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  1. hi from sunny havant

    Hi Mick and welcome
  2. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the world of bass, Charwood81
  3. New Website!

    Yes, it's a great improvement and easy to navigate
  4. Hello there ;)

    Hello and welcome
  5. The Rebirth.

    Agreed, great stuff
  6. New from Colorado

  7. Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    Really great to see the progress, I've been following from the start but haven't commented 'til now. Looks superb so far, and I'll be watching this interesting project.
  8. Hi from Glasgow.

    Hi Des, Yes, we're all pretty decent , knowledgeable, and fun types of guys and gals here! Interesting that you play like Hendrix; plenty off interesting stuff on here for lefties.
  9. Battery powered rig

  10. Hello from NYC

    Hi WaveyDavey - welcome; there's always a great selection of pedals for sale.
  11. Bass Newbie

    Hi Andy S - don't worry, we're all very friendly here!
  12. London bass guitar show 2018

    The Masterclasses by Bobby Vega and Snow Owl were unexpectedly inspirational.........
  13. Thomann - delivery times

    Always under a week, whatever the size
  14. Bean9seventy joins Bass Chatt

    Welcome Bean9seventy