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  1. H Folks, after ages of looking for the string box they came in I have discovered that they are.. Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flatwound JF345, .043 to 0.136. 5 string.. seems they live forever. Need to change them at all or not? cheers, chris
  2. Cool mate, as a past professional tuba player I love a deep rich bass tone with little treble so these work for me..
  3. Incredible to not have to change them, why the hell don’t others do the same? Guess cos of the sound they want although so much more expensive in the long run to do that eh?..
  4. When played double bass we wiped down with old aftershave as it dries quick, what would you suggest?
  5. Will look for the box and update, loft visit tomorrow! Watch this space…
  6. Played upright/double bass so hate the cheese grater strings most put on.
  7. Lol, jeez. Unbelievable as you hear all the time about the need to change strings regularly….
  8. Did have the packet but misplaced just now.. are the Thomastic Infeld.
  9. Wow, the B string sounded a bit deader than the others hence the post. cheers all. Lot of £ to replace so hesitant to do on a 5 unless necessary. Believe the string make are pukka so should also last longer..
  10. Hi All, I have an Ibanez SR655NTF and have a 5 string set of expensive flat round bass strings (Thomastic-Infeld roundwound jazz). I have played the bass for a few times in 3 years, never gigged (bedroom practice for a few mins only, maybe 10 mins ocassionally. The strings were £80 quid so reluctant to replace unless necessary? This might be a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but should I replace them as I want to play more now. what should I be looking at to see if they are dead? The strings were top of the range ones and reputed to last a few years before replacement…. I’m stuck. Any advice appreciated. cheers Chris
  11. I've tried the SBL trial twice and frankly wasn't impressed. I feel it's best to drift inbetween Talking Bass, Derec Bennet, Luke from Become a Bassist and Bass Buzz. I also waych SBL but only the free stuff. I was sick of getting spammed by SBL for free reign across YT now. Free is good for me for the moment.... regards, Chris
  12. Hi All. I've just got the chance of buying a Levinson Blade 4 string bass very cheaply! I've heard they are really good basses. I dont know exactly which model it is but it's a precision shape with 3 knobs and a switch which tells me it's an active bass. What do you think?

    1. prowla


      It very much depends what "cheaply" means; I'd do some research on the particular model.

      Levinson Blades are darned good instruments; I've got a Strat.

    2. TheGreek


      I think I have the contact details for the fella that first imported them...he can play and is very vocal about how good these are.

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