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  1. My Yamaha TRBX504 is very slim - 38mm nut and slim from front to back: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/el_basses/trbx/specs.html
  2. Magic! Then how do compact discs work ?
  3. 1/10th is good enough for me. And I'm not talking about where I am, it's where I'd like to be.
  4. Have you ever thought about how magnetic tape works? Wow! How do you get that sound down in + and - ?
  5. I just been off to weigh the two basses I have with me, the Yamaha is 4kg (admittedly didn't remove the heavy strap or tuner), and the Ibanez is 3.8kg, I consider these to both be relatively light... I seem to think my Nanyo is less than 3.5kg though, so I'm struggling to justify the purchase of the Mustang in the "lightweight" category... Having said that, I don't own a Fender... I like stuff MIJ... I like things that are not brand new... I especially like a rosewood board and white bass...
  6. Oh, god! That would look really nice with a mint pick guard... Is it really as heavy as 3.8kg?
  7. Cheers, all. It looks like Andertons have a decent enough returns policy - if I had to send it back I'd only lose out on the delivery return cost... Good job it's not in stock at the moment - that at least gives me time to think.
  8. Yes, I meant I will be holding it classical style, and wondered whether the small body, or the shape of the Steinberger would lead to problems.
  9. I'm tempted by one of these... When I'm playing sitting down, I position the bass on my left leg, though. Do you think this would be a problem? Also is the drop tuner any good? Stable?
  10. It'll be different again, by the time I've learnt it...😂
  11. I actually have the "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" book at home, but I'm locked-down in my mum's house. It'll do me good to work it out by ear (with a little cheating, from above).
  12. Push and pull - I'm sure I do it all the time, much to the consternation of my drummer! 😂 Not that I have a drummer anymore... 😕
  13. I was actually playing along to the Supremes version, with Rocksmith 😳, for my sins (well, because I haven't figured out how the song goes yet ).
  14. I've been watching a lot of his videos, recently. Great stuff.
  15. Is this song played very much behind the beat, or wot? S'cuse my noob bass ears, but it just seems very... "relaxed", no?
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