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  1. I have a tiny pedal set-up consisting of three 1590a pedals. I'm looking for a very small pedal board that will hold these - any ideas? The Pedaltrain Nano was way too big!
  2. I just picked up an Orange Burst for peanuts and really am enjoying it so far. Are the controls bass cut only and treble boost only or am I imagining that?
  3. I used to frequent jam sessions but once I started arriving and there were already three or so acts booked to play before anyone else, I realised it was then a gig and stopped going.
  4. Does ageing your pickguard in tea count? Guilty as charged! 😎
  5. That's how I do it - measure, bend, cut, wind. Cutting a string straight is asking for trouble.
  6. More of a query than an actual question. How many bass players gigging use a DI pedal/pre EQ DI to send a signal to the FOH and then use their amp as a separate stage sound? OR do you just send a post EQ DI signal instead? Would like to hear your views on this.
  7. Why are DR strings $20 in the States yet nearly double that here?
  8. I use DR Fat Beams and occasionally Hi Beams. Fat Beams are great strings.
  9. Update: I soaked it in tea for 48 hours and it has the slightest of yellow tints now - perfect!
  10. Just saw their Micro DI box for £29 - do you have one? Interested in purchasing one for gigging.
  11. I got the M80 a while back and the 'clean' channel is very transparent and non coloured to my ears; very flat sounding so great for small EQ touches. The distortion channel on the other hand...
  12. That's why I have resisted buying a new one - the current pickguard fits very nicely so would rather try and stain it first before splashing the cash.
  13. My pristine white pickguard is a little too shiny for my liking. Does anyone have some tips to make it more dull, more like it's been hovering above cigarette smoke for 20 years in a pub?
  14. Blame culture in companies.
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