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  1. I have used one for the last couple of years and found it excellent and likewise the guitarist in the band. There are comments regarding Smoothhound all over the forums here. So I am asking here to try and keep answers in one place for now, for your opinons about it any good or bad experiences. Views on quality of constructio, ease of use etc. Please only comment if you own or have owned one of these devices.
  2. One pair Beyma CP22 compression drivers. Originally bought for project that never happened. NOW SOLD
  3. Just two and a=half years ago I took posession of my custom built "Mouradian" by AndyJr1515. I am posting after all this time to say I am still besotted with this bass. It is now my go to bass and in my mind the best I have ever played. (biased? maybe!) It has always been rock steady. I have never needed to adjust the neck or string height. The cream finish has aged a little and is slightly darker now.
  4. Don't really know much about this. Works fine sounds pretty good.
  5. Old workhorse. Loud and reliable.
  6. Akai DPS 16 digital hard drive recorder. Good working condition Printed user manual included. Akai DPS-16 Digital Multitrack Recorder / Mixer with Effects Excellent quality 16-track all-in-one recorder. Records in various uncompressed formats from 16 bit 44.1k up to 24 bit 96k. Has very good preamps (8 inputs, 2-mic/line combo and 6 line) plus hi-z guitar input. 16 recording tracks plus hundreds of virtual tracks for alternative takes and submixes etc. Good eq and effects - this unit has the EB4M effects board upgrade which has 4 stereo multi-effects units all available simultaneously with 52 different effects types. It records to internal hard drive and also has a scsi connection for external drives and data backup. It has a very good display (same one as MPC 4000) with Akai 'Q-control' knobs for direct control of channel parameters including EQ, panning, FX sends etc. there are lots of ins and outs including Midi i/o, digital i/o, main and monitor outputs (with separate level controls) also 4 aux outputs for adding external hardware effects to the mix. It's a brilliant machine if you want to record without a computer, with excellent sound quality. This one is in very good used condition - it has a few minor marks here and there from normal use but is clean and tidy and fully functional.
  7. Price reduced to £250 I misstyped this for the original listing. Soundcraft Ui 16 In original box plus a printed user manual. Hardly used in as new condition.
  8. An original Overwater bass. Fretless. Now sold thanks all for your interest and input. This is offered for sale as a project. I bought it in this condition with the intention of doing the restoration myself. But have never found the time. It has one major issue. It has a crack in the neck at the rear near the headstock. Visible in the photo's. However the neck is straight and level. The electronics do work but realistically would need replacing. The body and neck have been sanded to bare wood with the exception of the front of the headstock. There is a case included in the auction. Shipping is possible. Will update the listing when I can an idea of cost.
  9. Back up for sale due to time waster Price reduced to £150.00 One pair Carlsbro active PA speakers. 15" bass driver. 400w In good working order. In fair condition cosmetically but one cab has a rubber foot missing. A bit on the heavy side for shipping so collection or deliver / meet for fuel costs.
  10. Sad to sell but needs must. Kramer XL 8 8string bass with the famous aluminium neck. Holds tune really well. Tonal range is immense. From delicate harmonics to thunderous deeps. Will cut through any mix. The case is included in the sale. Collection preferred from Cardiif. Will post at a realistically insured price or maybe meet.
  11. Thanks Andy. I have to say I am still delighted with this bass. Very grateful to Andy for agreeing to this project. Watching the build on here was amazing, as was Andy's communications as we bandied ideas back and forth. The tonal variations that can be obtained are awesome. Dimarzzio M1 at neck and a MM clone at bridge (much higher output than MM pup) and some series parallel switching of both. It is a delight to play and just feels right in my hands. It has become my go to bass. And is always a conversation piece at gigs.
  12. Looks cool. Wonder if they have the same trigger conntacts as original Moog ( Lowry)
  13. Absolutely yes showing off big time, And using them together an octave apart is something to behold. Until I fall over.
  14. What it does do well is always trigger properly unlike the original Taurus 1 which was notorious for the contacts failing. The tuning doesn't drift either. As for cost, well the originals are still selling for higher prices than the T2 new providing condition is right. Having said all that I found it a great self indulgence to have a set of each at my feet. And when asked why, I would reply "cos I can".
  15. This is a custom build for me by Andyjr1515. It is a near copy of the CS74 Which was originally made by Jim Mouradian for Chris Squire. I've had it for over a year now and still love it Full build diary here.
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