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  1. Anyone fancies making me an offer on these 2 strings? They are really nice, flexible, loud. They paired quite well with guts for a slightly more modern sound on my bass and the tension balance was much much better than with Spiros.
  2. With the easing of lockdown approaching, social distancing viewing is available and I feel able to discuss “offers you can’t refuse”...just saying...
  3. As I have my name down for another bass, the sale of this one has become of the essence. So do please get in touch if you were thinking of getting yourself an awesome bass at a very reasonable price and we can discuss the bits and bobs....have a lovely day.
  4. Pirastro Perpetual E (3 months use) and A (couple of weeks use at the most). Very flexible and responsive strings. I personally went back to Spiro but the rest of the world seems to like the Perpetual better. These 2 would set you back £110-120 new. The E string’s green silk at the top is a little unravelled at the tip. That’s only the tip of the silk, nothing to do with the string. I have never trimmed it or cut it of course. thank you very much for looking
  5. New photos added. Now wearing a full set of Spirocore S42 and sounding huge.
  6. Golden Spiral D is SOLD Eudoxa and Oliv are Booked as well as the Dlugolecki. Chordas are booked too. at the moment, the Lenzner is available
  7. Dlugolecki’s are “double” booked. Golden D is also booked. All pending payment so I’ll keep updating.
  8. I have a load of gut strings to sell, they are all awesome! SOLD - 1 x Pirastro Chorda G (4 months use) (normal markings at Pegbox when when taking string off). £50 SOLD - 1 x Pirastro Chorda D (4 months use) (quite severe fraying at Pegbox end here as my bass had a tight pegbox at the D end. Of course I am pretty sure this does not harm the string longevity, but I priced it very low as a result) £50. Sold - 1 x Dlugolecki G (6 months use) £50 wonderful boutique guts! Sold - 1 x Dlugolecki D (6 months use) £70. SOLD 1 x Lenzner G (2 months use) £35 (these are entry-level guts in my opinion hence the lower price despite being nearly new). SOLD - 1 x GOLDEN SPIRAL D (gut nylon wrapped. Yes!! I have put this in capitals because it IS the quintessential Charlie Haden string. Now long discontinued BRAND NEW and never fitted £90. - SOLD Sold - 1 x Pirastro Olive A (wrapped gut 1- old stock, back when they were called “Eudoxa Oliv” but only 1 month use) £60 Sold - 1 x Pirastro Eudoxa A (new old stock, never fitted) £80. prices are low but the items are genuine, see photos. £5 UK postage and please message me if you have any query. thank you very much and stay safe and well!
  9. I’m sorted for part exchange so it’s sale only thank you though.
  10. Okey dokey, please see the updated post for more information.
  11. Ok, vibrating string length from vibrating end of The nut to the point where the strings slot in the bridge is exactly 106cm = 41.73inches. Hope this helps.
  12. Sure, do you mean from nut to bridge (I.e. vibrating string length?). I’ll get that measured for you.
  13. Despite the chips and scars of a life on stage, this is a carved bass made in England, hence it will only go up in value. I’d say it’s an investment. I think the value is already higher than the asking price, but these are trying times for sellers and buyers alike...
  14. PS I will probably have to keep the pickup, unless the buyer really wants it. Either way, I’m happy to negotiate on the price. Message me privately if you want to discuss anything please. Thank you very much.
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