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  1. I may end up with yours anyway if they satisfy my order with your returned one.
  2. Now £110 but out of stock again.
  3. As long as the SY sends out the messages it generates then it should be doable. You might need to enable a setting in a menu but I’d be shocked if this weren’t possible. Glad you’re enjoying the presets; it’s been a while since I’ve done any new ones as there are too many distractions at present. I kind of miss lockdown in some ways. 😀
  4. Great job opportunity building the ROR MIDI guitars (and presumably basses too): https://www.rorguitars.com
  5. I’m privy to what all the new stuff is as I’ve been consulted on some of it and will be beta testing, but can’t divulge details until given the go-ahead. It’s pretty exciting stuff though and I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in to it.
  6. In stock now but up to £123.
  7. Wonderful bass, used to be mine. Lovely seller too.
  8. You really ought to give it a try on v3.60 before letting it go. 3.50 added a delay effect, freeze function and midi clock. The last update added vastly improved drag-and-drop patch management.
  9. Presumably a resonance control for the notch then? There are other phasers which feature this too, but it’s rarer to see that on phasers than it is on envelope filters.
  10. The dual peak filters work for this kind of thing or route two single-peak filters in parallel (1 per processor).
  11. If the list price said that taxes were included then contact Panda and get them refunded. Taxes are only due once, so if they’ve been inadvertently charged twice, they can be claimed back.
  12. You can just edit the post and write “SOLD” at the start of the title then the admins will see it and lock it.
  13. Nope. All taxes and shipping were included as per the website; it really was £228 all included.
  14. That’s a crazy (in a good way) finish. Nick is a great seller and I’m sure this bass will be every bit as lovely as he says it is. The P I bought from him was everything he said it was. Had this been the Miami blue version, I’d have probably bitten. Good luck with the sale.
  15. Full on belly laughing on the M5. Glad I wasn’t driving.
  16. New product coming soon from Panda which will be great to pair with the FI - functions as an interface (for patch management) and allows the use of passive expression pedals and footswitches:
  17. Si, will Sequential stuff be made available through the Focusrite store? Will any UK-based warranty work be carried out here or will fills still have to ship back to the US?
  18. My order was through Bass Direct; he simply never got to any of the orders through that shop.
  19. Excellent! I totally need to visit when you get it!
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