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  1. I've got a thread here about my strap lock woes. It's got so severe I replaced my Jags screws with M6 Roofing bolts. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/343533-i-keep-destroying-straplocks/#comments I've now got the S's on my Mustang. The screw has worked loose from the bass a couple of times, despite copious amounts of superglue. But cant fault them as the same is still happening on my Jag too! (I really chuck myself around on stage!)
  2. I've kept my Marshall MBC410 in the garage now for over a decade without detriment. Only detriment to it has been at gigs! 😋
  3. It's now my main head, I'm v happy with it! I bought a separate aluminium padded case for it as they're small and light. Pretty no nonsense, but enough Eq to get whatever tone you want. More than loud enough. We play v loud and I've never had to stretch it's legs. (Played through a Marshall 4x10). Would recommend.
  4. A well attended Pride event. Moved indoors because of the weather. Tougher crowd than we thought as it was a day of tributes and we had a 30 min originals punk set, but we went down well. Anyone have any suggestions what we should call this 'dance'?
  5. Ha ha, I am "lively" But... I don't think anything I do is particularly high impact to the strap or pins. When I spin or do jumps I hold my bass against me and cushion it. I've never done the 'throw it over your shoulder' thing!
  6. Quick update: I bought two pairs of the Fender rubber washers (£8 inc. P&P) The first set pinged off during their first rehearsal. The second set pinged off during their first gig - Horn one popped off while setting up, and butt one during first song. Total waste. Back to the drawing board!
  7. Still cheaper than a Grolsh in a London boozer... I just don't know if I could trust them!
  8. Speaking with zero experience of them, and only opinion, but... If I'm chucking around my bass enough to shear screws, will a thin rubber grommet really stop my strap coming off?
  9. It's now got a tiny grub screw which goes through the threaded ring. But it doesn't seem to 'bite'. i.e. I can still unscrew the ring even when the grub screw is at its tightest.
  10. Straplocks have become the bane of my life. I can’t find any that even come close to being tough enough for the job. For most of my ‘career’ I’ve had plastic Sure-Locks fitted to my Jag, only reason being I started out on a flying V which had a stud on the back and I wanted something smooth that didn’t dig into me. These have failed me twice in around 200 gigs, but never the plastic components. On the first occasion the stud screw sheared off in the guitar, and on the second occasion the screw going through the strap sheared itself clean apart. I’ve now replaced both of these with M6 roofing bolts… yes really. Earlier this year I got myself a new lightweight(ish) short scale Mustang. Fitted with the new Schaller S Types. Within the first practice the studs started unscrewing from the guitar, so out came the threadlock. Second practice, same thing, out somes the superglue (I know I know). It had its 8th gig at the weekend and the ring that clamps onto the strap comes shooting off and the bass goes flying. I’ll probably keep these and just cake them in superglue, I’m at my wits end. But I'll ask,... Does anyone know any absolute bulletproof solutions? (Not Grolsh related)
  11. I'm a trad 410 user, but love the idea of this! I have to put my seats down to get my bass in flight case in to my hatchback. This would merely sit in the same footprint. Although the logic is doing it with two 210s. ( the thought of two Hartke Hydrive 210s giving 1000w that bit closer to your ears...)
  12. You're all wrong, but that's OK. This is the best colour, somewhere between Surf Green and Daphne Blue 😛
  13. We do in our home town, it's just harder getting out of town venues to book us as a single band (understandable). So hoping that teamed up with two locally known acts we'll be a lot more attractive to them.
  14. We’re an originals band, quite niche music - fusing heavy punk and hip hop. We generally do 30-40 shows each year, usually 3-4 band bills, and we're usually very well received. However... upon reflection we’ve found the biggest let downs from us has been when the ‘promoter’ has matched us with wildly inappropriate bands. While we admit that we are pretty niche, but generally we sit well with any 'rock' crowd. The Bollywood night, and the Euro-pop night were disasters. So, here’s my idea. We ‘team up with 2-3 other bands that we get on well with musically (and socially) and approach promoters as a gang of 3 bands to offer a ‘ready made’ night for them. Standard gig, just a slightly different chronology from the usual ‘putting a night on’ - as we’d have all the bands sorted first. The only downsides I can see are: 1) The ball ache of finding dates that all three bands can do. Hopefully a communal online calendar will sort this. 2) Getting bored, or boring our crowds with the same 3 bands. I only foresee these being 10-20% of our gigs. Additionally promoters may add another band etc. What’s everyone’s thoughts?
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