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  1. Remember this guy from the 90's, had this on a VHS tape lol, machine gun triplets etc... amazing!
  2. https://www.musicradar.com/news/john-patitucci-announced-for-london-bass-guitar-show-2019
  3. Let's have some 'shout outs' to some great shops/luthiers.... add here.
  4. Chrisbassboy5

    Ibanez Porn

    My recently bought Ibby SR655.
  5. I thought so too. Dreadful line up I think... £5 a ticket to see.. no thanks..
  6. What heights are you looking for if you use feeler guages? Starting to get involved here lol
  7. Great Dood. Just need some tasty 'links' to get learning. Seen the Over water guy on SBL. God, great knowledge but would send a glass eye to sleep!
  8. Ta m8. Was 8 months old, the owner put flats on (which I prefer) and cost me £440 posted. Happy with that and it's 'as new'..
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