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  1. baldwinbass


    Hi and welcome
  2. baldwinbass


    Hi there, and welcome
  3. baldwinbass

    Hi from the Highlands

    Welcome Dingers, great choice of bass!
  4. baldwinbass

    Hello from Marco Bass!

    Hi Ian - welcome 😊
  5. baldwinbass

    Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    Looking good!
  6. baldwinbass

    Just saying' "Hi"

    Welcome 😊
  7. baldwinbass

    Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    Excellent progress, it's all (literally) starting to come together.
  8. baldwinbass

    New in the Midlands

    Hi D.A. - welcome to the forum
  9. baldwinbass

    Hi from the Northwest, UK

    Welcome from the far south
  10. baldwinbass

    Warwick Just A Nut II

    I'd like one of the old Mk II nuts in good condition for a four string. Although they're prone to damage I prefer them to the newer replacements.
  11. baldwinbass

    Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    This is a really interesting and unique build. I can't wait to see how it develops.
  12. baldwinbass

    Vovox leads

    Vovox Sonorus are the best leads I've ever used, sound is superlative. Despite the way things are phrased on the Vovox website, these cables (i.e for bass/guitar) are just as flexible as any available and the reference to 'live' only means they can't handle mains or speaker voltage.
  13. baldwinbass

    hi from sunny havant

    Hi Mick and welcome
  14. baldwinbass

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the world of bass, Charwood81
  15. baldwinbass

    Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    Me too