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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CNB-High-Quality-Gig-Bag-In-Various-Sizes/163766652509?epid=1405238495&hash=item262140ce5d:m:m6AxnVuUeod_5GJ621RhuwQ dunno if the link will work. But that’s the badger I've got
  2. I bought some Schaller copy strap locks as my first ever bass took a dive to the floor about 20 minutes after ownership began. The neck has never been the same since. The first set are still going strong years later. Admittedly I haven’t used them for about 10 years. the newest set. The pip you pull popped off. That wasn’t very helpful. i think with all of these things. Mass produced volume stuff, there’s gonna be some lemons. But I wouldn’t be without them.
  3. I’ve got a CNB. No idea if that’s good or bad really. But it’s pretty padded, oodles of pocket space. Nice restraint inside to stop things moving around. And I think they are about £35 on eBay. Mine came with my Ibanez. Don’t see any reason to get anything else.
  4. So, I finally decided to do something about the infernal interference buzz through the Squier. It did it when it was near any kind of transformer. Fluorescent and downlighting being the worst. Copper tape from Amazon, it stated it had conductive adhesive. And while I was in there. Clean the pots and fit a new set of pickups to replace the corroded ones that offended my eyes. The result? No crackles from the pots. No interference from the lights. And it actually still works. So while the strings were off I even treated the fretboard to some lemon oil (note to self.....ewwww. That cloth looked nasty by the end). Behold the Squier Greefy 67 Precision bodge. One thing I did learn is a new respect for glasses wearers. I only need readers. But it was close up work. It’s hot this evening. Glasses really suck when you get a sweat on. That is all.
  5. I’ve arranged to send them back and got some Wilkinson’s on the way. Ill try the replacement pole piece and transfer the pickups to my bitsa Encore. Thanks for the tip
  6. The Entwistle pickups arrived today. In a piece of plain foam wrap and a Jiffy bag. And when I took them out.......this happened 😔
  7. In the not to dim and distant future I’m going to be stripping my Squier down a bit. Copper shielding and a new set of pups and a lick of lemon oil. I’m planning on reusing the strings. They are silk wrapped at top and tail flat wounds. And are practically new. Any reason I shouldn’t put them back on once the work is done? Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the advice! ill get some lemon oil. And at £15 I’ll take a punt on those Alan Entwhistle pups. I’m Alan, and Entwhistle was awesome. Sounds like a win win 😉 Ill let you know how I get on.
  9. Just after a little advice. I’ve got a Squier P bass. It’s been unloved at my dads for years and was in a pretty sorry state when I got it. I’ve cleaned it as best I can. Probably committed every cardinal sin while I was at it. Mr Sheen, warm soapy water, and glue removers. but it looks ok. Not mint, but ok....except for the pickups. A couple of the poles have deep corroded pits in them. To my inexpert ear they don’t sound bad. In fact, my shiny nearly new (eBay bargain) Ibanez is sitting in the corner while the Squier gets all the attention. I like it that much. But the pitting offends me. And I don’t think any amount of abrasive cleaners will restore them. But I’m willing to be told otherwise. It’s coming apart at the weekend because there is zero shielding, so my reptile viv, fluorescent lights etc have it droning like V1 bomb.. I’ve a roll of conductive adhesive copper tape on its way. And I’ve some good contact cleaner to try and shift the crackle from the pots. They work fine, just crackle when I turn them..but the pickups. Maybe while it’s in bits now is the time to address the issues. So, after that waffle. What’s best to clean the fretboard with. It’s the rosewood coloured one. And which replacement pickups would suit it best, ideally keeping its tone pretty close to what I’ve got. thanks Al
  10. I’ve got a Squire Affinity P Bass.. its been mentioned to me that it might need shielding. It’s pretty quiet until I go near my beardies Viv. But a definite hum that’s louder the closer I am to it. The hum doesn’t go away when I touch the bridge or strings, but it does get quieter.. suitable job for a home bodger? thanks
  11. I’m very new to playing the bass. Got a couple of simple tunes nearly there. White stripes. Stand by me. Ive been practising hard at alternate fingers for plucking and one finger per fret. And the practice exercises are going ok. So just for giggles. I stood the iPad up and recorded myself to see if I could spot my problems. I was certain I was alternate plucking. And I’m really really not. My index finger is doing all the work!! My fretting hand doesn’t look as bad as I feared it’s not good by any stretch but not entirely dire. Any tips on how to translate the practice to an actual tune? thank you
  12. I can live with the paper. The carpet. Well that reminds me of pavement pizza 😂
  13. Just up the road dude. Holton Le Clay. If you can recommend a decent bass instructor that would be awesome. I’ve got a bucketload of enthusiasm, but unfortunately that isn’t matched by any ability 😃
  14. I’m renting from the village vicar. He likes it, I can’t change it. It’s a roof while I get my life back together after a messy divorce. Beggars can’t be choosers 😂
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