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  1. I’ve noticed that the switch seems to actually have four “positions” rather than simply on/off: 1. Off - main LED lit, dry signal present, unboosted; 2. main LED is lit but dry signal is muted; 3. main LED unlit, dry signal is muted; 4. main LED lit, dry signal present and mids boosted Just wondering if there might be some way to turn the mid boost switch into a deliberate dry mute switch.
  2. 1951. The first P bass had a string-through body. 😆
  3. Presumably you could borrow something like a future impact and do captures of that to get great synth sounds. I’d be curious to hear the results.
  4. Get in line, there are folks with long-standing wanted ads on here!🙂
  5. By the way, there’s a nice Sterling in the bass gallery right now, might even be your old one.
  6. Argh, I had a lovely Lakland PJ with 38mm but I could’ve traded a while back. Unfortunate timing as I’ve just bought a Sterling. By the way, isn’t the fingerboard morado (pau ferro) rather than rosewood on the UV70s?
  7. No idea. All the emails I sent bounced. Only thing I got to stock was posting to the cog Facebook page. I could probably get hold of him with a bit of effort as he’s a friend of a woodwind tech I know, but I don’t want to pry.
  8. It’s a very deep pedal and, to be honest, I felt pretty overwhelmed when beta testing it as there is just so much stuff it can do. Check out this guy’s patches: https://neuro.sourceaudio.net/?search=Gazza&scope=user&pedal=Ultrawave Bass He has done a bit of work in replicating more “traditional” sounds. If you dig into the editor, there are quite a few non-foldback options. I tended to get more pleasing results using single-band or a low number of bands when making patches but have to admit that it’s a pedal I haven’t really touched for quite some time as distortion is not something I use a lot of. It’s crazily capable but one needs to spend a chunk of time with it to fully plumb its depths.
  9. This is my second purchase from Ash. I bought a lovely Musicman Sterling from him at the weekend after he’d kindly held it for me. It duly arrived today in great shape and is a lovely bass. I’m so glad to finally have one of these again; I’d forgotten how great they sound and how comfortable they are to play. Transaction was smooth and communication great throughout. I’d happily deal again. Many thanks!
  10. This was mine and is a lovely example. The neck is indeed based on a 1963 model. Paul is great to deal with. Sorry to see you’re having to let it go, Paul. Quite tempted to buy it back but I’ve just bought a Sterling, which will arrive tomorrow.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. I’d like this, Ash, please. I’m travelling back to the UK tomorrow. Could we sort out details over the weekend please?
  13. That would do it and should allow you to take advantage of some of the MIDI functions like freeze and modulation. (I’d still recommend the Morningstar stuff though as it’s more versatile. The MC3 is pretty small.)
  14. Hungary. They did try to persuade me to be a dedicated UK dealer but I don’t think I could cope with the extra admin.
  15. Panda are offering deal for anyone who wants to buy a second FI: “From now on we decided to give a very reasonable discount for users who already have a Future Impact I. or v3 unit to buy a second one.” http://pandamidi.com/store/your-second-future-impact
  16. Nope, he sold it again a while back.
  17. Utterly devastating news: https://www.sequential.com
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