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    Joanna is complete apart from a new nut and a bit of fret levelling, it's been a useful test bed and is shaping up to be a good bass. I had a spare neck and pretty much all the hardware sitting around so it's used up a few spare parts.
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    I’m a huge fan of this series, but I only just came across this episode and it blew me away. Such a lovely groove.
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    For the avoidance of confusion I lay before you a map which indicates the location of the North of England.
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    Correct. It's an Americanism, because they're a bit thick and forget the first bits of words. Hence "neighbourhood" becomes "hood" (after becoming "neighborhood" because they can't spell either), "parent" becomes "rent", "suburbs" becomes "burbs", and "magazine" becomes "zine". American independence was actually a way of increasing the average IQ of the British Empire.
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    None of them are that good, due to the flat shape and dirt getting constantly trapped/building up around the bridge and strings. Also, its quite easy to get your foot stuck in the cut-out.
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    £299 £249 £199. Open to trades but cash is king. Trade bait options are: Barefaced Big Baby Cab to pair with my existing one. Gallien Kruger Head No basses I’m afraid, though possibly a nice 4 string Spector might tempt me!, even more so a Spector Rex or Sandberg Forty Eight. ….something that will do the job in a loud hard rock band. I got a few bits of gear up, happy to do a multiple, combined deal. Set neck (so think Les Paul), Mahogony body which is very lightweight at 3.3kg to 7lb 4oz. Quite a rare beast - very Spector esque - lovely inlays in the ‘board. Set neck, Mahogony body, Gotoh hardware, quality parts and craftsmanship on this bass. In good overall condition - a few surface scuffs and scrapes from normal use. Comes with Farida Hardcore, one clasp is broken but the case still does the job. Not many of these about - there's a white one here for 1100 Euro! https://www.jnr.be/farida-hb-20.html Farida's blurb is: Farida HB-20 - Years of research and development have rewarded us with this exciting new bass. Part of our Hypersonic range, the stylish, 24-fret HB20 offers a wide range of great bass tones thanks to its popular active pickup configuration. The HB20 incorporates a solid mahogany body, maple set neck and rosewood fingerboard in a radical sleek design. Link here to my previous listing for one of these, with more photographs and background information. FS/ FT Farida HB20 - Hypersonic Series, Set Neck, P/J, Lightweight, c/w Farida Hard Case FS/ FT Farida HB20 - Hypersonic Series, Set Neck, P/J, Lightweight, c/w ... For Sale Or For Trade In response to PMs for more background information on Farida and this specific bass from F...
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    A few more little jobs done today. I'm just finishing anything that may cause scratches etc. before I get round to the final sanding on the neck. Drilled the holes for the neck and cut the neck screws down in length as they were long enough to go all the way through the fretboard. No idea why but one of the screws decided to snap! I was quite lucky as there was enough showing in the neck that I could remove it carefully with pliers. Any less showing and it would have been a nightmare of having to drill it out..... The screw came out without too much fuss and, most importantly, without causing any damage or scratches. I had another screw which I trimmed then fitted the neck. I've also made the cavity cover template a little tighter fitting so there is a little less gap around it (wasn't masses around the original, I'm just being picky!!) so I'll make the new cover tomorrow.
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    This intrigues me as I feel the direct opposite about gloss necks. Playing them makes me feel like I’m wading through treacle! Goes to show, different strokes for different folks.
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    This is a question all about setup and nothing to do with the bass itself.
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    I'm attempting to make a bass from scrap pianos. This is a prototype short scale bass called T800 because it's telecaster shaped and has an 800mm scale length. Wherever possible I'll be using wood from defunct pianos, mostly poplar with mahogany veneer and oak for the fretboard. As far as I can I will attempt to keep the original finish and use whatever screws I can salvage from the donor pianos.
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    For these P-bass looms with either Bourns or Alpha Mini pots only, I can now offer a alternative delivery to save you money! Royal Mail 1st Class, Signed For, Insured, will fit through letter box Precision bass loom, Bourns 250K Log. Audio Mini pots. 6mm splined shafts for push on knobs. Switchcraft Jack socket, PolyDrop .047uF Cap. 2 way screw terminal connector. Fits any P-bass including Squiers and others with narrow control cavity routing, 20mm minimum required. Complete with hardware to suit pick guard / control plate mounting or through body up to 6mm. The Bourns pots are top quality and have a lovely smooth but firm feel to use. A great replacement / upgrade for cheap and nasty pots in many basses. Complete with wiring instructions and screwdriver. £22.50 PayPal Friends/Family please to [email protected], includes signed for, insured, Royal Mail delivery UK. EU £7.50 extra, other at cost. BTW if the Price shows above as £22 it's because of the forum software - it's £22.50 ta. Cheerz, John
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    Yeah, thats a really cool version. Haha, i thought the same,
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    Yeah, although it sounds like the band know it better than Kenny does lol.
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    Returns can be made to any shop, its the law.
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    Now my brother is trying to make me buy this. He says six isn't enough.
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    These are great basses. I bought the one in the original advert and played and gigged it for a few years.
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    Nah preamps are great fun
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    I know you struggle with English on the other side of the pond but are you sure this is what you meant to write?? Greatings for Pennsylvania USA ..or did you mean "Greetings from Pennsylvania USA"??? Just kidding...I understand that you also struggle with irony...😉😉
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    All my gigging basses have been built in california, have been since 2002.
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    Or the toxic York air
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    They must have set aside a special 'ped batch' - maybe I've been rude to them at some point 😂
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    Honestly those countersunk angled bolts are not massively new tech or voodoo hoodoo, actually the same principle applies to the straight 4 bolts with a lag screw principle. The body hole is slightly overdrilled so the screw does not bite, therefore when you tighten it, it pulls the other object (neck in this instance), into the body. It’s used all the time in other applications
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    As opposed to what they have now...?
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    I started turning all my gear around to British some while ago after deciding I couldn’t lug my old cabs around anymore. I bought one of the first Barefaced Big Twin II’s and have been using that exclusively since. Like you, I’m OBBM cables throughout and have a few Statii and a Wal that can fit the all British package. Where I came unstuck was the amp. I still have my old Trace head, so I could use that I suppose, but I tried a Darkglass 900 and loved it. So the 100% British thing went out the window a little, but my hearts still in it. I’m not sure I could properly convert my pedal board to British anyway, although a fair percentage of it is occupied by COG effects anyway.
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    Thought I’d do a quick update on my P34. Tomorrow is the first gig with it so this is just based on a rehearsal and 3 weeks at home. First off i love the tone. Its not quite as thick as my Fender P, but has a bit more mid poke, which is really cool. Ive always strived to get a finger tone, as i play mostly with a pick and don’t really like it a lot of the time. I can normally get close to sounding like finger playing with my BDDI, but this bass seems to get me very close without needing any effects. In fact i think this bass shines without needing my much loved BDDI. Ive always felt the need for a pre amp pedal in the past, but the P34 seems to not need it. The notes are all very articulate and clear, which makes me play better. The notes also all seem very well balanced volume wise, and ive started to use the higher frets on the E string more. In the past these got a bit too thick and boomy. It sounds silly but i find i can groove better with this bass. Even the band said it made them sound better lol. I can now start to produce the tones and style ive tried to in the past, but without the compromises i kept finding. I’ve been struggling for two weeks to get this playing As good as when it arrived. Since changing strings it’s almost got to the point where when i sit down to play, i get the Allen keys and ruler out. Maybe I’m obsessing too much about the action, but my Fender has a 2mm action on the E, and I’d expect, maybe wrongly, that this bass can do it as well. In fact i put some EB Slinky’s on it and took them off two days later, they just felt very wrong. Ive never used them before though so its not a bass issues. Ive recently started using Pro Steels, which i love for thair tone and feel. Its probably more an OCD thing, but most of my other basses can get a 2mm action, yet this one struggles, even though none of the frets are high. In fact i cant find any faults with this bass at all, so i guess its just me and i will settle down. Same strings on my 425, Fender P and P34. The 425 ive not really bothered with, it plays fine and i dont think ill be using it much anyway. The Fender wont get used much as ive found a better P bass now. I notice Yamaha suggest 3mm action at the E/12th. Thats pretty high for me, but i can settle on 2.25mm. one slight concern though, is the truss rod. To get a decent bow in the neck, say .013 - .015, the TR nut feels like its not even gripping. Its not rattling, and if i turn it th either way its working fine, but it just feels very loose. Never had a TR that felt like this before. I’m hoping its ok, and my one fear is the relief will change on its own. In fact I’m starting to think it is, and thats why i keep adjusting the bass. At the moment though its spot on and i played it for a sold 3 hours last night. I’d love to say ‘this is the one’, and once i get over the setup issues I’m sure ti will be. Ive never had such a perfect tone from a P bass. In fact I’d say there is a bit of that jazz snarl in there, and thats just from the neck pup. The one big negative is the finish on the back of the neck. I really hate it. I much prefer gloss, as i tend to slide my hand rather than just move it. Poor technique probably, and Its not that i cant play it, but i find its very sticky. Ill probably get it glossed at some point, but for now ill live with it. Anyway, the feeling is i made the right choice getting this (thanks again Bas), and i has rekindled my interest in playing again. Gig report to follow tomorrow. Its at the Hampstead summer festival so a good starter.
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    It's got nowt to do with his political affiliations, and more to do with the fact that as a human being, he's a miserable failure! No politics involved! 👍
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    This is my only working black bass, I made it in 2016 I think
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    Yep. If you can’t dig in on a Precision, it’s the setup not the instrument itself.
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    When I see someone with a hat, I know they are a musician, or very cool, or BOTH or.....hiding a bald patch hehe
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    Nope, never have, although sometimes through amazon. Mostly i buy from Andertons, GAK and G4M. As i said, Amazon is my first port of call, but that doesn’t mean i only buy from them. In fact for instruments they are useless, but i still look first. I dont drive, work 5-6 days a week, i dont have time to go to shops, and to be honest I prefer to buy on line and have the safety net of having 14-30 days to return something if i dont like it. I recently got a bass on line that was £150 than the nearest competitor, but the shop is about 600 miles from me. I asked my local stores and the above stores to match and none wanted to know. The shop i used is a small shop in Glasgow, so in a way i did support them, it just wasn’t local to me lol. .
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    Don't get paid by PayPal! All he needs to do is say he hasn't received the bass and they will refund his money. It's happened to me before and PayPal paid the buyer out despite having proof of delivery to the right address. You will not be able to claim on any insurance either as of course a delivery company will have proof of delivery. Be very careful.
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    Isn't the look of the barefaced cabs one of the most common complaints about them?
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    I do think BF should use that styling on the bass cabs as well.
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    Good news. Let us know how you progress.
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    Based on a 10-minute google search, Amazon paid £4.6m tax in the UK last year on turnover of £10.96 billion. To put that in perspective, with a similar sized UK revenue, M&S paid £65.4m corporation tax alone on turnover of £10.46 billion in 2018, in addition to business rates and the tax generated by their 80000 employees (compared with 27500 for Amazon). In effect, Amazon is subsidised by the UK taxpayer. Handy for Jeff Bezos, I'm sure he would find it difficult to make ends meet otherwise. Until our "leaders" adopt a strategy to extract a proper contribution for access to our markets, our high streets and indigenous businesses will continue to wither. I never buy on Amazon, or from Starbucks or a variety of other businesses for these reasons.
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    Mark Bass Super Synth Great pedal. Lots of synth options available. £125 posted within UK Now £110 posted
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    Amazon ripped off a group of disabled kids in an after school group,I help out with. The kids had spent 18 months raising money by collecting cans, making and selling badges etc etc. Amazon screwed them for £150 and when trading standards got involved told them they were too big to sue and sadly trading standards said they probably are. There is nothing in this world I need desperately enough to use those scumbags.
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    Each to there own and all that, keeps it looking good for ever though 🙂
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    glad to hear. But it's not at rehearsal that they may play up. It's at a gig, with wifi for the patrons, big fridges cycling on and off, 100 punters' (hopefully) iphones , PA router etc . You won't know til you're out there, always have a cable at the ready , just in case. Even the best ones can run into interference.
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    Hi all, the strings are installed #EVOFX4 #Aguilar
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    When the egregiously drab Carol Anne Duffy handed in her badge I had high hopes for the next incumbent of the office of Poet Laureate. Of course, we ended up with Simon Armitage, a specimen of extreme loathesomeness whose poetic output is limited to a meagre few published collections, these propped up by occasional dribs and drabs of semi-literate doggerel condescendingly lobbed at his fawning adulants rather as a chimpanzee might hurl his fecal matter at a coach party of mouth breathing schoolchildren. That Mr Armitage has stooped to write librettos for modern opera merely compounds rather than alleviates the crushing ennui that befalls me when I hear his name or - worse - his ghastly, nasal voice droning away on Radio Four about inclusion, compassion and his (feigned) affinity for the North of England, a bleak and charmless locale where no fashionable gentleman would venture even on a bet. The repellent Armitage will probably remain in post for some time and it will be with the greatest difficulty that I shall suppress my feverish anticipation for the day when his inglorious tenancy comes to an ignominious and preferably painful end, and the talented Mr Skinnyman takes his rightful place as our national poetaster. Sic transit Gloria Gaynor, as my old pal and drinking buddy Alf Tennyson was wont to say. He knew whereof he spoke.
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    No. What he needs is a bag...... 😁

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