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  1. Cheers Spondon, will definitely persevere I think as its an awesome bass, just need to ensure I don't play any other for a bit. Cheers Mate. and others who have commented. Regards, Chris
  2. Thanks Al, got it second hand as new with flats on for £450 SO a real deal. Perhaps will just persevere? Don't really want to let go since its a beauty, if I can just get used to it... ta m8
  3. Know the Ibanez SR500 is a blinder of a bass and is 19mm. Sorta like mine so possibly an option. Like the heavy tone controls on the active system so possibly my way forwards?
  4. Ta Mr Zed, loathed to sell but sure some awesome basses out there.. any recommendations? Ta m8
  5. Hi Guys, For my 50th birthday I got an 'as new' Ibanez SR655NTF in plain ash and I love it, its absolutely amazing and has some incredible grunt with those tasty Norstrands etc..but as someone of medium standard on the bass (promised myself I'd learn bass, coming from upright and tuba!). I am struggling to get on with the 5 plus the 16.5mm spacing. I have played my sons 4 string £50 Stagg (yep I know) and find the 4 so much easier and the string spacing is huge in comparison. I hate myself as I'm finding it hard to commit to the 5 (bought a 5 as I play wind band so flat keys are so much easier, not to be snobby and just buy a 5 than a 4!). Should I ignore the sons easy 4 and just persevere or sell and get a nice 4 like the SR500 or some other awesome 4 string. As its my 50th wanted something REALLY nice for £450.00 which I now have. Could you seek to help my troubled mind...appreciated Chris.
  6. Got mine for £45 plus 10 post a few weeks ago.. awesome and 1/3 of the price for a Mono or Fusion and almost better. Here's my YT review when it arrived:
  7. Talking Bass Mark Smith swears by them if you look at some if his videos..
  8. Guys, just done a brand new gear review afyer buying from Ebay. An awesone deal OMG its good!
  9. Photo of the video from Talking Bass link above.. Left leg, right handed...?
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