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  1. A bit chicken and egg though - it would sell better if more colours and fingerboard options were available.
  2. I’m finding that disciplined piano practice is stopping any GAS; can’t lust if I can’t scroll and think about anything beyond what my fingers are doing.
  3. Sorry, we may be talking cross purposes; I was referring to the Sandberg California Central, which only comes in two finishes.
  4. Only two finishes though. 😞 If this had all the options I’d be sorely tempted.
  5. This is the one for me. Early 2000s Musicman Sterling. I imported it from the USA in 2007. Sold it when I needed funds for a house move in 2018. Really would love to have it back; if anyone knows where it currently is, I’d love to hear.
  6. The IR basses are very nice as just a bass.
  7. I was surprised you’d bought it after the conversation we had about my heavy P. Rays with flats are great.
  8. @Old Horse Murphydid you return the stingray? It seems to have reappeared on BD. Or are they just slow to delete?
  9. @binky_bass might be worth asking if the seller will ship abroad. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/source-audio-collider-delay-reverb.1546781/
  10. I ordered one of these in December 2019 and am still waiting for it. Apparently all my parts are there but I’m now third in line. IR are very slow with builds; website says 12 months but I know of a guy who recently got his and had waited 3 years and 8 months for his after paying in full! With scant communication it’s a real nail-biter. The irony is that I’ve spent the years I’ve been waiting improving my keyboard skills, so by the time it arrives, I probably won’t need it any more. 😆 Anyway, it should look a bit like this when done (this is the actual body I chose): Their website is here: https://industrialradio.com.au
  11. Finalised the specs (aside from the exact shade of blue of the body) of my Shuker P bass on Tuesday; here they are: 34" scale 20 frets 38.5mm nut width 19mm string spacing 21.5mm neck depth at 1st fret 23.5mm at 12th shallow C carve Mastergrade roasted flame maple neck rosewood fretboard Rolled fingerboard edges 9.5" radius board 2 way truss rod carbon fibre reinforcement medium jumbo stainless steel fretwire bone nut 2mm cream side dots 6mm cream face dots satin finish on the neck Schaller BM clover leaf tuners chrome Hipshot triple string tree chrome. traditional P shape alder usual contours reduced heel with recessed fixings (no plate) polyester basecoat Blue - exact shade to be decided (Pantone 15-4333 TSX / 16-4529 TCX / 16-4529 TPG / 16-4535 TCX were close) Mint/Black/Mint 3-ply pick guard (traditional P shape) ABM 3704c19 bridge Fralin (stock) pickup vol / tone (chrome, with small, discreet dot marker if possible) shuker/hiscox hardcase String with either Labella 760FM (49-109) or D'Addario ECB82 Medium Chromes (50-105). Already picked out the neck woods last year: I chose the one on the left. Colour will hopefully be something like this: Jon has already begun work on it. I’ll post pictures as I get them.
  12. Any chance of a clip on low mode?
  13. That’s THE sound right there.
  14. Coincidentally, immediately after reading this thread, I found this book on the shelf at work:
  15. Also, the MIDIbass is a different thing; that’s from Industrial Radio in Australia.
  16. It’s a bit nuanced: as mentioned I had the whole spec except the neck depth finalised last year and had chosen the wood stock in person. Jon didn’t want me to pay a deposit until the final spec measurements were in. (I still need to specify a final shade for the body, but that can wait until he’s at the point of paint mixing.) So there was at least a verbal contract in place last year, though I only finally paid the big deposit yesterday. (I certainly wasn’t going to go to all the trouble of having a 100-email correspondence getting all the details sorted to then waste his time by backing out.)
  17. That’s fine. My inclusion stops me from just going nuts and buying more pedals and such though. If I’m out then I’ll likely be buying a nano q tron quicker thank it takes to bring a suitcase of wine to a “work meeting”.
  18. I’d argue that it’s when the commitment was made. I have had a MIDIbass on order since 2019 with $1500 paid up front. If that were to miraculously appear this year, I would not be counting that either.
  19. In other words, it was already a done deal last year.
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