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  1. So do I... Although, I have given up worrying now. Edit: Still no access - see what happens next week.
  2. Well, still no update other than we won't get on site until power is restored and "dangerous materials" have been cleaned up from site. At least it gives me time to sort insurance out. MU is another good shout - I've just never thought of myself as a musician... lol
  3. Looking at the photos online last night, the wind was blowing in the right direction for us. I haven't had any updates this morning though, only that the road is still closed. Good shout on the house insurance - I'll take a look, thanks.
  4. I'll take a look. Thanks.
  5. It may be a bit late to ask, since tonight's practice was cancelled due to our rented industrial unit being on fire, but, please talk to me... 1. Can you get insurance to cover musical equipment in general, that covers for gigs etc (if we ever get any)? 2. Any recommendations for insurance for items kept in industrial units (contents cover)? I realise I'm just rambling, but it's taking my mind off the events of tonight... Our actual part of the unit isn't yet on fire, nor does it seem water damaged, but my mind has already moved on to asbestos/contamination... when will we get our gear back/if we get our gear back... 😬
  6. We were going to call our pub playing, covers band, Quiz Night...
  7. If he was in the UK, I'd offer to help him out, and accept payment in kind... 🎸
  8. Yep, RBX 170, about 5 years old (mine's red). Great sounding bass for the money.
  9. Sunday morning musings... has anyone ever seen a SBK (See Through Black) nanyo with gold hardware (320 series)? I notice the '96 catalogue lists SBK amongst the SGR (See Through Green) and SHS (See Through Honey Sunburst) options. It would be nice to complete my Bass Collection collection... 😀
  10. Lol, my weapon of choice is actually my fingers, but my band leader insists I play some of his songs with a plec, and I like to be flexible.
  11. Dunlop Max Grip 1.5mm. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dunlop-Standard-Guitar-Picks-Plectrums/dp/B00CNC5G3Y
  12. The seller has responded to my messages and I'm just trying to set up a time to meet... Edit: And I bought it at £75. Saw no reason to quibble with the price - aside from some fret wear, it looks better in the flesh than it did in the ad photos.
  13. I have no idea what's going on here, but I'm probably going to like the result...
  14. That's exactly what I first thought when I saw a Nanyo (headstock especially)... I dunno. That one there looks quite "retro" cool to me. 😄
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