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  1. Great post. Isn't it funny how they talk about the woods where it's a waste of time really.... like on Andertons videos!
  2. Yep. On YT simply no one has a bad word to say.. they wouldn't would they as mist are 1st impressions and others selling.. like Andertons..
  3. Love the IB SR505, seen a SR775 for £575, no discount and no new strings on purchase and really looking for a model of Sire...?
  4. Absolutely. I went to Andertons in Guildford with my 13 year old as he was into them with all their YT work. It was he'll of a return trip for 2 shop driving from Staffordshire return to Guldford. Andertons are the only UK supplier so unless you order on the net you have to drive like I did! I was after an Ibanez SR 550 really. Tried one and they handed me 2 Mum's 5 string to try. I thought they were great but fumbled with the tones etc ad this was before I learnt of MM and how/what they worked. Funny the Andertons etc make a point of advertising the different woods, incl neck like it makes a difference... hence the start if this post... I'm 50 in Sept and likely go for MM V7 or so but will need to go for the day as I'll not spend £500+ unless I've tried them all and settled on one I really like.. Still torn between an IB SR high end with Barts, or a MM...? Any advice appreciated, including wood? On this post guys.. Chris
  5. Great mate. Always sit to play so weight no issue and like the security of a heavy bass. Cheers m8. Lots of chat about different woods and it gets confusing. Thanks for your pennyworth. Appreciated, Chris
  6. Anyone clear this up, what are the sound differences? I'm lost.... Thanks Chris
  7. Some great advice on the power and setup of a Sire, including preventing condensation and damaging amp leads.. I was going for an Ibanez, but after this Sure is the way! Gotta watch this video!.... Link: https://youtu.be/bne-nVM2oWo
  8. I have watched SBL for ages but now have seen Talking Bass online who is really cool and his lessons are really informative.. What do you think and who is FREE, or with the best lessons? Thanks Chris
  9. Just checked the YT video by Andertons. Nice idea! Like the Spectre option..
  10. Like the idea of high series 2nd hand Ibanez, any views? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293013153698
  11. What are some great basses to look at then? Warwick, Schecter?, what about the Ibanez Aerodyne?
  12. Cheers guys. Need to try some more then. Will include some other makes/models outside the norm.. cheers folks. Awesome feedback. Regards Chris
  13. Thanks Steve. I had never considered a Warwick? I have researched until I have almost gone mad, reviews, and YT stuff.. My ideal is to have a quality 1 time purchase. I have tried P and J Fender basses into the mix and I'll be honest don't really understand the hype and want for these...tbh. I really would like to have a quality new/2nd hand 5 string with loads of tone control. Am after a smooth almost string bass sound and will even consider flats as I play wind Band stuff mostly.. Will keep looking but am still gooey eyed over high series Ibbys and the MM.... oh god. The variety kills me! Will see what comes... any other choice/options folks.. Thanks Chris
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