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  1. I'd agree with the sentiment that with singers, you need to have your cake and eat it. They need to be great vocalists, no point stepping out without a good front man, no matter how good the band is, but they need to be at least tolerable on the personality/organisation side and have the same work ethic as the rest of the band. Our singist does the work and delivers the goods, so we can live with the occasional hissy fit and even have a bit of a laugh about a few years later after he's calmed down.
  2. Yup, its all part of the merry dance. Kinda have to take a deep breath when you put something up of any worth and get ready for whatever may come... I had a MM Bongo up for sale a few years ago, had a young guy who was super keen but was obviously struggling to get the money together. Had many back and forth emails where he was pleading for me to hold it for him while he sorted his stuff out. I probably could have sold it a couple of times over to other buyers but was cool with it as it was by all accounts his 'dream bass'. Anyways after he finally got his affairs in order, on the evening we were going to do the sale he pulled out at the last minute with no explanation. Did me a favour as I ended up pulling the ad and five years later I'm glad I hung on to it. I wasn't too bothered tbh as I know what a big purchase that was to someone starting out and how much I used to agonise over every detail back when I was a callow youth. What really gets my goat, however, are the professional moaners on ebay. The one's who play the system knowing that if they play their cards right, they can potentially get to keep the item and get a full refund from ebay. I shipped a Genz cab to the US and one of the plastic corners took a bash in transit. I was happy to offer £30-40 off (you can buy a plastic moulding for £3), but the buyer wasn't happy with that. This was one of the bottom rear corners so you'd never see it. Anyways, he ended up getting a full refund off ebay global shipping and keeping the item. While I was quids in as a result, it just seemed totally bonkers and is only going to encourage ppl who are angling for that kind of result.
  3. thats made my day! though it would have been even better if the workshop had gotten busy with the hacksaw and upgraded said bass with some genuine bone nut and ivory inlays ;o)
  4. Ooh that's bloody lovely! Congratulations and hope it brings you many years of enjoyment!
  5. Ive got three workhorses, my Sadowsky RHP4 which is undoubtedly my go to bass, a Sire VV75 and a Bongo HH5 for my metal side project. My two fringe basses are my 93 Stringray and a 2010 Stingray 4HH. Ironically I can't sell the two rays as I've had the first one since I was 17 and it's too much a part of my early years to let go of, and the 4HH was a wedding present. So they hang on the wall, largely unused but looking magnificent.
  6. I've got a PJ on one of my basses and it spends 90% of the time solo on the P. I find if it's the P sound that you love, having the option to blend in some J just dilutes the goodness. I'd happily have just the single pickup, but the bass is a stone cold keeper, so I'm also happy to have the j.
  7. Yup try that. The app needs to be connected to your stomp in order for it to load properly.
  8. Helix edit is the one. Do you have your stomp connected to the pc via USB?
  9. Not much. I tried several and the differences were subtle at best. On paper the ash and maple board vintage 5 that I settled on would have been the opposite of the thicker, darker tone that I prefer, but it hit the spot.
  10. Second hand sadowsky metro HPJ. Its got a j neck and plays real nice!
  11. I've got a Bongo 5HH and it's a great bass, but whether it's right for you really depends on what you are after. I'd also consider a Dingwall NG3 in that price range. They've introduced a six string this year. I tried one a few months back and it's got a similar vibe to the bongo (big, tight and punchy sound that'd be perfect for cutting through in a rock/metal gig).
  12. Three musicians at their absolute peak...and Anthony Kiedis. I've enjoyed everything they've released since, despite their flaws, but BSSM will never be topped. I don't think I'd be playing now if it hadn't been for the inspiration I got from this album.
  13. 60% of us want to recommend what we have, 30% want to talk gear porn, that just leaves 10% in the game for offering genuine practical advice and where's the fun in that?!?
  14. Rcf, Yamaha, QSC all make good kit. But I'd have a think first about format before looking in to brands and models. A common solution for a gig worthy vocal PA would be 12 inch active tops, no subs. Keyboards add a different slant as they can occupy a fair bit of bottom end depending on what parts they play and how well trained you have him/her.
  15. Mind boggling. But surely the gig could have carried on without the sound guy? Most bands have at least a couple of members who know their way around a sound desk and PA.
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