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  1. Well there you. Thanks. So its 2012 onwards? I'll check the wanted section. NOW SOLD. (not sure if this is how to tell you all?)
  2. wow. I like the idea of a pre amp with dedicated pro power amp section ( I could hide the power amps away and share them with my Hi-Fi speakers) and a nice Ampeg cabinet
  3. Just checked out the Fender link. The build date is 20112 onwards so alot newer than i thought. I'll keep the price the same...
  4. Thats nice B15 clone> How old is yours? I like the Ashdown vibe.
  5. ok understand what youre saying about watts etc. I understand good hi-fi not just big watts. For shifting air/speakers loud and clean Class d amps rock. Maybe a very very big and very expensive tube amp can match but I'm using a very clean Class D Pro amp by Crown to drive some very trick and large Magneplanar speakers. The basically will kill most amps or sound poor below about 250 watts of input (bad or other wise). What Bass Amps are the best Class D these days? Also my hi-fi amp Class D doesnt even sweat at full wack 1000 watts per channel and is ridiculously distortion free. Its got fans that rarely need to come on.
  6. Yes Portaflex big bucks. Just like the one I had except new. How much are these now?
  7. Yes ladies and gents, Thats great stuff. Not in a flat. Infact miles from anyone right now but that will change. Running a 1000watt of hi -fi almost flat out so need an amp and cab to play along with. I'm using a Fender Rumble 100 but it cant keep up but it wont die (so far). out of interest if I had a real drummer how many Watts do I need from an Amp to be able to over power him (I mean play along in harmony) or her:)
  8. Well there you. Thanks. So its 2012 onwards? I'll check the wanted section.
  9. He had Hipshot tuners fitted when I got it. If you cant see it that shows how small it is:). It' on the front side near a tuner
  10. "Being a died in the wool Mesa fan I'd have to say the 400+ coupled to a diesel 215 or 1516 would give me all the tone and heft I'd ever need (plus a hernia)." Show me some pics of this please. I found the 'B15' too boomy or perhaps too loud for my tiny flat and terrible playing back then. Sold it for double what I paid for it. Now I need 10 times to buy it back! Yeah I've heard about SVtT Is it like really big or something? I'd want something that can makes a modern active bass sound good and be at home with smooth Motown grooves
  11. With heavy heart I'm deciding to sell me Medium scale Jazz bass. I've owned it about a year. From what I know it was made in 2006-2008. It's made in Japan and of course a very rare' Medium Scale' Jazz. Based on the 62 re-issue. All standard and in very nice condition-no drops or scratches. Gloss neck and headstock. As I've been asked about it's length here goes: It's fingerboard 38mm shorter than a standard Jazz and 50mm shorter than my Ray Sub 4. At the 5th fret its 11mm shorter than my Ray. The scale is 32 inches. it weighs 3.95kg. Heres's the low down on these basses http://www.innertainment.net/medium.html . Fitted with strap locks and comes with a hard case. It's strung with nearly new Medium Scale Labella Flats and sounds just like the late 60's-early 70's did! Obviously super fast to play, recent fret dress. Dead flat neck. One 5mm deep drill hole in the headstock from PO. I can supply it in a soft gig bag if you do not want the case. Oh yeah... The bridge cover is just stuck on with velcro tape and not drilled. The tape comes off. Welcome to try before you buy. More pics will follow when the suns out No swaps unless you have a nice looking Bacchus or Old Lake Placid Blue Mexican Jazz plus cash D
  12. Hello Bass Buggers! (What an Intro). I'm the sort of guy who collects old things like, cars, women and chairs, Vinyl so I got to thinking.....If there was one Amp and Cabinet for bass that you would own and keep as a Classic never sell what would it be? I genuinely dont know much about the subject other than knowing , that the 'rusty old combo' I sold many years ago was an Ampeg B-15. Yes that one...... Is Ampeg still where it's at or what new brand should I look at as a keeper. It needs to live at home so it must be a looker as well (like the dog). Tell me what your choices would be and pics if you can get them..D
  13. I'd like to offer my two bucks worth...I've been playing for about 2 years and tried out loads of basses before settling on a Medium Scale Fender. Its a very rare thing I'm told? Made in Japan and strung with Labella medium flats it gives the Jazz tone I'm looking for. It's a 32 inch scale. I measured it the other day. The fingerboard is 38mm shorter than a 'standard' Jazz and 50mm shorter than my new Musicman Sterling Ray 4 BUT at the 5th fret it's only 11mm shorter. So not such a big advantage as I thought it might be playing down low'. It's a Sunburst 62 Reissue. I am selling her if you're buying. I've got quite wide shoulders (so the girls say) and can play a bit better now and want a 34inch Jazz now. Open to a decent swap.....D
  14. Yep. this is a great sounded bass. Maple neck kills it. If it was lighter this would be all you need ever. Really good starter bass and more... good luck. Hope you dont mind the comment:)
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