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  1. Could be worse. He could be referring to himself as "The Rikkster"....
  2. Thanks to everyone for contributing, and there's a lot of food for thought. As I said, I don't actually need more volume as such, but I would like a better sound quality. The current head is over 10 years old and when I push it, the sound gets 'tight', kinda like someone speaking between clenched teeth (is this making any sense???) I tend to set the EQ with a bit of a treble drop to make the most of the P-Bass mid-range hump. It sounds great at low volumes but not once the master goes past about 1 o'clock. I know nothing about compression, but maybe a decent compressor would help as well? I don't play in terribly loud bands, but the two I'm working with at the moment have lots of instruments that fill up the sonic space. I do get the points about extra cab, but if I have to trade sound quality for portability I'm leaning towards portability. There are a couple of venues I play where I often have to park some distance away, so a single trip is really important to me. To misquote Al Krow: "But we also need to factor in the age and efficiency of the OP..." I'm tempted by the Ashdown. I had a Mag 300 head before which had a great sound, but couldn't keep up (this was with an inefficient 210 cab). I do keep seeing comments about Ashdown output not being as loud as the wattage suggests but other people love them. I didn't know anything about the Fender, although a friend has a Rumble combo and that sounds great to me. I was very interested in the Quilter, although a couple of people (including Dave_bass 5) have commented on their 'flatness'. I guess I have to go up to Wembley to hear one. Some tests in retailers may be called for! Cheers, Graham
  3. Hi all, I'm after some opinions on lightweight heads in the 800w area. I currently play a P-bass with flats through a Little Mark II into a Barefaced Super Compact. When the amp has to work hard it gets a bit snarky and unpleasant. I don't want to add another cab as I want to keep to a single, lightweight load-in . I don't really need more volume either, but I'd like a bit more headroom to keep the amp relaxed. So I'm considering one of the following: - Little Mark 800 - Quilter Bass Block 800 - TC BH 800 Any thoughts on these - or anything else in the same space? Lightweight is important, and keeping it under £600 would be good. Cheers, Graham
  4. Of course, it can go the other way. I was in a typical pub covers band and we got asked to play a private marquee party at a large house in the country. Good fee, people easy to deal with, food and drink supplied etc. The wife of the guy who booked us asked for a couple of specific pop songs to be played. This was about four weeks beforehand and they were songs that fitted in with everything else we did, so we had time to practice them. But the amount of beaching from some band members: "Why should we?" "Does she think we're a jukebox?" etc etc Well, to an extent a jukebox was exactly what we were. We already had a set full of mainstream pop-ish covers, so why not add another two? Were we suddenly going to have an attack of musical integrity? Sanity prevailed. We did the songs, the wife thought we were wonderful, it was a great night and they added a bonus onto the fee. We also got another booking from a family friend after the wife had sung our praises at length. Cheers, Graham
  5. One advantage of being a lefty - only a lefty can borrow my bass, and as we all know, we leftys are sensible, pleasant, organised people who are a joy to help... 😆
  6. I'll Take You There - Staple Singers Anything by ACDC
  7. The Jam at their best - all three of them.
  8. The in-ear monitor sounds right. They had a very clean stage with almost no monitors/boxes in sight. Ta.
  9. Oh well, if we're posting SAHB links, here's one of my favourites... The audience look completely bemused...
  10. I saw a Blues Brothers stage show on Saturday. Cheesy as a cheesy thing with extra cheese on top, but great fun. The bass player punched out these Duck Dunn (and some Jamerson) lines with pizzazz and energy using a standard P-Bass and a small effects unit on the floor. But he also seemed to have two leads going into the instrument. I was too far away to work out what was going, but I could clearly see two leads going up to wind through his strap. Any idea why he would do this? Cheers, Graham
  11. Luna Lounge, Leytonstone Lovely little venue. Cheers, Graham
  12. Playing an old (very!) classic. The drummer and I were both deps for these guys. For those that care about such things I was playing a 50-year-old P-bass with flats through a Little Mark and Barefaced Super Compact. Cheers, Graham
  13. OK, so he wasn't a bass player. But he was a damn fine drummer. Died last week at 68 from comp[lications during an operation. See here Was the drummer for the Sensational Alex Harvey Band then also for Rory Gallagher, Michael Schenker and others. The SAHB were a huge part of my teenage years in Scotland - an amazing theatrical rock outfit, but rock-solid under it all. Graham
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