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  1. Isn't any large outdoor field with multiple bands on the day enough to qualify as a festival? Sounds like everyone doesn't like camping or people.
  2. Yet another chancer! Deluded fool.
  3. Why are people so surprised? The main three things that affect tone are the pickups, strings and your playing style.
  4. Mountain Song by Jane's always.
  5. What grade sandpaper would you recommend?
  6. £51.50 for a standard celluloid tort guard!
  7. Have you bought a pickguard from there before?
  8. I've had so many problems trying to get a pickguard that fits my Jazz bass. The main problems are: 1. It's too wide or narrow and doesn't line up with the control plate. 2. It's too thick and is a couple mm higher than the control plate. 3. It doesn't fit the neck or the pickup properly. Where can I buy a pickguard that actually fits?!
  9. I have a CMD121P. I use it without an extension cab and it's still plenty loud enough. I usually play venues which have PA and monitors on stage so the combo is just used as an extra monitor.
  10. Hiscox owner since 2010 - still going strong.
  11. I'm not reshaping, just removing some of the flaky plastic on the edges.
  12. What grade sandpaper would you recommend?
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