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  1. Hi Mikey - a big welcome to another jazz fan.
  2. Hi Filobassisto Great to have a jazz musician on here, I love the sound of double bass.
  3. Hi David, welcome to BassChat 🙂
  4. Welcome Wattle, you'll find BassChat very friendly - and useful in all kinds of ways. 🙂
  5. Hi TK4261 - you'll find some interesting things on here! 😀
  6. Hi MattiZ, welcome to BassChat 🙂
  7. Good afternoon biff 🙂
  8. baldwinbass


    Welcome Dean
  9. baldwinbass


    Hi Devon, and welcome. I note that you have played jazz so, whilst you're at a loose end, why not have a look at Steven Mooney's books (for electric & upright, notation and tab.) on Walking Bass Lines. These offer a thorough grounding in the style, plus there's his website with lessons too. 🙂
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