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  1. It'll be different again, by the time I've learnt it...😂
  2. I actually have the "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" book at home, but I'm locked-down in my mum's house. It'll do me good to work it out by ear (with a little cheating, from above).
  3. Push and pull - I'm sure I do it all the time, much to the consternation of my drummer! 😂 Not that I have a drummer anymore... 😕
  4. I was actually playing along to the Supremes version, with Rocksmith 😳, for my sins (well, because I haven't figured out how the song goes yet ).
  5. I've been watching a lot of his videos, recently. Great stuff.
  6. Is this song played very much behind the beat, or wot? S'cuse my noob bass ears, but it just seems very... "relaxed", no?
  7. I was surprised by how bright they sounded (at first) for 10 year old strings... They have mellowed a little now though... 🤣
  8. I'm guessing it was the age of the stings that caused it, and not my highly acidic (alkaline?) sweat?
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ABqTkjYyPqkscjTRlTly8RjpAvNuI9tJ/view?usp=sharing Just out of interest, would/could these be Elixirs? The bass is a 10 year + old Ibanez SRX 390 (that had never been played before I bought it). According to the catalogue, Elixirs were not fitted to this model (this model was supposed to have D'Addarios), but Elixirs were fitted to the higher end basses. I have never seen D'Addarios peel like this... No silks and plain old brass coloured ends to the strings. Any ideas, oh wise Basschat?
  10. But at least they are "new" tuners. Oh, and a new neck "with crazing in the varnish on the head"? Anyway, sorry. Thread drift... Did you buy the one you posted, Paul S?
  11. Ahem... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fretless-Hondo-2-Telebass-p-bass-by-PCsGC/193378642992?hash=item2d0643ec30:g:YC8AAOSwKsReaSMR
  12. TC Unitune for me too. Nice clear display.
  13. So who plays bass on this recording then? And why is he not credited?
  14. Rehearsal went well, so well that we're going to try again next week. We didn't do Paint It, Black, because our new guitarist didn't know it.
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