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  1. oh right , sorry to hear that. That's obviously a whole other debate. How can a seller send the wrong bass i'm not sure. Are you talking about a private entity or a shop?
  2. while it's not gracious he has no obligation to do so. As it's likely a private sale. Unless it was pre agreed before sale to have a return window. Then it's very wrong.
  3. not sure how many setup work or repair work they actually take on but i'd definitely recommend getting in touch with alpher
  4. Hi mate , sorry to say i'm sure somebody will say it either way. Fodera Wise This is not a "Deluxe" but a "bolt on" best of luck with sale, beauty..
  5. are you able to pack for international shipping? I'm in Belgium btw, not Uganda lol
  6. Hi Trevor , people seem to acknowledge you as the "Wal Geek" here, or did i get it wrong? i've personally not seen an active wal pro. What. are the controls?? are they same as "real wals" ? cheers have seen the other thread. Ignore
  7. early ones can be 5,5 kilo ... they go lighter in the 90's been around since. 78
  8. anything coming from USA or Japan (used or new) will need certificate if it's a commercial transaction.
  9. i know i 'm having one .... lol... so much trouble
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