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  1. I don’t think they anticipated just how successful it was going to be. They deliberately didn’t put it in the bigger housing as that would’ve been really expensive. To be honest, the small footprint is probably what helped shift it too. I know it’s more, but I’d really recommend getting the Hub and a Morningstar controller to really open it all up. They do a tiny MC3 now. They used pretty much all the code space in the C4 so there is only room for bug fixes and a few minor feature updates.
  2. Another cool thing is to set up MIDI commands to change the envelope type and filter type. And you can use a button to reassign the control knobs’ functions.
  3. Also, if you want to step up continuously, you can use the scroll action. You can also step up in bigger increments by assigning the message multiple times to a secondary action. I assigned the normal “preset up” to a release action then I copied the “preset up” CC 10 times and assigned the 10 copies to a double-tap. So a single press goes up by one, a double-tap goes up by 10.
  4. Yep, it’s powerful stuff. Glad you saw the light.
  5. But do you have the new Octabvre yet?
  6. You could tweak the patch. This was written on Spectrum which has four parameters accessible on the two control knobs. For C4 you could simply change the two knobs in the editor so that they control filter 1 Q and filter 1 frequency. That would give you the Q and the Decay parameters of the BEF (decay is a misnomer as it actually sets the resting frequency in that pedal). You could then mute voice 2 (dry) and just use the hard-wired mix and volume knobs to regulate the voice balance and overall output.
  7. Just open the MIDI map in the editor and look down in the early 100s. Or just set your own.
  8. I could probably share my old MC6 file. Basically you need to set up CC messages that correspond to the preset up/preset down commands in the C4. It’s something like CC106 and CC107 (can’t remember the exact ones off the top off my head but it’s in that region). Or you can set them to whichever CCs you want by configuring your C4’s MIDI map in the editor. So on one preset in your MC6 bank, choose “press”, “control change”, put in CC106 (or whatever it is for preset up), value 127, channel whatever your C4 is currently set to. Repeat the process for another button using the CC for preset down.
  9. Just a reminder to anyone who likes my presets. Please follow me on the mobile app and you’ll receive instant notifications whenever I post new presets.
  10. It’s not ideal as is and improvements have been discussed. Obviously I’m not permitted to divulge details. What I’m doing at present is to load and create presets by connecting C4 straight to my PC and saving them to internal slots. Then I later browse through them via the MC8 while playing, find one I like, add other SA pedals into the mod and then save as a Hub scene using the Hub buttons. There are various ways to go about this. You could hook up the C4 to a mobile device via the audio port and use that to browse cloud presets, create presets and save presets to the internal memory. Then you could either use the Hub hardware buttons to save scenes or have the Hub connected via USB to your PC and create a scene using the connected pedals. This will read the current settings from your connected pedals which you can then store as a Hub scene on the PC.
  11. No, for that you need to attach the USB cable directly to the C4.
  12. The search function on the Neuro app/website is your friend. Flashlight by me. https://neuro.sourceaudio.net/preset/EfvI5JLFWa
  13. Yes, I remember chatting to you on TB last week about this. I hope you’re enjoying it. Hopefully you’ll have no regrets; it’s a brilliant pedal. Source Audio have been pretty good to me, thanks. My shared presets netted me their inaugural “featured artist of the month” accolade back in July, for which I won a Collider.
  14. You can go really deep with the C4/MC6 combination if you exploit the MIDI map in the C4. An upcoming feature of MC6 will allow a single button to scroll through all 25 C4 filter types for instance.
  15. Yes, it’s one-way communication via the audio jack unfortunately. That’s why I manage patches via desktop.
  16. Check out the Source Audio Gemini. Various chorus models in there (as well as flangers and phasers) and presets but can be used as a “normal” knobby pedal. It has a crossover feature (called “lo-retain” in their lexicon) which allows the effect to only apply to a frequency range above the set threshold; great for having clean low end and chorus on upper register notes.
  17. Basically all next to the OC-2 with just the soloed 1 octave down. Is particularly like to hear the MXR VBO against the Octabvre III. I presume you scored one from BD.
  19. @Andras Szalay just posted the following on TB: Hi all, We would like to ask for your help! Last week on 16th of November we sent a package of 20 Future Impact V3 to a distribution company in the USA by a major international carrier. When the delivery arrived there were only 4 units in the box. Of course we do not know if it was stolen still in Hungary, anywhere on the way in Europe, or in the US. We ask all of you, if you see anywhere on the net suspicious ad for selling FI V3 units please let us know about it, send a report at pandamidi.com/contact The serial numbers of the stolen units are: 3303, 3304, 3305, 3306, 3308, 3309, 3311, 3312, 3315, 3316, 3317, 3403, 3404, 3405, 3406, 3407 Any ad on ebay, craiglist, reverb.com, etc. posted after Nov. 16 can be suspicious (unless it's by Tech 21). Thank you very much for your efforts Andras Szalay
  20. @Sibob is there any difference in feel?
  21. What are the widths (front-to-back when looking at the board in front of you) of the upper and lower tiers. Is the board flat or raked? This is pretty much the size of the shoe mat I’m currently using so could be ideal (though I still have four pedals not on my “board”).
  22. I have a couple of boxes going from cases I had delivered. One fits a Musicman Stingray case, the other is a bit deeper and wider and housed a Fender American Standard case. Free for collection in Sheffield.
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