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  1. I have had a few Sei built along the way so that sounds like something I could do. lol
  2. they're terrific basses indeed. and not that common on this end of the world
  3. very cool. I got Number... 17 i. think of andrew's creations.. superb luthier.
  4. they're original. I've sold many Moon's like that over the years through my store. that bass is very very early 80's.
  5. those are standard 80's Moon Pickups. They're original.
  6. current build time is running about 6 month.
  7. master tone and extra mini switch are custom options.
  8. indeed. About 25% tax on any commercial transaction..
  9. both alder as far as I know. Fretless is a bit of an enigma as it doesn't exist on catalog but it's original. Factory Request.... custom order , who knows Original board , original dots...
  10. my pair of Fender JV JB62-115 US pickups, Nitro Finish and electronics. Reversed tuners.
  11. Oh son. You're gonna regret this. Only ever found ... 3 CAR Fender. I saw it on Martin's site and wondered if it was yours. what are you buying?
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