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    always loved Bobby Vega
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    I have a full set of plans and instructions to build an Eagle 1 hovercraft from ply and fibreglass. Engine options include a lot of single cylinder ones and even a 2 cv. I made one myself about 15 years back and they comfortably take 2 but are more fun with one. Easy build for anyone with decent DIY skills. Free to collect or cover post and they are yours.
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    Arrived Monday but only got a chance to upack today. 1st thing... How the F**ck do they make these for so little money? Some things other people thinking of buying may want to know: No hole under the scratchplate like some others have reported. Can use without plate now. Bridge has changed from the large bulky one to one with Fender dimensions and screw placement. Volume and tone pots work as they should do. Gave It a quick set up and It plays superbly, love the tone with my old flats on too! Mods I'm gonna do: New tuners. (anyone know what are direct replacements?) Amber tint the neck with Nitro. Reshape the headstock. Add own decal. Repaint scratch plate aged cream. Must say I am blown away at the price. Cheers Geoff.
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    We had a somewhat different experience - we played together, off and on, for a year as a blues workshop at Band on the Wall in Mcr which ended with a friends and family gig at the BotW cafe. At the end of that gig we looked at each other and knew we couldn't let it end there. There was so much shared energy and potential, we just had to carry it on as A Real Band 🙂 Two people did drop out, one more joined, but by then we knew exactly how much commitment and ambition was shared. Played our first gigs outside Mcr last weekend, and we're all looking forward - realistically - to building on it.
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    Melodic and groovy too.
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    Thanks Douglas, but as the audition is scheduled on the 11th of September, I will be careful with knockin' em dead. 😉
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    Belatedly my thanks and congratulations. I too would have preferred two separate one-hour episodes - of course i could have split up listening to it, but i got absorbed and went straight through. Good natural voices. Good to have the segments explicitly flagged up. Tiny detail - there have been threads here about "what should you always have with you at a gig" usually spare battery. strings, &c but the podcast was the first time I'd heard a hand towel recommended. I passed that tip on to the others in my band. We played a couple of outdoor marquee gigs last weekend, and I was not the only one who gratefully reached for a towel between every song! Thank you @SpondonBassed 🙂 It's a lot harder to do than it sounds, very well done and thank you.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Agree with all of Cameron and Skinny’s comments. Two one hour episodes with that content would be ideal. So record the same amount of material but edit it across two separate hours. The chat to Mr C was fascinating and I want to hear his in depth thoughts on CITES, rosewood and using other woods so do have him back. Well done guys. Reminded me a bit in the chatty bits of David and Marc on the dear old Word podcast back in its glory days. Worked really well. if you ever want a potted history of Wal basses for a future one...
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    I messaged him too and told him to be careful about selling fakes, and he's just told me he's relisted it. I also said it may or not be a Columbus, but dont quote me since we dont really know - so what does he do ?
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    And now there's a beautiful Warwick 6 for sale in the marketplace... I'm just hoping he'll tell me it weighs 20 kilos...
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    Beautiful! I've been trying not to want a 6 but... What does it weigh please?
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    I have been seriously tempted. I'd love to have the full range of relatively easy options I'd get from BEADGC. I doubt I could find a 6 light enough to gig though - both my regular gigging basses (GMR 5 and Aerodyne 4) are well under typical weight and my back still complains by the end of even a 45 minute set 😞
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    Possibly, but not usually while thinking about Roger Whittaker at the same time. Eurgh! Thp! Pah! Ugh!
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    My 1966 cherry red Gibson EB2 is faded - much more on the front that the back - and gently worn and rubbed. I had a chance to do an almost straight swap for a mint condition 1965, still bright cherry red and looking as if it had never been out of its case, and turned it down. The other looked and felt artificial, too shiny. Mine looks and feels as if she's been part of 50 years of music history. I wouldn't be drawn to a bass that was visibly seriously bashed about, even if it was genuine wear. New relic'd - only if it was the only bass on a desert island.
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    That whole album is great!!
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    It’s good stuff for sure. I used some water based artist’s paint as a stain on my Telecaster and then applied coats of Danish Oil over it. I let it dry and then lightly waxed - all good.
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    That's a welcome NBD Geoff. The bigger bridge and wiring hole were a balls up and kind of spoiled things. Glad to hear Thomann sorted it out 😎 The question isn't so much How can Thomann do it so cheap, It's more how can the rest get away with charging so much 😁
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    Tongues and Tails, Sophie B Hawkins. Very tasteful playing from Mark Egan.
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    Whatever you do, don’t look at the CS page at Coda Music 🤤 https://www.coda-music.com/bass-guitars/fender-custom-shop.html
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    I've got the Festool ETS 125, which is an eccentric sander. I'm not quite sure what the difference is between that range and the Rotex range that Christine has mentioned, but they are (a bit) cheaper and mine will very happily sand wood and polish finish up to 2000 grit (Andy my blue tele was finish-sanded with it). I don't think it's really designed for taking off lots of material, but for normal sanding and finishing it works great. Give it a go next time you are up?
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    I see you know not of what you speak.
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    T'is indeed a thing of beauty and an inspirational thread too. Now where did I put my chisels, I feel a whittle coming on !
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    I prefer the low end so how about a halfway house and D tune it so like standard E to C but a full step down. pick up wise I just tarted my Hohner B2ADB with EMG HB’s, I did try the BTC system but I didn’t get on with stacked knobs as I am a bit thick, so I kept it vol vol tone. If there jazz pick ups are equally as good you will have a bucket load of fun
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    Thanks! That's the one. 15" driver and ported (no tweet) and those dimensions look right. Of course, the big selling point is the weight! (and the sound quality!)
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    I'd agree that the control layout looks odd and I don't recall stacked knobs or switches on Statii preamps of that era, but I'm not much of an expert. I'd get pics in the control cavity if possible. Edit: if the price was right I wouldn't be put off by a change of preramp. Great basses these.
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    Thanks I think its high time I learned some about some proper stuff rather than just winging my way thru life
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    Not sure if I understand any of this thread. How can I find out more about jazz standards?
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    Very good luck, but why should the fact you are 53 be of any significance?
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    Good luck to you. Three great songs. Take Five shows you can play in odd time signatures. Autumn Leaves shows you can play slow with emotion, and All Blues shows you can play modes. What instrument?
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    i have one of these (funny how they all came out looking almost exactly the same!), and I said it before and I'll say ti again: incredible instrument, massively underrated, and - here it comes, brace yourselves - Leo's best! Have a bump on me, GLWTS
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    Oh that's right , manipulating the thread again 😁
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    This. Rappers are vocalists but not singers (usually).
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    Great amps, in fact (cough) I may have accidentally bought another one myself!
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    The double of mine... don’t need a second...don’t need a second... beauty
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    Enough of the twiddly derrière nonsense... Lemmy - Stay Clean.
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    Love the original by Joe Jackson, but also love the cover by Anthrax :
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    Intonation slightly out up at the dusty end
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    Generally speaking I don't like bass solos. And this track is not exactly a "solo" anyway...
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    Andy Fraser’s solo on Mr Big from the Free Live album; not technically difficult, but superb build and note choice.
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    I went to see a Victor Wooten bass clinic and he was asked about his basses. He said he would always use his 4 string bass at clinics because he's most comfortable doing the "show off" stuff on a 4, but he uses 5, 6 and fretless on other gigs. Unsurprisingly he'll use what ever is appropriate for the gig. Ian King posted a video on BC of him playing on Hamilton. He's using electric, bass, double bass and bass keyboards. The "best pro players" don't seem to have the hang-ups that so many semi pro players do.
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    No electric bass guitar in this current Seattle band .
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    Liking that matching headstock 🤩
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    Disco is the greatest musical form ever created. My cohort and I just completed a parody based around a Boney M song and it was too much fun... He is a grumpy goth but we were both giggling at what we had wrought... :D
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    Holy smokes ... Whenever I hear You play I want to smash my hands !
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    [u][b]Instrument and Speaker cables[/b][/u] [url="http://www.rock-wire.uk.com"]http://www.rock-wire.uk.com[/url] David Polgaze, also known as our very own 'OBBM' really is no stranger to the pages of BassChat. Indeed I first chatted to Dave back in the days of BassWorld V.1 - The days before internet mutiny and this superb community made it's home at BassChat.co.uk. I think Dave was making cables back then too - actually, yes, I bought my first 'proper' heavy weight Speakon cables from Dave and they are still going today! Well, I've got a little review of Dave's latest - and they are as good as ever. First up a 'high flexibility' Instrument cable and then a suitably chunky Speakon to Speakon short cable, just the right length for amp to cabinet hook up. Rock-Wire is hand made, which also means that it can be to your custom specifications too. Using top notch Klotz, Sommer and Vandamme cable, Neutrik Pro, Hicon or Rean connectors. Indeed, I recall a BassChatter requiring a one-off signal / effects / power cable snake back and forth from his effects board and amplifier backline. It was an impressive beast of a cable with several signal paths catered for in one flexible sheath! I suppose to get an idea of what Bassic-Bits are capable of, then a look at the website address above. [u][b]Features[/b][/u][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] (10/10)[/font][/color] High quality connectors and cables: I can't really add more to that. The soldering work on the cables I have here is professional and tidy, exactly as you'd expect. Rock-Wire also manufacture cables with those more unusual connectors for wireless systems, effects patch cables and power supply cables too. [u][b]Sound Quality[/b][/u][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] (10/10)[/font][/color] I have no reason to doubt the sonic integrity of these cables. No noise when you shake the instrument cable under high gain situations and the connectors feel solid attached to my guitars. Looking at the Speaker cable specifically - it's a 4mm2 conductor type. It is a BIG FAT CABLE capable of transferring lots of current with minimal resistance. You can also tie up your ogre-sized drummer with this stuff too if they won't stop practicing between songs [b][u]Value For Money[/u][/b][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] (10/10)[/font][/color] Sure, you can buy really cheap cables off eBay - and you may think they will do, but trust me on this. They will break and always at the wrong time. Cheap connectors appear to be made from cheap tin (ha) and always seem to bend out of shape inside, or the cable conductors strands are weak and will just fray away. The brands mentioned above I believe have a huge reputation for quality. [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][color=#282828] Throw in to the mix the completely customisable aspect, local manufacture, support from the technician himself, then it's a no brainer.[/color][/font] [u][b]Customer Support[/b][/u][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] (10/10)[/font][/color] Dave is an active member of BassChat. When I have needed to chat with him, I've always had a fast reply. [b][u]Overall Rating[/u][/b][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] (9/10)[/font][/color] In the interests of offering a balanced view of these cables, there's just one thing I can think of that will score these cables down, but it's barely worth the mention as it is obvious. You will need to [i]order[/i] these cables and in the case of something specific you may be subject to a lead time whilst they are made. You could of course pop in to any shop and find high quality 'off the shelf' cables same day, same visit. If you are on tour in Europe then you're unlikely to find a local Rock-Wire distributor for example, but if you are taking a huge touring rig with you then that's a different set of needs anyway. If smaller (high quality) orders, one-offs, unusual requests and 'buying local' is what you are looking for, then I reckon OBBM is your man

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