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  1. I really prefer not to trade, but I would consider something I would probably proceed to sell on as part exchange. Not ideal, but extreme times and all that...
  2. If anyone wants to make me an offer on these new Spirocores, please feel free.
  3. This lovely bass is now in every online “market” I know of, so hopefully I can send to a lovely home soon. It’s probably the best you can get at this price point, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s worth more, but it’s not the time to be fussy. If anyone was thinking about it, this may be a good time to get in touch. If no takers, I may have to take it off the market and find another way. Thanks for looking.
  4. Brand new in box set of Spiro S42 up for sale or swapsies with gut stuff. cheers
  5. There is interest in this beautiful Miller bass, but it’s still very much here, so here’s an end of summer bump, in time for live music and university courses to start soon! (We all hope!)
  6. Well naturally I mean you pay the price of the bass minus the value of your amp
  7. You don’t need a double bass as part exchange by any chance...I’m only up the road and my listing is in the double bass section...GLWTS
  8. This is a true one-off. It’s so boutique, I called it ultra boutique! Yes, I’m getting carried away... Yet, it is true that it is a completely hand made gut string, by one person in Italy. I really fancied trying this. Unfortunately, because of Covid, its delivery took so long that by that time I had decided to sell the bass it was destined for (see Miller 2006 bass for sale here). Hence, I don’t need the string. I have never even taken it out of the little paper it comes in, so I do not know how it sounds, but the twisting shows it is a true quality item. Hence it may be a great find for the lover of true gut sound on the G string. I prefer to sell it privately then to return it to the maker, because it was not his fault that the delay occurred and small business deserve to be supported, especially in places where Covid hit hardest (but independent musicians need money too, hence the sale!). price includes postage.
  9. I have had enquires this week, but nobody has committed. I’m quite sure that if anyone came to see and play this bass, at this price, they’d take it home. And now, lockdown has eased, I have a good area to try the bass at social distance and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. i can drive down and meet somewhere nearer the border if you are thinking g of coming up from a long way south.
  10. @BlueMoonthank you so much, this is gold! Really lovely and this human aspect makes the instrument even more valuable in my opinion.
  11. I’m having a little bump of this just to say the price is really low for a bass hand carved in England, and as such an investment as well as a great playing instrument. From the information I have, the maker Mr Ken Miller put all his passion and knowledge into bass making having already a career as a player so, he was a man who knew how a bass should play and sound. It is unusual for me to want to sell an instrument with a strong human history and personality, but I have my name down for something which has a human history closer to home and is going to be more useful to me... Hence, and since I am very aware of the hard times, I am happy to negotiate with a buyer who can give this unique instrument a worthwhile home.... if I come into any money, this is going to come off the market for sure, but there is a very small chance of this...
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