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  1. Ah, the old Mod tactic - discuss via PM when it suits them. Do as I say, not as I do. C'mon everyone, gang mentality, pick apart the member who actually calls BS on the ridiculous claims made on this thread. No wonder anyone who is a bass player of even slight fame never sticks around. Proof that BC and TB are one and the same.
  2. If only you knew... which you don't. Yet you continue to assume. Continue following your dear leader without having a clue.
  3. Seriously Ped, why are you just spreading lies? That simply isn't true. No where on Finnbass does it have any of that.
  4. Don't bother. Grounds just feel and play and sound like very dead rounds. Nothing feels like a flat other than a flat. Pressurewounds might be worth a punt - feel in between a flat and a round and over time, start to take on more flat like characteristics.
  5. Tool will suffer the same fate Chinese Democracy did - all that build up but the album will never satisfy the fans Appetite.
  6. How does it feel being on the other side of moderation for a change? You may have been 'that' mod in the past.
  7. Unless you PM'd Steve, there is no thread about this on Finnbass.
  8. Real mature comment... several Finnbass members regularly post on here so step forward all the 'weirdos' and 'perverts'. People do say some daft things on the Internet, don't they?
  9. Again, guess my experiences differ vastly. I have found lots of information that has helped with my bass related purchases.
  10. How many times has someone on BC said a Precision is all you need? That argument doesn't wash with me.
  11. Disagree with you there. TBH this place reeks of jealousy most the time when talking about Talkbass. I have found it a hub of useful information and some very friendly people.
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