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  1. Got mine for £45 plus 10 post a few weeks ago.. awesome and 1/3 of the price for a Mono or Fusion and almost better. Here's my YT review when it arrived:
  2. Yes mate. Andertons and PMT could have easily been there.. Wish it had been bigger. As said will stay 'home' and go to the one in Brum as long as it's on again... Chris
  3. We (my 13yr old son and me) came from Staffordshire getting the 06:24 to Euston and booked for the 17:25 back home. In the end we pushed it out to 2 hours and had to pay £22 for an earlier train.. thought we'd run out of time to get the train as expected the show to be huge and a great opportunity for my son who is good and hugely inspired... left hours early and largely deaf and disappointed. Still I got a day out with my son but would have been better going around London holding an ice-cream.. cost me a fortune anyways.. disappointed.
  4. Yep. I also had an email saying that for health and safety only 15 mins of loud. Instead a free for all all day. No point having it loud all day, proper try if instruments was impossible and feel sad for the acoustic guitars. Acoustic and seminar down one end should have been set for the quiet time (think 1hr on 1hr off, or 30 mins better). No one followed the email as stated, that I got. Dreadful!
  5. Yep. Will wait for the Brum one again. Really expected the London one to be incredible and promised my 13 year old son the same. Won't travel that far for that show ever again. As they say in Dragons Den.. "I'm out"..
  6. Yep. Am an ex pro tuba player and there's no dampening at all. Just a great durge.. not a killjoy but need to regulate quiet/noisy times. I love kick donkey volume on a great deep bass/guitar groove but not all day.... Will just poss people off in the end and people won't go.. Enjoy.
  7. Mate was okay but just boring hearing people trying to showboat. Just so noisy in the end and just ruined it for me. Some lovely basses mind but could see them likely st the Brum show so will go there next time. If you're going it truly is 2 mins from Angel tube. Come out, turn right, across the road and there you are. I bought 2 beautiful padded straps for me and my son, made in UK, lifetime guarantee and well padded. Worth a treat! Enjoy. Chris
  8. Just on the train back after the show on Saturday. Thought it was very good but what happened with the 15mins noise then some quiet time as per the email. It seemed to be full of pretentious players in the main just shredding to show off. Cos it was so loud there was absolutely no chance to really 'test' kit properly. Wished there was some time to chat properly. Also the seminar area was in the main area so waste trying to hear some of the presentations, should be relocated or timed to perhaps the quiet hour to alternate seminar then noisy, hour by hour. In the end everyone was turning the volume up to be heard to the point where it was madness.. Think I will stick with the Birmingham Guitar show. Same in all size and sense but less travel, ie. to London. What did others think? Chris
  9. Talking Bass Mark Smith swears by them if you look at some if his videos..
  10. Guys, just done a brand new gear review afyer buying from Ebay. An awesone deal OMG its good!
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