chance to be gigged…ever! The D strings is a double twist type, like the Gamut Pistoy, whilst the G is a more regular twist, like the Gamut Lyon or Pirastro Chorda.
  5. Gamut Lyon G and Gamut Pistoy D. both medium gauge. Best gut strings on the market! 8 months use. I prefer to sell together. Price new would be £85 for the G and £150 for the D plus lots of money for shipping and import duties from the US, so I think the price is fair. The Stings have been well maintained and regularly oiled when required so they have a long life left in them. the photo is of them mounted on my bass, but if you want I’ll take photos of them separately off the bass. Selling because I am switching that bass to wrapped guts and synthetics and I have spare gut strings in the house if I want to go back to them. Free U.K. postage
  6. And Lodekka knows about basses, he is a wonderful player, professional and man, so please consider his comment as very true indeed. I do not unfortunately possess a spare £3,5 grand, but otherwise I’d be seriously thinking about it. Roberto.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Dictum bass wheel 10mm shaft, brand new. I’ve had it in the house since before lockdown but I have never used it for obvious reasons... then I tried it today and discovered it doesn’t fit my bass. It costs £42 plus international postage from Thomann, so I think £40 posted to the U.K. is fair.
  9. Price reduced to £150 posted to bring it down lower to what they fetch on eBay used.
  10. Oh, In fact, I do have a 9v power supply I can add if you need it. Also, postage (uk) is included.
  11. £150 U.K. posted Used with the upmost care hence in wonderful condition. Does not have a 9v power adapter but you can get one of those for cheap on eBay, or you probably already have one...
  12. £40? if you play Spiros, just buy the A and E and get these practically new which means big savings... or you can use them as excellent spares... All the best
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